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Judge Roy Moore For Alabama

Please copy, share whatever you want from this blog – it is ad-free, unmonitored.  Thank you for paying that forward.  <INSERT 11/9/2018> Update 11/9/2018    Blackstone Intelligence Network Published on Nov 9, 2018 SUBSCRIBED  196K Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.  I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!   Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP!  Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRE


Subscribe to Quinn Michaels YouTube Channel and support him - even $1/month - he is very informative  4/8/2018  Lately I am finding he is inappropriately spontaneous with his approach and I am concerned. This may be a phase he is going through.   Decide for yourself. INSERT 1/1/2021 These blogposts are ad-free, not monitized or monitored.   Copy what you want. I had to create a new domain because the crooked politicians disabled my blog when I tweeted each member of the judiciary committee my blogpost on Brett Kavanaugh - facts which they obviously wanted to shove under the rug! It took me at least 18 months to recover my blog and I had to create a new domain. Thanks to good people in high places who helped me obviously.   Table of Contents, Alphabetized, for all / 2022 blogposts: BELOW LINK NO LONGER APPLIES, I AM LEAVING IT IN BECAUSE IT IS PART OF MY EFFORTS, AND THE CORRUPTED FRAME THEMSELVES!  I CAN

Pit Stop of Info posted NOVEMBER 2017

Note 12/6/2017 - edited to ensure the links can be opened with a tap on your phone if you would like. FYI, I created a "Pitstop for December 2017", which I will continue to add to - but when I accessed my blog from my laptop this evening, I see it is missing. Yet on my other devices, that post exists.  I marked it for publishing, so I don't know why it is missing here. Should you be able to see it, I apologize I was not able to ensure the links can be opened. I recommend you copy them for your own use later - into a notes app on your phone or a document on your computer.  Happy Holidays. :) Please copy, share whatever you want from this blog – it is ad-free, unmonitored.  Thank you for paying that forward.  Feel free to access almost all of my other posts through The links here:   November 30, 2017 Update b _AT1511878415753END Net4TruthUSA says indictmen