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8/18/2018. What is really shameful is how our country has a Modis Operandi of allowing scandal to fuel business, making money - rather than do efficient investigations, administer justice, and move on.  

           1.  Jackie Kennedy was a transgender; the pregnancies were fake

           2.  I do not know why JFK wanted to marry a transgender. Maybe he was even a Satanist, an Illuminati member.  Yet Marilyn Monroe was a tranny and her nickname is no coincidence to be the same as Madonna's stage name - because Madonna is a tranny.  See my blog post www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/07/tranny-watch.html

          3.  GHW Bush (CIA man) managed the 8 snipers that CIA paid to use as a distraction and cause a few "nicks" 

          4.  The real planned killer was tranny Jackie - who blew JFKs head scalp off and was not looking for his scalp when crawling on the car - Jackie was trying to smear the blood to cover up proof that "she" was the killer. 


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Update 4/3/2018

all my files were deleted by a hacker!  I just spent hours working on this. I will have to resume this  later and not be on internet, create my notes and then get on internet.  Over ten pages! 

LBJ, after JFK shooting:  We all know who did this, there will be no investigation

Connecticut Gov Dannell Malloy, after the false flag Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting:                We all know who did this, there will be no investigation

SECRET SERVICE AGENT BILL GREER WAS OBVIOUSLY PART OF THE MURDER CONSPIRACY. HE WAS IN THE LIMO. HE SHOULD HAVE PLACED HIS BODY OVER JFK WHEN HE WAS FIRST SHOT. INSTEAD HE CALMLY STAYED IN THE FRONT SEAT, MAKING SURE OF ONE THING--THAT JFK Ws successfully assassinated. When thst limo stopped, a police officer was looking into the manhole because a gun fired from it. The crowd looked elsewhere, which was why the eight shooters were spread out. And the career criminal politicians enjoyed pulling off the worst Crime ever!

Another good video:  We know now who killed JFK on Gusd Nound Channel.

A few things I recall in the notes that stood out were the injection of Russian collusion - that allegedly Lee Harvey Oswald was trying to get a visa to Russia.

11/25/2017 : I recommend the film:  JFK Assassination-The final story (or Truth, seems like they may have modified the name) There are a few Parts to it. Very factual. Names names. Very detailed. The reason the Secret Service traitor driver stopped at a certain spot was because of a shooter in a manhole - he fired the fatal shot.

Robert F. Kennedy was Attorney  General, who had been.doing all he coild to get rid of career criminal J Edgar Hoover, former director of FBI. And look what the former director of FBI did to the Kennedys.
You see why Jeff Sessions hasI had to proceed with caution with crooked Comey and bribe-taking McCabe? /end of comment

12/13/2017, added note on above:  Rep Goodlatte (R-VA), who is chairman of the judiciary committee, had the audacity to claim that FBI had the reputation of being the greatest intelligence agency during this time.  If I was in that room, I would give him a Madea treatment!  LOL, if you saw one of the many Madea movies, you would understand this character.  How can these politicians making six figures on the job and becoming multimillionaires off the backs of citizens be so dam'd incompetent!  They have a good ol' boy association with eachother and could care less about performing their duties which they give oath to! J. Edgar Hoover was a sexual pervert and enjoyed cross dressing.  He lived with a man and probably was involved with child trafficking, even to follow Hitler's tactics.  I'm sure he endorsed a CIA because he thought of such devious crimes he wanted to commit yet those special agents, etc who are patriots would stand up to it.  THEY kept the spine of FBI.  NOT Hoover, who deserved no credit and undermined the purpose of the agency for 50 years.


CNN was quite crafty with their immediate reporting, alright - and no doubt it was planned before they released the documents. Either that, or they had a crew of people reading them right when they were released.  But their reporting was so absurd, the crew must have been doing cocaine! 

I have to recreate my notes. 

I can only hope the GOOD guys deleted my notes, to keep it contained until they look at the videos.  I will just resume because I don't know.  I wish I had printed those notes! 

-Sorry, I have not YET returned to these notes, although I have notes on the JFK Assassination film:

DARK LEGACY film on Murder of JFK

This will also be posted in a separate post titled:  JFK Assassination  with other notes

Summary of Names who contributed to this film

”To The Heroes LARGE and SMALL Who Told The Truth”

Dr. Cyrill Wecht

Tom Wicker

Malcolm Kilduff

Darryl Tomlinson

Colonel Fletcher Prouty

Henry J. Rybka

Malcom Summers

David Lifton

Aubrey Reich

Paul O’Connor

Dr. Paul Peters

Marita Lorenz

J. Edgar Hoover

H.R. Haldeman

Senator Frank Church

Ramon Milian Rodriguez

……………..watch OIVER STONE’s JFK to learn WHY Kennedy was murdered

…………….JFK, The Case:  DVD film by Robert Groden

…………..The Nova Program, “Who Shot JFK?” is available from Rrichterprod.com

…………..Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial is the source

…………..For most of the information on Hunt. The History Channel has 10 hours of great stuff for sale….under the Title “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”….

