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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

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    Great speech by President Trump in front of Heritage Foundation

    Judge Nap just made shocking prediction...Next News Network
    My comment, but I made a few: Deplorable Rob I just posted my comment and don't see it . I wish I had saved it. Clinton Foundation has been indicted. 2 weeks after Christopher Wray was appointed. Did Napolatano even contact Jeff Sessions, or is he making things up as he goes along because he has celebrity status? He hasn't spoken to Jeff Sessions. That would spoil the media witch hunt, wouldn't it?

    https://youtu.be/UVMbMzkIQtE. - Covfefe with Dave #187, blaming Obama corruption on DOJ, despite accomplishments of DOJ, and attacking what is working on Justice! This is morally stupid and destructive!
    My comment to David T: You're labeling the DOJ as if this is Obama world is thoughtless and destructive! You are just fashioning your ideas now. Not using logic.

    Queen Elizabeth is angry at Hillary Clinton disrupting New England

    My comment: jacqueline russell She doesn't go away because the media moguls are feeding into it - the drama makes them money! That's why there is no justice! Start arresting these MSM scumbags, including the fake "I'm on your side" ones! The only side they are on is their bank accounts! Search Field McConnell AV 7 for the truth on 9/11 - but do they care? No!   This is all about money and drama!  The extreme weather is obviously caused by man, also, and the deceivers want people to believe it's the end of the world. Pay ops are also getting the sheeples to believe the BS! Anything to take away the power of responsibility and choice, to restore this country! Use your heads!

    Snowden claims he's not a Russian Spy. Well, he's a Spy! A Soros-Clinton-Obama Spy! He stole more records than anyone in history. He also showed crooks how to use the Deep Web, which was exclusive to military intelligence!

    As I return to these notes, I am concerned they were hacked, so I apologize if the links no longer line up.

    Wikipolitics - seems like we all realize what horrible people the Clintons are by now and most of us wish the were sentenced to death.

    Ray Fair Hillary and John McCain were major planners of 9/11, then got USA to hate Muslims. She sells uranium to Russia, gets people to believe whoever does that, is terrible. The Clinton's made $100 million a month on drug trafficking in Akansas - from the Iran Contras deliveries. Good ol' Ollie North helped the C130s get filled with tons of cocaine for their trips back!  Just consider the millions of lives Clinton's harmed or destroyed just from that, and built the Big Pharma and Mental Health Institutions - all which break down our Society!
    #MaxineWaters was arrested 29Aug20l7 - shouldn't she be expelled now?  @ThomTillis @SteveScalise @VP @TedCruz @MarcoRubio

    Deceptive title, no the judge could NOT throw it out - it was remanded back to court for new trial - BIG Difference


    The #BlueWhaleCult is part of #SatanicUnderground causing #Teenagers to commit #suicide  https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/worldnews/3003805/blue-whale-suicide-victims-russia-uk-deaths-latest/
    its founder was imprisoned in Russia July 20l7:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4709894/Blue-Whale-suicide-game-ringleader-jailed-Russia.html

    https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/ - a program to empower teens and older on internet  - #FrankHall is speaking on #GroundZero Radio ph 888-673-3700
    @YaleCMES  @JosephCumming - a new topic I came across through #GroundZero Radio show https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baghdad_Battery



    It's past my bedtime, lol - this infection drains me but I turned on my radio and am getting so much info I neverheard before.  I shared some already.   I am listening to CoastToCoastAm Radio now.

    They should talk on MoneyMaster, YouTube
    Debt is a smoking gun - a global manipulation to control the population - they WANT you to default....omg

    #SupportHR2366 says #CoastToCoastRadio


    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cch7Uik6GOk - Cherokee Story of the good wolf and bad wolf


    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH   The Watchmen claim they are needed to teach people how to survive in disasters and also help at disasters - but do they care they are man-made?  Scandal brings Business.....   https://youtu.be/X9AsoPbJzrs  My comment resented their pandering by trying to make people feel guilty if they don't give them money.  NO FACTS - you don't know what their standing is financially and I am sick of these schemes which feed the bad wolf.  Search the Cherokee Story about the good and bad wolf. The one that survives is the one you feed.  Is anyone starving the Weather Underground that causes these extreme weather conditions?   Weather is used as a weapon.

    https://youtu.be/sNdvT-nHpq4 - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Greeting in India

    https://youtu.be/fYcPJvGQ9UE - Wrecking Ball song

    This is a film on a pedophilia true story in Hollywood which NetforTruthUSA on Youtube shared: https://youtu.be/bPOgw0ing10
    My comment:  Ferol  Foster And when you cry, they will tell you that you are immature or a mental case or anything - to keep the ball spinnng - just like with many things - they don't want a cure because they make easy money keeping things bad, which greatly reduces the energy of so many, and thus takes away from the economy which should be based on energy.  The reality is when people are free to express, they produce so much more.  And when they are not free to be heard and have rights, their lives are ruined. Victims of Sex abuse have very complex roads to travel thereafter.  I noticed the @cpowellschool have shared a great diagram on stages one may go through when they are traumatized.  This basic diagram is surely a one-size-fits all - with leeway for individuals to make it their own journey.  

    Clintons are getting very close to facing the music, but R Finn explains of her concern that they will not go down without a fight, and a serious one at that if they can get away with it.  I agree.  https://youtu.be/crweI9aWUis
    My comment:  Modern blonde  Your fearlessness is admired yet what she says at the end of her vdeo is reality, which is why the Trump Administration is being tactical with everything, to avoid civil war.  Soros paid the Antifa to be violent.  We all know they contract murders as if it was a day at the office.  We understand the immense crime money which the Clintons kept racking up  - protected by dishonest attorneys, and dishonest  businessmen. They know how to work the system.  And they are evil - Satanists - pedophiles. They have no morals.  So you can't reach a conscience because they cut that part off in their heads decades ago.  FBI indicted the Clinton Foundation and continue to work on dismantling and weakening them.  Frankly, I and several others wish they were deported to a country in Middle East who see them for what they are. Let THEIR justice take them out of society.  They have brough great harm to the Muslim world, building these radical groups. Obama went to Pakistan to help bin Laden organize an al Qaeda as a CIA operative. Yet he falsfies what he did by having false records at Occidental College.  $l00 million a MONTH is what they made on the cocaine trafficked by Cl30's after the Cl30's unloaded the weapons to Iran in the Iran Contra affair.  Tons of weapons - then tons of cocaine - and $l00 million for the Clintons ea month - and they kept this evil entriprise open for a long time until someone finally said something, knowing Clintons were destroying lives in USA and the weapons were to keep chaos alive and well as CIA spurred the Iraq -Iran War.

    Indictment time for Hillary Clinton is getting closer, says Next News

    Dr. Ben Carson understands what it is like to live in low income housing and is bringing law and order and dignity to those who get HUD assistance.

    My comment:  The false narratives should be blowing back in these morons' faces.  Dr. Carson has done amazing things and what's more, he is restructuring HUD - which takes time from the public to carry it out.  I am sure he is going to come up with a whole new simplified set of regulations rather than this rat's nest which he has to deal with now.  We all know what a healer he is, having saved lives on the operating table as a typical day.  Well, he is now saving lives by removing the diseased system at HUD which will produce a great sense of self worth for all who are HUD recipients.  And they will have more feeling of duty and social responsibility, I bet.  Thank you, Dr. Carson.  What a present you make our present.

    Gary Franchi shows a four-year old picture of GHW Bush and claims he was grabbing the woman's behind next to him,yet she is standing there smiling.  BOTCHED  NEWS.Guess what commercial is shown by YouTube?  Charles DICKens.

    My comment:  Sorry Gary, But this is over the top.  That woman should be sued for saying that about Bush Sr.  Does she look like she is mad?  She coul be a slut for all I know.  Nevertheless, she did not tell him to stop or even move discretely.  She could have.  He may not have even had his hand back there.  This is a big plus for the Bushes.  Slander is not good business.  With the dark clouds over the Bush family, I still say they should have a right to sue.  If that woman issued a statement to media that went out like wild fire, she should be sued.  If this story was not verified, that is a black eye for you, Sir.
    General Mattis in South Korea exchanges short speeches with South Korea's leader.  https://youtu.be/YrxEw7Q00fA

    My Comment:  Thank you, General Mattis for devoting your time and expertise to restoring our country and mending foreign relationships.   I pray for peace in Korea.  I pray that South Koreans will not have bloodshed to settle this need for regime change in North Korea.  Yet I know that they along with our servicemembers there would destroy Kim Jong Un in defense.  And there are many more as support, for we do not want loss of life, we want loss of nuclear weapons.

    Jeff Sessions calls out the judges who acted in poor judgement and ruled recklessly regarding the travel ban, etc.  https://youtu.be/MZTvPSd9GwQ

    My comment:  Both far-right and far-left judges downplay the values of the individual and personal responsibility. They promote politics; reject God.  (see Michael Knows Show with Prager University) - Our President is working on abolishing extremism to draw out our finest people who have been suppressed as well as create a society wich duefully represents  our great US Constitution with the Federalist Papers.  President Trump could fire these judges - Obama fired all republican judges with his "Yes I can" attitude.  This was one of many acts of tyranic evil  which spewed out of him.  President Trump doesn't care if you are Republican or Democrat.  He wants unity yet savors diversity.  I believe that is why he  did not  place pink slips on the desks of judges like them - and this is the thanks he gets.  Pushing Obama Agenda and overriding the Constitution.
    Vice President Pence at Minot AFB in North Dakota

    @SteveMnuchin @VP @DanCarterCT @FieldMcc @AllAmericanGirl @Colonel_Ted @NRA No Mercy   No Malice: Moats and Prey


    Soon I will be sharing a separate post on JFK Files..........posted 10/27/2017…......................


    I had a much larger "Pitstop" post which I edited to make it easier for people to access the links if they were using their phones.  It is missing!  Maybe it was combined with this one.  I have been posting in October so if there are no more October dates, the other Pitstop was deleted by a hacker or Google.  I do not have any administrator other than myself, to add information from a device.  I am recovering from a dental infection and trying to take care of personal setbacks, so I do not have time to recreate it right away if it is gone.

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/16/politics/trump-niger-green-berets/index.html - Trump pays respect to fallen soldiers when Obama failed to even call Gen John F. Kelley when his son was KIA from a landmine

    The Federal Reserve Bank is not part of our Government but the Globalist The Private Bank the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Globalist and was audited in the Humanitarian Projects to $800 trillion in US taxpayer monies gained from a 1992 audit of the Federal Reserve. http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/04/federal-reserve-to-new-republic-via.html?m=1

    MAXINE WATERS JUST THREATENED TO KILL MY PRESIDENT TONIGHT? SHE ACTUALLY http://americanlookout.com/lpn-hilarioius-trumps-best-one-liner-jabs-at-hillary/?tgp=1


    Suggestion - copy and paste everything here and that way you can do search/find ...... I will keep this running but want to copy info per topic also (ie, "YouTube videos")

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    Sep 19, 2017

    This may have some useful information on it:  http://larrynichols.com/

    - but I am not a fan of Lisa Haven, of Roger Stone, Ann Coulter - and lately I have not been watching InfoWars since they posted another oddity - that Mike Pence was planning on stabbing Donad Trump in the back and run against him in 2020 - and Mike Pence had a close call with an attempted murder after  that!  #EveryWordMatters

     Outright lies about Jeff Sessions is another reason.  We are lucky to have Jeff Sessions!
    Wasn't Alex Jones a trailblazer for social media reporting?  That is what I have considered him as, and would hope he would keep improving, but there is too much drama and bad reporting.
    Dr. Michael Savage speaks about Whining Liar Hillary.    https://youtu.be/AN3jCKSn8_4

    My comment:  Paul Masgalajian  I wish I could copy and paste what you commented to put in my blog, which Google is trying to take down to MASSAGE Hillary!  Copy and paste whatever info you want from it. It may not last longer - as Truth Factory Cat (former college professor and probably ICU nurse) explains, Google and Facebook were created by CiA and woul have never got its millions and millions in investments if it was not for CIA.  Watch this video on Amazon:  Nazis and Free Masons.  France and USA started Free Masons  in the 18th Century.  Voila - French Revolution, American Revolution....France and USA sittin in a tree....next comes propaganda, then comes violence..then comes NWO in a baby carriage!

    Hillary Clinton's book, What Happened?  Mark Dice puts in a "good word", contrary to hers:  https://youtu.be/aNlRG9fl-p8

    I deleted these two links open on my tablet, they were slow opening, so I didn't want to use up mobile data to figure it out. I don't recall what they were:


    Civil Rights Lawyer says he'd be okay if SECRETARY OF EDUCATION, Betsy Devos was raped - http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/09/update-civil-rights-lawyer-resigns-telling-betsy-devos-hed-ok-sexually-assaulted/

    = FAKE NEWS!  "Real News Network" https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1424239101029248&id=100003295145458&_rdr

    The "Real News Network" promotes propaganda about Climate Change causing the Hurricanes - Propaganda should be illegal - as illegal as DACA was! http://therealnews.com/t2/story:19971:Is-the-Military-Prepared-for-Climate-Crisis%3F

    (Video of) FBI Agent Hero shares reality when it comes to Comey:  http://americantoday.news/breaking-ex-fbi-agent-just-outed-comey-in-clinton-cover-up-look-what-he-received/

    I tried to comment for Ret FBI Agent Cesar Paz yet the media venue is rigged.  It wants me to give them my Facebook password. My comment is below:

    It would be nice to see hundreds of comments, Sir, in support of your video, because this is a brave act for you to come forward.  Thank you for your 24 years of bravery in holding the country together and I hope we all enjoy seeing the FBI become the agency it was intended for - enforcing laws, administering justice.  We have a REAL director now. This is a great reason to be happy.  God bless!

    Reporter Laura Loomer @LauraLoomer does a very brave thing:  https://youtu.be/8AmRzwSngRw
          she confronts the Queen of Deceit!  Hillary Clinton
    SCOTUS supports Trump's ban of certain foreigners. https://youtu.be/UsfKr-DTxS4

    LOL, Billy Joel looks like Trump's face expression when they put his face on the train....Thank you for Supporting our REAL President, Billy Joel! Also, Paul Ryan is being squeezed out, expected to resign  (let's hope we get someone better than him)


    Satan's underground by Johnathan Michaelson

    Jennifer Lawrence doesn't get away with attacking President Trump.  Is she a Satanist?   http://illuminatiwatcher.com/illuminati-roundup-justin-bieber-jennifer-lawrence-judge-judy-and-big-brother/

    Jennifer Lawrence is going to quit acting for a while [she already has enough to live on the rest of her life!]

    Venezuelan President begins publishing oil price in Yuan: https://youtu.be/3NfH1c9Msos

    The US Army was robbed in Poland! https://youtu.be/DtU9skXB9lQ

    Watch out for fake news even from those sources you think are trustable:  Man Stumbles Upon Strange Object on beach; he's terrified when he realizes what it is.

    My comment:  I don't believe it is a shark tooth.  Just look at th straight allignments and where is the root?  And if it broke off, why would it be hollow and the outside so protected?  That looks like rotted wood and it was a piece of a building.

