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November 30, 2017

Update b



Net4TruthUSA says indictments are over 4,000 now.

sam pearlman Read The Night Before Christmas and all thru Whitehouse- not a Clinton Crook was stirring, not even.Soros. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and those bastards aren't gonna go anywhere.....


Mandalay Bay shooter was FBI operative involved with ISIS gun deal.

Donald J. Trump


At least 24 players kneeling this weekend at NFL stadiums that are now having a very hard time filling up. The American public is fed up with the disrespect the NFL is paying to our Country, our Flag and our National Anthem. Weak and out of control!

6:45 AM · Nov 28, 2017
My comment:  There are no protests in Buffalo. #BuffaloBills never #takeaknee - they are patriots - USMC keep law and order, they don't encourage riots or protests. FYI, they are investigating CIA and blew up their opium bldgs in Afghanistan.  And why? Semper Fi.

Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy revealed #AlphaJ   was the murderer, part of a sniper/robbery gang. Specializing in international auto theft. This 5-min video is pact with facts.


BTW, incase anyone wants to bite their teeth into Seth Rich murder....because this video even gives detailed connections with Communist Russia while Kruschev was leader. For instance, Kruschev was bringing Africans to Moscow Univ named after "Patrice Lamumba" who was aI communist, assassinated. Teaching students how to overthrow their governments. ...there is so much more in this hr video/audio of radio show. Said John Podesta when Seth Rich leaked proof that Hillary Clinton, in fact, rigged the primaries to be nominated by DNC: I'm definitely going to make an example of a leaker" ...

Exposing The NWO Agenda
Kevin Shipp, ret CIA, is guest
www.realnewswars.info -

Brent Belesky

Ben Shapiro says it superbly about #Pocahantas

Update a

I hope you can click on the links. I will check it from my computer in a few hours. I need to take a nap. It's so hard to sleep these days...ugh


 - Breaking News Headlines 17Nov2017
Poop Poop Poopsy, Good bye...from Net4TruthUSA

Police requesting your DNA without your knowledge - Dahboo77-

April LaJune shares Marines land at Langley to stop a coup

FYI, @FieldMCC who is a USMC vet #AirplanePilot and founder of #AbelDanger YT channel -- that the Langley is Langley, VA. Not Langley AFB.

Old McDonald had a farm, AI AI-Oh -oh https://youtu.be/z0-IPdNiLkg

Next News reports Menendez real crime story gets 2 min coverage and #RoyMooreForAlabama media coverage gets over 100. https://youtu.be/RArvk5Sb-qQ

John Travolta accused of groping a man.... https://youtu.be/2Ad5knUfL2M

Jeff Sessions speech on DACA and Hillary Clinton   https://youtu.be/Gj7dfoYr2KA

David T on Net4TruthUSA channel produces a film in memory of missing children. Total missing EACH year, 800,000. That's about 2,000 a day!

I wonder if Area 51, started by Lockheed Martin, was really a Satanic pedophile ring and JFK wanted it dismantled, so he made a real Agreement with Russia to further it's ALLEGED purpose,requesting Congress to get Lockheed to release the info on so-called alians approx 2 feet tall. These "ET's" could be people's children.

 -Bill whittle celebrated Trump's election win, 5 min video.

Field McConnell and Abel Danger: 11-20-2017.   https://youtu.be/BZoM__BIaH0

My comment: pierce mcgrath Thank you, Pierce McGrath. According to this Amazon film, that Area 51 was only designated for alian research. I am perplexed why President Kennedy would want to exchange information with Russia on weaponry like that,  since his Agreement with Russia had to do with Space Exploration. If you are sure that was Area 51, I highly suggest you watch the Amazon film : Nixon, Kennedy, and The Alian Presence.   According to the description, it says, "Discover a secret UFO connection between President Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon, and their unique place in UFO history" Produced by Jim Nichols.

pierce mcgrath PS. Jim Nichols is a FICTIONAL writer. I wonder if he belongs to the Church Of Scientology also. The founder of that cult is a Sci-Fi writer. Many unexplained and covered up deaths have occurred from that cult.

Gary Franchi reports on Next News:.  Employers Pushing Ingestible Tracking Device Worse Than A Microchip...

These chips are nano size, a fraction of a centimeter. There is some buzz about it. I think FBI agents have chips in them. HR4827 is Unconstitutional. How the heck could they pass something like that? Are these Congressional reps and Senators being mind-controlled?

Why did Obama go to Starbucks without Secret Service in 2014? https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/06/breaking-obama-went-to-starbucks-almost-all-by-himself/372457/

All-hell-is-breaking-loose! Gary Franchi was right! Update on #SexAssault - @RushLimbaugh has added this to his radio show today. #JoeBiden was arrested https://youtu.be/dJ_HrfFcv2A

Eight women are reporting on Charlie Rose, says #RushLimbaugh https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-charlie-rose-suspended-following-sexual-harassment-report/

On #SanctuaryCities

My comment: Is it statute 1371 or 1373? You said both. Judge Orrick has a vacuum problem in his head! If he didn't like the law, he should have commented when it was passed. Rather, he joins #OperationCatchMeIfYouCan - #DefundSanctuaryCities

 - this is a PAC for Hillary Clinton which her planner David Brock erroneously runs. He should! should be held accountable for his dishonestly relaying lies about companies owned by Republicans.



Supposed 1995 video of Obama, yet reading from his book published in 2000's. https://youtu.be/NBzDb8UB8yA

The Laughing Rabbit Exactly, he's saying who he really isn't. Biologically created and controlled by CIA. His mother never had a relationship with Barak Obama. The African man story was a trick to get us to warm up to his sorry lying a$$. He's living proof why CIA may need to be dismantled,as JFK was planning on doing. He makes me sick now, such a liar and has people murdered - see #Obamadeadpool.

 - Clips of President Trump to understand what a fighter he is
Kerri Beth Taking down the Clinton Crime Syndicate has been a huge project and you notice he has not swiftly had her charged so she can be pardoned by him. All their assets are the products of crime. The Clinton Foundation was served by DOJ. That weakens Clintons. People who have come forward to testify against Clinton have been murdered. But she has an ankle bracelet on which means she was arrested, she is bonded, and she is tracked. She faked a broken to wear a cast on her foot, and guess what. John McCain got a cast on his right foot, too. No doubt he's been arrested also. But mainstream media cover it all up.

Abel Danger is good to listen to when I am doing housework.

My comment: Brenda Snyder Right on, Brenda. Pedophiles are piles of crap! Too bad they weren't in the CIA drug lab bldg before it was blown up!  Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray have the largest sting operation in history planned. Too bad it leaked out to us. It makes it much harder for them to carry it out. This is what I speculate...Am just listening to Rush Limbaugh.  He believes the DNC is trying to get rid of Clintons to save-face.

April LaJune speaks about Andrenochrome - which is a name for blood that people get high off of.  Human blood - drained from people who are murdered .

