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Transformation Talk Radio:  Biggest Sting in History
I wish it were so that the liberal left would hear the truth & unite with the right but their willful ignorance is just that "Willful" so sadly the arrest's aren't going to unite our country ,,,,,remember the leftist's agenda has worked to brain wash the young in colleges for decades & that's not gonna change over night.
I have immersed myself as well, I have known all this, yet it shakes me to the core, it's more and more real, closer... please God, please fix this, equip all of us to fight for these kids. Have mercy that we don't do more. Strengthen your warriors. It just occurred to me that when people complain about the violence of the Old Testament and a how God ordered entire tribes or nations to be slaughtered, it was because of this kind of systemic evil practice. Now you can see why God would order such a thing, it is this brutal
I keep getting these visions of Chelsea Clinton wearing satin black cloak with hood. Her openly wearing upside down cross is because she is a high priestess in a Satan cult. I also see her real father Hubbell part of it...She seems in background but is a top position. No one even talks about her in news because she is high profile in rings...There is an aura around her evil, secretive and deceptive.. She has a $10 M apt in NYC ICU for her parents and rich friends...I think organ harvesting is bigger than even stating here...People in Africa killing people or threatening for organs...People are all smiling in congress and Hollywood...but Trey GOWDY said....Comey and no choice but to let HRC her indictment would cause an open exposure of many powerful..she knows it..plans it...and draws powerful protect herself....! Obama is tied in more than indicated too...PRAY for TRUMP! His life is so valuable to expose this...THEY are so quilty...MSNBC Mika and Joe Scarborough are so sickly opposed....they may be in middle of this.
Listen up! Tony Podesta has been arrested. Hillary and J. Podesta turn themselves in Tomorrow. The Delta Force Raided Obama’s mansion in Thailand. This is the end of the Democrats and the Republicans. It has always been about good vs. evil. Great men have payed their lives down for the good of their brothers and sisters. Canada’s P.M. is a evil man. Pray that Q anon hits 100 percent. Good luck to those that risk their lives again tonight.
Someone really needs to look at the penn state jerry sandusky case! Why in the hell was the second mile foundation that jerry sandusky help start decades ago never not 1 time investigated? Are you f&cking kidding me! Over 100,000 kids yes thats not a typo 100,000 kids went through jerry sanduskys foundation! Something is seriously wrong folks!
This isnt new.. Research Easter seriously and deeply.. They sacrificed children and dipped eggs in the blood of infants. to pay tribute to Nimrod and Ishtar the goddess of fertility. That is where Western Christianity gets the easter bunny and colored eggs...
    My response due to nature of this comment:  You need to understand what Satanism is, and how it creeps into society using deception. They will take anything and make it something else.  Look at Pizzagate.  I think Jim Hensen was killed so the Satanists could slime up the Muppets as a social engineering tool.  Who invented the Teenage Ninja Turtles that live in sewers?  The one who shot JFK in the head, which was the fatal blow, was probably in a sewer drain hiding, if the other snipers on his team were unsuccessful in killing him.  The Secret Service Driver stopped the vehicle so he could get a clean shot, even though the limo should have been “throttled” – he should have slammed on the gas at the first shots. He was obviously in on the murder plan.  Those are just a few examples. They copy things from society already used to sooth their conciences since their practices are so evil. 
The chemical they create is called Adrenal chrome,one word.That's what gets them high!

Comment shared on Facebook 2Jan2018:
Today is brought to you by the word "cults" - not funny business...sometime look up what Ryan Gable has to share. He is an expert. The Leak Project on YouTube is actually informative and yet engaging in a somewhat creepy way. But in no way does he mean harm. I think he is just perceiving the power in human energy to be underrated.

Be Vigilant. The Storm is here. People are getting arrested. Passports were revoked and the passport system was shut down - either it was an act of revenge (which I surmised) or - which actually makes more sense, it was deliberately shut down to keep the crooks in this country so they don't harm Israel - Russia - China - etc AND Iran, yes Iran. Because these riots in Iran right now are obviously caused by THEIR Deep State, and John Kerry is one of its members! His daughter married the son of the #IranDeal-maker. Make sense to you? I hope so. My opinion. Happy New Year.

Book on Google:  The Cult of Analytics:  Driving online marketing strategies using web analytics

Nobody Died at Sandy HookIt Was a Fema Drill to Promote Gun Control
By Jim Fetzer, Mike Palecek
A 425-page compilation of the purported shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, alleged to have taken place on 14 December 2012, by 13 contributors including six current or retired Ph.D. college professors, who have established through their research that the school had been abandoned by 2008.