    Hillary Clinton Nostril Demo - Mark Dice takes a whif....lol  https://youtu.be/TsFTEGNtyU4

    Remember this?  Former VP Joe Biden encourages woman to get a shotgun...it now says she should not use an AR-15 after it...most likey tweaked...They love to pancake their crap with TECHNOCRACY as their Underground !  https://youtu.be/HHZ7zXLvOkY

    The Still Report - Trump Predicted a Crash 25 years ago.  https://youtu.be/-V4IdrRtcxA

      - Abedin's mom made sure Clinton's Saudi speech omitted 'freedom' and 'driving for women,' emails show

    Is this a precursor to a #Tsunami?  https://youtu.be/47iKnPG2hNM


    David Zublick - update on Pedogate 17Sep2017.         https://youtu.be/sihPMQgeKxw

    My comment:  I wonder if early development is caused by (mfg) baby milk. Many mothers used to feed their babies with breast milk, but not anymore. No doubt the same perverts who enjoy braless women on TV have complained about mother's breastfeeding in public. My speculation. We are narrowing down the Satanic forms of deception. They are for the most part carnal, deliberate. We are not gripped by Satan and he is NOT making the world come to an end. I don't believe that, anyway. Yet commitment to God, is commitment to man - as a contribution to society and themselves. Life is great with God as the center, whatever someone's religion is.

    Janet Cummins That's Satanic Underground social engineering - lies and deception - to fulfill what FreeMasons wanted, a One World Order. This is all man, carnal, deliberate, in my opinion.  Yet those who have God as their center not only help themselves but help society. I posted a comment but don't see it.. I saved it to put on my blog like this:.  

    David Zublick - update on Pedogate 17Sep2017.   (with this link)    https://youtu.be/sihPMQgeKxw

    My comment:  I wonder if early development is caused by (mfg) baby milk. Many mothers used to feed their babies with breast milk, but not anymore. No doubt the same perverts who enjoy braless women on TV have complained about mother's breastfeeding in public. My speculation. We are narrowing down the Satanic forms of deception. They are for the most part carnal, deliberate. We are not gripped by Satan and he is NOT making the world come to an end. I don't believe that, anyway. Yet commitment to God, is commitment to man - as a contribution to society and themselves. Life is great with God as the center, whatever someone's religion is.

    Please copy anything you want from my blog. One of my posts was taken out of my blog by Google, so I will give you that link also.
    I am disabled. I was almost killed by a sander truck that was in my lane illegally and hit me head on. Despite the probable attempted murder, the attorney and insurance made it a No Fault case to cover it up. This was the 70's. I turned 19 in the hospital. Though I tried to speak to other attorneys, they would not speak to me because his partner was President Of The Bar Association. My life has been filled with great pain, primarily because of social engineering. My dad was murdered by my brother and a pedophile priest from Albany, NY - David Bentley. He molested children for 19 years yet Bishop accountability changed the facts. About 26 victims came forward to the church, most or all filed a lawsuit. So they hid Bentley in New Mexico when and only when the lawsuit was filed, since Pope Paul made Pope Benedict (who was then handling all complaints on the church - see my notes on the video on my blog) to not take the action he wanted to take, to eradicate the disgusting pedophiles.

    Be vigilant with scammers, David T says. https://youtu.be/5am3D_c6_hA

    Toni and Dave in the Kibitz Room....yum! https://youtu.be/axJwpynokZs

    Breaking News, to include a really great expert, Gordon Chang. He wrote "Nuclear Showdown"

     - News Headlines for Sep 18

    It's 4am and I still haven't gone to bed yet. I'm having alot off personal issues. I will post this link in my blog, but wish I could type the headlines. people can make one document and accumulated info which cannot be obtained through Google due to algarhythms.  You can search words & phrases and find info that at may lead to significant research. I will post also on my Facebook and Twitter.
    Trump meets with DNC to discuss immigration https://www.numbersusa.com/news/trump-meets-dem-leadership-discuss-immigration?platform=hootsuite

    Mark Dice reports: Trump Retweet Causes Chaos:   https://youtu.be/-XPiw9PC1Cc

    My comment: Mark Dice This video looks more like Ambassador Haley from the back. The hair doesn't match up. A Dr. Kelly Ward in AZ went by www.kaydaly.com to run against fossil John McCain. She actually piggy-backed Joe Arpaio and campaigned for 💰 - which she may have expected scraps from without Sheriff Joe's knowledge. What a chintsy way to approach the public and I sad that....And Ambassador Haley was invited by the public to step down when she whined about Kim Jong Un ruining her vacation in July. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/nikki-haley-picked-the-wrong-day-to-complain-about-her-job_us_595c4bb7e4b05c37bb808bf0
        - hmmmm
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    Part of rebuilding New Orleans caused residents often to be challenged with the task of tracing home titles back potentially hundreds of years. With a community rich with history stretching back over two centuries, houses have been passed along through generations of family, sometimes making it quite difficult to establish ownership. Here's a great letter an

     attorney wrote to the FHA on behalf of a client:

    You have to love this lawyer... 

    A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client. He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the lawyer three months to track down. After sending

     the information to the FHA, he received the following reply:

    (reply from FHA):

    "Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803. Before final approval can be

     accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin."

    Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows:

    "Your letter regarding title in Case No.189156 has been received. I note you wish to have title extended further than the 206 years covered by the present application. I was unaware any educated person in this country, particularly those working in the property area, would not know

     Louisiana was purchased by the United States from France in 1803, the year of origin identified in our application.

    For the edification of uninformed FHA bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to U.S. ownership was obtained from France, which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain.

    The land came into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch, Queen Isabella. The good Queen Isabella, being a pious woman
    and almost as careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus's expedition.

    Now the Pope, as I'm sure you may know, is the emissary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and God, it is commonly

     accepted, created this world. Therefore, I believe it is safe to presume God also made the part of the world called Louisiana. God, therefore, would be the owner of origin and His origins date back to before the beginning of time, the world as we know it, and the FHA. I hope you find God's original claim to be satisfactory. Now, may we have our loan?"
    The loan was immediately approved.



    ....I am adding a little more before close of day

    https://youtu.be/agQgA-zPMVU Hurricanes compared 2017 and 2010, and more....

    Florida coasts left in shambles from Hurricane Irma  - https://www.cbsnews.com/videos/floridas-coastal-cities-left-in-shambles-after-hurricane-irma/

    Want to be that boyfriend who follows his girlfriend and holds her handbag?  Obama Sissy boy Workout:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nRYuVZbYUaA

    Dr. of Common Sense on Sissy Obama workout:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nVciW_oRXVA
    - FAKE, Gay Obama!

    "Barack Obama teaching young men how to be great fathers is like Pee Wee Herman teaching Mohamad Ali how to box!" Dr. of Common Sense   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kx6QSNStSc

    Obama Is Mr. Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender President
    The Doctor Of Common Sense 166,614 views
    Published on Jun 21, 2014Obama Is Mr. Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender President, I'm Teaching Manly Classes, Mr. Bend Me Ova and Ova






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    Twitter: @Commonsense39

    Abel Danger links Serco's demon city guilds to Clinton Pedophilia child trafficking:  https://youtu.be/PmJMzQ4vabU

    Shock Report, one third of US Gov employees are Satanic Pedophiles.  David Zublick Reports.  https://youtu.be/jmKzQwriRAs

    President Trump's Sep 11 Speech - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dnssu5mZ0-4
    Exclusive, 'dicey' interview of CNN reporter shared by Mark Dice..LOL

    his store is here:  www.teespring.com/orders/MarkDice551

    Net4Truth - Cov fefe with Dave, YouTube says STOP CALLING OBAMA PRESIDENT!

    Published on Sep 11, 2017I wish people would STOP referring to Obama as "Former PRESIDENT" - He was NEVER the president.
    Comey NEVER INTENDED to prosecute the Hilldebeest - wrote Amicus brief exonerating her MONTHS before the bogus "investigation" even started.





    Imran Awan didn't try to flee to Pakistan to avoid justice; he was running from the Clinton hit squad... planted laptop DWS was trying to get back, for DC police & FBI to find, along with letter.


    Soros buying local elections

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    -  Fake daughters of Obamas

    Cov fefe with (Coffee with) Dave T on YouTube talks about the Hillary's stupid tour promoting her stupid book titled "What Happened"  - what a freaking idiot who  is only a career criminal!  https://youtu.be/v9iEYojeH8Y

    My comment:   Stormy   I disagree because anyone who purchases her book is not doing ANYONE any good - it is intellectual POLLUTION.  Nobody should buy it.  Only a few hundred if that were attending her rallies and those who did show were probably paid.  She cancelled rallies.  She had a double posing as her speak at rallies.  She is the slimiest scumbag who murdered over 3,000 people on Sep 11 and got everyone to hate Muslims so she and John McCain and their entrourage could make the Muslims think THEY are their friends.  Search Field McConnell AV 7 www.abeldanger.net/  www.appleofmyeyes.org  and  hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org  and www.net34truthusa.com  -  copy and paste what you want from the apple blogs.  Google is keeping me from being able to pay for the domain so they can shut it down for Crooked Hllary, et al.  I cannot even access HRCWikiLeaks which WAS a post published in my blog.  Google moved my blog so I could no longer find it when I searched "find my domain" and I spend hours wth Google just to find out how to access my domain but they said it was "find my blog" once they found it and trouble shooted it. It was supposed to be accessible through my email, but was not. A $12/year blog of notes - and they just can't stand it that I share it for others who have real websites and can attract a lot more people.  How discusting of Goole - and proof that they are catering to crooked CIA operatives.   Because the money gets handed to them. They do not earn it.

    Next News reports:  Former Clinton Fundraiser says Hillary is a piece of crap....

    @Lincaustin is reporting for Gary Franchi
    Dr. of Common Sense has also been reporting for Gary Franchi, does excellent job - follow his channel

    My Comment:  Deplorable Rob  Feed the Sep 11 planner to Irma!  Search Field McConnell AV7 and watch that video.  Hillary and John McCain planned 9/11 - NOT the Muslims, which they wanted everyone to hate.  Psy Ops have infiltrated our society and are manipulating with people to get their own way . So beware of this.  Donald Trump has been attacked by the losers every since he won by an overwhelming margin - once the fraudulent votes were peeled away by Project Veritas.  Anyone surprised? Only a few hundred would show for her rallies, if that. And they were probably paid!  And Hillary had doubles like the celebrities use - do her rallies!  She is a FRAUD!  Just like her father. Just like Soros.  Just like Chelsea's father in law and Chelsea is following her footsteps.  Chelsea is a lesbian.  She has a CONVENIENT MARRIAGE just like Hillar and Bill.  Chelsea's real father is Web Hubbell.  Apparently nobody could look as good as Hillary so she banged a reeptilian.  Danny Williams is Bill Clinton's son - he doesn't have anything to do with him because he is BLACK and the only tme Clintons are nice to blacks is for political advantage.  Oprah didn't care.  Oprah used cocaine. Oprah loves money. As long as she had both of those, including attending the perverted Trinity Church which perverted Obamas went to - everything was fine with her. She would just keep playing the game.  HURRY - get as many notes as you can because Google is trying to shut down my domain to keep people from checking my notes!  You will see in a comment.  I pasted the chat but it is very spread out  - not as I pasted it.  www.appleofmyeyes.org and hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org

    Hurrican Irma Update:  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/weather/hurricane/os-hurricane-irma-sunday-mainbar-20170909-story.html



    Shared on Facebook, Trumpers of CT.
    German Michael Mannheimer claims this is the problem:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qEhLGLZ4I2g&feature=youtu.be

    Mr. Mannheimer is an atheist.  He was living in a Budhist community before returning to Germany.  He is NOT a spiritual person and seems to border Satanism. Psy Ops are generated by the Satanic Underground/Illuminati.   HE claims there is a socialist agenda against the white ethnics - Hitler was promoting ONLY whites with blue eyes and blond hair.  This agenda is obviously  created by psy ops who could give a crap on right and wrong.  They just want a WWIII  - a NWO.  They are obsessed in getting this globalist agenda to work.  Rothschilds own TRILLIONS in the world.  They caused Britain to collapse economically when they used propoganda to make people believe a war was coming when it was not and all markets dropped, which gave them opportunity to buy everything up and say, 'ha ha we fooled you and now we own everything'.  That is just a piece of the criminal pie going on.  copy and paste whatever notes may interest you - all of them, for all I care in this blog or
    http://hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org. Hurry, because Google is trying to remove my blog - HRCWikiLeaks was one of my posts - they moved it to a different location and I cannot edit it.  Whatever, I thought - but Google is trying to steal my domain so people cannot check it out anymore. I am just one person. Fighting alot of corruption in my life.  How many notes can I really share?  Well, I do have a number accumulated on my laptop but it is difficult to get things done because when I am on public wifi, I am hacked all the time.  I use my tablet often, but it is hacked also. I had a great Samsung phone - which vibrated out of my hand, down two stories, and got destroyed just a few weeks after enjoying a protected phone.  I know what caused it.  I got a "free iPhone" offer at 3 a.m. which turned out to be a scam.  They obviously took control of my phone after that.  Just hours later my phone vibrated out of my hand when I was taking sky pictures, though I have been doing that since Jan 2014.  I will do what I can when I can.
    My comments: (facebook) The real problem includes:  1. Hillary Clinton and John McCain planned 9/11, 2. Psy Ops are manipulating Muslims because they found them to be easy to mess with for a New World Order Agenda, 3. False Flag Events like Sandy Hook Shooting are ruining the economy and society at large, 4. Every person who takes their eye off the ball is becoming part of the problem unintentionally

    (YouTube)  Kim Jong Un's father sent him to Swedish boarding schools and his mother (one of the four women he had children by) oftentimes went there to visit him, especially when he was in elementary school.  I think his mother was a dancer.  Chinese President Xi JinPing's wife is in entertainment. She is a professional singer. It may possibly be that Germany is seeking to attack USA even though USA has a base or bases in Germany still.  This is what Obama has been working on with his plannters.  He is a Communist puppet.

    (YouTube) People fail to see the forest among the trees.  This is not about Islam. It i about social control.  Muslims were the easiest large group to control.  This is about the NWO agenda. The Satanic Underground. The Illuminati  The child traffickers. The drug traffickers.  Both of which Clintons are and have been for decades.  But there are many more criminals who also enjoy political power and nobody cares.  Socialism is only as good as people allow it to be.  Here we have a Federal Republic and we allow Communisim/Socialism to take its grip because of greed for money and power and lack of real purpose.  We have a Real President in USA now.  It isn't going to happen now.  Many of us wish these crooks would be taken off the streets.  This will soon happen now that we have a real FBI Director, who should have special protection himself now.  Christopher Wray and Jeff Sessions will clean house because they have been creating a personnel chain of command that will get the job done.  For Justice to be administered.

    (YouTube) Mr. Mannheimer is obviously a psy op - that is how Rothschils and other globalists are pushing ther globalist ONE WORLD ORDER agenda!  Want to find out what he is about?  First find out who funds HIM.

    Irma attacks Tampa, 2 million without power. Dahboo7 reports. https://youtu.be/XvdalIASU2s

     - Paul Ryan may be on his way out.
     wouldn't be surprised to find out Paul Ryan is part of the witch hunt against Benjamin Netanyahu!!!!!

    DOJ fired all leftover Obama appointees who didn't want to leave on their own accord because they wanted to cause trouble to help scumbag OCraphead. ....DOJ indicts Clinton Foundation now that pedophile Comey and Bribe taker McCabe are gone and we have a real Director of FBI, Christopher Wray! God bless him! God bless Jeff Sessions!

    Now that we have a real FBI Director and a real AG, our DOJ is going to be working full speed ahead! Please pray for them! FBI agents are coming forward to expose the corruption now that we have real leadership!

    My comment:  If Comey had any decency, he would have indicted his predecessors! Christopher Wray has a huge mess, only been in office a few weeks, and look at him go! Prayers for Hon. Wray and Hon. Sessions! We have a real DOJ now! These hurricanes overlapping (Jose, Katiana, Irma, Harvey) are NUCLEAR! NOT natural, but man made by the "Al Gore Rhythms"!  Dr. Michael Savage came up with that phrase. DNC needs to purge their party of criminals!

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    Yellowstone Volcano at risk because NASA wants to drill a hole in it "to relieve pressure" which most likely will cause it to erupt and destroy this country.  https://youtu.be/HHGhdus5-4A

    Gary Franchi on Next News reports that President Trump's Administration is ending DACA.

