When Justice Is really Organized Crime.

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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

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    The following will be appended to, to complete my experiences here in Connecticut.

    Modified later:  I don't think I will be sharing anymore.  I am already subjected to so much exploitation if I drop a hat, it seems. It is more important to many who I have associated with, what others have said rather than who I am.

     There has been little justice for me.

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    January 5, 2018

    Logic Before Authority, Hillary and Bill Clinton the photos you must see: https://youtu.be/RCBUunaOCto

       Note, I found LogicBeforeAuthority to be increasingly less reliable so I stopped subscribing

    My comment:  They can't die soon enough!  His nose is deformed from cocaine abuse and God only knows what else that pervert did with it! Hillary is the Grand Dame of Mike Aquino's Temple of Set in San Francisco.  She has been a Satanist since she attended Yale University, which has the Skull & Bones Society and where the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax happened - is a Church of Satan (Newtown, CT - Fairfield)  Young, hard working man by the name of William Dong was entrapped by West Haven Police and accused of bringing guns to class.  LIE!    I went to his hearings but missed the first one or two. Scumbag Kevin Lawlor first said that William Dong pointed his gun at the homeless woman (not student!) on campus.  So I said, "Where are the videos?  Where are the witnesses?" - in a faxed message to  Congress before I left the courthouse.  The University of New Haven gave a $23,000 bribe to a homeless woman to report that William Dong pointed his gun at her.....At the next hearing, scumbag Kevin Lawlor changed the story without any correcting, saying William Dong was parked in the grocery store lot across the street and she was walking down the street. And he said she walked to the campus police and reported him immediately and he was going to class when police "apprehended him" opening his brief case and "finding" two guns.  So I said, "How the hell did she know he was a student at University of New Haven?  So what if he had a bumper sticker? And if he was, he would have had a parking permit and should have been parked at the freaking school!" I shared that with Congress...His parents spoke 75% Chinese and ran very successful Chinese restaurants in NYC - but he had to sell them because of William Dong's Case - which they should sue the state for!  I told them that!  I only asked the representing Satanic attorney from Fairfield one question:  "How can the University give a homeless woman $23,000 for just saying William Dong pointed his gun at me - when he pleaded not guilty and this case was just entered? "  the moron attorney said, "I don't know. It's none of my business." - a Satanic response because it confuses communications and people will say, he meant it was none of YOUR business.  See what $hit they pull?  I could say so much more!  William was forced in prison two years!  He did nothing wrong but the state seized much of their property, their auto, etc!  Hopefully they got it back but six months later, they had not - because the scumbag attorney was in on this criminal operation!  They changed attorneys but these atttorneys all sleep with eachother here. ###### end of add-in

    I was illegally evicted from my home in 2010 - the day a marshal smashed in my door knob and helped himself to my ADT System, turning it off with his own code, which meant I was never safe anyway because he along with probably others were burglarizing my home. I certainly suspected it.

    Yet that day my life was saved by an FBI agent. I was on a plane to Minnesota

    (using my rent money which the housing court REFUSED to let me pay in court, even though they had a copy of the Emergency Motion For Stay of Execution, submitted to the US Supreme Court via Priority Mail)