My comment:  JaxKatRising Anni Le , PhD, was obviously murdered by Satanists. She was chopped up the day before her wedding. No doubt they were harvesting her blood from her excitement because she was getting married the next day. And these sociopathic Scumbags blamed her friend and co-worker with a master's degree, Raymond Clark. Yale turned their backs on him! He pleaded not guilty and they lied so much! The day that Steven Hayes was sentenced to death, the same  judge held a hearing on Raymond Clark's case. He'd been forced in prison for over a year and God only knows what they were doing to him, including psychotropic drugs. Here Annie Le comes up missing at work.  Raymond Clark was not scheduled to work that day. Her purse was emptied but nothing was stolen.  The media said that she was strangled. BS  She was decapitated - and police did not find her body for 4 or 5 days - here she was all chopped up in a maintenance tool box yet they said they found her in the wall. The toolbox had a compartment in the wall, specially made for it. This building was recently built.  Nobody even cares what liars that WTNH/ABC were in reporting the story and they newspapers just went along - GUILTY BY MEDIA is what Raymond Clark had to go through. I sent him letters and sent Yale a letter beginning with their motto:  For God, For Country, For Yale.  I asked them why they turned their backs on Raymond Clark, obviously innocent, and all the reasons why he was.  And yet they did not even care that media were lying. Apparently you have to be a Skull & Bones member to be supported - which means you can commit any crime you want.  They will defend you.  But somebody innocent who is not a member - forget it.  I wish I could say more...Police did not even go through the trash cans in the back even though they could not find her body and it is reasonable they would try to find evidence.  The building was not taped up and people continued to come and go out of it.  Even though the cadaver dogs could not smell her - with her blood all drained, no wonder.  And she was obviously abducted first. They probably took her to the elementary school around the corner in the basement.  Though that school did not need any major repair and was 40 years old, Obama gave the city tons of money to tear it down and rebuild.  They wanted to change the name also - which would also help deceive the public.  But there were a lot of complaints and Roberto Clemente School was still the same name.  They obviously chopped her up in the basement around the corner - at that school. So who would have access to that school  - city employees especially.  But Obama's CIA may have done it.

How to make money with YouTube - be smart with your time and topics

Mark Dice shows how silly Music Award Show was, I agree: https://youtu.be/je2XLen4ilQ

My comment: Double K This is what becomes of a victim of sexual abuse. Double K, get yourself help. Find someone you can trust. I realize that can be hard but you need someone who really cares about you in your life. That will free your mind and spirit so you can think for yourself. Be safe.


Gary Franchi reports a Year-old story which prosecution claims an oh-by-the-way we found evidence in the package but it took us a year to figure out what to do.  FALSE ARREST is what it obviously points to and yet it may be another headache to heap on Jeff Sessions as the coup against him has been failing.  Cover up of corruption is not what is going to happen anymore.

They mention OBAMA.  They also strangely say she did it BECAUSE of a bad divorce - then they say it took a YEAR t determine it was her who mailed it?  Is this another case where someone is wrongfully charged and they needed time to entrap her? It should not have taken a year to determine she was the sender, especially if there was her hair and her cat's hair in the package. My impression is this is BS and they are harming an innocent woman,  But what difference does it make, right?  I really get sick of these fake stories.  Was this concocted because of what I said about Rand Paul most likely lying about the severe attack his neighbor made - and why was it he did not make a public statement on Twitter or Facebook - was it because he needed time to work out what STORY will entice the public? Yes, I said something like that.  I had a right to question him because all he had to do was state the truth on his twitter account but did not.

Truth Factory cat shares #DanBongino telling public "Clintons are really bad" https://youtu.be/7MmYYQTr2ag

R Finn shares report about Pope Benedict's brother allegedly caught in a pedophile ring.  https://youtu.be/DHqJxE3Jxg0

My comment:  What about Pope Francis being a pedophile in Argentina, including killing vicims in Satanic Rituals?  Any news about anyone else will need to be verified because they are pulling out the stops to protect Pedophile antipope Francis.  btw, Hitler was known to have moved to Argentina, not live his Satanic life of pedophilia etc in "peace" - thanks to the members  of Yale University's Skull  & Bones Society - all men who enjoy masterbating simultaneously.

Another comment:  This was from a year ago, so why is this being reported as if it is breaking news?  Was there any verification?  http://www.thejournal.ie/regensburg-domspatzen-ratzinger-benedict-choir-child-abuse-scandal-2538826-Jan2016/

CIA opium drug labs in Afghanistan were all blown up. Net4TruthUSA on YouTube    https://youtu.be/auk6QOHHAAc

My comment:  No more "Poppy" Bush.  I thought a drug lab i US was blown up. LOL. Glad you reported on this.

Third comment:  I really like the way President Trump takes control and manages intelligence like a POTUS should.  We have a great Trump Machine working for USA.

I was taking a lot of notes from one person about Project Gunrunner, etc and it all got deleted.

Eruptions by the volcano in Bali - very concerning Dahboo77 - https://youtu.be/x_FP2dtOxgM

 - professor lectures "Never Talk To Police"

My comment: So this guy says People are stupid. Social error No. 1. Then he says they talk to police. Error No. 2 There is nothing that will piss an officer off more than not talking to them. The police who are HUNTERS should be fired. THAT is where the big problem is!

Second comment: Silent Citizen Except one flaw- don't feed the bad wolf. We have a free country. Police who like to intimidate people and hunt people should be banned from  the job!

#OperationDodgeBullet should not be necessary! I am not talking about someone who did something wrong. I was assaulted by a state trooper and after he assaulted me, he charged me with resisting an arrest. I did nothing of the sort! He just figured if he could harm me, I would need to go to the hospital and he could get them to force me in their psyche center. Kidnapping and other abusive tactics exist because we have officials who don't care to do their jobs! I had an impinged  shoulder for weeks before I could see an orthopedic doctor. I asked for a shot of cortisone. The scumbag rich Attorney who was assigned wanted me forced in prison. That's called hazing. It's very traumatic, especially for me who was almost killed by a 20 ton truck in the late 70's when I was a student and had a 30 hr a week job. The driver who hit me laughed at my pretrial hearing. Most likely he was trying to kill me. He was given a ticket for failure to yield right of way. My attorney had them rip it up! Also made my case a No Fault case even though I almost died. I was in a coma 2 1/2 weeks, hospitalized 3 1/2 months. My life has been hell! The biggest thing lacking in the law enforcement and court system is ACCOUNTABILITY. I removed Atty Scumbag but the judge turned around and regergitated him in court. I kept telling the court to get him out. They enjoyed the hazing and I excused myself and probably called an FBI agent I know. Justice is really real lacking where I live - which is home to the Yale's Skull & Bones Society. Most likely it was one of the members who came up with the brilliant idea of publishing a book, Satan's Advice For Young Attorneys.  Life isn't a game. Being a disabled person who was assaulted and arrested by a lying piece of $hit only harms what police should be, officers of peace.

 - Attorney Professor James Duane  lectures about his book, "You have a right to remain innocent" , yet. oddly claims the 'catch me if you can' game is what really goes on. The problem is there is no ACCOUNTABILITY. He associated himself with the great judge Scalia, even saying he saw him just shortly before he "died" - he was really murdered. And he associated with probably one of the people who got him murdered, AG Loretta Lynch, who should be in prison for all her crimes. So, watch at your own risk. If I could say anything to him, I'd say he implicated himself by saying he was with Judge Scalia shortly before he died. The attorney recipe doesn't work but administration of the law is secondary.