    My Comment: President Trump is ending the DACA Program!!! Awesome!  His administration is fixing our nation from inside-out!  Praise God!  Let's cherish and use today, National Day Of Prayer, to thank God for those whose lives have been lost - yet President Trump accosts - he makes even these losses have value!  We are truly on our way to healing, restoring!


    Posted on Al Torres FB as a comment to his Sierra Twist post
    There once was a girl named Miss Twist
    She believed in communication with the Fist
    Her dates were devine, but couldn't help whine
    when they weren't kissed; and she racked up a list
    Ten years later she Miss Twist turned to Missed Twist

    Mueller colluding with NY AG, Eric Schneiderman. Anyone surprised? Mueller is a mafia operative. Mueller colluded with Whitney Bulger when AG in Boston, MA.

    Who is the real Bishop Hanna?


    -list of Bishop's in Syrian Catholic Church
         No Hanna listed, but they report Syrian President Assad is appreciated by Bishop Hanna, preserving Christianity



     Money Masters interviews Bill Holter about why he believes the economy is going to hit a crash in the next few months. His website is

    We need to be cautious with our spending and live within our means.

    Senator Warren grills Dr. Carson. What she says blows back in her face!

         I can't share the link...this is Wikipolitics and title begins with  "Ben Carson fends off every attack"

     My comment: Warren is the one without good faith! She is the one who is absurd! Her questions to Dr Carson are absurd, even illegal! Why isn't anyone calling her out for her prejudice? She admits "our own negligence" by having kids in Boston to live in lead-infested homes! Time to fine their housing! And Elizabeth Warren has herself to thank!


    I met Mike through Michael Shainblum who is an astrophotographer. Michael Shainblum is so busy he removed a lot of fans like me.  Mike Nelson is very busy too. He is now happily married, a father, and instructor at Sammy's Camera.


    9/6/2017 - "It's time for us to come together" - remove corrupted officials, build jobs, build USA #MAGA  https://youtu.be/vtMeQ4CwUas

    - 22 times of Obama lies about immigration reform, "We have to follow the law" and completely the opposite of what he did when he issued DACA.

    Who are the Silicon Valley PayPal Funders?  Where are they from? Are Google and Facebook CIA tools?


    btw, if you seek to finance your Made In USA Motorola, fear not, because a PayPal Ukranian offers the financing after he, of course, can mess with your personal information to manipulate your life.
    Abel Danger/Command of SERCO's Digital Fires with Kim Jong Un:   https://youtu.be/cw3NExNE2-E

    1.  Raytheon, Haarp, Rothschild, Rockefeller - so they are the ones using the weather as a weapon?  I sure believed the weather was used as a weapon.  Referenced: SERCO, AMAC, Canada, The Brits...vs apparently Agent 66...Field: I don't go to church anymore since I found out about 501-3c" .."If we could straighten out the military, they could be used as a defensive force for good rather than an evil offensive, which goes on now"

    2.  Obama ordered EXTORTION 17.  Leon Ponetta carried it out. Also involved, LTC Thomas Rickard, Martin Demsey. The four-star Generals from Westpoint that covered up the murder of Pat Tillman were Dempsey, Petraeus, Cody, and Abizad.

    3.  My comment: Any chance you have taken a look at the murder of General  Green, who had a bachelor's degree and two master's - murdered in Afghanistan while Ordiermo and other soldiers all stood there not fighting and getting non-lifethreatening bullets to "prove" how "brave" they were?

    4.  Re:  at 1:14:20....The Boston Tea Party was a result of propoganda. Here US was already taxing its citizens and they did not want to pay a miniscule tax on East India tea , 2 cents to a pound , which is a huge amount of tea.  Nothing tyranical about that.  The FreeMason members were the ones who spurred the revolution. Completely avoidable, and also poses refelection on why we had a civil war - even though slavery was already abolished in UK, but that info was withheld from fighting ctizens.  Go Figure.

    Seal Team 6 - prepare to assassinate Kim Jong Un if necessary    https://youtu.be/NlLYe0exOiI
    What I am perplexed about is when Seal Team 6 THOUGHT it was bin Laden, and reported to Obama they had him for the THIRD or more time (Obama issued stand downs before and really pissed off the top brass of the military, which is why he fired a large number of top brass generals, admirals) - did Obama have a plan to replace bin Laden at the last minute with a double?  There is word that Seal Team 6 were going to go public and claim that it was Not bin Laden, as they found out from medical/dna confirmations.  Yet, on a military blog, one military blogger assured me that they would have checked everywhere for binLaden and if he was hiding somewhere - as Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein did, they would have found him.  Their mission was thorough.  From the time they told Obama that they had him to the time they killed him, he had nowhere to hide and not be found.  Yet all of the Seal Team 6 members were murdered.....some say Obama is bin Laden.  Will DOJ be able to get a real biological sample of Obama and do an investigation - even if it is just a mouth swab?  Most of us would like to know who he really is. The fact that our prior Presidents have ALLOWED Kim Jong Un to violate the Nuke Treaty signed by Kim Jong Un's father, will or maybe has, come under scrutiny.  This is a very complicated issue.  Yet  the real icing on the cake are the nuke threats.  It could be insider psy ops are messing with Kim Jong Un - and  emphasizing the David and Goliath story, making him believe that even though they are little, they can beat USA.  He is committing suicide of all his if he attempts to attack.  I am glad Seal Team 6 is training for this operation.  Yet it did not need to be reported, I know the military are using every offensive possible. They have already proven this - and China and Russia and others have been engaged.  Someone close to Kim Jong Un needs to tell him, "Don't be stupid".

     - Bono on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show....degrades President Trump and glorfies the murderers:  Clintons, Obamas, Soros, etc.  I got mad!
    YET BONO SUPPORTS SERIAL KILLER OBAMA, AND CLINTON AND MCCAIN WHO PLANNED 9/11 and got socety to be mad at the so THEY could be phoney friends to the Muslims by defending them even though they killed them and had them blamed for what they did.  Real patriotic ideology alright - NOT!  Search Field McConnell AV7 - Google is messing with my blog of information that I have spent months on to help the crooked Clinton Cash Machine- Crooked Soros - Crooked FAKE, Illegals Obamas - and more.  You say your are American Patriot? This is NOT nor will it ever be a communist country no matter how hard you try!

    AP September 9, 2017, 7:21 PM.    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/eric-bollings-son-dies-19-year-old/

    Eric Bolling's 19-year-old son dies hours after Fox announced departure

    Shared on blog:  9/9/2017

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    Mark Dice The Gov of Oregon who declares her bisexuality as some sort of Soros-freedom,  won the election with help of her AG-made girlfriend whose media husband slandered the prior governor in a smear campaign and his reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for it. wtf

    Trey Gowdy conducts hearing with a brain-dead DHS employee who doesn't know how to do her job and has smerk on her face that really needs to wiped off!  She must be an Obama leftover = puke!  https://youtu.be/AVikCI-1swA

     - Canadian economist Jeff Nielson predicts a crash in the next 2-3 months....get your daisies out and start plucking!  (he loves me, loves me not...lol)
    Here is one of the two references.  To be accessible. I will post the other as well. http://bullionbullscanada.com/


    Breaking, Investigation to restart on Clinton and Comey-Gotcha News Channel https://youtu.be/KsfC-x-31fA

    And This supports Gotcha News, Gary Franchi of Next News Reports on this channel: https://youtu.be/ADZ-0r7TZ88

    HAARP, anyone?  http://vlf.stanford.edu/research/experiments-haarp-ionospheric-heater

    It's official, Antifa are terrorists according to DHS:  https://youtu.be/sQHanFO9CV4

    P L E A S E  - Sign and share this petition!   https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-george-soros-terrorist-and-seize-all-his-related-organizations-assets-under-rico-and-ndaa-law
    Dahboo7 informed me of this petition: https://youtu.be/yyiDR_ryeto

    My comment: Zyzyzx Zyzer KHAZARIAN MAFIA/ZIONISTS are like the ISIS of Islam. The Mafia infiltrate the Catholic Church.  The SATANIC UNDERGROUND UNIFIES ALL THESE CORRUPTED ORGANIZATIONS, including FreeMasons, Malta, etc. That is my observation.
    My comment:     Jimmy Fallon DID NOT defend Hillary - he is Republican, Mark Dice.  I know he teeter-tatters with some of his lines, but that is show-bizz. That is the dynamic he is in and NBC would make life particularly difficult for him if he did not appease the crybabies now and then. More now, than then. Whatever. Maybe it prevents them from hiring more violent people to hurt the Trump administration.  Feeding egos!  Feeding narcissism!  And alot of them are Satanists.

    https://youtu.be/o5bNWea0mgw - Thank you's from President and First Lady for helping TX and Louisiana - added comment by Vice President

    Mark Dice says Jimmy Fallon rips Electoral College at Golden Globes:  https://youtu.be/wnKgpYCXBqE

    My comment: Steve Austin   That isn't true!  Use your head, for God's sake. Jimmy Fallon is feeding the narcissists. They get pissed at any plug he gave President Trump - yet who won both the popular vote and electoral vote?  President Trump. These blood-thirsty liberal narcissists will soon realize their own demise as justice really works like a fine-tuned machine now that Christopher Wray is FBI Director.  It is not easy firing people because lawsuits arise no matter what - after all, Obama has peed on every tree across the country with judges that impede justice.  But not all of them are snowflakes. AND - big changes will soon come.  Rather than fire all the federal judges like Tyrant Obama did when he started office, the Trump administration is evaluating the individuals using a set ofprinciples - NOT parties.  If you said you stood up to people at work every time you disagreed with them, you would be lying, I am sure.  And you most likely have incidences in which you found if you can't beat'em, join 'em.  Just listen to specfically what Jimmy says.  It may be dicey, but it is NOT throwing Trump under the bus. It is show  bizz.

    Rep Adam Schiff introduces a bill that will literally put President Trump's life in danger.  I smell Obstruction of Justice!  https://youtu.be/3EOlmhtKEvE

    This bill has to do with budgeting the Secret Service - Shifty Schif wants President Trump to be punished for the Obama Deceptions, fraud, etc.

    My comment: Lack of a full force of Secret Service is why there was so much overtime in Obama Administration.  Delusional drug-user Obama was wrongfully firing devoted, talented officers. And some were being murdered. Nothing like a repututation for Murderer in Chief to discourage talent from applying for Secret Service. His paranoia was also an issue because he is a crook and doesn't want his own law enforcement to enforce the law - any more than Bill  Clinton did.  Now that we have a real President, this issue will is being ironed out.  Yet President Trump has taken on a whole lot of problems which Obama caused - lack of paying Secret Service overtime was one of them!  Maybe some did not deserve it, yet they would be the first Obama would have paid.

    American Freedom Alliance Conference. Four-star admiral expresses disgust in Congress ignoring 14 impeachable offenses caused by Obama ....passing bills to fund his terrorist plan to put Draconian Shariah Law in place.Yet he claims there is no radical Islam - that all Islam is radical because they want to take over the country.  I believe that is a misconception created by psy-ops. It is almost hypocritical because why is it okay for Christian Missionaries to go to other countries - even China - and seek to deliberately convert the people, yet if Muslims try that, they are considered radicals. That is not what radical Islam is!  Not in my opinion  But don't forget the American CIA psy-ops that have put their dirty hands into creating thi chaos. How long have Muslims lived in USA and nobody has bothered them? In fact currently, there is MORE controversy over ALL Muslims than there is on the Satanic Underground which are pedophiles, perverts, murderers, cannibals, etc.  Where is the balance?  I do not believe this is the general's fault.  In fact, Obama enjoys him saying these things because he loves chaos and hates stability  Most likely that belief system was perpetrated by psy-ops.  There are great CIA agents also.  In fact, currently a former CIA agent has announced that he is soon publishing a book on pedophilia which he guarantees will be the best resource in this country - maybe the world. I have his name and other notes in this blog somewhere.  Probably also in Pit Stop.  But there seems to be a group that have been Satanic in nature and that group continues to exist.  This admiral's speech has great value in spite of these differences of opinion because his message centers on

    Unit Readiness
    Destruction of unit cohesiveness, patriotism, and even the will to win

     - Breaking Susan Rice Treason Trump Outs Obama Moles
    Federico spoke so well of Jeff Sessions in this video - yet Federico oddly turned into one of the rats he described and has  joined a coup against Jeff Sessions. I unsubscribed because of this yet still views his videos from time to time because he is a very talented man and has the ability to draw people in an no doubt he loves people.  Yet I believe psy -ops are attacking him in his life and he does not realize it.  I hope he is able to identify the real enemies within.There is no such thing as Isreal collaborating with Saudi Arabia, like Federico said may be a concern of Jared Kushner.  Isreal is guarded against Saudi Arabia because they fund Palestinian terrorism and even boast about it.  I totally agree with 95% of what he has said on this video and it is wonderful, including about Julian Assange.  Yet I hope the deceivers near him are identified.  May God give Federico the  discernment he needs, as a professional celebrity who is most likely being 'attacked' by insiders.
    Truth Factory Cat sings a Conspiracy Song to mainly "We Didn't Start The Fire" tune.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++9/2/2017 shared on blog++++++++++++++++++

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    Dr. Sebastian Gorka says himself, to Dr. Savage Radio, that he resigned. He was being constantly threatened in private life, which was a great security risk to him and his family.  The media badgered him, slandered him, tried to frame his job a joke as if he was President Obama.  Here is the interview, video is about 20 minutes:

    #JamielShaw spoke to Congress as guest speaker.  His son was murdered by an #illegalimmigrant

    https://youtu.be/oMvHeM8oZ00 - Fake Russian Collusion Investigation
    My Comment:  "I'm not worried about the crime issue; this thing is just dragging on and on"  - what a stupid thing to say by Congressman Ron DeSantis. I don't know if he is republican or democrat. It doesn't matter. He's a moron!  Re:  Two Year Mueller Investigation on Fake Russian Collusion - MAKE THESE MORONS PAY FOR WASTING TAXPAYOR MONEY!

    What the heck??? These "Christians" claim Russian Collusion Confirmed????  Don't believe it!  https://www.christiannewsalerts.com/russian-collusion-confirmed/

    This video is 52 minutes, made in 2012, I believe.  He thinks Obama is Osama. I saw this before but am revisiting it because Mueller is in this. I did not agree with this guy's assumptions, but I know Obama went to Pakistan to create al Qaeda and Occidental College ccovered for him.  https://youtu.be/8Q79usb_2eg

    I agree; Hllary opened the doors to everything and it's like Comey-moron says the doors don't exist!

    I don't get it; Imran Iwan and his brothers abandoned the house they were living in, leaving a smashed computer in it. He must be out on bail, so how can he even touch a computer now?