    to get legal help in submitting more documentation to the US Supreme Court, since Chief Justice drunk Ginsberg denied my Emergency Motion For Stay of Execution on NUMEROUS reasons why the landlord-tenant case was illegal, including a very basic one. The lease was not up.  I proved it.  I got very sick on the plane and when the plane landed in Minneapolis-St Paul, an ambulance was waiting to take me to the hospital.  I was in a drug-induced coma for three days, yet somehow learned the FBI agent saved my life, I think from the ICU doctor, who said he was transferring me to the medical ward to gain strength and I could leave and go get help on my case at the University of Minnesota.  I asked for my cell phone which had little charge left, yet I called the Connecticut Supreme-Appellate Court (yes, they are bi-legal, basically, both courts mingling with each other) and left  a voicemail on the Deputy Chief Clerk's phone telling him I was being transported to the medical ward after being in a drug induced coma and that something apparently happened to me when that marshal came in my apartment.  Big mistake!  Because the crooked judges conspired with the psyche director of that hospital, a  total sleeze.  He dressed as an orderly and said he was there to take me to the med ward. I said, " The doctor told me an hour ago they would be coming after my lunch; I just got my tray". He said, "I will bring that with you."  I should have rung for the nurse to verify, but he looked legit.  He was NOT legit and locked me up in the psyche ward, where I had poor medical care and listened to people screaming, yelling, etc - here I needed quiet and rest.  And I had a bad sinus infection as well as a tooth infection.  The lack of care caused my tooth to break off and I told the shrink he was piece of crap, told the nurses to please get me a social worker, and they enjoyed playing their game for 60 days with probate, which caused me to lose my four cats because the Humane Society would not hold them for me.  But it all doesn't matter, because I am alive, right?  And that is all people say to me, along with pushing the Medical Industrial Complex on me.  I got out and told that shrink to go to hell.  I filed complaints but Medicare still paid them a small amount of money, according to what they produced to me.  Who knows how much they got and how many pockets were lined along the way.

    This is not about me, folks, it is about corruption!  And this country has allowed itself to pit eachother against each other and people have done the most haneous things - like when my brother killed my sick father.  And my mother did not even care!  And a nurse later told me that this brother was telling them my father molested me, so he could manipulate the situation, since I left my job to go help my sick father, since my scumbag siblings ran him out of town when he was sick and needed their help for medical assistance. They cared nothing about Dad, they cared about themselves. And penniless, they also got Unemployment to  lie about my filing, saying my records were "lost".  Connecticut claimed they mailed them.  How evil.  And my siblings did not offer to help me, still having the demonic hate for me being down there. And the pedophile priest (The Catholic Church hid Fr. David Bentley from Albany, NY to Deming NM because he had been molesting children for 19 years in Albany, NY - AND GOT CAUGHT) was the perfect tool for my brother until he got down there to finish my father off at which time he said it was a spiritual experience! My Complaint to the Medical Review Board got nowhere.

    I know the rhetoric that plays out - just like when I was almost killed by a 20-ton sander truck, slamming into me, going opposite direction in the highway. "You are lucky God saved you. Be grateful you are alive" - all carefully socially engineered into my life. I will resume this later:

    Blumenthal speaks on Senate Judiciary Committee. I've had more than I can take in, so I commented.


    I consider it manipulative how Blogger sometimes allows links to be accessed and other links NOT to be accessed.

    My comment:
    Joe Pugh Wasn't this Russian scientist murdered? I believe I read that US government  had him murdered because these dirty scumbag politicians were making loads of money in the public utility business, esp electricity. I had the best apartment in MN and my electric bill was an average of $50/a month year around - heat and a/c. huge one bedroom apartment. I move to a crap hole studio in Connecticut and they charged me over $100 every month and I used much less electricity. No a/c.  And I qualified for energy assistance, but nobody told me they had energy assistance. This state is horribly corrupted and I sure hope Bob Stefanowski wins the Governor's election. I worked on an assignment at Northern States Power in MAN, for one of the electrical instructors. They told him elected was off on the line pole he was training guys on, they had it on! 10,000 volts went through his body. John Haugee was back at work n two or three weeks!   Amazing!

    Fox news reports on FBI, with David Brock, ret FBI agent. His message was valid, professional.


    Theresa Hawkins Exactly! the BS that Trump is ripping FBI about the failure to probe HRC - freaking scumbag Comey was why! Eric Hilolder was why! Valery Jarrett was why! ....The special agent in charge at Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax - reported NOBODY DIED and everyone of the political scumbags in Connecticut tried to walk all over him. He maintained his report because it was true! Search Sofia Smallstorm Unravelling Sandy Hook. Hopefully Bob Stefanowski will become it's next Governor to clean up all the cesspool of corruption that Malloy has been walliwing in and manage to never be arrested Because of Obama. But now that Trump is our President, Malloy announced he would resign at the end of his term. Good riddens and don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. I hope he is taken off the streets, imprisoned.