There are checks and balances for a reason. But like the revered rich criminal attorney whose father is a mafia man said, What Difference Does It Make?

N Korea missile just fired #WhatHappened

Hon. Rex Tillerson speaks at Wilson University, on what the State Department is doing, what it is hoping for the future  27Nov2017

Mark Dice on the Pocahontis Meltdown.    https://youtu.be/lpWcSdalgdw

Breaking:  Thousands of foster kids found dead
My comment:  james williams Speaking of Satanic, my whole message got deleted and yet the link was entered twice by the hacker on my tablet. Finicum was the foster father from Texas who was killed at the BLM (notice how the Soros people created a replacement BLM - Black Lives Matter, to inject confusion but also change the algorythm on internet so you find less and less about the Oregon mishap including the illicit arrest  of the Bundy family)  This video is fake  An actor is replacing Finicum, who had a Texas accent.  I typed a long explanation  using the swipe key with one finger and a scumbag deleted it all. I am using a mini keyboard now and hope for the best.  CNBC Helped get Finicum the probable molester of  l2 kids in Texas (he said he had twelve, not eleven) Finicum said if FBI come near him he would shoot.  Verbatum.  Not this BS about if FBI had a gun he would use his, etc.  Nothing of the sort.  AND I saw the video when he was killed. He was told to put his hands above his head after law enforcement had him boxed in. He an a friend were trying to get away in a vehicle.  Finicum would not put his heads above his head yet had them straight forward.  They even tolerated that yet he pushed his luck even more by reaching for his gun in his pocket.  He said he had gun at some point , maybe in the blue tarp video, he kept a gun in his pocket also.  CNBC is covering it all up. The moron actor forgot to use a Texas accent. I bet Finicum was in trouble with the law as a sex offender.  I said that to people online then and most people wanted to believe CNBC crap about FBI shooting him in cold blood.  LIE, LIE, LIE.  the video was shared on the police website.

james williams I just heard "Buck Sexton"  radio claim Buzzfeed was horrible, dishonest.  He made an untrustworthy talk about MSM due to the sex scandals coming out.  I happen to turn my radio on to see which show was playing.  That guy also ran Judge Moore to the ground when those women were obviously lying in Alabamva and I hope they get arresed.  One said Judge Moore wrote sexual inuendos in her yearbook.  Though scumbag media reported it  as if was trrue, a YouTube channel - the Watchmen- (which I tend not to enjoy snce they talk about the end of the world as if it is a solution) actually investigated and maybe they live that way.  She had a classmate named Roy Moore - so talk about delibrately lying- Satanic practices are more carnal than ,many give them credit for, and thank God the Watchmen did not excuse  her with a "the devil made her do it"
https://youtu.be/uujD_nqCdGg  - Mark Dice talks about the sex scandals exploding - looks like BuzzFeed is another yucky source but it may fix itself. Many were terminated.

11/25/2017 - note, these notes are posted today but are mainly from other days in November from this particular Android device:

What you see is what you get.

I do not send anything to ACLJ or Judicial Watch or Judge Jeanine or anyone else who has proven to me that scandal.brings them business. Our problems would not have surmounted to this degree, especially with pedophilia, if they were really holding corrupted people accountable. Those who #paytoplay are unuseful to society. #EveryNationMatters and.we need to respect our own first, as a unified country. I think Judge Jeanine ran against Hillary for Senate as a deal for Hillary - consider the millions Judge Jeanine made afterward.

I also think Rand Paul is pulling an #OperationJohnMcCain with fake smashed ribs and omg, he says pleural effusion. My father had pleural effusion and he had to have a chest tube for a few days, which actually cleared his lungs. Yet my brother (all my siblings abandoned my father in upstate NY and forced him to drive himself to NM, even though they knew he was seriously ill, which is why he and.my mother sold their FL home and moved to NY, to get help - nobody gave them help except helping themselves) flew down, assured me he would "take care of Dad, make sure he was safe" - got the pedophile priest to see Dad even though I told my brother Fr. David Bentley was trying to kill him. And my father told him in writing to stay away from me, from him, and from his apartment, which management told me Bentley broke into when I was at the nursing home to see my father. They wouldn't call police, even though when they rang the dporbell he turned the lights out, probably molesting a child he brought with him. And that scumbag brother buddies up.tp.the pedophile murderer and lies to me. Try to wrap your head around that one...anyway, pleural effusion is a death-threatening condition. Rand Paul is lying.

Here are more notes from a different device: 


Sebastian Gorka nails it about how crooked Clintons are; Bowe Burgdahl sentencing hearing began with testimony today; FBI news 
Comment on YouTube channel:

The Buzz Saw with Sean Stone is good, sometimes "edgy", so make up your own mind. I follow alot of really good YouTube channels. Find David Zublick, LogicBeforeAuthority, Truth Factory (yes, comically a cat talking, but just listen, omg. It's a real hit and I am so glad NET 4 TRUTH shared it - Net 4 Truth is another) I have more, but am losing this connection. I will list them in my blog asap. I just have so many personal setbacks.
Look at #Talaharoon - some of you guys should get payments from FBI. I wonder what good Homeland Security is. They should expand FBI, My opinion. Dismantle Homeland Security, and others. Just take a look at all the national security agencies we have, and frankly it weakens us. Somehow Obama and his CIA got Pakistan to have a similar structure as US, despite their weaker economy.  - comment on Squatting Slav YouTube

Look at #Talaharoon - some of you guys should get payments from FBI. I wonder what good Homeland Security is. They should expand FBI, My opinion. Dismantle Homeland Security, and others. Just take a look at all the national security agencies we have, and frankly it weakens us. Somehow Obama and his CIA got Pakistan to have a similar structure as US, despite their weaker economy.  - comment on Squatting Slav YouTube

Dual Track Justice
This train has one track
Not duel - no fool allowed
The crowd of Trumpsters
Enjoy this train ride of fixing
Because Obama-Clinton tricksting
has drained US
Yes-we all give a toot!
Our Engineer is Donald Trump
And fear is already disappointing
We are creating a New Order,
alright--one with actual order
So money is not wasted
Hard workers are not workless
The foid we make is enjoyed and tasted
The companies are structured, not worthless
Yes- we are all united
Because our paths are untied
We've tried and tested
Our policies and procedures
Which have not been properly administered
We have plans to forge and form
Like never in history before
and as we go forward with our new foundation
We say goodbye to Dual Track!
We say hello to real Justice
We won't miss the lies
Our cries have been heard
By our Creator
Sooner or later the corruption is bound
to break - because most of us take
Life with gratitude - not granted
Our granted wishes are now being chanted
As we face the fools and face the tools
they will Fix Our Nation
Healthy relationships
Healthy prodigious principles
Healthy establishments
Healthy will be our focus
And life will be good again
because we are ending an Era
of Evil - of disconcert.
We will be certain each hurt
heals and we can feel again
The conductors of our conduct
Will make it real again.