Review Posted:
This is the absolute truth about what happened at Sandy Hook. Nearly all the available evidence concerning Sandy Hook is contained in the book. It would take over a thousand hours of research to collect this information on your own.
This incredible book has been banned, however it is available for free download on several websites. I purchased a paperback copy from which is currently the only place it is for sale. You must search for the free download.
I have researched Sandy Hook almost as much as Jim Fetzer did. It was no doubt a staged FEMA drill in which nobody died. However many have died since the staged drill to silence them. This is how so many are kept silent. Those who took part in the Sandy Hook Hoax and have chosen to expose the truth were censored by media and swiftly punished by an untimely or violent death.
This book exposes the fact Sandy Hook was staged to create a gun grab lobby/roadshow, traveling nationwide to promote gun bans. This same staged mass shooting blueprint was used to disarm Australia and Great Britain. In order to enslave and/or genocide a population, they must first be disarmed. The criminal cabal of ruthless banksters who have hijacked the US government are cowards who make up less than 0.5% of the population. It is impossible for them to enslave a nation who has a constitutional right to own firearms and a duty to remove any tyrannical government, like the one we have now.
Most Americans are asleep, brainwashed and/or apathetic. More are awakening everyday which is making the tyrants extremely nervous. This book is a threat to their cabal's agenda as it exposes their ruthless criminality and treasonous ways.
The staging of endless mass shootings is evil enough on its own, just as the staged 9/11 attacks were. These staged events are only small parts of a much larger and more sinister plan. 9/11 brought endless wars, mass surveillance and the creation of a ruthless DHS militarized police state. Sandy Hook was designed to take away our right to possess firearms and defend against tyranny. These false flags are all part of their master plan as exposed in their Protocols of Zion.
"Nobody Died At Sandy Hook" is a vital part of awakening Americans. We don't have much time left. Donald Trump is our last hope to peacefully take back our government and save America. All other candidates are owned by and work for the cabal. Trump must win by a landslide to overcome their rigged election system.
If this book were to become a best seller, it will lead to the arrest of Obama and his entire treasonous regime. They would all be convicted of high treason for which they would all hang. Congress would be exposed along with the Federal Reserve Shadow Government who controls congress and the media. The cabal's ability to create of hundreds of trillions of free dollars exclusively for their tribe, allows them to control nearly everything but our firearms. This is why they are doing everything possible to prevent the distribution of this book which could bring an end to their evil master plan to enslave/genocide America and Europe.
I highly recommend buying this book or download it free. Send the links to everybody you know and post it everywhere you can. This is life or death for our constitutional republic. You must fight for liberty or you will be exterminated by the cabal. It is you choice if you want you and your children to live or die? – intro to the Sandy Hook video below
Why the hell does he use the name “David Wheeler”?  With an extra e?  Wheeler is a big fraud! 
My comment:  Who the hell are YOU???? David Wheeler was the fraud who showed his ugly face first regarding Sandy Hook Hoax....he claimed his daughter was killed - he had no daughter - He claimed he was an FBI Agent and plasters this photoshopped picture all over.  Then people claim it was Agent William Aldenburg - NO IT WAS NOT!  I know who Agent Aldenburg is and that is not him!  So your using this fake name is repulsive!  I suggest you change it - yet maybe you are David Wheeler! Or some satanic a$$hole using this to collect information on people like Clintons did with their fake "Missing Children" nonprofit - which in fact is the largest pedophilia ring in the world! - The Lyon Sisters...maybe this is why organized sex offenders use Lions to intimidate victims

There is so much more on this! 


Rebecca Stott Q&A: childhood in a cult

Recent allegations that singer R. Kelly has detained women against their will has brought the cult back into public consciousness. Rebecca Stott talks to John Williams about her book 'In the Days of Rain: A Daughter, a Father, a Cult' and the 'collective PTSD' she and the other victims of an extreme religious sect are still exorcising 

Ryan Gable's second book examines religious history and tradition to parallel both institutional religion and pagan rituals and to expose the darker side of modern religious practitioners who scoff at their pagan roots. Part of this is the uncovering of a worldwide network of narcotics, weapons, and human trafficking from Presidential bloodlines to Buckingham Palace and the Vatican. Other subjects include conjuring and the origins of communion. Ryan will throughout attempt to bring balance back to the world of male and female symbolism.
"This is a book that everyone must read. Its author shares my own dedication to those who are victims of the dark crimes of the powerful, and he speaks from a place of genuine understanding. It's rare in our world for people of conscience to also possess the 

I just watched a video on Darthard Perry and have some things to share about that.  I saved it on my one of my Androids.  here is some info, but this link seems encrypted.

So I am copying the full text of 

Full text of "FBI Perry Darthard M E"

