Robert David Steele CIA man

I want to make it very clear - this man and any other former CIA agent should not be trusted. There are only a few exceptions.  See how dangerous CIA is from a CIA operative, who was "contracted" - paid in cash but fully supported by the USGov - Cody Snodgres.  

Robert David Steele aka Robert Steele alias David Steele

5/30/2018 <insert>  I have confused Robert Steele with Christopher Steele on the issue of the 
                                             "Steele Dossier"  
                                       and "Russian Collusion" BS 
- neither of which have any substance or grounds yet Congress seems to think they are really doing something with this Bill and it is a NOTHING BILL BURGER - look for the post I am creating titled as that! ### 

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Update, 5/1/2018. Here is a video by Anonymous Rebels United - a channel created by civilians in Denmark.  The title is misleading. I thought there were FIVE former CIA agents he was going to mention, but only mentions Robert David Steele, who I have no confidence in.  And he could be a crook - even pedophile himself.  I hope not but it wouldn't surprise me.  
      Denmark is where Ole Dammagard is from and yet he became a real estate tycoon in California and has this side-line on so-called research on Conspiracies, which I am under the impression of his using stories to push a certain agenda. I wouldn't be surprised he got people in Denmark to create this channel.  My thoughts, and yes, I do consider critical thinking very important, though Ole Dammegard wants to abolish Critical Thinking.  He was probably all for the Common Core program, too, I bet.  But I do not know. 

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I have found that the CIA apples don't fall far from the CIA tree - ever. Once CIA, always CIA.  It apparently is like a cult. 

This is based on information I have collected for a long time and from just listening to Robert Steele. He, like many former CIA agents who are trying to hijack USA, are using psy op tactics and so much more to ruin us.  Do not trust him.  He doesn’t even make any sense.  For instance, he mentions that Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu are both traitors and terrorists.  Obama hates PM Netanyahu.  He hates it when Netanyahu would come to the US – to the White House.  I have seen it all play out.  Obama was even asked why he was not giving Netanyahu the time of day by a particular reporter who was respectful and yet direct since the Press Conferences were staged for the most part.  But he wasn’t part of their games.  I can’t recall his name, it was said so infrequently, but I think Heather Nauert calls him Tom.  I have tweeted to Heather Nauert and I have made direct comments on live broadcasts. 
The Title is:  Raw talk with Ex CIA Robert David Steele – the Good The Bad and the Ugly #DrainTheSwamp
Robert Steele, in my opinion is playing “get close to your friends and to your enemies closer” – he is part of the Swamp.  Sep 11 was planned by John McCain and Hillary Clinton AND their entourage, which Field McConnell presumes to be about 125 specific people.  Field McConnell lost friends that day, including members of his North Dakota Air Force National Guard Unit, who they called themselves the “Hooligans”.  His professional life and family life in USA was destroyed as he was trying to expose the real terrorists right within USA. He turned his life to God and met his current wife who supports his efforts through the courts as well as through Abel Danger on YouTube, and through his blogs, etc.  He works day and night oftentimes.  He is the real deal and you may be annoyed with his changing the subject a lot but when he thinks of something he says it.  I have tried to take notes and sometimes I still do but oftentimes I work in my kitchen while listening to him.  He works diligently on court cases that are very involved and cover the one basic stopping point:  September 11, 2001.  They were not real planes that hit the WTCs and most likely all passengers were taken to the no fly zone, off radar, to an undisclosed place and shot to death. After all, Obama was giving a whole lot of weapons to the terrorists. Fast And Furious is just an example.
ISIS were buying weapons in Las Vegas.  Look up Trump Mafia on YouTube.  You will get a lot of info from his videos, as I have.  I posted resources on this blog primarily in “Pitstop” style because I have had no time to do anything else.  Yet I have a lot of hand-written notes that I have wanted to type and post on the blog, including the sourced material I used.  Maybe Mr. Steele was involved with the JFK Assassination also.  I would not be surprised.  There are such cold liars who have worked for the CIA, and some will murder people.  Not in defense.  MURDER.  They contracted mafia members frequently, including the Cuba Project – which was by the way, named #OperationZapata.  Zapata Oil was owned by GHW Bush and it was not only making him a multimillionaire but used as a front for their so-called mission to kill Fidel Castro.  They hire mafia, who have casinos in Cuba and yet expect them to kill Castro?  Of course they would not, yet a war would create a genocide which they would enjoy and they were expecting the easy way out – planes dropping bombs.  Here they were over their supposedly training mercenaries and they were not training them.  The operation was a complete flop (Bay of Pigs) because the CIA Director wanted it HIS way, just bomb the crap out of Cuba but of course, save all his casinos.  JFK fired the CIA Director and he hated him for it.  I will post more about the JFK Assassination later. I struggle with so much corruption in my own life, including recent gang stalking by local police who my landlord even permitted up to my floor and they said they didn’t know where they were and what they were doing. I did not let them in my apartment and contacted officials I know and trust, as well as posted it right on my facebook.