    CIA forged Obama birth certificate - two videos dared 17Dec2017

    www.TDAaccount.org - April LaJune shares quick references including her book, DIY Credit Repair. https://youtu.be/oeRVMP2NZc0

    Dahboo0077 reports 2:8 earthquake in KY and Ohio https://youtu.be/b996oRiQitY

    Mueller took tens of thousands of emails says Dahboo0077.

    My comment:. Blumenthal specifies he WANTS to impeach President Trump but it doesn't have to be perfectly argued because, as he says, "it's political". This is so pathetic! Blumenthal should be disbarred. He has pulled this crap throughout his career and I was one of his victims. Though always a law-abiding citizen, I was illicitly arrested at the University Of New Haven in 2006 when I was a matriculated student. What took place after that was more criminality by law enforcement and the courts. And they really enjoy harming those who they know they can get away with it! THAT, not intelligence, is what they build their power on! The university's book store encouraged me to purchase my text book over the phone and they would give it to the police department next door for me to pick up for my (what was SUPPOSED to be online when I registered) Saturday class. Yes, the teacher changed it AFTER I enrolled. And I was arrested by these so-called protectors of the public after they ASKED me to talk to them.Because of a serious string of (only the expensive) car thefts, like porchas,  they had on campus, with no explanation from these police, it was conceivable that they may want to talk to people randomly, so I didn't question it when I should have, because they were up to no good. They began asking me about a paperweight that I mailed to the university President, who helped expedite my processing into a module versus a semester, in their accelerated business program. I had mailed it about  4 days prior to that via Priority mail, so they had the package from me for at least three days (which I had pointed out at the illegal trial, thanks to Blumenthal who pulled out all the stops, since trial was TWO YEARS past the statute of limitations. They refused to dismiss the case based on that. In fact, when I motioned to dismiss, a very thoughtful judge heard the case, said he would thoroughly review it and make his decision and call me in for a hearing. Instead, this scumbag court had Judge Cronan replaced with a scumbag judge Ronan, yet had a scumbag attorney, who was probably just an intern then,  learning their ropes of deception,  actually handwrite a Memo Of Decision with  HIS name, KRONIN, to the order ruling denial of my motion to dismass, which failed to even respond to the motion itself.  Because they were constantly invading my apartment and taking documents, that document I had copied and mailed to a friend in law enforcement, was stolen to cover up the Court's illegal activity. You would think then-AG Blumenthal would care about all this, as well as the fact the illicit arresting police filled out the most bizarre statements of lies to get me committed to the psyche hospital so I would not be able to defend myself. And they used sex assault as a way to put me in my place when I spoke up after a young man in the middle of the night smashed a bathroom mirror, and no one paid attention, then slashed his arms to bleed to death, lying on his bed, not having been on suicide watch even though he told Dr. Helen Savage he was suicidal. (This young man had numerous staples in his arms and three transfusions by the time they got him to the ER, without calling 911 so they would not be held accountable) She retorted, "You just. want to stay here because they have good food." It was at that point I must have gone to one of the phones used for outside calling and called someone I knew in law enforcement. They decided to punish me by drugging me up and raping me. After all, rape is a great way to manipulate people to their wants. I called that person using the phone, leaving a voicemail probably to another person, so they would not trace it back to him. A currier for a law office identified himself asking for me, who they were drugging more. I reacted slowly. The staff took my documents, denying they were mine. I left another voicemail for the officer I knew, telling him what they did, just incase he contacted an attorney for me. Though Dr. Scumbag Savage bragged to me about committing me for a long time, just days after the currier arrived, I was released, and I didn't have to take their psychotropic drugs anymore.) So Richard Blumenthal needed to deceive me, to help the crooks, who most likely are also Satanic Pedophiles. At the time of the illegal trial, held one year PAST the statue of limitations, Judge Levin

    (father of MEAN, self-centered, lying Attorney Paul Levin, who I removed from a personal injury case 6 years prior, when I was injured with a concussion and neck injury and the paramedics who happened to be friend with the medical guy who slammed into me, treated me like crap and said I did not need to go to the hospital and were mean to me. A co-worker came to the scene and he took me to the Lions Club which had volunteer paramedics. They said, "You NEED to get to the hospital - your forhead is all black and blue and your eyes are unequal.")