Black politicos, KPFK bugged, testifies FBI informant 
"From 1970 through 1975, I 
worked as a paid agent for the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
I was recruited by the FBI by 
(special agent) Brandon Cleary, 
presently of the Los Angeles of- 
fice of the FBI, in 1970 by the 
threat of having me arrested for 
violating the terms of a state 
His name is Darthard Maurice 
Edward Perry, aka Ed Riggs, 
Bill Perry, John Garrison, 
Othello and Crackerjack. He is 
27 years old. For the last five 
years he has been an informant 
for the FBI. During that time, 
and at the direction of the 
bureau, he claims he has con- 
ducted surveillance on 
numerous black elected of-, 
ficiais including Assembfyper- 
son Leon Ralph, California Lt. 
Gov. Mer.vyn Dymally and 
Congressperson Ronald 
He has placed listening 
devices (bugs) in the offices of - 
Assembly person Ralph and at g 
radio station KPFK. He has con- _c 
ducted surveillance of scores of l_ 
community meetings and o 
Byents, using his position as H 
video cameraperson for the 
Watts Writers Workshop as a 
cover. He has conducted sur- 
veillance on SLA safehouses 
and has distributed radical 
literature given him by the FBI 
which explains how to construct 
a "simple time-bomb,” how to 
build a "seif-igniting Molotov 
cocktail” and how to manufac- 
ture-people's hand grenaaes." 
The government, caught In 
the embarrassing position of 
having yet another agent reveal 
me innermost secrets of their 
clandestine operations, reluc- 
tantly admits that Darthard 
Perry was one of their own 
Forced Into that admission 
before Federal Judge Matt 
Jn£nV r 'o SSt - U ' S - Att0 ™ey 
John K. Cameron stated that 
there Is "no dispute that Mr. 
Perry has worked as an infor- 
mant for the FBI.” 
In a series of taped Interviews 
and signed affidavits, Darthard 
Perry has spelled out his career 
and activities as an FBI infor- 
mant for the Free Press, at- 
torneys for KPFK 
Assemblyperson Leon Ralph,’ 
Lt. Gov. Dymally, Congressper- 
son Deilums and the 
Congressional Black Caucus 
According to those 
statements, Perry began his 
career in 1970 as an FBI infor- 
mant while he was attending 
Sacramento City College. He 
was arrested for receiving 
stolen property and offered a 
deal by FBI special agent Bran- 
don Cleary: If Perry would 
become an Informant and con- 
duct surveillance on various 
groups and Individuals 
in the Sacramento area, the FBI 
would see that he did not go to 
jail. Perry agreed and was given 
three years probation. 
While In Sacramento, Perry, 
using the name John Garrison, 
took photographs of community 
meetings of members of the 
Black Panther party, the Black 
Student Union and black 
elected officials. On one occa- 
sion, Perry states, he placed a 
listening device In the offices of 
Assemblyperson Ralph, at the 
Central Los Angeles. Perry con- 
tends that the FBI had directed 
him to watch that house three 
days before the shootout that 
claimed the lives of six SLA 
members. "Three days before 
the shootout I saw several peo- 
direction of the FBI. 
In 1971 Perry moved to Los 
Angeles to attend Los Angeles 
City College; he was also 
hopeful that his days as an FBI 
informant were over. He was 
wrong. Once In Los Angeles he 
was contacted by FBI special 
agent Will Heaton, who told him 
?£* by moving to L.A. Perry had 
violated his parole and that if he 
was to avoid going to prison he 
would have to resume his ac- 
tivities as the eyes and ears of 
the bureau. It wasn’t much of a 
choice. "I didn’t want to go to 
jail; people die in Jail.” 
Perry had studied theatre In 
Sacramento and used that ex- 
perience to infiltrate the Watts 
£f orksh °P using the 
alias Ed Riggs, where he even- 
tually headed the video depart- 
ment. In that capacity he had 
access to virtually any organiza- 
tion or group within the black 
community. His cover was 
good and until he decided to 
ten his story no one at the 
workshop even suspected him. 
S founder of the 
Watts Writers Workshop, when 
first approached about Perrv 
stated, "It’s hard to believe he 
was just a nice kid; it’s hard to 
as an a 9ent." Dolen 
added. He had carte blanche 
access to the community ’’ 
This access to the community 
provided the FBI with a perfect 
opportunity. Often using video 
equipment supplied by agent 
Heaton, Perry taped scores of 
meetings and turned the tapes 
over to the FBI, where, accor- 
ding to Perry's statements, the 
tapes were then sent to the FBI’s 
training facility at Quantico, Va. 
for study, 1 
During this time, he taped 
Assemblyperson Ralph's Los 
Angeles field office on at least 
three occasions, using the guise 
" Preparing a documentary for 
the Watts Writers Workshop 
Another of Perry’s Los 
Angeles assignments was the 
surveillance of suspected SLA 
safe houses,” one of which 
turned out to be the death- 
house on 54th Street in South 
, pie entering and leaving the 
house; two white chicks, a white 
dude and a black dude. The 
white chicks were Emily Harris 
and Patty Hearst; 1 think the 
white dude was Bill Harris, and 
the black dude was definitely 
Cinque (Donald DeFreeze).” 
Perry contends that when he 
saw the SLA fugitives entering 
the house, he called agent 
Heaton and asked what he 
should do. Heaton allegedly told 
him, “Don’t do anything, we’ll 
take It from here.” 
Perry kept the house under 
surveillance for the next two 
days' and on the day of the 
shootout was toid it would no 
longer be necessary for him to 
continue watching the house. "I 
was at a friend’s house when the 
shooting came down and called 
the FBI to see what was going 
on. Heaton told me the LAPD 
had stumbled onto the location 
when a narcotics undercover of- 
ficer working the area noticed 
the suspects In the house. He 
told me the LAPD had fucked 
everything up." 
According to Perry's account, 
Patty Hearst and the Harrises 
listened to the shootout a few 
blocks away from the death- 
house in another safe house 
provided by the mother of one 
of DeFreeze’s prison contacts. 
The trio remained In the Los 
Angeles area for several days 
following the shootout "until 
things had quieted down and 
they could arrange safe 
passage out of the city. It was 
during this time that -Perry 
believes the SLA made the tape 
that was later delivered to 
KPFK. According to Perry, the 