    North Korea cancels attack Guam!  Maybe Kim Jong Un will decide to talk to President Trump!  https://youtu.be/7ORrTsuo10I

    Search:  Operation Pig balls Hillary Clinton Field McConnell
    Here is an example of results:

    Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation
    11 months ago ·788 Views

    Serco Banks On Clinton Kill List – 8(a) Corinthia DDOS 9/11 – Pentagon Navy Zulu Drone
    Serco shareholders, including the British and the Saudi Arabian governments, appointed HSBC as banker custodian of a global kill list, managed by insiders of the Clinton Foundation for its pay to play donors. Serco built an 8(a) server network to support the targeted killings and distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks of 9/11 by the owners, guests and patrons of elite hotels including HRH Prince Philip – the former Grand Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators – who opened the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta in 1968. Serco used Zulu timing signals to guide a drone into the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11 and eliminate what the UK Cabinet Office saw as a threat to its control over maritime law or as Henry VIII put it “The Judgment of the sea, of Masters, of Mariners, and Merchants, and all their doings.” Field McConnell has informed Trump, Dunford, Seattle, Houston, Milwaukee and Phoenix and Operation BOLD LION is effecting change

    Like2 Mosmoke&Mirrors Denise McConnell

    The following are captions of just SOME of the videos involving Operation Pig Balls
    Operation BOLD LION Drops Hillary

    The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. G: Field McConnell + Operation BOLD LION + pastel + IOC Three years ago Abel Danger told 5 FBI offices about Hillary in Operation BOLD LION. Houston, Seattle, Phoenix, Milwaukee and [ redacted ]

    Like2 Mosmoke&Mirrors Denise McConnell

    McConnell, Operation YEW TREE, Ends UK Cabal Stranglehold
    G: Operation YEW TREE + Abel Danger + Jimmy Savile + David Cameron why did David Cameron resign his PM seat while Q MINUS was at Yew Tree?
    Like3 Mosmoke&Mirrors Stardust Denise McConnell

    LEMON SQUEEZE Pisses On UK Cabal Controlling America

    G: Hillary + Drone History + FAT ASS + Hillary + LEMON SQUEEZE + 9/11 + Goldman Sachs + Warren Buffett

    PIGS BALLS On Menu as Shadow Government Gets Porked

    G: Shadow Government + United States Senior Executive Service + FIELD MCCONNELL
    Like3 Mosmoke&Mirrors Stardust Denise McConnell
    Operation PIG BALLS Porks Hillary-Marcy

    G: Operation PIG BALLS + Hillary + 9/11 + Kristine Marcy + FIELD MCCONNELL

    ++++++   +++++++   +++++++   ++++++
    My notes from just this one video I watched tonight
    Reminder:  Search Operation Pig Balls Hillary Clinton Field McConnell
    Kristine Marcy was COO of SBA.They picked up $800M to $1B from Pentagon's Navy Command Center

    They had a $17B portfolio with companies that could potentially attack USA on 9/11 :


    Lockheed Martin

    Northrup ------- , etc

    The 9/11 planes were flown remotely by other aircraft in the vicinity.

    E4 B's - were modified by this company:  Innoventor. Kristine Marcy contracted them. Use of "cesium clocks" mentioned (not sure of spelling)

    They called 9/11 a "Denial of Service Attack" - Pentagon Command Center was reprogrammed to recognize foe as a friend - flying aircraft. They recognized the plane/drone that attacked the Pentagon as a friend.

    Daniel Lewin - key resource for planning 9/11. He was on Flight 11 American Airlines. They probably shot him on the plane to make sure he died. Lewin was involved with counter intelligence. He worked with Israeli Def Forces. PhD at MIT.  MIT is an  odd place to use as roots for dealing with Intell. For instance, John Noyche - prof; Thermodynamics expert.  He created the Special Forces Demo Kits that were used to wire the WTCs for demolition.  Lewin boarded Flt 11 at Logan Airport in Boston, MA.  A certain man was designated to kill him, as greatly speculated. Satan Al Sukami murdered Daniel Lewin.  Sukami got his visa in Dubai.

    This company was a key player to 9/11:  Amacai
    They are an internet content provider which provides service to all countries in the world.
    HSBC - Hangshai Bank Corp
    Corinthia Hotel Server network was accessible by Prince Phillip.  he opened the first Corinthia Hotel i 1968  Prince Andrew was intended to take over the Corinthia Hotels.
    The Knights of Malta - the were awarded the George Cross For Service Medal in WWII.  Yet, they may have contributed to 9/11.  ( wonder if "ww" ever means the value of "9")
    Mentioned - "Lesbian Guilds Pedophile Hosts,,,"
    BEI Industries - mfg missiles (patented by Hillary Clinton)

    Isaiah 40:31
    Prov 40:21 (?) The wicked man....
    Zeph 3:17

    Daniel Hodges - USS Pueblo
    Serco Shareholders included Britain and Saudi Arabia
    HSBC shareholders appointed a kill list; managed by the Clinton Foundation for pay to play donors
    1960's fim (sounded like) Abel Traitor - informs you of the secrets of WWII
    RCAGB - 1929 (prior name of Serco). They were  communications for  attack on Pearl Harbor.
    Question:  How could Serco control so many and keep them silent on 9/11?
    1917 - British Navy had the world's first aircraft carrier. Treasonists transferred all design concepts to the Imperial Japanese Navy through Lord Alfred Semphill.  He taught them how t launc an attack on US.

    Two Banks
    HSBC & Rosthchild - financed Japanese Aircraft carriers
    Pearl Harbor - designate to "test American weaknessse ad defenses"
    William Stevensen - instructed by Churchill to carry America into the war.  So Stevense wrote the script to attack Pearl Harbor.
    Admiral T. Law
    Sir Walter Rally:  whoever controls the oceans, controls....the riches of the world themselves.
    US Navy was becoming powerful. Other countries wanted to destroy its command center. 9/11 camouflage of an exercise to check out whether you can resist the
    Denial Of Service Attack

    Daniel Lewen.  Said it was best to attack from inside-out.  Domestic enemy:  Clinton Foundation
    +++++ ++++++ ++++++
    Hotel Patrons were Kristine Marcy's focus
    Setting up 9/11

    Prince Andrew went to Epstein's orgy island

    A drone was being constructed to attack the Command Center on 9/11
    Royal Navy stopped the slave trade

    US is becoming a racketeering model
    Task Force 50 - set up to prosecute ISIS
    Reason Bush read the goat story to children - the people putting on the conspiracy wanted to humiliate him.

    Perrim AFB - only place to learn to fly F102's. Was shut down William Dittmer & GW Bush went there for training at the same time.

    Anabon Rites Radio Show

    Kritine Marcy used marshals & USMCs when she filed bankruptcy. They used marshals, USMCs. Paid through Serco & Rothschilds & HSBC.  ######## end #############

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    POSTED 8/30/2017


     - Reporting on N Korea w panic tone, yet Rex Tillerson claims to to stay calm
    Rex Tillerson is having lunch with President Trump.  This country has enemies within which this country seems to SAVOR  - because scandal brings business.  They are probably funding  N Korea - why is Kim Jong Un all of the sudden becoming aggressive?  China sanctioned N Korea and your news fails to report that!  Also President Xi Jin Ping has told Kim Jong Un that they are aganst his actions. Cut off the Americans (Soros, Clintons, Obamas probably) who are funding N Korea!

    InfoWars says: Cardinal Pell is just one of 8,000 priests accused of pedphilia https://youtu.be/i68y-b5f5HI

    Whoever named the organization - SNAP - the same thing as the food stamp program - may be on the wrong side. It could be a psy-op tactic and no doubt could be used in court- claiming everyone hears "SNAP" frequently,which would diminish its purpose.

    InfoWars shares more about pedophilia,but I needed to make the following comment. https://youtu.be/2zbfOwIlbU4

    I do not believe that Prince Charles or anyone else in the immediate Monarchy are perverted.  They are Christians struggling in an oftehtimes  unChristian world. They make their personal mistakes and they fix it. Nevertheless, we should be respecting their privacy.  They  get so little of that opportunity. CPO.org is a Christian supply organization of which I have had the pleasure of purchasing items through, including the book,  "The Servant Queen".  I have an ancester who shot President Garfield.  Ihave ancesters who were missionaries and so forth.  My father was an orphan who was abused in a foster home. He said the Catholic orphanage was okay to him.  How this pedophilia ravaged the Catholic Church is what I would like to know.

    My notes from this video.

    Robert David Steele,
    Former CIA agent. Mentions many things.  Though the name of the book was missed in conversation, he will be publishing a book online, as of this video- so it may exist right now. This book will be the best resource on pedophilia - he guarantees it.


    Try this:  https://globalfreedommovement.org/robert-david-steele-ex-cia-agent-on-the-political-pedophilia-epidemic-episode-65-gfm-media/

    I don't like how he depicts an eagle as if it is a rapist, captioning it as:  One bird, two wings, same crap

    This has a video or videos:  http://robertdavidsteele.com/appearances/audio-visual-interviews/
       Much of it is covering the Las Vegas Shooting - not 9/11, Orlando shooting, church shootings, work shootings, etc. 

    There are MANY VIDEOS on this link, AND I suggest anyone who has the time to spend the time before deciding on their impression of this complicated former CIA agent. 

    I think comments may be disabled for them all. 

    But they have an email address:   contact@unrigged.net  

    This one is off the website. It is an introduction reflecting why they are formed.  Emphasis on diversity as well as developing legitimate solutions to take the huge wrinkles out in this government.  The need to hold real elections and vote for competent politicians. 

       What is a bit creepy about this link is - if you search this on Google, you get a website that covers Mysticism FOR A PRICE - with podcasts and things. And DNA doesn't mean DNA. It is some kind of method to become more "aware".    Why would he he name a pedophilia blog/book this?  Maybe there is something else he has created but I cannot find it. 

    Mr.Steele is a Commissioner on International Tribunal of Justice. Sasha Stone and Cynthia McKinney are also in this Tribunal. #unrig - this is their hashtag which has a wealth of info.
    The military have participated in child trafficking. Col Briggs recognizes a Sadochistic Nazi Disease.
    David Talbot is an expert on mind control.

    There is the Knights of Malta & FreeMasons - they use blackmail and bribery.


    The Clarion Project speaks about Muslim Supremists. My comment below.

    The Catholic  Church,which is where the Satanic Underground began is also very dangerous  to the world. Pope Francis replaced Pope Benedict because Pope Benedict was the real fighter against pedophilia and corruption, yet was restricted by Pope Paul to be more vigilant with priests who were pedophiles.  This perversion leads or coincides with many other corruptions. The Vatican Bank has committed many economic crimes, including laundering money for groups such as the mafia.  Had it not been for the Muslims seeking a similar power, this world may have been succussfully turned into a One World Order.  Here Iran had its own Constitution and were thriving under a popular leader.  The US CIA destroyed that.  The CIA operatives also assisted with the formation of al Qaeda (Obama went to Pakistan and stayed with bin Laden to help him form al Qaeda. They probably had a sexual relationship - they even look like eachother) ....Obama did NOT attend Occidental College. They faked records to cover for him.  This indeed is a complex issue.  US is blessed with former CIA agents such as Robert David Steele, who is going to be publishing a book online that will be the best resource on pedophilia. He is a Commissioner on International Tribunal ofJustice. #unrig . I take notes, I stay persistant. Please copy and keep whatever may help you on my blog. There is so much more I want to type yet I struggle with corruption and healthcare issues. www.appleofmyeyes.org and http://www.hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org

    I hope we do not lose DavidT on YouTube! These are tough times and YouTube is screwing many. I don't know if a petition would help, but it is all I can think of. You would think some attorneys would go pro bono and file suit.  Maybe they are doing that.  I hope whoever has filed the class action lawsuit has their heart into it and will hold them accountable as a quasi criminal case!

    Tim Gannon  This is what Dave has been saying - and he is obviously feeling hopeless.  If I could give him money, I would.  But my income is federal poverty level.  I get hammered with corruption where I live and really have no life. Yet God gave us life and that is why we need to rise above it. I am grateful for Dave's videos. I look forward to watching.  It was the first one I selected after working all day on a motion that I should not even have to submit in court because I was illegally arrested and assaulted by a state trooper.  Seven months go by and the court does nothing and I refuse to plea because they failed to show probable cause. The crooked judge issued an illegal nolle, even though the state andfederal statutes indicate that if the defendant refuses to stipulate the court has valid charges against them, the court cannot Nolle the case. I motioned to Dismiss, issued Motions to Strike, Motion to Subpoena, Motion for Discovery - the court would not act on any of my motions, hahaha, was their attitude because I am not an attorney. I am just someone they will kill someday and get away with it because they resent my claims to how corrupted they are including the fase flag Sandy Hook, and so much more.  www.appleofmyeyes.org and hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org - my blogs are not nearly as user friendly as Dave's www.net4truthUSA.com - or David Zublick's www.americatalks.com or www.truthunsealed.com  BTW, a former CIA agent has devoted a great amount of time creating a book online.  Alex Jones kept interrupting him when interviewing him so the name of his book was not on the video but I bet you can find it once it is up.  The agent's name is Robert David Steele. He's Commissioner on International Tribunal of Justice.@unrig  - Sasha Stone and Cynthia McKinney are also on that Tribunal. He mentioned the Knights of Malta,Free Masons. They use Satanism as their underlying purpose for blackmail, bribery, mind control. David Talbot is an expert on mind control. That woud be cool if David T could connect with them - and also Field McConnell. I know, easier said than done. Breaking 24 Headlines (I think it is called) creates great videos to watch and see ALL the main newscaps for the day. He is taking a break because YouTube is f*ing him over

    President Trump is giving taxpayers billions that Obama screwed citizens out of. Tax Reform is coming!


     - Watch your money when you donate to Texas, says Josh Bernstein
    Dr. Carson may be growing weary, so this video reports.  Post a comment if you have time on the YouTube Channel.


    Richard rhodes  Richard, Dr Carson DID run.  He just didn't win the primaries. I was hoping that he was going to be head of Health and Human Services - yet  as HUD Secretary, he is actually not facing controversy in the healthcare field, which his good. He has an amazing following of professionals.  I met a med student who attended one of his lectures and she is enthralled at his excellence as a neurosurgeon. His ability to reach everyone in his lectures. She said his work is amazing on the operating table. So here he is, devoting four - maybe eight years to MAGA - because he loves us!

    More videos on Dr. Carson


    Harley Schlanger explains President Trump's plan to restore economy and why the Deep State is going after him. This may seem dry to listen to, but if you care about what is going on with our economy, listen up.  The Clinton Cash Machine and George Soros practically destroyed us. President Trump says, "Not so fast!"

      - video on "Who is Jared Kushner?"

    Shawn Foster   I side with Tamon George, yet he left out the element of criminal activity. Obama is indeed a criminal .  Clintons are criminals. Soros is a criminal.  Yet he is filfthy rich and most likely was not approached personally for the PARTAL loan for this Kushner bldg.  Israel has the main stake in his building - which he has managed for 10 years.  The "word" is that Ivanka is friends with Chelsea Clinton.  The Kushners are registered democrats. No doubt they interracted with Clintons because Hillary would destroy people who do not give her lots of money.  I certainly hope they did not mingle because Clintons are Satanic pedophiles who are corrupted to the core - and murder people. Hillary Clinton and John McCain planned 9/11 with a huge base of people who went along with it. This could be because of Secret Societies like Free Masons, Satanic Underground, Kightsof Malta etc.

    One more thing - Donald Trump does not belong to any secret societies. I doubt any of  his family members do, either. His interaction with Clintons was typical for tycoons. Yet it was obvious that Clintons' Cash Machine relied on drug trafficking, bribes, extortion, and other crimes - all covered up by crooked attorneys like Hubbel and Martindale - whose status with the courts nationwide took precedence.  Martindale-Hubbel website RATES attorneys,for instance.  Alan Dershowitz of Harvard University writes law books, particularly on Prosecutorial Misconduct - and yet he promotes them in a Satanic way because most prosecutors are crooked and if they do get caught, like Supervisory Prosecutor Lawrence Mark Hurley (charged on 180 counts of embezzlement - and that was a court-limited 3 year investigation-which the judge CHANGED to one count larceny and one count forgery) the courts cover up for them because they all drink from the same trough.

    President Trump News, status of Hurricane Harvey 29Aug2017

     - report and thanks by TX Gov


    Fox News reporter this morning brags his wife raised $40 million for Sandy Hook Families. United Way of Southern CT stole $29 million. Many events generated billions, no doubt to fund Obamas Terrorist Plan!