Baseball pro #BruceMaxwell framed waiter #MatthewHenry #NFL #TakeAKnee

Sean Hannity reporting The Clinton Cash Machine is on its last days
My comment:  You're so stupid, dont tell me. You're a typical attorney. Rosenstein appointed Mueller when Jeff Sessions recused himself. It was brilliant that he recused himself because otherwise, he would have been a casualty of dirty politics like General Mike Flynn, NSA - who is vindicated from this dirty Russian Collusion crap and he should sue DNC if he has a decent attorney. Alpha Bay was taken down.  3500 pedophiles were arrested first 100 days. Thousands of illegals were arrested, deported. Numerous warrants including search warrants were carried out-- and so much other work, IN SPITE of a crooked FBI Director, who threw a wrench in anything as far as justice is concerned. FACT: Trey Gowdy had two very qualified men deputized as FBI agents to carry out a dangerous mission, which was to serve an unannounced warrant on the Clinton Library. A whole lot of illegal activity happened there because after all, Obama was covering for them. Someone tipped of Clintons - no doubt their stooge Comey. The agents were brutally tortured and buried alive - dead by the time their bodies were found. The Clinton Machine has to ve carefully dismantled. Its members cannot be determined like mafia. They are domestic terrorists who helped form ISIS. Jeff Sessions has done and is doing amazing work, so drop the false narrative that you don't even understand and go along with! I posted "Jeff Sessions is our DOJ" on my blog of notes. I hope I corrected it to AGDOJ, but I do the best I can despite numerous setbacks. I only had 3 hrs sleep over this last night. I do what I can to #MAGA because I am.a lifetime victim of the corruption that ruins this nation, including being hit head on by a 20-ton town truck  going the wrong direction on the highway, putting me in a coma 2 1/2 weeks, and hospitalized 3 1/2 months, yet labeling it No Fault when No Fault cannot cover severe mva's and the insurer pays the bills, yet in my case the other insurance paid the bills! Crooked, rich attorneys have ruined my life and fattened their pockets on an mva that was probably attempted murder. I know an honest and forthright, devoted leader when I see one, and Jeff Sessions Certainly is! The fact Bill Clinton fired him as AG when he was investigating Clinton PROVES more that his qualifications are uniquely alligned to #MAGA. Do your research because media lie. Trump may have been pissed Jeff  Sessions recused himself, yet Trump appointed Rosenstein, who hired the Clinton pawn Rosenstein. He did so from pressure from the dirty politicians trying to fire Sessions over lies. So wake up or shut up.

Comment on YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/lQQg6X0xwh0

Exactly. But you see, Mueller also collided with the 9/11 planners. By leaving his firm completely, even though he was hired for a temporary job, he shows intent of using the govt to cover his butt. The ones who hired him should fire him.I believe Rosenstein did the official hiring because Jeff Sessions recused himself. Yet Rosenstein (Deputy AG) only did it because of pressure from the House committees. And those committees should have new members because of this. What they did was gice Mueller a free pass - immunity! Mueller, along with about another 120 people, were the big planners of 9/11! Hillary Clinton and John McCain were at the top, doing all the ordering, etc. with Tracy Marcey's help in an Executive Office they created and sleezed by when Jimmy Carter was in office. Much got sleezed by President Carter, but he stands his ground as only being "guilty" of being a patriot and devoted democrat who had no intention of instilling socialism or communism, as the sleezebags who were douching their money bags with crime money. Clintons started their drug trafficking in the 80's with the Iran Contra Scandals. Yet they were clearly crooks, clearly enjoying being Satanists, enjoying deception and so much worse stuff. Yale University has really good people, and really bad. The Skull & Bones Society should be dismantled before our government gives them any more funding. Kindle has a book, which I got from curiosity, "Satan's Guide For Young Attorneys" - the grooming is obvious and disgusting. I have looked up several published opinions and reviewed the court documents which proved the opinions to be lies. And the deceptive judges say, "Gee, all I did was sign it - my clerk prepared it"  - and other BS.  US Supreme Court is known  for being that way also, yet Justice Scalia was a real Constitutionalist - and that's why Obama wanted him dead. John Roberts us tremendously talented, yet ge has some nasty Harvards and Yales who breath down his neck, I surmise. Well, as much as I have wanted to.plug my nose with Alan Dershowitz, he has obviously proven to President Trump that he wants "out" of the Clinton Rabbit hole and frequently makes appearances supporting President Trump. I read Senator Cruz's book, reading the forward LAST. When I noticed he praised Dershowitz, who among other things, cheated on his wife with his secretary, I got angry at Cruz for putting him in there. Yet I certainly am not perfect, having struggled BECAUSE I was nearly murdered by a 20-ton sander truck driver who was helped by the attorney who took my lawsuit case against the insurance company - when he primarily represented insurance companies, was an obvious millionaire, and I was just a lucky pee-on who did not die. They labled the accident as No Fault, even though No Fault only covered less serious mva's, plus my insurance didn't pay the bills, the company I was suing did, reimbursing them with hefty payouts to line THEIR pockets and keep me, the victim, from getting my rights. And I realize now, that this rigged system caused a flow of compromise by many who just wanted to be successful. We have a President who is taking us out of that rabbit hole, creating beautiful broad meadows to enjoy. All we need to do is jump on the Trump Train and be the support to keep moving in the right direction.

      note, 12/6/2017:  I notice that Attorney Dershowitz has been quite fervently supporting the #MAGAPill agenda - backing President Trump with great professionalism.  Maybe there are two different Attorney Dershowitzes or maybe he has proven that he has decided to become part of the solution, considering all of his talents which were wasted if he was the immoral one.  Where there is smoke, there if fire.  When one is immoral, most likely they are involved with illegal activity.  - end-

The Leak Project has #AndriehVitimus  on who promotes cult beliefs. Truth: what defines God in cults are delusions caused by pedophilia, drugs, mind control, alcohol abuse even  https://youtu.be/ggAw9b0BTAg

#CFIUS sb dismantled bc it approves outsourcing to replace American workers w #ForeignWorkers https://youtu.be/Fkk5XTui8p0

The truth about South Africa murders of white people. Squatting Slav TV

Life is how you paint it. Sometimes you need other colors, different brushes, different canvas to keep painting.

Shooting at Sutherland, TX church today, 5Nov2017

Yourself To Blame
By Mayme White Miller

If things go bad for you
And make you a not ashamed
Often you will find out that
You have yourself to blame

Swiftly we ran to mischief 
And then the bad luck came
Why do we fault others? 
We have ourselves to blame 

Whatever happens to us,
Here is what we say,
"Had it not been for so-and-so
Things wouldn't have gone this way"

And if you are short of friends,
I'll tell you what to do
Make an examination,
You'll find the faults in you.

You are the captain of your ship,
So agree with the same.
If you travel downward,
You have yourself to blame.

We're all going to be remembered for something.
Maybe it's what we do,
Maybe it's what we say,
Or maybe it's who we raise.

If Sonya Carson was looking for something to hang her reputation on, I would say that she did a lovely job with her son Ben and his understanding of personal responsibility. - Top Story Today 7Nov2017 

By their fruits you shall know them. :) 
Yourself To Blame
By Mayme White Miller

If things go bad for you
And make you a not ashamed
Often you will find out that
You have yourself to blame

Swiftly we ran to mischief 
And then the bad luck came
Why do we fault others? 
We have ourselves to blame 

Whatever happens to us,
Here is what we say,
"Had it not been for so-and-so
Things wouldn't have gone this way"

And if you are short of friends,
I'll tell you what to do
Make an examination,
You'll find the faults in you.