Lastly, for now (I may add more later) I will mention the #Unrigged or #Unrig hashtag which Mr. Steele claims to be the answer to our prayers.  The hashtag is vaguely used and there is no rhyme or reason to it, which I am sure is what he wants.  Otherwise, he would have suggested a more unique hashtag.  

Resumed 12/15/2017

I only got to the first 17  minutes and I hope these notes seem coherent

MY words are in italics

Here are some of my notes on the video above.  He sure gave the Good, Bad, and Ugly – as a multiple personality, frankly

I’ve watched the first 17 minutes.  These are the topics



Jared Kushner

Reince Prebus

Donald Trump


Vladimir Putin



John McCain

Lindsay Graham

Marco Rubio

Benjamin Netanyahu

Steve Bannon

President Trump’s Cabinet are Cubicle Dwellers

James Mattis

“McMaster”, though he fails to indicate his first name

Ivanka Trump

FDR – most likely will be referred to with Jared Kushner; after all they are two peas in a pod, LOL


            They Caused 9/11 with the Saudis

            They are high in integrity

            Robert David Steele fully knows that 9/11 was caused by Americans, planned by Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  He’s an insider. He absolutely knows and is treating the public like pieces of moldable $hit, my opinion.  Look at this video:

            Yet Israel and Iran are enemies and Saudis do business with Iran and most likely Israel has distrust of the Saudis. Note, these two nations have such animosity obviously because of certain people.  Obama was one of those certain people. There was nothing he liked more than to keep them split and in fact, Obama sent people to Iran and Israel when they had elections to campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu as well as President Rouhani.  The chance they could actually have a peace agreement was out of the question with Obama – and they were stating there could be peace with their countries.  President Rouhani’s pleas were sincere and from the heart. I heard him, I saw him. 


            They Caused 9/11 with the Mossad

            Refer to notes in Mossad

Yet Israel and Iran are enemies and Saudis do business with Iran and most likely Israel has distrust of the Saudis. Refer to notes in Mossad.

Jared Kushner

            I think Jared Kushner is a Mossad agent and this is trouble!

            He shouldn’t have told President Trump to bomb Syria, what an evil person

            Jared Kushner should be in charge of Presidential Personnel – which means Steele wants John F Kelly out of the picture as White House Chief Of Staff, to weaken the cabinet, lose a strong counsel to President. 


                        What a moron! We think, therefore we Steele!

            Jared Kushner is wrong to be Pro-Israel and bla  bla bla

            Jared Kushner is a Security Risk.

                        I need to clear him as a Security Risk

                        I need to give him deep counter intelligence probes

                                    (Who is the closet gay?   Omg – wtf)

            Jared Kushner is like FDR, who was lied to and deceived


            I’d like to clear Jared Kushner for a Security Clearance….