    My comment:   $40 million for Sandy Hook? The biggest lie ever!!!! And your station knows it! 26 families walking away instant multi millionaires, Obama steals billions from the public in the world!!
     Pakistan has REAL shootings at school and they get nothing! See Unravelling Sandy Hook with Sofia Smallstorm. FBI agent reported nobody died because nobody died! Everyone lied!

    Obama had a list of 200,000 illegals that were supposed to be deported and he refused to sign off. https://youtu.be/LiIE3nEft78

    My comment:  Go figure!  Yet Joseph Alexander James from Hartford,CT was deported (To Jamaica, the country he was from but he lawfully lived in Connecticut for over 20 years and raised 5 kids and had a very good marriage with his second wife, Marva, a very,very nice person)  - only so the courts could cover up their crimes! I am serious.  I was acquitted in a case that was so illegally managed - all to cover up the unlawful arrest. I motioned to dismiss many times,including due to the statute of limitations being up by a YEAR - no kidding. But former AG Blumenthal (who is now Senator Blumenthal) helped the judge get away with ADDUCING charges and dropping the original misdemeanor - all to cover up their crimes!  nobody can appeal an acquittal, right?  It is even rare an attorney appeals an acquittal on a murder case - and they have to have legislative permission. But what the hell, they played on their "Yes We Can" string and let the state appeal using the unlawful case of State v Joseph Alexander James - who was ALSO illicity arrested and the judge dismissed the case! The judge had an untimely death after that!  So I researched the case and found out that the fraudulent court recorded he was in prison 42 months an probation for 5 years.  Attorney Lisa Riggione is a freaking liar and she got away with that fraud so well, they assigned her to my case as the appealing attorney. Even though I spelled it all out for them - that they werel liars and should come clean - they did horrible things to me and still do.

    Peter Smith investigates Hillary Clinton; dead 10 days later!  http://www.truthandaction.org/peter-smith-dead-10-days-after-taking-clinton-email-investigation-public/

    Two Hillary ballads shared by David T - Coffee with Dave (Cov fefe with Dave) channel https://youtu.be/hh3ejlhD8sw

    Jeff Sessions just fired 46 Obama appointees!  Yay!

    This is great, great news. Now that Christopher Wray is Director of FBI, this is his opportunity to clean house - this is so much work. I hope the ones who apply for these positions will honor Jeff Sessions' dedication and devotion to serving this country at such a tumultuous time

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    POSTED 8/28/2017


     - I don't know what this one is, but saved it for a reason. Just can't recall

    Attorney Deborah Weisse, survivor of 9/11.  She speaks on MUSLIM Terrorism       https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cbshJjMuHlU

    I am still trying to find out whether she is Democrat or Republican - it has a bearing on who is influencing her thoughts and whether or not she allows them to influence her thoughts
    My comment/opinion:   The Truth about who caused 9/11 is that Hillary Clinton and John McCain planned it with their entourage.  al Qaeda was formed with Obama's help when he was a CIA operative in Pakistan - with bin Laden - and notice how they look very much the same.  A great plant by CIA to use and fool people that Obama is bin Laden - as a fake bin Laden!  Obama did NOT attend Occidental College, yet they falsifed records to make it seem like he did. Search Field McConnell AV 7 for starters.  www.appleofmyeyes.org  and hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org

    I am certainly glad you survived 9/11!  I do not know your party affiliation yet  you need to realize the real enemies within. The Muslim World has been manipulated by CIA for decades - to include the overthrow of a beloved nationalist leader.  Their government was the only M.E. govt with a Constitution - and apparently CIA thought it was a threat to USA power.  That was one of their first missions when they were instituted - form a coup against Iran's leader!  That was 1952-1953.  They also caused USA involvement with Korean War and many other things!  Including the Iran-Contra Deals which included loading tons of cocain on the C130, and delivering it to Bill Clinton, then Ark Gov!  You want to see an Arc Bend?  Soros founded the PAC Bend the Arc....Globalists are the real enemy within and they need to be put to justice!  Islam just happened to be the best group for the CIA to use psy ops in and create chaos for the globalists.  Hitler was a Jew.  Yet he attacked the Jews because it was the easiest way to attach his agenda -which really was just to rule over the world - kill as many as possible - invoke fear through terrorism.  I realize we need to be cautious with Muslim Radcal groups  - but it is because they are part of the globalist  plan to crash economies, take over the world!  #EveryNationMatters - down with the Globalists!  Hillary Clinton and John McCain are mass murderers!

    This is a horrible blog, obviously written by  crooked Dem's: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest.html

    According to Dem Rep Schiffe, Stephen Miller AND Sebastian Gorka sb fired:   https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/08/20/dem_rep_adam_schiff_gorka__miller_should_be_fired_need_more_adults_in_the_room.html

    Yet Reporters fail to cite WHO in the White House say Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but he no longer works at White House


    My comment to NewEnglishReview:   Dr. Sebastian Gorka has a credible and upstanding background. His expertise on antiterrorism surpasses many who claim they are experts.  He was an instructor at the FBI.  His experience. Contrary to falsehoods, He was NOT born in Hungary. He was born in the UK.  Just listen to his accent, for God's sake. Here is a highly-competent man who instructs on antiterrorism, and he is terrorized for being a patriot by citizens who should be either removed from this country or put in prison!  They send him threats, etc.  Ignorance is all they are about - puppets for the Soros-Clinton-Obama Plan to ravage, ruin, collapse the USA.  www.appleofmyeyes.org - and http://hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org - copy and paste, share - Main Stream Media are liars and should also be in prison for the harm they cause this country.

    This case should be dismissed for NO GROUNDS! I wonder if someone slipped the inmate drugs, maybe even poisoned him in his food.  http://www.businessinsider.com/sherriff-david-clarke-sue-death-jail-2017-8

    Inmate tried to flood his cell, never asked for water to drink and had he eaten his meals, he would not have dehydrated to death. Deydration is not a sudden death! http://www.businessinsider.com/sherriff-david-clarke-sue-death-jail-2017-8

    @RealAssange: 7.2 million duplicated voter registration cards and @TheDemocrats say, What voter fraud are you talking about?


    This was the CULT that Hitler belonged to, yet he considered Free Masons to be competition.  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thule_Society

      Free Masons include a group called Illuminati

    I am only at first half hour, 28 min but have to stop for tonight and finish later. This is overwhelming! Illuminati plans: https://youtu.be/rUd9Cr_P6zI

    This was planned before 9/11. Commenced shortly after:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doha_Development_Round

    Bisexual Oregon Gov won probably because AG's husband went on media witch hunt of prior governor ....wtf...AG probably bisexual also....




    - Coffee With Dave says all mosques in USA should be destroyed.  I disagree.

    Woah, I disagree.  CIA is what grew the terrorist orgs - and use psy ops to keep it going , festering anger that even the Catholics have had against Protestants and vice-versa in Ireland.  Obama was a CIA operative who helped bin Laden form al Qaeda.  He did not attend Occidental College. Extremism is wrong.  Obama is the extremist.  Gen Pompeo is Chief of CIA and I bet is doing all he can to clean it up.  Gen Flynn was victim of  a coup.  Apparently they focused on him and lost opportunity to nail Pompeo.  My guess.  My opinion.

    Reported, which I think is FAKE: President Trump is angry at Rex Tillerson, accusing him of doing a bad job

    This is very, very fraudulent FAKE news!  Rex Tillerson threatened to resign because of the flack that Jeff Sessions was wrongfully getting!  He did not feel President Trump was supporting him ENOUGH and he did not want to lose Jeff Sessions after just losing Mike Flynn. This video should be removed. I still follow you but this is very bad!  It misrepesents what is going on - stay away from National Inquirer- like stories.  We have real things going on. The Emory brothers were molesting and murdering children for DECADES, for instance.  Stay away from relationship news - most of it is fake and it is not fair for President Trump to work out things in his office without interference of the public.

    Two Satanic Pedophile Rings Busted...David Zublick Reports.....

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    POSTED ON BLOG 8/26/2017

    Eric Holder is suing President Trump

    John McCain - The REAL John McCain






    As Tensions Rise, Jerry Falwell Jr. .....

    My Comment on Next News:  H2V  Program on Visas - designed to help unskilled foreign laborers work in USA. Trump is opposing this bill. 32 Senators voted it in and are under deep scrutiny.  My spelling will be incorrect due to listening to automated voice.  I have not verified spelling of names yet, but this may be useful here, so forgive me:  Tom Tillis and Mark Warner wrote the bill.  21 of   these senators were republicans. John Beroso, Michael Bennett - D Co; Michael Blung - R Mo; Richard Burr - R NC; Maria Cantwell - D Wa: Ben Cartin - D Md; Tom Carper - D Da; Bob Casey - D Pa; Bill Cassidy - R La; Todd Cochran - R Ms; Chris Kuhns - D Da; Susan Collins - R Me; John Cornex - R Tx; Mike Kinsey - R Wa; Corey Gardner - R Co; Lindsey Graham - R SC; Orrin Hatch - R UT; John Isakson - R Ga; Engas Ring -  I Me; ? Coolidge? - D Mn; James Lambert - R Ok; Jerry Moran - R Ks; Lisa Murkowsky - R Ak; Patty Murry - D Wa; Pat Roberts R Ks; Mke Rounds R SC; Tim Scott R SC; Dan Sullivan R Ak; Roger Whittaker R Ms; Ron White D Or.  Thank you, Gary Franchi for creating a webste covering the treasonous attempts of washington to impeach President Trump!   I am sorry I don't have the link to easily provide before posting this.  Here it is:  http://impeachmentreport.com/tag/gary-franchi/

    "You're A Criminal!" Trey Gowdy slams GSA for spending taxpayer money...

    YouTube is recycling old news, to make people upset as if it's happening now! https://youtu.be/8uhN_08jdRUtt

    Pope Francis' Vatican, cesspool of pedophiles, liars, corruption:


    Just more proof CNN is unhinged. Drain the swamp! https://youtu.be/V_8-2qx6Lwg

    Antifa, BLM have torn down the wrong statue because they are paid to be violent. Purpose is fake.

    Nancy Pelosi is fake.  Civil Rights is weak in her family history, to include her father who was mayor of Baltimore, MD - she just enjoyed power and made non-deserving money, hooked to Clinton Crimes.  https://youtu.be/PRp2jBOac4U

     - Watch Gen Mattis and staff arrive in Iraq, get interviewed.
    Sebastian Gorka puts Anderson Cooper in his place. YEAH! https://youtu.be/e-HffUjLLI8


    - President Trump cancels fund raisers for Obama library

     - Congress wants to abolish Obama's pension

     - warning, this has buffers and cookies and scans your devices

    11 min of news, very substantive. No pension for Obama's, McCain gets Soros money, etc https://youtu.be/AU53_FYTllU

    State Department briefing 8/24/2017  - https://youtu.be/SqaIbpmFGZI

     - Field McConnell Obama's peg boy navy, Norstats Mendhall McCain. Note, former navy comments on Russian event that disabled all electricity on USS Cook on 4/12/2014 ... Obama did nothing.
    ----in my opinion, an obvious false flag event to blame Russians.  They turned off their own electricty!  Seems so obvious  #OperationClinton  #OperationObama #OperationTraitorToUSA
    ____ shared on Make Justice Work

    I hope FBI/DOJ can freeze their assets!  They owe billions to USA! http://worldpoliticstoday.us/2017/08/25/obama-just-arrived-indonesia-entire-world-noticed-disgusting-thing-brought/

    Alan Dershowitz - who is tightly connected with Clinton Cash Machine,which allowed him to publish law books including Prosecutorial Misconduct (which he promotes in a Satanic manner, in my opinion!) also suspected of involvement with Epstein sex trafficking and even having sex with underaged girls...No surprise to me, because he was having sex with his college age secretary, cheating on his wife!  https://youtu.be/9Bw54mtGq1U

    Many of Gary Franchi's reports are useful.  This is just an example:  https://youtu.be/8eGi_9wIgSk

    ewww. I don't believe it.  http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Black_Sun_Program

     - Dahboo77
     "Is the weather a weapon?"
    Chemtrails stopped because Trump pulled us out of Paris Accord ....Operation HARP?......wtf.....there is a HARP program for housing assistance....Mayor of New Haven, CT is tranny Tony Harp - home of Hillary's base for evil.She went to Yale Univ here. She is a lifetime member of Satanic groups, and founded a social justice org which promoted "open soceties" - "if it feels good, do it" marriages and relationships....No doubt the "research" done by Al Gore's scientists were ways to weaponize the weather!  ....Hillary Clinton and John McCain were behind 9/11! Search Field McConnell AV 7. www.abeldanger.net

    President Trump just gave Sheriff Joe a pardon: https://youtu.be/BB-ze655E2k

    Campaign Fraud. Contender to McCain should be pulled and replaced immediately! kay@kaydaly.com sent me a letter using The National Center For Police Defense, Inc logo...SHE says:  Friend, I apologize for not being able to write you sooner, but my attorneys had advised me against it until my trial was over (fake! I supposedly got a letter from him, but really know it's the scumbag attorneys trafficking Sheriff Joe to make money!) ......I was found guilty by a federal judge after a referral by another judge in the same courthouse..... That's right! Despite the CHARGES (wtf) against me, I wasn't allowed to have a jury (wtf) to hear my defense! (prior email said there WAS a jury!) ...My legal team and I are appealing this verdict head-on (no motion for mistrial, retrial, trial by jury? wtf? Can't burn Bridges in court because argument will be, why didn't you motion, you moron?) ...Despite the disappointing outcome, the generous supporters of NCPD donated $450,000 to my legal defense and gave me a fighting chance AT MY TRIAL (she said no jury, trial cost would have been cheap!) She asks for more money! ....Some Washington politicians have done this trick also! It's campaign fraud! .... I need to get back to sleep. I woke, worried about Texas.

    -----The hurricane turned into a Category 1 when it hit land!  Great news!
    https://youtu.be/8JtYfgzykZ8 - Podesta was subpoena'd by Mueller....that's like the blind leading the blind!

    Erik p  That would be 100% justice!  Hillary Clinton and John McCain planned 9/11!  Search Field McConnell AV7.....Mueller is a mafia operative, among other things...Podesta is big time mafia - organized crime!  Pedophile!  Mueller was AG in Boston, MA - his job was extended PAST statutes because his mafia buddy Whitney Bulger wanted him to cover up his crimes!  btw, www.911debunkers.blogspot.com  and search Colleen Rawley ,ret FBI Agent exposes Mueller...Mafia are in Texas also www.angrypatriotmovement.com and  Anthrax murders (Mueller was involved) ... Mueller implemented Marshal Law Project....Bill Clinton had fired Jeff Sessions - no doubt for doing a great job and Clinton did not want to be prosecuted!....darn, I am trying to find the name of the mafia group in Texas.....Book on molested boys:  "Seeking The Truth Bohemian Grove" ....I can't find the Texas mafia name....it was something like Karvezian, I think.