……….”The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush”…great research on Skull & Bones cult at Yale University

Thanks to PBS and the Learning Channel

Please buy Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book” CD

WAR’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends”

Wyclef Jean’s “The Preacher’s Son”

Bob Marley’s “The Greatest Hits”

Vienna Philharmonic:  “Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony”


Edited by Joshua deLerimier and John Hankey

Special Thanks to Alexander Nohe

© 2000 Alloe in Arms Productions   posted on YouTube April 2017

Other links shown on the YouTube channel

And one more…..but I did not type it, sorry - but....

These links are not complete and you will need to see them on the channel.  I tried to open them and they would not open for me.

Our  most basic common link:  We all share the same planet, we all share our children’s futures, we are all mortal (not sure he said this last part about being mortal)  - JFK

Oct 17, 1062

          Cuba threat – blocked by JFK. Kennedy’s generals and advisors  were telling JFK to retreat to bomb shelters and launch full-scale invasion of Cuba.

          Russia was making missiles, they said.  They did not believe Russia had many in its inventory already.

          JFK said no, if anyone was to go first, it would be the White House – let the White House  be prime target. General were wrong.  Russian warheads were ready to be used when authorized.

          JFK saved everyone from a nuclear holocaust.

          JFK called on strengthen the UN “War appeals are no longer a solution” – JFK

          Emphasis on nuclear

“Mankind must put an end to war or

war will put an end to mankind” – JFK

Challenge the Soviet Union to a Peace Race (alternative suggested by JFK)

          Until complete disarmament has been achieved

          “Together we shall save our planet”

Dark Legacy

          How long shall they kill our prophets?

          JFK became one of the victims who the killers would decide what the public knew

          Naval doctor did poor autopsy – lost JFK’s brain, burned his notes. 

(Dr. James Humes)

          “ There was a small entrance wound in the back of the head”  - this is all that James Humes reported! LIE

Doctors Ma]colm Perry and Kent Clark reported the truth

          Shot that sent JFK’s brains flying

                   “A bullet went through the head on the right – exiting to the back”

                   “Side left deficit in temporal paratal area…that piece was gone”

          Powerless, min wage nobody……


Secret Service Reg

          Anytime the Presidential vehicle slows down to 40mph or less, agents must dutifully surround it for protection

          COL Fletcher Prouty – Pentagon Liaison to CIA and Secret Service

                   Open windows – none of those windows in the building in the area would have been open of the SS were doing their job – the agents would have called people and demand all windows closed beforehand or at the time they saw the open windows.

                   Handles on the back of the limo – why?

                             Normally the SS agents would be at the back of the mv and run beside it when it slows down

                             In Dallas the agents were ordered to ABANDON their positions

                                      They didn’t like it but followed orders

Autopsy should have been done in Dallas

          Parkland Hospital declared President Kennedy dead and transferred his corpse to Bethesda Navy Hospital, placing the corpse in a bronze coffin

                   Transported via AirForce One

          Instead, the autopsy was done at Bethesda Navy Hospial, Washington DC


          David Lifton did extensive exam between when the body was loaded on the plane and when it arrived in Washington for autopsy.

          2 FBI agents were present for the autopsy

                   Surgery to the head was visible to them

                             This took place prior to autopay

                                      Occurred sometime from Dallas Hospital and Transport and Betheda Navy Hospital

                                      Someone obviously cut JFK’s head and sewed it up

                                      But Secret Service was supposed to be guarding it

Lifton has spend decades trhying to answer this question


          Interview with Aubrey Reich at Funeral Home. His job included loading the President’s body in a large bronze casket at Park Memorial Hospital

          The body was illegally taken by Secret Service and loaded on AirForce One

          Yet upon arrival, it was removed from a different coffin

Paul O’Connor (autopsy technician) testified

Lifton:  I was the one who had the blood on my shirt from accessing the body.  Sealed bag was afterwards.  Nobody could have gotten blood on them.