Reince Prebus

            He’s probably gay. After all, he threw away Steele’s 10-page memo



Donald Trump

            “Trump’s Missle attack was an impeachable offense if anyone wanted to impeach him. But nobody wants to impeach him.”  See the video at 1:23

            He is referring to the 59 bombs dropped on Syria after Assad attacked those useless little girts, which Steele considers as Shiksas – see the pattern of behavior and use some critical thinking because Steele is most likely a pedophile. He shows all the signs.  Make your own conclusions and please share if you agree. I want to stay “invisible” – I am not savvy with creating a great blog like Net4TruthUSA, for example and just want to pitch in to #MAGA

            If you don’t think Donald Trump is not under the impeachment gun, you did not eat your Wheaties.  It is almost all they ever talk about!  And why?  They don’t want to get arrested for the crimes or they are sympathizers to insider criminals and want to cover their a$$es – all under our taxpayer money! 

            I think Trump is a very smart man. He is

                        Book Smart

                        Street Smart

            But right now, this looks really bad for him. = wtf


            Some of the sources that got President Trump to bomb Syria:


                        Jared Kushner

                        Defense Intelligence

                        Israel  - they are telling everybody it’s the end of the world and Assad will

                                    attack Israel = LOL

                        Trump is getting poor intelligence

                        “The President of US is being manipulated and has a shitty staff”

Steele:  “If Donald Trump is going to be captured by designists, then it’s time to find a new President”  5:40

“Everybody else will betray Trump”

“I am ashamed of Trump”

“He’s a Lame Duck President”

“Donald Trump took in too many Goldman Sachs people”

“Donald Trump castrated himself”


            Though Steele fails to identify what the hell he is talking about, I believe he is referring to the bombing campaign in Syria as a “Bay Of Pigs Moment” 

            Steele deceitfully says:  “Some people are putting a spin on it – the neocons claim it’s a major shakeup.  I certainly hope that shakeup includes firing James Mattis and McMaster because Trump is surrounded by traitors now”…Then right after this, he interjects, “which by the way, nobody died.” = wtf


            This video was obviously altered to cover up Steele screw-ups.  He really should have deleted it if he wanted to cover up his screw-ups.  This video is evidence for an FBI Profiler, I am sure. 

            Steele suggested an ongoing  “Deal Between Putin – Assad- Trump”

                        He should have said “among”, for one thing, but he is not focused on truth or professionalism anyway – he is focused on creating a pseudonym for himself because he is probably a pedophile and child trafficker. 

            MOMENT????  Consider that.  He is not talking like a professional but a CNN scumbag.  There were hardly any bombs dropped at the Bay of Pigs, which really pissed of the then-CIA Director who was a crook and JFK fired him later, which was another hateful, murderous bastard who wanted to kill JFK.  If they had 59 bombs dropped there, the CIA Director and mafia teams, et al would have been super happy because mafia did not want to kill Castro. They had casinos there.  This was just an opportunity to basically reduce the population and get rid of the ones revolting against the government.  JFK knew that.  He wouldn’t have any part of it. He also did not want a nuclear war.  CIA wanted a war because there is lots of money to make when there is a war and many of them, like GHW Bush, had stakes in war-supporting companies.  Zapata Oil is a big example.  CIA even named the Cuban Operation, Operation Zapata.  Yet that certainly was one of many of JFK achievements.  I have had my eyes opened about this.  And maybe JFK was not even a womanizer,considering the fact he had to wear a back brace and he was so weak and sick with Addison’s Disease, almost died, but went to a foreign country which was doing break-through treatment on that illness. He returned to USA more charged up than ever with a fervent desire to be a Servant President.  It wasn’t cool in his circles to be faithful to your wife.  So he may have created this fa├žade to get work done, give these pigly politicians an allusion which keeps them calm and assured that JFK was “one of them”.

            Consider the campaign of lies against #RoyMooreForAlabama – because he has a healthy relationship with his wife and they resent it.  He has a nonprofit that has this website: - omg!  That is so offensive to the crooked politicians, especially the democrats, but there are republicans also who want to throw him under the bus. 