delivery of the tape was made 
by a black female member of 
the Black Liberation Army 
(BLA), and the FBI had 
knowledge of the transaction. 
Bugging KPFK 
Shortly after radio station 
KPFK received an audio-tape 
from the SLA in June of 1974, 
Perry, who had been working on 
the SLA case in the-black-corh- 
munity, was assigned to tape 
and bug the station’s offices. ’In 
1974, at the request of Will 
Heaton, .1 was asked to conduct 
surveillance on Will Lewis 
(general manager) and KPFK. 
As part of the surveillance. Will 
Heaton provided me with a 
miniature transmitter and 
videotape porta-pak and asked 
me to place the transmitter in 
Will. Lewis’s office and 
videotape the offices of KPFK. 
Will Heaton told me that the FBI 
wanted to find out how deeply 
involved Will Lewis and KPFK 
were with the SLA and other 
radical gfoups; and that they 
wanted a diagram of the station. 
“Acting at the request of the 
FBI, I visited the offices of KPFK 
on the pretext of doing a story 
(plea so tarn to page 23) 
Dot, 31-IMov. 6, 1975 Los Angeles Free Press 
(continued from page 7) 
for the Watts Writers Workshop 
and while there placed the 
>Arn S /? itter l been given by 
Will Heaton in the well of Will 
Lewis's desk. I also extensively 
Photographed the offices of 
Jy; FK Upon completion of 
this task, I reported to Will 
Heaton, turned over the 
videotape to him and received 
his congratulations on a job well 
done. He told me that the 
transmission was coming in 
loud and clear’ and that the pic- 
tures were fine.” 
It was shortly after the buq- 
ging of KPFK that Perry decided 
to sever his relationship with the 
r-Bf. He contacted several per- 
sons. including Will Lewis and 
the Free Press, to tell his story 
Since that time, I have been 
subjected to harassment by the 
FBI and the Los Angeles Police 
That “harassment" included a 
week in jail when the authorities 
pulled Periy's string and finally 
charged him with parole viola- 
tion for the incident In 
Sacramento. In addition, Perry 
! was J?* 1 , ar 9 ed with, forgery and 
insufficient funds for checks he 
had written, “at the direction of 
the FBI to buy food for radical 
groups to gain their con- 
When Perry threatened to br- 
ing the FBI into court as part of 
his defense, the probation viola- 
tion charge from Sacramento 
was dropped and so was the 
forgery charge in Los Angeles. 
He was finally convicted of hav- 
ing insufficient funds in his 
! checking account, told to make 
restitution and placed on three 
years probation. 
That week in jail convinced 
me that I had to get out and that 
' was 90'" 9 to get them for what 
they did to me," states Perry. “| 
was threatened, drugged, and 
they tried to get me to sign 
statements refuting what I was 
telling people about the FBI 
Court Confession 
Darthard Perry's first open 
hie U cRi ap «®if rance concerning 
his FBI affiliation occured last 
week during the trial of Los 
Angeles businessperson John 
David Gardner, who is accused 
of income tax evasion. During 
Perry’s surveillance activities, 
Gardner had been one of his 
targets, and Perry was in court 
to testify for the defense in a 
motion to dismiss the charqes 
against Gardner. 
FBI special agent Will Heaton 
• STMJT*! Perr V had worked 
the u / AH but the btJreatJ and 
fen f ith S n #^ 0rney dispute d the 
length °f time and the type of 
m° r w P f rry bad been assigned 
Perrv 8 hiriV° ld the court th at 
,ry had come M to the FBI to 
volunteer his services” .on Feb. 
and nlhf arty ^,' he BLAl ,heS *-A 
and other radical groups es- 
t P h 0 e C b| y a ri° Se ° peratin 9 within 
, : black community. That 
relationship was "terminated 
aoerrt* tT’ t 1975 '” according to 
agent Heaton, because Perrv 
refa^ m0t !? na,,y u ^ble u7 
ssssur providea ,a,se ,n - 
kJX,® informant who was 
unstIhf« b ' e p Q and " em °tionally 
unstable. Perry enjoyed an ex- 
tht m pl C,0se r e'ationship w?h 
the FBI and.;, Heaton. Under 
®* am ' na tion p Heaton ad- 
mitted that he was in contact 
w£ e,Ty * by phond " at least 
once eyery week and "in per- 
son at least "once” each week. 
Heaton also admitted that he 
or 3 I e r erry two biFth certificates 
° f bab ' e ® wh° had died shortly 
after birth to give to radicals 
Ware seekin 9 new iden- 
J v«n 7 contends he was 
given at least 10 birth cer- 
tifigates to distribute among 
radicals looking for false I.D in 
the bope that those persons 
S d u ® e the false birth cer- 
tificates to get driver's licenses 
,^1°: the FBI to maintain 
surveillance on those people 
Community Freedom School 
Heaton stated that Perrv’s 
first assignment was to infiltrate 
and conduct surveillance on the 
Community Freedom School, a 
black self-help radical organiza- 
tion m South Central Los 
Angeles. Heaton testified that 
be Save Perry a videotape 
machine and tape in order to 
carry out the assignment. 
.Jr? contends that after do- 
Cnmm,mfK Ve c lde ° tapin9 at 
Commynfty Freedom School, 
the FBI was delighted. “Upon 
nhn ( T f " 9 u With the tape ® anS 
Photographs to Will Heaton and 
Brandon Cleary, they were 
overjoyed. They said that was 
the best job they had seen and 
* hat 1 sh o*Jld take a check, 
get them some food and that 
also I should see about getting 
shTI^ 9 utensi[s ' and that also l 
should stay In very close contact 
with McNeil Nelson (*££? 
sibo c ;,."f omm “ n ' ,s ' 
Perry then told the Free Press 
how Nelson had been setup for 
a bust by the FBI. “After ob- 
taining the food and utensils, we 
then , began to talk about 
different types of revolutionary 
activities, such as procurement 
of weapons, robbing of banks 
9 i ° ff liquor 8t °res. He 
(McNeil Nelson) told me that he 
wTu handgims. i m- 
Sjj 1 ad yyiu Heaton of this. He 
sard that s wonderful’ and that 
he would send a memo out to 
the bureau and see what they 
thought about it. 
'jUpon the reply from the 
bureau, I was told that this was a 
90o<* idea, that I should 
proceed in getting McNeil some 
phony I.D. and to also give him 
tne money to procure three or 
!°Hut 1and ® uns ’ and then also to 
tell him about a certai n gunshop 
to go to. Then I was told to try to 
get him interested in possibly 
doing a bank robbery or other 
criminal activity to obtain funds. 
(McNeil) then was very 
talkative but would not proceed 
i n ® a d matter. Will Heaton then 