    Next News Reports:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio sounds off on the unlawful process:  https://youtu.be/j5g3rsu0zyc

    Federico Inspo News - great to follow.  He covers everything. https://youtu.be/83itybx1S4g

    Comment/my Opinion I posted:  I am baffled that you say Mike Pence cornered Mike Flyn.  The coup against Mike Flynn involved CIA people. Former psy-op Steve Pieceznik litterally ran a campaign to get President Trump to hire traitor Petraeus as NSA and they got pissed that Mike Flynn was hired so they created a coup, accusing Flynn of Russian conspiracy which was totally false yet Flynn was getting death threats, etc. The psy-op coup against Flynn was not worth the job.Flynn has a list of pedophiles and he is surely going forward now that we have a decent FBI Director.  McCabe took bribes from Hillary -  reported that one bribe alone was $700,000.  Comey is a pedophile, liar, deceiver, fraud, scumbag pawn of Clintons.  Jeff Sessions was FBI Director when Clinton was President and Clinton fired him - obviously because he was a threat to Clinton because he is a just man!  Now that we have Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray - they have both jumped on the fast moving train now and will administer justice - despite the great obstacles from the enemies withing.  If Mr. Bannon gets a news network on TV (funded by Mercer who lives on Long Island) we will have a more  reliable source to use  and to communicate to eachother about.  That is what I expect.
    -----------------------------------shared on blog 8/6/2017------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    POSTED ON BLOG 8/23/2017
    "PIT STOP"

    They are trying to Censure @POTUS 20Aug2017-SUNDAY!  Pls Pray, &We Need a Petition to circulate!  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L50JyrbK_R0 -   It is now 8/23/2017....we know they were not successful, so they just wrote a bill to impeach Trump (Plan B) - they are only framing themselves as the fly on the walls!  They have done nothing but drain our government of money and need to be impeached themselves!  They have been getting away with their crimes because Mueller, Comey, and McCabe (who replaced Comey for a short time) were all covering up!  The AG's were dirty people!  We now have a REAL AG (Jeff Sessions, who by the way was fired by Clinton because Clinton knew Jeff Sessions would discover his crimes and hold him accountable!), A REAL FBI Director (Christopher Wray)!


     - Tucker Carlson takes on Maxine Waters 8/23/2017

    Plug Your Nose!




     Alex Jones reports "Why Muslims Hate US" and this was my comment:   Muslims are mind controlled by CIA - they are doing the same thing to Muslims as Hitler did to the Jews! Rewarding the bad Jews like Soros and killing the faithful ones!  The Globalists are  massive  threats to us.
    They must be isolated and removed here in the USA!

    Antifa is a terrorist group!  They are not Muslims.  Don't feed into Operation Chaos.
    Steve Pieceznik is often on Alex Jones show and Alex Jones is hooked by this CIA psy-op. I think Alex Jones is going down the wrong road in dealing with all this. That is my opinion.
    It would be nice if he intercepted events - not set up camp at them.  I hope he would change his approach.

    -----------okay, you don't need to plug your nose so much anymore-------------
    Gotcha News reports that Oregon just passed another gun restriction bill - I lost the link
    Here Alex Jones is in Oregon and he said in his comment "When they kill him", referring to President Trump - a very bad slip of the tongue!

    My comment:  Oregon is home to communists.  Finicum was a nutjob who said he would shoot an FBI agent if he approached him, despite having a warrant for his arrest.  Search "blue tarp man" on YouTube...and btw, I bet they are using the Tarmac story as a way to confuse public.  Bill Clinton is a career criminal.  He built organized crime using government employees!

    Gary Franchi reports Violent Leftists just vandalized Ben Carson's home:

    My Comment:  Carson News reported why Steve Bannon was fired.  They want to keep lying and spin - even though Steve Bannon proved why!  Steven Bannon may need to be arrested because he may have had treasonous intentions when he got hired - just like "The Mooch"  - my opinion.
    Second Comment:  Angela Porisky  CIA psy-ops are doing this!  People need to stand up to their BS!  They are probably the ones who created terrorism through Muslim World.  Obama was a CIA operative who worked with Bin Laden - when he  ADMITTED he went to Occidental College.  He never told the public.  Someone found out because CIA created a fake student file on him to cover up for the fact he was helping Bin Laden create al Qaeda!  Notice how much Obama looks like Bin Laden????

    My Question: Is Steve Bannon a Satanist?  Apparently there are those trying to frame him as that - Snowflakes, obviously.




    Someone associated with Anton Lavey has first name of Barry



    - Why both sides were wrong in Charlottesville. Truth Factory

    Steve Bannon is going to create a news channel

    YouTube Video:  All the Things Clinton Has Done (5 min) by To Tell The Truth
    My comment:  You say, "Thanks to Snowden" - all the bullshit he said to the public was an act of deception, especially the leaked Verizon text messages which were only  viewed for certain words and phrases due to terrorism....Snowden, who could have nailed the real criminals who caused 9/11 - the planners who began with Hillary Clinton and John McCain, who also had the world's largest pedophile ring, including shipping children in the boat they named "Chelsea"....Snowden, who thanks to him, the Dark Web was created because Tor, the military software that was created by the military no longer belonged to the military because this TRAITOR disclosed those records also! In fact, he committed treason more than any other person known in history, probably short  of Obama, of course! But  justice really is not what you are after, is it?  Because if it was, the ones who really caused 9/11 would be gone off the face of this earth by now - this is about spin!  Scandal brings business!  Meantime, the mass murderers have been able to murder more, commit more crimes since 2001!  That makes it 16 years!  Do you care about that????  Do you care about the $19 million+ wasted by the 9/11 commission, which tried to depict themselves as heroes for reporting lies - incuding Elizabeth Warren (and remember the lying Warren Commission Report about JFK's death?)  omg

    (Search Field McConell AV 7 for immediate proof on who caused 9/11. www.abeldanger.net -  hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org )

    Breaking News 24 relays "New Fraud Trail"....

    My Comment:  The fact Judicial Watch files a lawsuit AGAINST the Trump DOJ and  NSA is a waste of court time and money!  We know we are on the right path now. Maybe they got a donation from Obama people to play this game.  I am surely not impressed.  Consider all the pedophilia right in Washington which they disregarded.  I  have donated to Judicial Watch - yet I am  getting the impression now that scandal brings business. God forbid that problems are really solved.

    Next News w Gary Franchi reports

    Rosario Vega What is your point? Do you know how many Christian pedophiles, perverts there are? Take care of your own back yard. Iran lost their nationalism because of USA CIA forming a coup. They were happy. They had a Constitution. He was replaced with a dictator - Reza Shah. Obama was a CIA agent working as bin Laden's "Community Organizer" forming al Qaeda!  CIA covered for him by creating fake records at Occidental College.....Obama created ISIS, then tried to change the name to ISOL, stupid moron. He had an angle, that's why. A very Satanic angle....media lie. You will only be a puppet if you follow media. Here are some notes which may help you: www.appleofmyeyes.org  and hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org - copy and share what you want. It's public information. God bless. .......Rosario Vega Rosario, please understand, I am a Christian. But the hypocrates make Christianity a shameful religion right now. There is a need for revival, reform. Meantime, I believe All religions matter. No religion is perfect. I know very loving, kind Muslims. I believe the globalist used psy-ops, social engineering, mass mind control to develop terrorist cults. They were more successful with Muslims than Christians - Branch Dividians was obviously an #OperationTerrorist failure - but Bill Clinton got some key witnesses and investigators to his crimes murdered in Waco, TX.

    Tomi Lahren: They want us to be talking about them....stop talking about them....

    Senator Tom Cotton emphasizes the non profit money laundering by Clintons.

    I don't believe this is China's fault any more than the Malaysian plane disappearance or Malaysian plane crash was. Very likely John McCain got some sort of uninterrupted auto pilot created for the ship, whether they know about it or not.

    Only FOUR RINOs named, which we already know about all too well: Paul Ryan. Carley Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich

    John Boehner would have made a great President... that's why enemies within formed a coup and replaced him with RINO Ryan - to help Traitor Obama stay President for as long as possible -  who probably supports LTC Oliver North and Iran Contras drug trafficking scheme -- giving Bill Clinton in Arkansas the drugs to make $100 million a month on, which was laundered through the Hubbell Rose Law firm, ADFA, and the Clinton Foundation -- to this day! CIA told Oliver North to circulate in the Christian community, get on Jimmy and Tammy Baker show, 700 Club, all the others. Don't talk about the tons of cocaine he had shipped back in the C130s!

    Only FOUR RINOs named, which we already know about all too well: Paul Ryan. Carley Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich

    John Boehner would have made a great President... that's why enemies within formed a coup and replaced him with RINO Ryan - to help Traitor Obama stay President for as long as possible -  who probably supports LTC Oliver North and Iran Contras drug trafficking scheme -- giving Bill Clinton in Arkansas the drugs to make $100 million a month on, which was laundered through the Hubbell Rose Law firm, ADFA, and the Clinton Foundation -- to this day! CIA told Oliver North to circulate in the Christian community, get on Jimmy and Tammy Baker show, 700 Club, all the others. Don't talk about the tons of cocaine he had shipped back in the C130s!

    . - Chief Obamacare architect MIT professor Gruber sacked ...
    [I'd like to know who killed MIT Prof in Engneering who was part of ae911.Truth.org founders - she was diagnosed with cancer - most likely they poisoned her!]
    My SECOND comment:  An MIT professor was conveniently diagnosed with cancer and she had an untimely death!  She was one of the founders of www.ae911Truth.org!  I think her name was Dr. Margolis, an Engineering Professor!  I had a moron doctor try to convince me I had cancer in my knee, using deformities caused by injuries caused by a 20 ton truck that slammed into me by going the wrong way on the highway years ago (and no, I did not get my rights and my attorney could have have given a crap about hm trying to kill me, and he laghed at me at the pretrial hearng but nobody cared) ... I couldn't  believe the crap coming out of his mouth!  I knew exactly what my condition was because of Dr. David Lutz, Chiropractor at Brookdale Chiropractic, Brooklyn Center, MN!  Even though I gave that dr. a chance to correct himself, he just became more aggressive with his lies.  I told him he was full of $hit and walked out!  He was trying to kill me!  That was 9 years ago!

    I thought I could rely on David Zublick to have reliable news, but he just interviewed Ronnie McMullen. I did not even look the guy up until he said something strange about John McCain, defending McCain for NOT referring to Obamacare as Obamacare because McCain would be afraid his doctors would treat him badly. wtf


    Here is the podcast:  https://youtu.be/pdptWyEkU1A

     President Trump gives speech on his plans for Afghanistan
    I am confused. 9/11 was planned on US soil by Hillary Clinton and John McCain and their entourage. Anyone who researches this knows it as FACT.  I am only at 8:26 of this video but had t say something because I may not have time to say anymore this morning.

    Meantime, Secret Security Budget is busting at the seams - this is Paul Ryan's opportunity to destroy President Trump, probably.  The  funds were weak when President Trump came into office - Secret Service Personnel were very low because many were bing killed/murdered and Obama was not paying them or paying them late - meantime, Obama was stealing money from Secret Servce!  On one occasion alone, he gave bin Laden $1 million!  It was reported the cancelled check was in with bin Laden's papers when the Seal Team found him te 3d or 4th time and this time Obama was not getting away with a Stand Down Order. Yet, Obama probably had soneone let bin Laden know to get a stand-in for him last minute.  i am not confident that bin Laden is dead.

    Antifa is attacking police more and more,  an officer shot an Antifa with rubber bullets, in his private parts.  Maybe Marshal Law needs to be implemented so National Guard will kick their asses!  Dems were not successful with special session to Censure Trump - so they are going for the jugular, they are such Snowflake morons!  RINOs and Crooked Dems! And retired psy-ops from CIA who are probably most instrumental in playng these revolution games!  I do not trust Steve Pieceznik!  He had a campaign for Petraus - who should have been stripped of his ranks for being such a scumbag traitor including cheating on his wife and being rewarded for it!  He wanted Petraus to be NSA - when that didn't work, he was obviously part of the coup against Gen Mike Flynn - who would have uncovered alot of crimes that Pieceznik took part in also!  I am not following InfoWars anymore because I have told them that over and over and they still have Pieceznik on their shows.  They also send me "Caveman probiotic powder" that cost almost $60 and tastes horrible.  I spit it out, it was that bad when I mixed it with milk.  I did not order chocolate flavor, either. I expected it to have no flavor, to add to power drinks.  It is horrible.

    Tucker Carlson takes on Maxine Waters and NYC counsel for hating Ben Carson


    My comment:  Lazarus  No you will NOT stop the violence!  Get rid of the corruption in the unacountable court systems!  Most crimes involving weapons are illegal weapons.  That is why they keep going on - yet Obama weakened the country with his criminal antics, including shutting down the very best gun manufacturers! Get rid of the corrupted officials!  I looked up cases and found the judges to be pathalogical liars in their opinions!  There was a man in Connecticut who  (Kumar Viswanithan, some African name,not sure of it now) shot in the head in broad daylight and the media defended the killer LATER saying he did it because he killed him because he raped his sister.  TOTAL LIE and the reporter who interviewed him at the Virginia facility (yes, Connecticut was renting from Virginia because they were using prisons as make-shift concentration camps and they were always filled! Many were illegal arrests and illegal prosecutions!)   - she said that he DID do a revenge killing when in reality it was a gun deal that  went bad!  How do I know? Imade the stupid mistake of being a diligent employee when the DOC "lost" his record!  I went to the West Hartford Library and looked up articles in microfiche and found it!  I was going to take it to work with me the next day but my car was destroyed and stupid me had it faxed as a follow up of my phone call.  I had to get my car fixed.  Their facility was hard to get to by bus, and I was unfamiliar with bus routing.  So after Hundreds of dollars poured into my car, I returned to work only to find out they fired me. How dare me to prove this "well decorated" slut who had an ongoing affair with her CBS affiliate (devout Catholic-Al Terzi) was being outed!  I found out she was a slut because I volunteered for PBS and NPR and other volunteers filled me in - but look what Obama did to PBS and NPR - I certainly don't blame President Trump for not funding it anymore!  My sick father was murdered by scumbags!  My apartment water was poisoned with lead and I had a mild heart attack!  Someone illegally entered my apartment (owned by a group of Fairfield Attorneys - where the Newtown Church of Satan is, in Fairfield - and Sandy Hook Shooting was a false flag event, nobody died! Look up "Sofia Smallstorm Unravelling Sandy Hook" ) and stole many treasured things and poisoned my cat and the vets treated her horrible and she died, when all they needed to do was treat her with carbon.  I could tell you so much more. This corruption is totally out of control and now - President Trump is running out of money in the Secret Service because Obama drained the budget! He stole so much money (Clinton did a similar thing, but Obama was much worse, even giving bin Laden a $1million check from their account) - Secret Service were being murdered, so nobody even wanted the job because of Obama) that Trump was left with  low funds.  Will Congress replenish it?  Are they all just trying to kill President Trump in a spineless Snowflake fashion?  Look how much they look after Clintons and Obamas!  They know who the real planners of 9/11 are!  Hillary Clinton and John McCain and their entourage!  Look up Field McConnell AV7 for starters!)

     www.appleofmyeyes.org and www.hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org

    share on blog 3
    Date of Pit stop:  8/19/2017

    Linda Arnett
    2 hrs ·

    Cicero Zometa

    President Trump's goals for America are far more sensible than the hate filled rhetoric of Democrats and Liberal Media; 1) Secure our borders from Terrorists and groups who want to overthrow the US government. 3) Oppose Leftist Race Baiting politics and anti-white, anti-police rhetoric. 3) Stop attacking Christians and Jews to appease the Muslim voter block. 4) Celebrate the greatness of our country and it's role in saving Billions of people from fascism, communism, and dictators. 5) Stop the lefts finding of Islamic terrorist groups via Iran. 6) Protect our system of elections from Voter fraud and the use of non-citizens to overthrow the US government. 7) Stop democrats from passing laws that would end free speech and gives special rights to groups based on political affiliation. 8) Strengthen laws that prevent the use of Federal Agencies to attack individuals or groups for political gain. 9) Help Mideast Christian refugees that have been subject to genocide, not their oppressors. 10) Pass stronger laws to prevent politicians from selling their influence to US corporations and Foreign powers. 11) Create a system of taxes that will spur economic growth, create high paying jobs, and promote small businesses. 12) Return the US Education System to the people and end 'indoctrination' of students by Union NEA activists. 13) Stop the democrats from taking over local law enforcement agencies and creating their own version of a Federal Police Force ruled by leftist ideologues.

