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CLINTON CHRONICLES _Draft notes 30Sep2017

Please copy, share whatever you want from this blog – it is ad-free, unmonitored.  Thank you for paying that forward.  Feel free to access almost all of my other posts through The links here:   CLINTON CHRONICLES These notes have some gaps and I will type (gap) anywhere there may be more information which I missed for some reason – I could not finish them but will asap and re-post everything.   9/30/2017 Illuminati Edwin A. Sherman, Jesuit Lincoln said the Jesuits were violent, bloody Anti Semetic protectors of elders of Zion Masonic Order and Templar symbols Monk Symbols w/ Templar Symbols INRI -   exterminate unpius kings Spy –integrate yourself Weishupt Form a plan of an association Superstition and lies = religion Hated Jesuits vs trained by Jesuits to be a world wide network of spies Jesuits managed to get info from Freemasons “Idea of Secrecy”