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Mini Lectures

2/28/2022 HELLO My blog was deleted for about 18 months and my domain was stolen...dirtbag politicians did that when I tweeted every Senator on the Judiciary committee about Brett Kavanaugh, master records frauder, including covering up Vincent Foster's murder - for GW Bush's half-brother, Bill Clinton!  I didn't realize that I have not shared the TOC link in ALL blogposts.  And it is 2:36 am and this is the last one I am fixing....I will be back to do the others for 2018... Table of Contents, Alphabetized, for all  blogposts: 1/28/2018 : note:  everything in my blog is unmonitored, ad-free, but if you want to give money to Pet Assistance so Truth Factory Kitty can run for President, I thank you very much.  lol ;) (wink) You can tell Ruth Pearl what the donation is for. She has a great sense of humor. I voluntarily placed her info in one of the pictures on this  post:   http://www.appleofmyeye