said ft was about time Jor 'the 
ran of the Community Freedom 
"He said that I would take 
three pipe-bombs and place 
them into the library of the 
Community Freedom School. At 
that time I blew up on him (Hea- 
tonL I said I did not fhfnk all that 
stuff was necessary and that he 
should reconsider, that possibly 
left alone, the Community 
Freedom School would die on 
its own | placed the bombs 
m the library; subsequently 
there was a raid on the Com- 
Freedom School by the 
The bomb .charges were 
never brought against the 
todirtorl M CNeil NelS0n was 
indicted rn March of 1975 tnr 
Purchasing weapons using Use 
vames Herbert Russell iden- 
^catramthat Perry co^nK 
the FBI a * the direction of 
Damaging Tapes 
f J° date . the FBI has stead- 
fastly denied that Perry con- 
any surv eillance of 
Assemblyperson Ralph, Lt. Gov. 
Dymallv. Congressperson 
Dellums or radio' station KPFK, 
Such denials, especially in the 
case of KPFK, appear to be an 
attempt to cover up covert ac- 
tivities by the FBI, The Free 
Press has gained access to 
taped conversations between 
Perry, whose Los Angeles code 
name was "Othello," and FBI 
special agent Will Heaton. 
During the course of one of 
those conversations. Perry ask- 
ed HeafOn if he (Perry) could get 
a copy of the Will Lewis KPFK 
Perry: "O.K. The other thing ! 
need is, could I get a copy of 
tape on Will Lewis?” 
- Agent: “Uh. , . No, I don't 
have any extra copies around 
in another conversation, 
Heaton congratulates Perry on 
infiltrating KPFK: 
Perry: You know I told you I — 
I was gonna get a job with 
Agent: Yeah. 
Perry: Yea, I got it: 
Agent: Fantastic; 
On yet another occasion, 
Agent Heaton was excited at the 
propsect of getting some Infor- 
mation on Jane Fonda and Torn 
Hayden and a tape from the 
New World Liberation Front: 
Perry: Yeah, and guess who 
came in the station? 
Agent: Who? 
Perry: Ah, Jane Fonda and 
old Tom.Hayden. 
Agent: Tom Hayden? 
Perry: Uh-huh. 
Agent: And Jane Fonda, huh? 
Perry: Right. 
Agent: Ya get to talk to ’em? 
Perry: Ah, well, I got both 
phone numbers, and I will be 
going by their private residence 
to visit them. 
Agent: Well, that’s pretty 
Perry: And then on top of that 
there's something I know you'll 
be interested in. 
Agent: What’s that? 
Perry: You remember that 
tape, the World Liberation Front 
tape that they had? 
Agent: Uhh? No, I didn’t know 
the World Liberation Front had 
a tape. 
Perry: Oh, you didn’t? 
Agent: No. 
Perry: Yeah, well, they got 
one down here. 
Agent: The World Liberation 
tape — the New World Libera- 
tion Front? 
Perry: Uh-huh. 
Agent: What's it say? 
Perry: Uh — well, I — I’m sup- 
posed to be listening to it Mon- 
Agent: O.K. 
Perry: And I thought I might 
pick it up for us. 
Agent: Why don’t yog? 
(Shades of Watergate.) 
Further on in that same con- 
versation, FBI agent Will Heaton 
told Darthard Perry, "it sounds 
like you're about to, ah, 
reestablish yourself. , . in a way 
that you may be usable.” 
KPFK station manager Will 
Lewis was shocked and dis- 
mayed when he first found out 
about Perry’s activities, “it is ap- 
palling to think that the govern- 
ment would stoop so low to sub- 
*ert the constitutionally 
guaranteed freedoms of the 
press and free speech, it's 
frightening to think that the FBI 
would go as far as bugging a 
radio station.” 
Darthard Perry has come in 
from the cold; he is now telling 
his story. It hasn’t been easy 
Since deciding to talk about his 
association with the govern- 
ment, Perry has' been harassed 
by FBI officials and threatened 
and thrown in jail on what he 
calls trumped-up charges. He’s 
now out of jail, testifying against 
the government and keeping on 
the move to avoid any further 
Perry's efforts to come in 
from the cold haven't been easy 
for those who have attempted to 
document his allegations. Since 
April, when he first began talk- 
ing, Darthard Perry has told 
enough bits and pieces of the 
story to keep us interested. 
Clandestine meetings 
throughout the city and state 
greeted our attempts to get the 
story to verify it. In some cases, 
we were successful: in others, 
we were not. We have con- 
firmed that Perry has in fact 
offered members of the radical 
community false I.D.; . at least 
one person, and probably more, 
accepted the offer. He has had 
widerranglng access to the 
community at large and certain 
elements of the radical com- 
munity. He has done a lot of 
filming and video taping. In 
some instances checking out all 
of the charges he has made has 
been virtually impossible, since 
only the participants can verify 
the specifics, and the FBI isn’t 
talking, nor are some of those 
radicals we have contacted, 
both apparently fearful of in- 
criminating themselves. 
Perry’s charges "are now get- 
ting an open airing in court. He 
has testified in Federal Court in 
a tax case and has offered af- 
fidavits to be used in a lawsuit 
filed by radio station KPFK 
against the FBI, LA PD and the 
City of Los Angeles, stemming 
from the wiretapping of KPFK 
and the police search of that 
station following an SLA com- (U 
munique. In addition, the U 
Congressional Black Caucus is 
• investigating the allegations and 
may take some - measures of 
their own to expose the n 
clandestine operations of the n 
FBI in their "unwarranted sur- ’? 
veiilance of elected officials.” q 
C ongressperson Ronald -» 
Dellums' Washington office has y 
turned over Perry’s allegations g 
to the Select Committee on < 
Intelligence of which Dellums is 1. 
a member. According to - 
Legislative Aide Bob Brower -» 
Congressperson Dellums "is l® 
overwhelmed by so much agen- ^ 
cy activity" and feels that FBI 
covert activity is a “bigger story 
than the CIA." r 
Assemblyperson Leon 0 
Ralph’s administrative assis- ® 
tant, Johnny Morgan, has con- t 
firmed that Perry videotaped 3 
Ralph’s offices. Morgan fold the ® 
Free Press that Assembler- & 
son Ralph has “grave, concern" £ 
regarding this alleged activity. 
Ralph feels that such sur- U 
veiilance would be “infringing £ 
on his rights and the rights of 8 
hts constituents: this is the 
lowest thing they can do." U 
. Morgan added that if the FBI a 
has legitimate concerns, the ® 
Assem bfyperson feefs they can “ 
just send an agent to talk to us 
they don’t have to bug my of- 
fice." n 