You are the captain of your ship,
So agree with the same.
If you travel downward,
You have yourself to blame.

We're all going to be remembered for something.
Maybe it's what we do,
Maybe it's what we say,
Or maybe it's who we raise.

If Sonya Carson was looking for something to hang her reputation on, I would say that she did a lovely job with her son Ben and his understanding of personal responsibility. - Top Story Today 7Nov2017 

By their fruits you shall know them. :) 
Anomolies are happening in front of the camera. Blinking sun, black holes, matter/antimatter. LogicBeforeAuthority https://youtu.be/z-5mXKdVJIE

Commented on Dahboo77 because a woman directed people to the "ant prophet" - a bit over the top, which he even created a series.  +Samantha Watchman888 The Trump administration is the colony if ants or best of bees that are working tirelessly to fix this nation. If you don't realize that, I feel Sorry for you. I saw that link. I thought it was silly. Nature teaches us much in life. Just saying that the Trump.Administration is in cohesion and getting stronger as they remove the bad Obama apples will suffice. We are stepping into an age where human energy will be the driving force of the economy. We WILL move the rubber tree plants! The ones who fail to participate, taking civil responsibility, will face their own consequences. 
 Watch the signs, says Dahboo77
People who obsess about the end I the world are delusional and don't care about fixing it. My comment: +firetheho Glad you jumped in here, but history repeats itself with social engineering the people, aka sheeple, who don't think for themselves. I almost died from a, 20-ton truck that slammed into my car, going the wrong way on a dbl lane highway. So the self-serving attorneys make it a No Fault Accident, breaking all laws (I did not have No Fault Insurance, the Town did not have No Fault Insurance.j I bet they got worker's comp for the bastard who tried to kill me. Meantime the attorneys manipulate my siblings on two things: I epn the lottery, gonna get rich - even though I was in a coma 2-1/2 weeks, almost died, hospitalized 3 1/2 months and on crutches 3 months, but I HAD to get back to work because the attorneys gave me as little money as possible  So they could manipulate me and treat me like a slave. And Second, I became demon-possesed when fighting for my life, as most prayed I'd die so they could get the $750,000 lawsuit in their hands. I settled out of court because I was being lied to and there were no solutions. At the first pre-trial hearing, the driver who obviously tried to kill me was laughing. I mentioned it and my  attorney got mad for my speaking up. I told him he wasn't saying anything and I wasn't going to stand for it because he almost killed me and seems to enjoy it.  My life has been ruined by manipulating crooks. Having the sister I was closest to (I was her maid of honor) tell everyone I was demon possesed and  more....not caring about who was at fault, because I had to be ever so grateful that Jesus spared my life and now more than ever, I was a nothing. My brother conspired with a pedophile priest and killed my father, too. And my father was supportive and believed in my abilities. But I was outnumbered. The Number One cause for all the corruption in this country is criminal attorneys.  Regulation 68 of NYS Law, of 1975, was never administered. And they enjoyed treating me like an easy client to manipulate. Not caring about the truth. Maybe they were the ones who set me up to be killed. The 20 ton sander truck driver had a spotter. They only need them when the weather is bad. Yet the Pictures showed a sunny day. Roads were clear. And the attorney had the audacity to blame me for hitting the sander truck. After all, atty MoneyBags normally represented the insuance company. My fault for driving my side of the double lane highway when his spotter obviously was there to tell him when to drive my side of the road to smash into me. And they all say I am immature because I wanted my rights. My brakes didnt work either, even though I had just purchased the car,and it passed inspection when I got it registered, etc.  Words may be misspelled but they were spelled correctly as I have been typing.  No skid marks, yet I screamed in ICU, trying to stop my car and slamming on my horn and the brakes. Maybe the horn was disabled also, to make the kill quieter. 
Nov 9, 2017
Napolitano blames Jeff Sessions for not indicting Hillary sooner..to make HIMSELF look like a hero, by declaring this. = BS!!!

My comment:  Oh, sure. Napolitano wants to be Mr. Hero by trying to throw Jeff Sessions under the bus! Well, he's had more than 8 years to get justice, so where the hell was he then? Answer : too busy making his millions talking in the box!
And it doesn't matter who the the Director of FBI is, either, right???? Comey and bribe taking McCabe were blocking justice - the dirty politicians could not successfully be indicted and prosecuted when these pawns could easily create a technicality to throw the cases out? Napolitano knows what One Bite at the Apple is. He knows what Double Jeopardy is. He was and is just too busy eating his Napolitano Icecream.....meantime more and more children are missing from being abducted for his Hollywood pedophile friends. They get raped, murdered - even eaten! But what difference does it make?  

The AI That Dominates 7 billion people.

LOGICBEFOREAUTHORITY https://youtu.be/ur1EiVb30vs

Nov 9, 2017
Niberu planet system supposedly on a collision course with Venus = propaganda

My comment: FACT:  Outer Space is GROWING, not diminishing. Obama planners, Billionaire Al Gore fake global warming planners, will pull anything out of their hats to deceive us, since they have been exposed for being the liars that they are. 
DL Johnson:  Planets don't show up using warp drive .....

Crimes update: https://youtu.be/Qz6_mA-zur4

My comment: 8,000 American kids missing, you say....and I say they would be lucky if they end up like Jaycee Dugard! ...and what about the children they take from other countries?

Politicians will be hit in the pocket if Obamacare is not repealed. https://youtu.be/r01kLsozpTQ

A link from The Truth Factory Cat - FYI, The saved link may be incorrect. I have noticed that the links I have saved pertained to a prior link at times. Possibly a Google trick.

Seth Rich Case Folliw up
Neighbor elaborates on camera fims, etc

Al Franken - how guilty is he?

If she has proof that it upset her at that time, or has proof but it was stolen or in the possession of someone else, she has a stronger case. I didn't have a good impression of her when she spoke about it. I've been a victim of sexual assault. Yet the two people I confided in - a priest and a counselor, caused much harm in my life, including selling my business because I was told by the priest I didnt fit in the town and nobody liked me. He also went back on his word hiring me as the housekeeper-cook for the winter and hired my mother instead - who basically created this PhD English professor like a child, putting stuffed animals in his bed, and telling me every little detail about her housekeeping when I suffered not having an income for the winter since it was a tourist town.  I told her politely I wasn't interested, that it was her job now. I would never disclose his activity in public. I get it when you tell people and they don't care. My father went to the guy's home. My mother treated me like I deserved it, she was so easy for others to manipulate. I was later sexually assaulted also. I told my sister in law - she wanted to get her brothers who were cops to help me. Here I had been recovering from a near death accident. I almost died in ICU yet the attorneys tried to make it seem like a No Fault, Minor Accident. Lying to me left and right. I didnt even have No Fault Insurance, they lied about so much. I felt like such a burden to.my father. And any move I made or thing I said was construed by my brother as  a trick for something else on return. So mix the trauma pf being slammed into by a 20 ton truck and getting no compensation or  financial assistance to modify my father's home so I wouldn't have to walk up the stairs because both legs were seriously injured,  and I felt like such a burden to my father who struggled all his life to raise his 7 kids. I wanted to just disappear. My boyfriend was cousin to another client of my multimillionaire attorney. All she did was chip her knee. My injuries were 100 times worse. Yet her father got money to modify his mansion and make it look like she was hurt as badly as I was. I was hospitalized over 100 days. She was out in a week. So inside you just shut off expectations that anybody around you cares and go on. So I know how that is, and being hounded to just do what the dishonest attorney wanted, having one sibling label me as going against God's will because tge attprney didn't care about investigating why my brakes didn't work even though the car had just passed inspection for me to register it. Or why the town truck driver thought the accident was funny just because my father wasn't there and my attorney didn't care about it. If he did, he wouldn't have had the pictures altered. It was a snowy day. That's why the sander truck was plowing WITH  spotter vehicle. So what was he really   spotting for? I was on vacation but was called into work immediately. They called and said to leave now. I could have cares about hurrying, but I went because I didn't want to be fired. Nobody cared. Scars all over my body, but all I was told was to shut up and get a life.  And that happens to victims of assault.  It takes profile experts to determine circumstances.