    California gave $1.3 Billion to illegal immigrants, for welfare assistance    


    This may or may not be a good resource https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1V7QG8Ur32c&layout=tablet&client=mv-google

    Let The President Do His job:  https://youtu.be/vptm8IvmPck

    Former (ret) Navy Officer agrees wth "Locked & Loaded)  https://youtu.be/oWCFMefKZA0

    Dr. Ben Carson is cleaning house at HUD!   https://youtu.be/ja9ZjShuDE4

    Christian News Alert:  Hacker Guccifer 2, tells interviewer about when DNC were hacked by HIM, not Russia.   https://youtu.be/-KGJbjaluPg

    45-min Press Conference Update on North Korea.  NOTE:  The military option which PresidentTrump is considering, to help Venezuela involves REBUILDING/RESTORING.  USA stayed in South Korea. USA stayed in Vietnam - to help these governments restore their countries. They were doing that in Iraq.  Terrorist Obama pulled them all out so his ISIS could slaughter tens of thousands - and shame on Washington for not impeaching him just for that even!!!  


    President Trump and Secretary of Education Nancy Devos meet with children who participate in School Choice programs - words of encouragement and appreciation. https://youtu.be/ugnd-uKHvGY
    New Hampshire's Senator (Rep) Gordon Humphrey is requesting President Trump to have a mental health evaluation. (Note, he is tied to the hip to Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, etc! No doubt the New Hampshire Gov would not agree with Humphrey!)  Gary Franchi, Next News Network , reports

    Tweeted: Frmr Sen Humphry letters to NH Congress members ask to support steps to remove seriously sick @POTUS from office #NHpolitics #WMUR

    There is no Twitter Account for Gordon J. Humphrey - he is hiding behind skirts, etc - to promote an agenda - not because he came up with it.  He is safe to submit this because he left the Senate in 1990.  And notice nobody hashtags his name, etc. @gordch seems to use his Twitter account for MARKETING - and democrats love creating scandal because it somehow attracts business for certain ones. This, like the Virginia riots - were tactical.   Because there is no standing, no legal grounds - just tricks - from someone who sleeps with John McCain an Hillary Clinton - both who planed 9/11!  Search Field McConnell AV 7.

    Hillary Clinton will be reinvestigated with a REAL FBI Director and REAL AG!



    Hillary Clinton  emails. Follow up on ROMANIAN hacker Guccifer2, who DNC obviously paid to hack!

    Protestors for peaceful demonstration in VA  tells Alex Jones their take:  https://youtu.be/jPsAPdk7zyQ

    Democrats claim President Trump is mean for saying North Korea will be meet "fire and fury" even though North Korea said it would wipe out USA ......


    Con Artist Senator Blumenthal     https://youtu.be/EP77tP1yj0U

    Obama broke federal law conspiring with other leaders. https://youtu.be/uNd-xUEctxI

    Retired FBI agent warns about Mueller. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WtYy5tCD9Jg

     - I forgot what this ink is for but it's something of value

    In less than 6 minutes Donald Trump explains how things Clinton Machine is destroying society and economy and most importantly, he has answers to make our country great again.


    A touching letter from a mother to her adult son, still single (LOL)
    Dear Son,
    I am writing this  letter slowly because I know you have a hard time reading fast.
    We don't live where we did when you left home.  Your father read somewhere that accidents happen within 20 miles of home, so we moved.  We won't be able to send you the address as the last family that lived here took the house numbers when they left so they wouldn't have to change their address.
    The new place is real nice.  It even has a washing machine. I'm not sure if I am working it right, though.  Last week I put a load of clothes in and pulled a chain and I haven't seen them since.
    The weather isn't too bad here.  It rained twice last week. The first time it rained for 3 days and the second time it rained for 4 days and the third time it rained for 5 days.
    As for the coat you wanted me to send you, your aunt Sue said that it was too heavy to mail with the buttons on it, so I cut them off and put them in the left hand pocket.
    Your uncle Stan locked his keys in his Buick the other day and it took him over four hours to get Aunt Anna and the kids out.  Your sister had a baby yesterday but I don't know if it was a boy or girl yet so we don't know if you're an aunt or an uncle yet.
    Your uncle John fell into a vat of whiskey last week. Some of his friends tried to pull him out, but he fought them off and he drowned.  We had him cremated and he burned for three days.
    Some of your friends were in an accident. They dove off the bridge in a pickup truck. One was driving the truck and the other two were in the bed of the truck.  The driver rolled down the window and swam to safety. The other two drowned. They couldn't get the tail gate open.
    I wish I had some news to report but you know that nothing strange ever happens around here.
    P.S. I was going to send you some money but the envelope was already sealed.

    vs name of woman killed in Charlottesville,VA (Heather) - planned by a Satanist who hates Heather Naurert, I bet.

    Pepsi and Cambell's Soup is slandering Trump


     - Part of The Clinton Chronicles

    President Trump sits in on Auto Workers Meeting in Michigan. American Center For Mobility, emphasized. https://youtu.be/Rcm2-HkeA8g

    - Mark Dice Speaks about the manufactured rage of statues by coward Snowflakes.  My comment:  It is a disgrace that this violence that media instigates is a reflection of history repeating itself. Look at how the Tea Party was formed.  Propagandists infiltrate social rage by chanting "No taxation without representation" when the REAL issue was the East India Tea company was cheaper and the local suppliers resented competing with them.  We have a President who is in fact recognizing what the real problems are, promoting nationalism and helping restructure our economy to be stronger than ever - WITHOUT the CLINTON CRIME MACHINE, and the crime machines of others, which infiltrated government stealing much from the government.  i will be sharing notes on the Clinton Chronicles soon.  Meantime, copy and paste and share what you want from

    Larry Nichols, former Clinton Employee, exposes the Clinton Crime Machine. They paid for  the rioters in Charlottsville. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f-tL6LXHaO4

    Food Stamps only for the Needy; not the Greedy - says President Trump

         John  Lewis is Proof of one thing only:  TERM LIMITS . He is abusing power.  He learned from the Clintons and no doubt is a part of the pay to play schemes of the  evil Clintons.  There is no sincerity with what he says. Why doesn't he help the blacks who are wrongfully arrested and convicted?  As long as he can martyr some of his people and hang some out to dry, he can wallow in his world of pity and "I hate America" scheme.  People like him need to be taken off the street!
    Milo Yiannopoulus, author of "Dangerous". Talks to Josh Bernstein about the REAL suppression of speech in USA due primarily to Corporate America.  https://youtu.be/JEFtDG5WTmQ
    David T tells Deep State that we are tired of their crimes and will will rise up against them.


    Senate ratings change in 5 states - from Democrat to Republican!  https://youtu.be/PTqW77t6jNE

    8/11/2017 (More added on 8/12) most current is first

    Is the Pope the Devil?  Alex Jones explains history of Catholic Church - the Vatican - bordering Satanism- etc.  https://youtu.be/R2VqTQB-no0

    Fired Whitehouse staffer claimed Enemies Within ...http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/08/10/heres-the-memo-that-blew-up-the-nsc/amp/

    HiHowAreYa, HiHowAreYa, HiHowAreYa....Native Americans came from Europe, they are now saying.  https://youtu.be/e0lMpq_k9WM

    SCAGs in CA = internal TPP/shadow govts - these are world development agencies which President Trump will stop Federal Govt funding for
    Northern Applachia Commission
    Delta Regiona Authority
    Northern Border Commission
    bye bye


    Military General "Mackenrow" says President Trump can can charge Obama

    Candice Marie Clayborn, from Obama's State Dept could face 25 years in prison.  She was just indicted  https://youtu.be/t1fDEA9EXiM

    More related news....ANDERSON COOPER is arrested    https://youtu.be/J0uK8L4iXy8

    Charles Kushner (born May 16, 1954) is an American real estate developer. He founded Kushner Companies in 1985. In 2005, he was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering, and served time in federal prison. After his release, he resumed his career in real estate. His son is Jared Kushner, who is the husband of Ivanka Trump and son-in-law and senior advisor to President of the United States Donald J. Trump
    How could he get such a high security clearance?

    Harvey Kushner was Homeland Security Chief a year+ before President Trump won election.
    LinkedIn HomeSign inJoin now
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Director, Homeland Security & Terrorism Institute (15,500 + followers)
    Greater New York City Area500+
    Education Management

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    Your colleagues, classmates, and 500 million other professionals are on LinkedIn.
    View Harvey Wolf’s full profile
    Please go to http://www.harveykushner.com and click on BIO

    Specialties: Please go to http://www.harveykushner.com and click on BIO
    Long Island University
    Director, Homeland Security and Terrorism Institute
    Long Island University
    January 2015 – Present (2 years 8 months)
    Long Island University
    Chairman, Criminal Justice
    Long Island University
    September 1974 – Present (43 years)
    Long Island University
    Professor, Criminal Justice
    Long Island University
    September 1974 – Present (43 years)
    1970 – Present (47 years)
    The author of numerous articles and five books on terrorism, Kushner’s latest work is Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States (Penguin). Law enforcement agencies across the country and throughout the world have used Kushner's analysis in Holy War on the connection between drugs and terrorism to guide their own investigations of the problem. The Metropolitan Police Service of the United Kingdom cites Kushner's analysis in Holy War in their training module for law enforcement officers and airline security personnel.

    His best-selling Encyclopedia of Terrorism (Sage) is considered the gold-standard of terrorism reference works, and has won numerous awards from such organizations as the American Library Association and the Library Journal. Kushner also edits issues on terrorism for the American Behavioral Scientist and serves on the journal's prestigious editorial board as well as the boards of a number of other journals both here and abroad.

    Public Speaker

    1966 – Present (51 years)
    In need of a dynamic speaker! Dr. Harvey Kushner is ready to address your organization. Whether it’s a simple briefing session or discussion on protecting America, Kushner can help you educate and motivate your group. As Congressman Peter King (R-NY) noted, "Harvey is a good friend and long-time anti-terror expert who was among the very first to warn of al Qaeda, well before 9/11." Joseph Wolfinger, Assistant Director in Charge, FBI Academy (ret) writes, "His excellent sense of delivery and presentation demonstrates why he is in such demand as a public speaker." General John Mulholland, Commanding General, US Army Special Operations, Fort Bragg, said, "Thank you so much for visiting and speaking at the Command today. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to be with us." Jerald Podair,Robert S. French Professor of American Studies, Lawrence University observes, "Harvey Kushner cut through all the wishful thinking and self-delusion about the threat Americans face from global terrorism. He showed us-not with vague rhetoric but cold, hard facts-that we are on imminent danger from those who hate us not for what we have done, but what we stand for. I doubt anyone in our audience will forget his talk." Dick Brennan, CBS News, said, ""Harvey Kushner is, simply put, the best terrorism analyst in the business. I've worked with Harvey for ten years on television and radio. His knowledge of homeland security issues and grasp of the geopolitical threats facing the United States has given my viewers and listeners a deep insight into the crucial issues of our time."
    Guest Lecturer and Trainer
    January 1974 – October 2015 (41 years 10 months)
    Lecturer and/or consultant on terrorism for the following agencies, associations, corporations, and universities: U.S. Probation Department; U.S. Pretrial Services; U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service; U.S. Customs Service; U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration; Department of Homeland Security; USAF Special Operations School; US Army Special Operations Command; Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group; FBI National Academy; FBI Behavioral Science Unit; FBI Counterterrorism Division Fly Away Team; Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI; Federal Aviation Administration; Association of Former Intelligence Officers; Southern States Correctional Association; American Society of Industrial Security; The Leadership Institute; New York Hotel Association; Mystery Writers Association; New York State Hospital Association; New York City Museum Security Directors; Association of Government Accountants; New York State Association of Licensed Detectives; New York Society of Forensic Sciences; John F. Kennedy International Airport Airlines Management Council ; Crime Stoppers International; Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; New Jersey State Police Intelligence Division; National Petrochemical Refiners Association; New York State Emergency Management Association; New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, Nassau County Police Department; Suffolk County Police Department; Freeport Police Department; Hempstead Police Department; Port Washington Police District; New York State Park Police; Orangeburg Police Department; Honeywell; Citigroup Smith Barney; ANBEX; SONY; Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Mount Holyoke College; Lehman College; Fordham University Law School; University of Virginia; Queens College; New York University; Lawrence University; South Arkansas State University Tech; Texas A & M University; Saginaw Valley State University; American School for the Deaf; University of Colorado; University of Warsaw; Keuka College, among others.
    Expert Witness
    Subject Matter Expert
    Expert Witness
    January 1990 – January 2014 (24 years 1 month)

    Wrote the expert’s report for a successful multimillion-dollar civil litigation arising out of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (Duffy v. Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and Pesce v. Port Authority of New York & New Jersey). Served as an expert during the U.S. Embassy bombing trial (U.S. vs. Usama bin Laden, et al.) in 2001 and wrote the expert’s report in a landmark matrimonial case in New York City (Charpie v. Charpie) involving international terrorism after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. He also served as expert from 2001 to 2003 in a civil litigation involving airport security procedures at New York's MacArthur Airport.

    Prior to 2001, Kushner served as a special consultant on terrorism to the president of Crime Stoppers International from 1996-1997. He also served as an individual expert on terrorist victimization for the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, at there Ancillary Meeting in 2000.

    After the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, Kushner was asked to address terrorism and safety in New York City’s public spaces before the City Council of New York. He was invited by 9/11 Commission to participate in a VIP-briefing before the release of its final report. He served as a Subject Matter Expert for the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He also evaluated equipment requests for countering terrorist events for DHS and FEMA.

    Kushner also worked as a consultant on terrorist attacks vis-à-vis shopping malls for the Police Foundation, Washington, DC, in 2005. In 2006, Kushner was asked by the U.S. Department of State to brief officials from India on terrorism and criminal conspiracies. In 2008, he held a similar briefing for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, NC.
    T V and Radio Host
    January 1980 – January 2014 (34 years 1 month)
    From exposing terrorists on The O'Reilly Factor to explaining the meaning of high alert on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discussing airport security on Larry King Live, Kushner is seen on all the major cable and television networks. On the radio, he is a frequent guest of the "Heavy Hundred," Talkers Magazine's most important radio talk show hosts.