Someone somehow changed the grizzly wounds of the President’s head

          -even though conceivably his brother and other family were supposed to be riding in AirForce One and staying guard of his coffin

                   Destroyed Evidence – that JFK was shot both in front and back

                             Appears  like some boyscout got his pocket knife out and cut away his head and then sewed the ripped skin.

          Conclusion: Tampered with JFK corpse to obliterate evidence of any entry from the front right – which proves

Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t do it.

Photographed – sewn head prior to autopsy

Parkland Hospital Physicians, Dallas

          *Admits JFK’s head woumd was altered

          *Admits Missing Brain

          *Someone operated on JFK’s right temple

LBJ was being sworn in – probable time caskets were switched (JFK was no longer in bronze casket when they arrived in Washington, DC)

Who did it?




Penetration of Security

          Sabatoged by members of his own government

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested shortly after murder (at 1:30 p.m.)

          1 – was questioned

          4 – in custody

How did they know they needed to cut up evidence that JFK was shot from the front so soon?  Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested at 4 pm

          Mutilated head was re-created

How did they know so soon?  The men who stole and mutilated his body were accessories before the fact




          Guilty of Conspiracy to murder

          Part of the planned assassination from the beginning

          Who had such power?


Spotlight Magazine

          Riehold Helms, former CIA agent

                   Howard Hunt

                             Self-Alliby: “I was at work all day at the CIA bldg.”

                                                “I watched TV all day with my kids”

                                                “The CIA records will prove it”

                                                “I went to work in the morning”

                                                “I went to work in the afternoon”

CIA To Admit Hunt Involvement in Kennedy Assassination
            Hunt sued Spotlight for indicating he conspired to kill JFK...the verdict:

          Jury found that it was true!

          Yet nothing was done about the fact Hunt was guilty of conspiring to murder JFK.  They just dropped the lawsuit.

          (Was the lawsuit appealed?  I don’t know)

          Helmes testified Marita Lorenz had been in a plot to assassinate Castro and he fingered her on the JFK Assassination

          Ms Lorenz testified she was part of the CIA’s operation

                   (scene from film:  “My Little Assassin”)

                   1950-1963. Carried out raids during this period.

                   Nov 1963. She was working with Frank Sturgiss, CIA operative

                             One day,Sturgiss told her to pack her bags – that they were going on a mission. A short time later she drove to a motel in Dallas with Sturgis and two station wagons full of men and guns.  There was a knock at the door.  He helped Hunt pass out maps and money.

                             Attack on Americans! 

                             Lorenz told them, “I’m getting out of here” and flew back

                             Surgis later told her she missed “The really big one”.

“We killed the President”

                             Jury found that Spotlight Magazine did not slander Hunt for saying he conspired to murder JFK.

                             But Hunt didn’t have the ability to steal the body from the coroner or Secret Service – remove it from its coffin and mutilate it.

          Media covered it all up, too

          Theft of the Body (suspect: Richard Nixon involved)

                   E. Howard Hunt was made head of Nixon’s goon-hunts, but after his arrest of breaking into Watergate Hotel – Hunt told Nixon to give him $2 million to keep his mouth shut.  At the same time, Hunt was talking to media reporters, saying he was a CIA assassin.

                   (Hunt DID get the $2M)

                   Patrick Gray, FBI Director

                              Nixon threatened Hunt by opening an FBI investigation on “The whole Bay of Pigs thing”

                   Bob Hallerman

                   Nixon was forced to resign – they resented Nixon for covering up the JFK assassination (real reason, I think)

                   Jack Ruby (Rubenstein, so he was a Jew and probably part of Kharzian mafia and his heritage is probably in Europe like Soros, Epstein, Weinstein, etc)  – mafia thug (attorney) who shot Lee Harvey Oswald had worked for Congressman Nixon in 1947.

So, my curiosity was, how many years did Ruby get?  I found

out in this movie that he died in prison.  He was seeking a second trial.  Jan 3, 1967 Jack Ruby died – although the TX Court of Appeals turned over his death sentence for retrial.

                             Ruby died of cancer (so my question is, how many times is cancer used as a weapon?  This time, it was put to good use, but many innocent people are dying and I believe completely avoidable. Nine years ago, 2008, an orthopedic doctor tried to convince me I had cancer of the knee.  I found no logic to what he was saying even though I gave him the benefit of doubt and shared with him what my chiropractor I saw in the 90’s told me.  This doctor was obviously making a Russian Roulette like game of it and he may as well have said, “I want to kill you so let me”…I walked out of his office. I do not have cancer and the medical industry is more interested in human trafficking and waste a great amount of money)

                             The False Warren Commission Report helped in defense to appeal.