------------posted 2Jan2018-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I think the same Number of people who are listed in JFK Assassination deadpool may be exact same number of Fed vehicles at the Sandy Hook Shooting hoax = 168

JFK Assassination
The Green Hilton Agreement in Indonesia
Debra Caruthers
You may have noticed that a wave of JFK documentaries have begun to overpower your TV this month because of the upcoming 50th anniversary of that frightful assassination. But there is another 50-year anniversary coming up this very week -- an event that may have led directly to his death. This is regarding the "Green Hilton Agreement" of Nov. 14, 1963. AND this may even be directly related to the weather weapons -- whoops I mean oddly coincidental earthquakes and typhoons -- that keep hitting the western Pacific Ocean these days. Karen Hudes has something to say about this Agreement as well, copied below.
"The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement Geneva Agreement is made and signed on [14] November 1963 at Hotel Hilton Geneva by U.S. President John F Kennedy (a few days before he was killed) and Ir President Sukarno with the Swiss state witness William Vouker figures. This agreement follows the MoU between Indonesia and the United States three years earlier. Important point that agreement; U.S. government (as the first) recognizes the existence of 50 percent pure gold bullion owned by RI, as many as 57 150 tons in packaging 17 gold package and the government of Indonesia (as part II) received the gold bullion in the form of collateral usage dollar rent designated U.S. financial development."