Vladimir Putin

            Conspires with President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu

                        But does business with IRAN, which are considered enemies by Foreign Relations right now, so wtf

FBI      is counter intelligence and is not being listened to by Trump as he should be doing, Says Steele 

(Note, James Comey was still FBI Director when this film was created. He does not say anything about Comey – after all, they are both pedophiles.  See what David Zublick shares about James Comey.  A video was even made, which is typical of sex offenders, pedophiles) I am sure many others have also reported Comey as a pedophile, now that  facts are in the open. President Trump could not fire Comey until he had an opportune time to seize his office and further investigate.And Comey was up to no good where he went, which is another whole story! 

CIA    is counter intelligence and is not being listened to by Trump as he should be doing, Says Steele

            They blackmail John McCain and Lindsay Graham

John McCain                  “John McCain is being blackmailed by the CIA and he’s going senile”

Lindsay Graham          “John McCain’s closet-gay-twin” is also being blackmailed by CIA

Marco Rubio                   Also a closet-gay …. LOL!

                        This is also a reflection that Rubio stands up to corruption that Steele is involved with; my opinion

Benjamin Netanyahu “Netanyahu is a war criminal and he joins Obama”

                                    FACT:  Obama hates Netanyahu and tried to get him to lose the election. Obama did not like it when Netanyahu came to the United States, even.

                                    Steele:  “We pay $30,000 for every man and woman in Israel and they turn around and spend it on atrocities against the Palestinians”

                                                Total BS, of course

                                                Notice how he doesn’t mention the good-for-nothing shiskahs (little girls) or little boys

            Israel has a strong Air Force

                        Conclusion:  They have the capacity to be someone else in false flag attacks; ie: they look like Assad’s air planes

            “Israel snuck in Ghadafi’s campground and made it look like Ghadafi was sponsoring terrorism world wide”

            More BS!

            Israel is a MASTER of FALSE FLAGs

Steve Bannon    Steve Bannon got it right when he said, “Mr. President, do not touch this. Take no action. Do not commit American lives and troops and missiles overseas.” Referring to the 59 bombs dropped on Syria, nobody REALLY died.  (really only used as emphasis)

                                    Note:  Therre was so little risk when the 59 bombers attacked critical points in Syria, which along with follow up action, has nearly destroyed ISIS, as Secretary Mattis has pointed out.  Soon the “WE DEFEATED ISIS” notch will be on their belts and other earned Dunce Cap on Steele, who is really trying to STEAL America – with his rhetoric. 

President Trump’s Cabinet are Cubicle Dwellers

Ivanka Trump     She is the Apple of President Trump’s Eye. Maybe it will work out with her husband in office….once I clear him as a security risk

                        What authority does Steele have to mention this? 



FDR – most likely will be referred to with Jared Kushner; after all they are two peas in a pod, LOL

Chuck Schumer       Sen-NY, is probably being blackmailed by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu


                        The US should pull out of the Middle East

                        The US should pull out of NATO

                        Stop funding Saudi Arabia, which is useless against ISIS

                        Stop funding Israel

            I have a friend who teaches at Muhlenberg College


            We play tennis together a lot

                        (I wonder if that includes Ping Pong!)

                        My FRIEND says he gets away with having sex with so many GENTILE GIRLS every night because

                                    Shikahs don’t count

                                    Shiksah is a girl

                                    Steele reasons this as only an example of racism because he has sex with them and it’s okay

                                                Isn’t it concerning that Steele reflects being a pedophile?

                                                Could these girls be raped like Weinstein, Epstein, and Alifantis does (note, “L’anfante” means child in French)

                                    And Steele keeps “playing tennis” with that buddy because:

  • He has money
  • He is a pedophile
  • They are both pedophiles
  • They are NOT “playing real tennis”

“We are Shiksah; we don’t count”

            So why does STEELE refer to himself as a little girl? 

Stopped at 17:06

Next:   And, Spy Christopher Steele – is he related to Robert David Steele? Who is he working for?  What is current news about him?


AnneMarie said…
My error - the dossier was Christopher Steel, so this needs some rework yet the basic fact remains the same: The dossier was not a registered foreign agent and was fired by the British Crown. CASE CLOSED!

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