You are being hunted _ SGT Report - Bill Holter www.isminiset.com

My comment 11/20/2017
I would think you could collaborate with David Zublick, who devotes his whole channel to the pedophilia problem and may leave himself vulnerable to misinformation which he should never be sued for. He's not an operative, yet I believe some operatives have deliberately misinformed him to manipulate him. For instance, he's convinced that former FBI chief, Ted Gunderson, was a pedophile, yet I am personally convinced he was a hero devoted to exposing the pedophile  business. Can you shed some light on this, please? 

Slander of Judge Moore

By John Oliver 20Nov2017
This British moron is 1000% TRASH!  I hope the DOJ goes after him! And is this the same station seeming to merge? Omg, this man should be sued to the planet Venus!

And offer a free one way trip for him as well! 
911 What Really Happened? See with your own eyes. 

The planners of 9/11 were mainly Americans, with partial funding from Saudi Arabia, possibly the Khazarian mafia as well -- which is why George Bush had A certain Saudi leader frequent his Texas home. Saudi Arabia recently underwent a regime change. The Neom Project. Find @ThomasWictor on twitter  fyi

We're just scratching at the gates of the swamp, says @TruthFactoryCat  https://youtu.be/zBbH-it9FCI

Death of holistic medical professionals like Dr. Annie Fairbanks. David Zublick reports https://youtu.be/3S-OgNhkBrw

My comment: People need to question any doctor that may diagnose them with cancer. An ortho dr. tried to kill me with his fake song and dance. I walked out. If they dont back up their diagnosis with more than arguing how "competent" they are, they are lying and welcome to industrialized medicine! My experience was 9 yrs ago. So I can prove he was lying about me having cancer if the knee. Some ppl dont care, they live the sympathy, esp if it's not them and "just" their child. And that is tragic!

PBS Newshour emphasis on Rowanda needing help."Same size as Maryland but has 11 million people" - so why don't they relocate people in Africa? Spread them out! AND David what's his face degrades President Trump just because he can! Blame it all on Trump, after all PBS made tons of crooked money while Obama was President. It's really all about lining pockets!

________________________these notes are from another Android device

Dave with Net4TruthUSA says Be Prepared - a storm is coming - a political one .

 - I think this is a video on actually using turpentine for health maintenance.

The problem,is #CharlieRose just exposed- yet they are being purged. Especially Hillary & Bill Clinton. There is no problem w hypocrisy regarding MORAL #RoyMooreForAlabama Look at his nonprofit website!

@DOJ @FBI @FieldMCC @garyfranchi
@TruthFactory I don't believe #PaulRand. Ist reported face-punch by neighbor inside home. Where's video? Did he need time 2 have Technocracy alter it? Pleural effusion +6 smashed ribs don't heal in a week! #OperationJohnMcCain

That harms those Football players who do -

not #TakeAKnee such as my beloved #BuffaloBills @BuffaloBills #DontFeedTheBadWolf https://youtu.be/Cch7Uik6GOk

When a journalist is licensed, when an attorney is licensed they should not be licensed to lie!

David Icke, YouTube: The Plan To Kill You

+++++++post on blog 25Nov2017++++++++




“The information below was gathered from ANTIFA flyers posted in cities across America….”


1)      Holy Smokes!
Dissector @Dissector17
Replying to @Mr_Alex_Graham @ThomasWictor and @7777Bluebird Neom, Red sead project, AL-qideyya and Okaz
All r new different projects
Neom and Red sea will have their own laws and rules as MBS said

6:06 PM Oct 25, 2017

2)      The Saudis are building NEW AREAS that will have their own LAWS AND RULES.

3)      So people who WANT strict religion can live in one area of the country, and OTHER people can live elsewhere.

4)      What a brilliant solution.  Saudi Arabia is becoming a federal monarchy

5)      Current federal monarchies:  The UAE, Malaysia, and…

(Wikipedia link)

6)      My guess is that federal monarchy is the first step to becoming a constitutional monarchy.

7)      What an incredible development. The Saudis are a great people.

8)      ADDENDUM: Actually, the solution is even MORE brilliant than I thought.

9)      The people who prefer a strict religious life WON’T HAVE TO MOVE. The NEW areas will have their own laws and rules.

10)    Those who choose the traditional lifestyle won’t even have to SEE the new lifestyle.

11)    How can anybody disagree with this?

Benji USA @BenjiBeeb
Thomas, just saw Drudge Re: SA mega city! Good timing??

William Hamilton @willfhamilton
Exactly, the Crown Prince is on to something. Note:  huge reserves of Light crude off Sinai – between Egypt and Jordan

Alex Caligula @LazarusDelargeV
Purley to keep the weirdy beardies Who r stuck in time where they belong..we will have Saudi Amish towns


Attch:  8 things you need to know about Saudi Arabia’s innovative NEOM project


Dissector @Dissector17

ANTIFA Schedule For Nov. 4th Bloody Violence

Uncategorized October 24, 2017October 25, 2017 2 Minutes
Antifa has announced that they are planning to kill every single Trump voter, Conservative and gun owner this November 4th.

The far-left terrorist organization have vowed to commit acts of ‘bloody violence’ by raiding peoples homes, seizing weapons and causing civil unrest on the streets of America.

Silenceisconsent.net reports:  Born under the Obama administration some time around 2014, the radical left wing group “Antifa” has grown to a full blown domestic terrorist threat. Over the past year we’ve seen them shut down conservative speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos, attack innocent Americans, and use violence to push their political agenda.

After being declared a terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security, we’ve seen them slink back into shadows—and while they do most of their operations in secret, dozens of conservative journalists and reporters have infiltrated their ranks, and have some terrifying news.

According to sources, Antifa is planning an all out civil war on November 4th. This is not going to be a productive platform for engagement, it’s not going to be a peaceful protest, hell it’s not even going to be a violent riot. What they’re planning is bigger than anything the likes of which we’ve ever seen, and we need to prepare ourselves.
Dozens of conservative voices have spoken out against the mayhem that Antifa has in store, urging Americans to prepare with bullets, food, and water. “They’re planning a total day of anarchy on November 4th,” one said. “They’re planning the first day of their revolution.”

That’s right—this isn’t just a one time event. This is meant to be the day that they seize control of America. This is meant to be the day that freedom ends, that justice dies, and that terror reigns free. Antifa does not want democracy, they do not want peace, they do not want freedom…they want complete and utter chaos.