This agreement follows the MoU between Indonesia and the United States three years earlier. Important point that agreement; U.S. government (as the first) recognizes the existence of 50 percent pure gold bullion owned by RI, as many as 57 150 tons in packaging 17 gold package and the government of Indonesia (as part II) received the gold bullion in the form of collateral usage dollar rent designated U.S. financial development.
Essentially, the article stated that the US Federal Reserves was able to persuade nations including Indonesia to have it store their wealth (in gold) right after WWII. It was on the pretext that the gold would be used (as a form of collateral) to fund projects to better humanity and ensure a future free from war. After realizing that the bankers had no such intention and that it was probably impossible to repatriate the gold, Soekarno had JFK signed the above agreement three years later. JFK was assassinated the following week.

Commercial – HSI Online.  I may create a separate post to add info to when I can. For starters, look at this link.  I am now a lifetime Gold Member.  Check it out.  Don’t let the Health Industry traffick you when they SHOULD be treating you. 

Commercial – This company is seeking PHP’s which apparently are marketing developers

Good luck with that! 

Major General sent to Gitmo during Obama presidency, yet CNN blames Trump, figuring nobody would realize.  Hey, Rachel Mad Cow, we think; therefore we are!
posted 1/5/2018--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(end)

January 5, 2018

Logic Before Authority, Hillary and Bill Clinton the photos you must see:
My comment:  They can't die soon enough!  His nose is deformed from cocaine abuse and God only knows what else that perfert did with it! Hillary is the Grand Dame of Mike Aquino's Temple of Set in San Francisco.  She has been a Satanist since she attended Yale University, which has the Skull & Bones Society and where the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax happened - is a Church of Satan (Newtown, CT - Fairfield)  Young, hard working man by the name of William Dong was entrapped by West Haven Police and accused of bringing guns to class.  LIE!    I went to his hearings but missed the first one or two. Scumbag Kevin Lawlor first said that William Dong pointed his gun at the homeless woman (not student!) on campus.  So I said, "Where are the videos?  Where are the witnesses?" - in a faxed message to  Congress before I left the courthouse.  The University of New Haven gave a $23,000 bribe to a homeless woman to report that William Dong pointed his gun at her.....At the next hearing, scumbag Kevin Lawlor changed the story without any correcting, saying William Dong was parked in the grocery store lot across the street and she was walking down the street. And he said she walked to the campus police and reported him immediately and he was going to class when police "apprehended him" opening his brief case and "finding" two guns.  So I said, "How the hell did she know he was a student at University of New Haven?  So what if he had a bumper sticker? And if he was, he would have had a parking permit and should have been parked at the freaking school!" I shared that with Congress...His parents spoke 75% Chinese and ran very successful Chinese restaurants in NYC - but he had to sell them because of William Dong's Case - which they should sue the state for!  I told them that!  I only asked the representing Satanic attorney from Fairfield one question:  "How can the University give a homeless woman $23,000 for just saying William Dong pointed his gun at me - when he pleaded not guilty and this case was just entered? "  the moron attorney said, "I don't know. It's none of my business." - a Satanic response because it confuses communications and people will say, he meant it was none of YOUR business.  See what $hit they pull?  I could say so much more!  William was forced in prison two years!  He did nothing wrong but the state seized much of their property, their auto, etc!  Hopefully they got it back but six months later, they had not - because the scumbag attorney was in on this criminal operation!  They changed attorneys but these atttorneys all sleep with eachother here.  
                       Posted on “When Justice is Really Organized Crime” – link is encrypted!  Click on this: 