    get revenge for his son and changed the name of the so-called victim (of reckless endangerment, which is supposed to be an offense committed in public, such as when one police officer shot his gun in a crowd when he was drunk and it didn't matter he could have killed someone) and added TWO charges of Breach of peace, which is Double Jeopardy, but who care because Blumenthal had their back! And this was during Voire Dire, so I had little or no time to research on internet at the library, let alone be able to use the 9-5pm law library, closed on weekends. Their boxing me in was their view of justice! They were AND still are out to get me and life has been hell here, in a state run by organized crime. The prosecution tripped itself up many times with their lies - Attorney Russo had replaced 19-yr criminal veteran prosecutor Lawrence Mark Hurley, who the state police audited due to a prosecutor in the union Hurley was Treasurer of for almost 19 years, was embezzling the union dues. Putting money into his secret accounts, using bank cards he purchased at Wal-Mart (so it was really important for them to create a smear campaign against Walmart since he got caught and FORCE was the only politics used in Connecticut by the dirty politicians) Hurley was also stealing money from the courthouse--checks written to the court, as substitute jail time probably by mainly innocent people like myself! This indeed was an inside crime ring which in fact, was rampant in CT. Yet the judge limited the audit to three years, even though state police charged Hurley with 180 counts of embezzlement. (Yet his buddy the judge changed all charges to just one count larceny and one count forgery! - about $200,000 proven to be stolen just from those incidences and I expect he stole millions)  Obviously proof that this was an ongoing crime operation at the state courthouse which untimely changed the state's attorney to (Kevin Lawlor) the brother of Mike Lawlor (who was a state rep and co-chair of the Judiciary Committee, and I had sent him emails regarding this illicit circumstance of when I was illegally arrested, asking for law and order to intervene their corruption- not knowing his brother was an employee of Prosecutor Supervisor Lawrence Mark Hurley- who obviously could not be promoted to state's attorney there because they needed him to make their crime money, forging checks and files and God knows what else. The Town of East Haven refused to vote for Lawlor again as state rep around 2009, so he lost his treasured power seat and apparently left as a teacher at the University of New Haven. I had not realized he taught there, so I really muddied my waters by asking him to do his job as co-chair of the Judiciary Committee. ...I had trial by jury of 6 BECAUSE Judge Sequino threatened me with it and it was one of the "tweeks" they neglected to do in the hearing transcripts - which were altered as a matter of practice. Completely illegal, but who cares. They were criminals who were supposed to be administering justice, the law. According to law, nobody can have trial  by jury on a misdemeanor charge. but they also cannot change charges, either, unless they create a  new case. But they did anyway, even one year past the statute of limitations, all because they had a crooked Obama administration AND crooked AG Blumenthal to have their back!  Well, I was acquitted despite the fact the court denied my request to not let this man who did contract work for the police who arrested me me - on the jury. He also lied about my pre-emptory challenges being limited to three when I lawfully had six! I was acquitted of two charges and as a deal with the contractor-plant, so they could get back to their jobs,  the jurors  ruled guilty of the second charge of Breach of Peace. That meant, according to law, when acquittal is ruled for the controlling offense, which they claimed was reckless endangerment,

     (fyi: never contacting FBI regarding US Mail, and not calling for a HAZMAT, until I asked them why they hadn't, when they erroneously accused me of improperly using Clorox to sanatize the silly project in case Dr. Kaplan wanted to keep it, which I didn't expect)  

    and the one charge left should have automatically been ruled an acquittal that very day by the judge drewling to harm me. It didn't happen. Maybe I will finish this on my blog. But nobody will care, probably. So who am I kidding.  And now I am gangstalked on a regular basis here . I still defend my rights, with an obvious cortisal level that I'm sure has contributed to my weight gain - caused by fear.

    www.appleofmyeyes.org and BTW,  Because I care http://www.hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org


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