NOVEMBER 4, 2017

The information below was gathered from ANTIFA flyers posted in cities across America advertising their plan to riot on Nov. 4, 2017. Citizens avoid these locations at the times indicated. Share to friends or family if they live in these cities or anyone will be traveling there.

Time: 12 PM Location: 4th Ave. & James St.
Seattle City Hall Plaza

Time: 2 PM Location: Salmon St. Fountain

Time: 3 PM Location: Union Square

Time: 1 PM Location: Pershing Square

Time: 2 PM Location: Thomas Paine Plaza
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Time: 9:30 AM Location: Ala Moana Park (EWA Side)

Time: 1 PM Location: Public Square

Time: 1 PM Location: 219 S. Dearborn, Federal Plaza

Time: 4 PM Location: 1 Franklin St., Shoppers Plaza

Time: 1 PM Location: 422 Guadalupe St., Republic Square Park

Time: 4 PM Location: Euclid & Moreland Ave. NE
Little 5 Points / Findlay Plaza

++++++++++++++++++++++++posted 10/25/2017++++++++++++++++++++++
The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963. Almost 30 years later, Congress enacted the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. The Act mandated that all assassination-related material be housed in a single collection in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).   The resulting Collection consists of more than 5 million pages of assassination-related records, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings and artifacts (approximately 2,000 cubic feet of records). Most of the records are open for research.

George de Mohrenschildt was friend of innocent Lee Harvey Oswald and he was gangstalked to the point he was suicidal. He attempted suicide four times and ruling of his death was suicide, yet he had just seen Weinstein.

JFK Files – 4 Big Findings
The National Archives released over 2,800 records on the assassination of President JFK
There’s a 413 page document detailing everyone the Secret Service was watching in 1963
It includes Puerto Rican nationals Klansmen and others
(no mention of mafia)
The documents include a memo from FBI Director J Edgar Hoover about an alleged meeting in Dallas a week before the assassination
Officer J.D. Tippit was rumored to have attended the meeting
Tippit was killed by Oswald after he saw him walking in downtown Dallas shortly after Kennedy was shot
          (Wtf – so a shooter kills JFK and runs downtown and nobody notices him with a gun?)
Oswald was at a window facing the parade – was that considered downtown Dallas?  If so, how could he shoot another individual without setting off the crowd?
The Top Secret JFK Files
New World Order Coup-de-tat?
Truth Channel News
Soviet Union believed it was part of alt-right to be a coup-de-tat carefully planned campaign anticommunist acts
Replace democracy with a quasi dictatorship to attack Cuba and stop negotiations with Soviet Union
1st para – from the archive
A source advised on 12/4/63 was greeted by great shock – church bells rang out

------------These notes are very incomplete.  I typed all of my written notes and they were deleted.  I have not resumed this but will asap - stay tuned.....

Abel Danger Notes, 26Oct2017 with Field McConnell
Kelly 121; Serco’s MH Macau Death Pool, CAI SACEUR 8(a) Demons, Spot Fixed Paddock’s Ho

Radio Show material discussed. Name: Mcau.  Alexander Hague was placed by British Intelligence.  Expertise in Pedophilia.  Deployed to MI6 – to set up pedophile rings to trap the unwary. The majority of supreme allied commanders are probably not schooled in the ways of British Intell. A Greek form of sexual relationship mentioned  yet not clearly defined.

Steven Paddock
64 yr old man who worked 10 yrs for the US Gov.  May have been a letter carrier at some point. Became an auditor for the IRS.  DoD Contract Audit Agency.  He had the ability to review projects like what Tracey Marcy managed.  Dec 6, 2006 – filed a suit for triple damages regarding organized crime. Global network of a ___ SWAT team – to kill a large number of people.  Tracey Marcy was one of the organizers.  Subsequent research:

Cheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook.  Use of demon faced recognition software. To Attribute crime to people like Steven Paddock which is fake.

Bush Crime Family mentioned by Field McConnell

Letter to John F Kelly….David says he seems like Gen Kelly is tone deaf or…but says “Lets hope he is doing something”….NPL Timing Signals….to support junkit deathcall promoters in the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas and MGM Macau…and the alleged digital fire attacks in 2014 on the Boeing 777, Flight 370 and Flight 17. 
Digital Fire Instructors (Serco Website) – uses information derived from all American dissidents used in Aviation, Combat, Command Control, Intell support services, to determine changes in Enemy Capabilities and causes for action. The great American problem is who are the Enemies of Serco. (company that has shareholders, Board of Directors, etc – involved in racketeering, other corruption.  Are the shareholders of influence?  Give instructions to USMC in Camp Pendleton. They don’t consider USA as the enemy. Much of the shareholders are in Saudi Arabia.  Especially since Serco shareholders met in the 47th Floor of the North Tower of 9/11. Presumably there was a room full of Serco Shareholders including representatives of the Govt of Saudi Arabia, the Gov of  Singapore, or the Gov of UK. None of whom would consider USA as a friend (???) particularly since a given number of families from 9/11 have been suing Saudi Arabia for financing the attacks of 9/11. How does someone get into the room set up by a junkit promoter at MGM casino?  Ie, Mandalay Bay and Macau. 
There are certain kind of junkit rooms for certain kinds of people allowed in. Those are the people who have been captured to demon faced recognition software engaging in deviant sex or pedophile relations – 14:49

If you have a past you don’t want to share with people, as a right of passage as young people hormone driven– some of us mean no harm and are clumsy or do harm and don’t want anyone to know….

Demon Face Recognition software used for Tracking and Selling the info to an individual or country where the individual has sworn allegiance.
2d para of today’s Post:  “Serco, formerly RCAGB1929

          A radio patent monopoly company which had an invention to transmit images through wireless… “real time snuffeld”…. (inventor was Stevenson) – supporting Winston Churchill and tossed with bringing USA into the war in Europe.  Generated 100,000 pounds a year. 

Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor – technology

Lord Arthur Serco was the inventor who sold the tech to Japs – considered a traitor 
HMS Argus (World’s first aircraft carrier; Ely Whiting was the pilot apparently)  mentioned…HSBC in Hong Kong and Rothschild funding of militarization….HSBC is financier of Serco and  The investment banker of Serco is Rothschild…The head of the Rothschild Bankers is Wilbur Ross (NYC, married three times) who is the Commerce Secretary for Trump (He was a democrat and quickly switched to republican just before appointment; He attended both Yale and Harvard; His father was a lawyer and became a judge; Attended Catholic college prep school Xavier HS – driving 2 hrs from NJ ea day; Ran track and was cpt of the rifle team; Orginally aspired to be a writer but lost interest; Never in the military apparently; First summer job was at Wall Street; Heavy into Rothschilds Investments from 1970’s for 24 yrs; Invested in Trump Casinos, estab of WL Ross & Co.(acquired by Anvescap, named Invesco 2006 – Ross had a multi million dollar SEC violation due to overcharging fees which they self-reported) , Net worth $2.25 billion; he was a banker known for restructuring companies, often called the “king of bankruptcies”; Ross struck a deal with bondholders to allow Trump to keep control of his casinos – that must have been recent due to articles on Trump suing Carl Ichan, yet Carl Ichan supported Trump for President. Several coal companies went bankrupt and Ross founded International Coal Group, which the United Mine Workers of America protested, which lead to changes in healthcare and pensions)  Sago Mine Disaster – 2006 explosion. Led to 12 deaths. No mention of who caused it, yet it seems likely the Mine Workers did it if they were not having financial trouble.  Dept of Labor issued 208 safety violations.  Ross defended his safety conditions.  Arch Coal purchased it for $3.4 billion in 2011.)