          Nixon admits he was there when JFK was murdered

                   He gave mixed stories through the years, proving he was a liar

          Nixon lost to JFK in 1960 – became a powerful devil; especially losing election in CA in 1962.

                   1963 – Nixon was taking orders from his evil puppeteers/handlers – the American Nazis.

                             J. Edgar Hoover, WWII. FBI Director

                                      Union Bank of NY – was seized.  Prescott Bush was Director and Executive Officer of Union Bank.  Bush protested. 

His principle German partner was Fritz Titsen – the largest financial supporter of Adolf Hitler!

                             Hoover knew the Bushes were Nazis

                             Averil Harriman – Prescott Bush’s boss

                             At Hunt’s Trial, he said he worked directly for Aviril Harriman, on a daily basis. 

          George’s grandfather and Kennedy Assassin

                   Nixon was created and sponsored by Prescott Bush, at the time a Senator.  Nixon became VP.  Who pulled Nixon’s strings? Bush did. 

          Haynes Johnson – said he was in the room when Robert Kennedy blamed his brother’s death on CIA and anti Castro Cubans

                   3 years before assassination Hoover wrote about Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement with CIA

                   Oswald was on Hoover’s radar

                             (Oswald’s wife was Russian)

                   AG of TX, Wagener Carr

                             Calls up the Commission and says he thinks Lee Harvey Oswald worked for FBI spying on CIA  (ID No. 5179)

                             JFK called on them regarding secret camps.  Called on Hoover to shut them down.  Delfine Robert, Secretary who helped run CIA camp in LA, told the Warren Commission she saw Lee Harvey Oswald at the camp just days before the FBI raided it and seized all the weapons and shut it down.

                             Oswald worked at a garage with close associate

                             Sofia Lorenz

                                      Oswald was at the meeting in Dallas day before assassination when Hunt walked passing out maps and money

                                      William Walters, FBI Clerk, produced a memo from Hoover, warning a communist assassination’s attempt on Nov 22 in Dallas – Hoover knew Oswald informant (?)

                                      He knew plenty

                                      Hoover knew the Bushes were Nazis – biggest group of  American Nazis who supported and employed by Prescott Bush – were not Hoover’s friend.  Hoover busted them in 1942.

                                      Now they set up Hoover’s most important informant – Lee Harvey Oswald

          5 days after, Nov 29, 1983

                   Memo to Dir. Of Intell & Research, Dept of State. Referring to Miami, FL

                   FBI and CIA met day after assassination misguided anti-Castro Group. GHW Bush was the person at CIA responsible for them

                   He sent

                             SCANDAL when released 1988.

GW Bush was in CA  – Nixon was President

GW Bush claimed he never worked for CIA except when he was a Director for a year (1974)

          Operation 40 – Bush WAS a CIA officer

                   Misguided Cuban Ops

          GW Bush was obviously CIA man

Dulles became CIA Director

          Bay of Pigs in Cuba

JFK fired Dulles

          Yet Dulles became leader of Warren Commission!

          Despite being suspected as leader of the assassins!

          The CIA was a commuuity, personally loyal to each other, and trusted Dulles in spite of crimes

          Dulles was probably the one who stole the President’s corpse and mutiliated it. 


          Close ties

                   Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles, Aviral Harriman

                             Richard Bissell – also fired by Kennedy because of his Dir of Ops, Bay of Pigs

Dulles – head of CIA

Both Bissell and Hunt worked for Aviril Harrimon for ten years before joining CIA

1962 Prescott Bush – teamed up with the future most notorious of all CIA Directors (William Casey)

                   JFK was at that time moving to dismantle the CIA


                   Created by Prescott Bush and William Casey to directly fight against JFK’s efforts

                   Prescott teamed up with the future most notorious of all CIA Directors

                             Casey was at the helm of the

                                                IRAN-CONTRA SCANDLE

                                                          We know that Clintons got cocaine, tons of cocaine on a regular basis and made $100 million a month in their drug trafficking alone – along with corrupting society

                   The National Strategy Information Center was created to

                             Organize Opposition to JFK’s seeking to dismantle CIA

                                      = plot to murder JFK?

                                                Powerful circumstancial evidence

                   Closely Connected! 

                             Harriman, Casey, Nixon ---- Hunt

                                      Supervised by Bissel, who was involved with Bay of Pigs


          Indicated there was a direct connection with GW Bush and anti-Castro Cubans who were supervised directly by E Howard Hunt


          To be resumed asap  - I will complete my notes on this film.  There are about 7 pages of notes left. 


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