SANDY HOOK Shooting Hoax
Video, Unravelling Sandy Hook with Sofia Smallstorm:
My notes from watching a second time.
1. Police said on the scanner that Adam Lanza was dressed in all green and his face and hands were painted green and that was why they could not identify him.  Yet the video says they claimed he was in all black. 
2. Video says:  No way could an autistic, shy young man weighing 150-160 pounds can do all this alone. He wouldn’t be able to plan this on his own. He has had no training for SWAT.  The man who speaks on the video is a SWAT expert. 
3. Newtown is about 300 years old. Sandy Hook is a small section of it.  It is near NYC.  Fairfield County and Westchester County meet there.  Dr.s, lawyers, and brokers on Wallstreet tend to live in this area, with Fairfield County the last treasured area to live and raise families.
4. Dec 14, 2012:  Sandy Hook Shooting.  Inconsistencies, conflicting reports.  Cannot possibly occur based on this.
5.  26 people shot between 3-5 times each in five to seven minutes – impossible for Adam Lanza to do this!
6. Two Dimensional thinking:  We tend to take what they say on TV as truth. We participate in the fiction on shows we watch.  Then we watch the news.  Three-D, physical world.  Address exists in the Third Dimension.  Sandy Hook was an MCI.
7. She explains the triaging that is supposed to take place.  Nothing like this took place.  Only emergency gear and empty tarps were shown in pictures.
8. The EMS services did not perform within their scope. Patients had to be declared dead in the hospital.  All necessary med intervention should take place. You don’t just say the police officer declared them dead.  Dr. Wayne Carver has been chief med examiner since 1989.  TV interview with Dr. Carver had strange behavior despite the fact he was supposed to have examined all dead 26 bodies.  He was completely removed from the supposed event. He did not invoke professionalism. My opinion, this scumbag has been part of organized crime for years.  Even joking with a laugh.  I have personal experiences which also confirm he should be locked up for the rest of his life if he is lucky – most likely get the death penalty!
9. He fails to produce pictures of corpses – because there were none, that is why!
10. “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have a crash on their head later” = wtf
11. Only MT Triage mats and one HUGE body bag used for adults – all devoid of bodies. 
12. One woman claimed she drove herself to the hospital and fire chief just says, “I helped the lady get out of her car”
13. MANY ambulances deployed – only two return with one person.
14. Diane Fienstein was not even alarmed at the responses she got at the interview.
15. LA Times:  The real world:  why would a parent allow their son to go through the woods to the school, to make gingerbread cookies with a friend who just got to school? 
16. Many other circumstances which raise suspicion.  Many were new arrivals in town.
17. Newtown is supposed to be a “transition town” – to help people become ,”stronger, happier”  (Hillary Clinton used “Stronger Together” for her campaign motto.
I have to stop now.  I am suffering from a stomach flu and have to rest because I need to get to my bank before it closes today due to account problems.
___________________________________posted 1/5/2018-------------------------------------------------

NATIVE AMERICANS – TEACHING – Story of the Two Wolves


Remember the #AntifaRiots back in March 2017?  Squatting Slav TV Worked diligently to get them to realize they have no real motive, except for maybe money coming from the Soros Syndicate or Clinton Syndicate.
Sam Hyde is a violent person who promotes violence and calls it comedy.  Who promoted him? I bet Obama-Soros-Clinton Crime Syndicate!   He started up in 2009.
Squatting Slav talks about @pnehlen Paul Nehlen, successful businessman who has been running for Congress against Paul Ryan, I think:
Please sign the petition to prevent vets being forced into programs they do not need.
Also consider how many are illicitly arrested and prosecuted.
Net4TruthUSA channel and website:
What are needed are the parole statistics for the men participating in the VRTP in this facility.[16]  It is unconscionable that veterans be forced into programs that actually do them harm.  The public should demand an investigation into the program.

So now, Hillary Clinton is really, really, really, really going to be arrested and jailed.  WTF

Crowdsource the Truth:  You’ve Got Jail! - End Times Prophecy emphasizes Jeff Sessions is going after the crooked judges
Yes, this really happened.  A School teacher at #VermilionParish had a right to express her opinion on the annual raise of the already-rich superintendent who has not given teachers raises in years.  She gets arrested!

Media Slander Trump to teach him a lesson:  You can’t give money to a surviving family of a soldier because that is just too patriotic! 
Scumbag Rep #FredericaWilson Lies about Trump saying what Obama REALLY has on several occasions, esp when he said he wanted to take away their health insurance – “because they signed on the dotted line” – THAT was real; so dirty dems lie to cover up scumbag Obama.  Make these dems accountable for lying!

Trump called Myeshia Johnson on Tuesday in October 2017 and,
According to Democratic Rep. #FredericaWilson, the President said that the #LaDavidJohnson "knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt." – this scumbag Congresswoman was making it up to mimick #LaVeenaJohnson and what Obama said about her, etc!  Trump denied that he ever said that. #RepWilson sb arrested!
You watch the video. She did not even hear him say that and she flip flopped on the story.
Trump denied that he ever said that.

"I didn't say what that congresswoman said. Didn't say it at all," Trump told reporters during a Wednesday meeting on tax reform in the Cabinet Room. "She knows it. And she now is not saying it. I did not say what she said."
Wilson first made the stunning claim Tuesday night, saying she was present when the call took place. Sgt. La David Johnson was among the four US soldiers killed by enemy fire in the October 4 ambush.  

The Next News Network. Swamp Monsters are running scared.
SGT Report provides quick views of maps of NOW, etc – 8 min video
James Munder #QAnon Shocking Intel

#NPRSucks – check that out sometime
They came to agreement on DACA. 9Jan2018.  Also, note what Jim says about Christopher Steele (probably lying!)

Archie Bunker discussed politics; get a laugh!
-I hope this is the other Archie Bunker video. He gives a funeral eulogy but also says other things. Edith talks about the train and what it says, lol.
Michael Jackson would have been so flattered at this performance by teenage boys. ABC, 123: with THEIR best choriography, so cute -

More Reposts to follow, I hope this works this time.  I will continue posting to this one since I believe information is missing.  

3/27/2018:  All of this has been copied onto the

 main post, Pitstop of Information For 

January 2018; this came from my Administrator Account 


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