 Pearl Harbor was a footprint
Source of intell
98 – 99% of citizens like each other.

Rockefellers called them the intellectual elite; they were called the pedophile elite
Left eye/black eye is a Chinese ritual. They have such a huge investment in USA, though a potential enemy…yet Russia and China most likely have more of an interest for USA to prosper because they have investments.  Anybody who gets in the way of the global reset of exchange, Chinese said they would damage the left eye and if they cause the reset, the right eye will be removed. 

McCain, John Kerry, the Pope, Bush, Obama, Clinton – when they have their right eyes removed, you will know there is real trouble, says Field, not word for word
This is a photoshopping done to their pictures.

Effective means of extorting people to be silent. 
Signs of extreme torture is possible.

Elite group of people gather together and determine time of death of one who they are torturing. 

RCAGB1929 – used the demon face recog services, lead by CIA man Alexander Hague  - 9/11 digital fires in the aircraft….companies whose contracts were audited by Steven Paddock.

Mensraeh/Mastermind of 9/11 – mentor of DoD companies:  Tracy Marcy (serial traitor)

TV Show with the Queen of England mentioned.  Host held up a box and Queen of England said, “is it a bleep-bleep” ….this is a joke, didn’t happen….
Field McConnell is going to be guest speaker at a show…not mentioned..he changed the subject…

1% of population are treasonists

Outsourced core elements to shareholders including the govt of Saudi Arabia – despite the meeting they had on 47th floor of North Tower on 9/11….pension funds are TIAA (Teachers Insurance Annuity ) pedophiles have joined faculty.  Janet Napolatano, Michelle (Honorary member Alpha of Kapa Alpha)  and Barack Obama, Clintons – all pedophiles

Wilbur Ross of 2016 was Grand Swipe of Kapa Beta Phi, founded in 1776: Contemporary of Phi Beta Kapa (Bill Clinton, 1968)
Loyalties to these groups that overrides everything else in their lives
Predicting deaths is mentioned
Mention Pansy-ho
Don Ho, Singer in Hawaii had a lounge he ran which was actually called the Ho-House
Hageman Report – may be interested in interviewing David
Agent 66 says David will be on the show on the 30th

Friday Night on Crowdsource The Truth. Jason Goodman, related to George Webb.  Accepted to be on his show Friday, 27Oct2017

Now mentioning the alleged mass casualty event in Las Vegas….9 minutes of gun bursts….Steven Paddock was probably wacked, no suicide committed.
Paddock was probably recruited by Kristine Marcy

Who does Tracy Marcy’s daughter think her father is?  Could it be Steven Paddock?  His brother was just arrested for child porn. Strange Cult

 Mounting people from behind and rolling them over in front of a large audience

Launched ConAir 1994 by Kristine Marcy; including SWAT teams and alerting the junkit death calls

Didn’t Frank Wistra offer Hillary $140 million, involved with Uranium deals?  He headed up the Russian Investment committee for Clinton

Basecon Tech worked right up to 9/11

-         Person who had the power to select who dies…
-         Insurrectionist Group  vs Omega Group mentioned
CAI and Serco can choose the next occasion for a death call
Jacobs Engineering, Lockheed Martin and Serco – have joined to be involved with a weapons

2d – 6th November project incident.  Deep Web ad for Crisis actors in Oklahoma
Excel Energy, formerly NSP

Minneapolis may be a focal attack point …..

MGM Mecau is operating junkit deathcalls.

There should be no debate over someone dying.  Most likely Bill Clinton was one of the betters for 9/12/2013 at Benghazi -

They are exchanging info which is discovered that would characterize the Deep State, the Elite Enemies Within causing false flags

The Global Currency Reset on the value of the dollar is in effect.  No more petro, but now gold and silver backed.

I guess Field is still in USA based on his talk now. His wife is still waiting to get her visa.  Here her things are in that house and they know she has no evil intent.  Even great humanitarian intent plus she wants to be with her husband.  I don’t get it. 

I have other notes but can’t find my notebook right now. I typed these as the video proceded. 

SES flag with 13 stars, reflecting the 13 communists of the City of London – reflecting the US is still a colony of New England and is succomed by British-born debts. 

Kelly 118: Serco’s Demon General Bridge, SACEUR 8(a), Wilbur Greeks, CAI, Paddock’s Death-Pool Pimps

…..I will catch this one later.

Says #SarahSandberg of #Facebook “At our heart we’re a tech company. We don’t hire journalists.” Oct 2017  Facebook is…focused on making tools. It’s not a media company.” Aug 2016

          FYI, 97% of Facebook revenue is based on media
No Mercy/No Malice: /scott’s Musings on Digital

Source:  Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sarah Sanders 11/1/2017

Comment by Joe O’Connor:  We all need to recognize the beast is mankind wielding the power of God against others.  We see it through the eye of knowledge and is our forbidden fruit – the knowledge of good and evil through the power of distribution and transformation. It is the power and face of God and we are the spiritual reflection of God.  It is how energy works in everything. Constant distribution and transformation in mankind’s hands. It gives rise the Beast and the flames of Hell because we are not selfless enough to balance the power of God.


1)      Holy Smokes!
Dissector @Dissector17
Replying to @Mr_Alex_Graham @ThomasWictor and @7777Bluebird Neom, Red sead project, AL-qideyya and Okaz
All r new different projects

Neom and Red sea will have their own laws and rules as MBS said

6:06 PM Oct 25, 2017

2)      The Saudis are building NEW AREAS that will have their own LAWS AND RULES.

3)      So people who WANT strict religion can live in one area of the country, and OTHER people can live elsewhere.

4)      What a brilliant solution.  Saudi Arabia is becoming a federal monarchy

5)      Current federal monarchies:  The UAE, Malaysia, and…

(Wikipedia link)

6)      My guess is that federal monarchy is the first step to becoming a constitutional monarchy.

7)      What an incredible development. The Saudis are a great people.

8)      ADDENDUM: Actually, the solution is even MORE brilliant than I thought.

9)      The people who prefer a strict religious life WON’T HAVE TO MOVE. The NEW areas will have their own laws and rules.

10)    Those who choose the traditional lifestyle won’t even have to SEE the new lifestyle.

11)    How can anybody disagree with this?

Benji USA @BenjiBeeb
Thomas, just saw Drudge Re: SA mega city! Good timing??

William Hamilton @willfhamilton
Exactly, the Crown Prince is on to something. Note:  huge reserves of Light crude off Sinai – between Egypt and Jordan

Alex Caligula @LazarusDelargeV
Purley to keep the weirdy beardies Who r stuck in time where they belong..we will have Saudi Amish towns


Attch:  8 things you need to know about Saudi Arabia’s innovative NEOM project www.Saudigazette.com.sa

Dissector @Dissector17


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