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Mini Lectures

1/28/2018 : note:  everything in my blog is unmonitored, ad-free, but if you want to give money to Pet Assistance so Truth Factory Kitty can run for President, I thank you very much.  lol ;) (wink) You can tell Ruth Pearl what the donation is for. She has a great sense of humor. I voluntarily placed her info in one of the pictures on this  post: Please copy, share whatever you want from this blog – it is ad-free, unmonitored.  Thank you for paying that forward.  Feel free to access almost all of my other posts through The links here:     Note, I will transcribe it and post it here also to save you brilliant people time in sharing. All you need to do is copy and paste.   Less than 11 minutes long, so please listen! Tweet! Share n Social Media!   The Truth About Syria With Truth Factory Cat. 🐈 Lecture No. 1