    Kushner has worked as a contributor and guest host for the FOX News Channel and MSNBC, as well as hosted a call-in talk show on the most-listened-to talk radio station in the country, WABC radio in New York. For many years, the Dr. Harvey Kushner Show was a fixture on WGBB, Long Island's first radio station and one of the oldest in the country.
    Republic of Poland
    Republic of Poland
    December 2001 – April 2010 (8 years 5 months)
    Advised and trained head of National Security Bureau and Human Rights Defender on matters related to criminality and terrorism. Also advised and trained members of the Law and Justice Party on matters related to terrorism . Briefed the former prime minister and foreign minister on matters related to terrorism and criminality.
    US Probation Department/Eastern District of New York
    Intelligence Analyst
    US Probation Department/Eastern District of New York
    December 2001 – January 2005 (3 years 2 months)
    Analyzed all matters related to domestic, transnational and international terrorism. Monitored suspected terrorists while they were under the jurisdiction of the Eastern District of New York's Probation Department.
    Public Policy
    International Relations
    Public Speaking
    Policy Analysis
    National Security
    Foreign Policy
    Intelligence Analysis
    New York University
    New York University
    PhD, Political Science
    1969 – 1974
    Honors & Awards
    Dow Visiting Scholar, Saginaw Valley State University
    Distinguished Speaker
    Southern Arkansas University Tech
    Commissioner's Award
    Nassau County Police Department
    Mayor's Citation
    Village of Freeport, NY
    Support of the United Nations Millennium Summit
    US Secret Service
    Service Award
    Nassau County Municpal Police Chiefs Association
    Provost's Lecture Series
    Keuka College
    November 2016
    Encyclopedia of Terrorism
    SageDecember 2002
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    The Future of Terrorism
    SageDecember 1997
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Terrorism in America
    Charles ThomasDecember 1997
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Understanding Basic Statistics
    Holden DayDecember 1980
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Essential Readings on Political Terrorism
    Gordon KnotDecember 2002
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Holy War on the Home Front
    PenguinDecember 2004
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Domestic and International Terrorism
    Editor, Journal of Contemporary Criminal JusticeFebruary 1995
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism
    Editor, American Behavioral ScientistFebruary 2003
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Cyberterrorism in the 21st Century
    Editor, American Behavioral ScientistFebruary 2002
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Terrorism in the 21st Century
    Editor, American Behavioral ScientistFebruary 2001
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Suicide Bombers: Business as Usual
    Studies in Conflict & TerrorismOctober 1996
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    The New Middle Eastern Terrorist
    Journal of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence AnalystsFebruary 1994
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Financing Terrorist Activities Through Coupon Fraud and Counterfeiting
    Counterterrorism & Security InternationalJune 1998
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Can Security Measures Stop Terrorism?
    Security ManagementJune 1996
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Drugs and Terrorism in the Bekka Valley
    The NARC OfficerMarch 1996
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    Suicide Bombers: What Makes them Tick?
    Counterterrorism & Security InternationalJune 1996
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    The New Terrorism: The Shape of Things to Come
    Counterterrorism & Security InternationalDecember 1995
    Harvey Wolf Kushner
    A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Harvey Wolf:
    There are a few people I truly look to as "subject matter experts" on a national and international level. Dr. Kushner is such a person. In fact, I would go so far as to say that he is an "international resource" when it comes to helping those who protect us against terrorism. I have been fortunate enough to know Dr. Kushner for the last 15 years; he was then and continues to be my mentor. He has proven to be a true expert, detail oriented and methodical professional in finding solutions to complex problems. Personally, I know that if he does not know the answer, he seeks it out. When tasks are not familiar to him, he gets smart quick, and gets the job done. He is very dependable and efficient, with Dr. Kushner you know the job will get done right the first time. I would highly recommend Dr. Kushner to anyone seeking a true subject matter expert.
    See more
    Harvey Kushner has been a valuable resource for excellent ABS issues as well as writing and guest editing some issues himself. He is knowledgeable, well connected, and aware of current trends, which is very helpful when putting together issues for a cutting-edge journal like ABS. As an Editorial Board member, he is always quick to respond when called on and is able to identify important topics for issues.
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    Benjamin Netenyahu's wife is being indicted because "she failed to report lavish  spending" - so they say.  https://youtu.be/mrw6FqSxngU

     - this bird is called a "Snowflake"

    - Jason Chaffetz believed not enough was done and politics was way too slow

    - 25 min reflecting "We need to be the resistance"  - Don't be fooled by the social engineers!


    the Nostril Guy, Ray Stevens https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OsXC_3Kk4nc


    Breaking, the Republican Party has removed McCain from a position, whatever that really means:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lZLONmZACyE

    My comment:  t's all fake Washington drama - to make the public believe that McCain is being held accountable. Did the Republicans dispute the ABILITY of McCain being able to vote on the Repeal Obamacare bill snce he claimed he has a DEATHLY brain tumor?  Washington needs to be replaced!  We cannot trust these liars, that is why!

    --------News Headlines will be posted next....these are shared on YouTube and I suggest you follow if you have time....I will type them when I can and just keep adding to this News Headlines post with a date.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------8/12/2017---------

    The first section is repeated info, and I am sorry.  I recovered from food poisoning, had to submit a Motion For Ext of Time into court, and worked day and night on my FedLoan Argument in Support of Discharge, which has been a battle for me for 5 years by the corrupted Obama Administration. Since Trump took office, doors have been opened.  So I to honor our MAGA President, I created a new document which covers the Appendix I recreated, showing the history of my efforts and how pathetically criminal the Dept of Ed has been these past 8+ years. I hope to prepare an essay for those interested, yet sleezy attorneys may grab the info and decide to sue or help clients get off from paying hundreds of thousands in student loans.  Incase anyone doesn't know, Obama also opened two doors  which are completely unconstitutional, based on the purpose of FedLoans, the legal history of the bill, the purpose of the Secretary of Education, etc.

         * If you file bankruptcy, you can get your student loan forgiven

         * If you get Section 8 or other public housing, you can get your student loan PAID for by HUD - a real WTF moment!

         ** I just bet there are more sleezy ifs, ands, buts throughout the administration....this fast moving train as been an immense project for our President and his administration!  We have a Vice President who is a real Vice President also!

    Here are 20 pages of notes - the latter are the most current - please copy and paste and research - especially regarding our war on pedophilia - and the DECEIVERS!

    I do not believe Queen Elizabeth is a pedophile - or the monarchy support pedophilia - they do all they can to remove it, yet their loss in power has diminished those ablities over the decades - and look what is happening - pedophilia is on the rise!  So that is my sincere opinion!  Consider the circumstances, timing, and similarly-situated occurrrences, etc.

    Share on Blog 2 - not in order but shouldn't make any difference

    Comments   See @ThomasWicter on Twitter. He shares a whole lot. 

    The  solution is to vote all Democrats out of office nationwide
    Too many poor, black offenders languishing in jail because the were overcharged or because they can't raise money for bail

    (1) Boy oh boy. Remember we said that after Obama left office, we'd find out the damage he did?  It's much worse than I imagined.

    (2) Under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice pushed the states to pass new laws.

    (3) The goal was to make it impossible to hold repeat offenders in jail before trial. Why?

    (4) Because so many repeat offenders are black.

    (5) The First step was to recassify violent felonies as nonviolent misdemeanors.  Look at California.

    (6) Assault with a deadly weapon, harming a crime victim or witness, resisting arrest that injures a police officer....

    (7) Violent elder or child abuse, arson with injury, and mansaughter are now nonviolent felonies.  Jerry Brown's nonviolent parole measure would apply to violent crimes.

    (8) Proposition 47- passed in 2014 - reclassified certain "nonviolent felonies" as misdemeanors.

    (9) Therefore prisoners convicted of violent elder abuse were released because now their former violent felony was a misdemeanor.

    (10) So the Democrats first changed violent felonies to misdemeanors.

    (11) Washington DC Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier resigned because criminals were being arrested, released, and arrested again the same day.

    (12) Outgoing police chief decries Districts' broken criminal justice system - Washington Post

    (13) Federal authorities decide who stays in jail in DC. Under pressure from Holder and Lynch, they were releasing everyone
    (14) The crime rate spiked dramatically. The Democrats are pushing for "community rehabilitation programs" instead of prison.

    (15) The most repulsive member of congress - @tedlieu, the guy who trolls Trump - has introduced a doozy of a bill.

    (16) Lieu wants to ELIMINATE bail in the entire country. article:  "Congressman Ted W. Lieu Introduces the "No Money..."    lieu.house.gov

    (17) They point to the success of New Jersey, which eliminated bail earlier this year.

    (18) In New Jersey, a person is evaluated with a eight-question form. Prior offenses are not taken into consideration.

    (19) As a result, almost nobody is held over until trial. Almost everyone is released.

    (20) The state had to hire new staff and create new computer systems to manage the new system.

    (21) Releasing everybody has so far cost New Jersey $400 million, and the crime rate is

    skyrocketing.   See more wisdom from Thomas Wictor @ThomasWictor

    ##################### shared o 6/28/2017#################

    Seth Rich Murder updates


      - police know, they obviously are withholding footage. FOI needs to be circulated!

    Bombshell Seth Rich Video Released!! This Has To Go Viral!!

    Not Fake News 121,831 views   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DyOvBojGLQo


    Steven Shanks, Facebook
    USMC vet
    Topic is about weird people now worshipping trees claiming they are environmentalists trying to save trees
    OKAY, Roxy (Roxanne Bobbio on Facebook) Not even going to pay attention to this liberalist crap. They are the ones who raped the rainforests and destroyed its habitat. I guess it's okay as long as it puts money in their pockets.  But not okay if Trump backs out of fake climate control! They rape the forests over here and if a disaster happens like Gatilinburg or California fires, you don't see these bastards trying to help. Grow up dumb f*s, get a real job.  And do your part to take care of the America you live in!!! Who says this? I do!  The uneasily offended!  S.A. Shanks, USMC
    Patriot For Free America!!!

    Mark Crockett, shared by Miguel Flores and millions of others say this:
    My family is locked and loaded and hope we don't have a hot war between the cuck antifa cupcakes ad us fully awakened patriot Trump voters. It wouldn't last long and it would be a nightmare for the cupcakes. After the smoke clears there will be a big average IQ increase for our country and that alone would be worth it, because the left don't have enough brains to pour piss out of a boot.  Hope that didn't sound insensitive.  =D

    Pedophilia Update
    Charlie Sheen Exposed


    My comment on the Pedophilia rampage.  The reason why it is such a huge mess now is that it has been covered up for a very long time.  Many who have been active pedophiles are rich and powerful.  Yet nobody seems to consider the fact this is a federal republic for a reason. No person has more rights than another when it comes to the law. Now we are dealing with a huge mess because the sex offenders have been the maggots, as Alex Jones said.  Good description of them.  They have ruined many lives, they have murdered people and will continue doing more of the same as long as they have the power. Now is the time to be vigilant and stand up!  I have fought this all my life!  My father joined other fathers in the church I attended to force a molesting minister out of the church.  They had to pack up and leave that night.  No exceptions.  Rev Blankenship was not going to get away with it.  Yet they wanted to avoid legal entanglement because we were a small church, with no need for an attorney and even back then the legal system was not looked upon favorably.  It was just a career that helped you get rich quick.  And it is so bad now, need I say more.  Application of the law where I live is so far from justice.  There are no checks and balances. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting is the epitome of what I describe because nobody died that day and most or all children were made up names - no birth OR death certificates are on file.  The medical examiner is a liar.  The law enforcement claimed they had a right to declare people dead!  The 26 lying families became instant multi millionaires. Obama bilked and milked it for all it was worth.  Cheated good-hearted people all over the world.  Yet Pakistan REALLY loses children in school shootings and little or nothing is done, let alone reported.  I had a relative who was a molestor.  My father had him arrested.  I had another relative who conspired with a molesting priest, attracted to him because I told him he was obviously a molestor and even broke into my father's apartment.  My father told him to stay away from him and me and his apartment, in a letter, which I took to the church.  My father told me not to open it. I wish I had to protect my father's rights.  He was just being a father by telling me that.  I should have tried to get a restraining order. My brother conspired with that priest. He lied to me when he got my father where he wanted him - in hospice.  Here I was the caretaker and my brother flies down and gets his way in 24 hours.  He told me the doctor ordered it because my father's lungs were bleeding. He brought my mother because she had the legal power to have him killed! Here they were married over 50 years and the last thing my mother said to my father made him cry!  My mother played the victim and said she was getting a boyfriend!  Did my siblings care?  No.  And I live in a society which humors themselves on death, destruction, and perversion of justice.  There are few people who stand up to the corruption.  My father's lungs were NOT bleeding. They were clear. My father was no longer talking because my brother doped him up! And my brother then claimed his power of attorney had the control!  I was confused. I did not think my brother would lie to me!  Yet when he got my father in hospice, he kept telling me he came down to make him die.  My father told them I would be moving to New Mexico to help him. He was diagnosed with cirrohosis of the liver.  He didn't drink.  Yet they kept referring to my father as an alcoholic and later I found out this manipulative, Satanic brother was telling them my father had molested me.  That was why they treated my father so badly no matter how hard I tried to be on a level communication with them.  There was something provoking them which I figured came from the evil doctor at the nursing home.  The doctor who saved him before I got down there (because he was bleeding to death IN the presence of the dirty priest, who wanted to take all my father's possessions and money) was a Muslim!  Obviously all that following year and nine months, both Hillary Clinton and John McCain and their supporters planned 9/11.  Satanic pedophilia is controlling our country so badly that it is difficult to put the crooks to justice!  Look at how long it is taking!
    I couldn't get justice for my father, yet I tried.  I filed a thorough complaint to the Chief Medical  Examiner including my father's medical file - what they would give me, that is.  They took out the phone calls from someone they did not know - my brother, telling them that my father molested me and I had a strange attraction to him. I had not seen my father in ten years because I never could afford a visit.  I invited my parents to my nice apartment in Minnesota, which had an elevator they could use, but my mother seemed to resent my being able to survive at all without relatives.  My life was extremely difficult because I had relatives slandering me.  This country has grown into a satanic-controlled country!  Internet is just a tool yet many believe it has magic powers because it is able to do certain  things which we could not imagine being possible.  Your devices pick up  your audio when you don't realize, and there are people who hear you because of the mechanisms - which can be great when you need them. People do not understand they need to close apps they are not using and they need to check their apps regularly on Androids.  I know iPads have problems also, but I have never had an apple product, nor have I ever been able to afford one.  I don't check my devices as frequently as I should. Hackers are taught online.  The first big criminal hacker who stole $1million from IBM became a computer tech teacher at MIT.  Other criminal hackers also marched their way to becoming millionaires, rather than being banned from using internet for the rest of their lives. No doubt this led to the pedophile promotion on internet.  In the 70's we had drug trafficking - Sasha Shulgrin made many psychotropic drugs and worked with the CIA.  He made the "date rape drug", ecstasy - is what HE named it.  He published it wasn't him, but MERCK that created it, in Germany.  That kept him from getting sued for murder, basically.  Many had died using that drug. Many were poisoned with it by men slipping it into women's drinks.  And meantime there are the Catholics who started the charismatic movement, the born again movement was being re-introduced into society, and the Satanic Underground was on the move.  Anton Lavey, et al were having a hay day manipulating, deceiving - especially in Hollywood. Our country has to act on this to REMOVE it.  Iran's beloved leader was removed and exiled by our own CIA because US did not want Iran to have a constitution.  That is pretty hypocritical, even evil.  That happened in 1952.  Iran's general hate for US is rooted in that.  They found by going back to Shariah Law, the US could not touch them.  Yet they lost their wealthy and well deserved standing in the Middle East Markets.
    Many people got rich from crime in this country.  Clintons have obviously turned over trillions through laundering through nonprofits and getting paid way more than what they deserved, probably with some of their drug trafficking money being funnelled back in.  The FBI determined they made $100 million a month on drug trafficking in Arkansas. FBI agents that went to the Clinton Library fairly recently were murdered.  Obviously James Comey told the Clintons they were on their way, which is Obstruction of Justice. They had a warrant and their mission was to go unannounced WHEN the Clintons were there.
    I will leave it at that.  I will keep sharing notes and hope those who are good at creating websites and attracting people, those who have facebooks and want to share any of it - you are welcome to share.  My life has been ruined by corruption.  Yet it has been sustained because of those who cared about me.  I certainly do not feel it is right that I have had to struggle all my life when I was almost (probably) murdered by a sander truck driver.
    Society usually gets humored by what I share.  I realize there is a recipe for making friends where I live and frankly that recipe is distasteful.  I just focus on trying to help Make America Great Again.  I am fed up.  I have gone to the Emergency Room via ambulance for a severely torn hamstring and the ER doctor documented a contusion despite the internal bleeding, which he could have caused me to die from.  I had a severely broken foot and was put in a cast AFTER waiting five hours keeping it iced, and thereafter developing blood clots because the swelling had no place to go.  I had to be admitted to the Pulmonary Care Unit and gave myself the Lovonox shots and was put on warfarin for three months.  The medical clinic associated with the hospital wanted to make me take blood thinner AFTER the cast was taken off.  If I refused, the doctor could throw me in the psyche ward for refusing meds. That is just how demented society is.  I did not need to be on blood thinner. It was just a tactic to keep me from being able to go back to work due to the fact any cut would make me bleed like a pig.  I had to call many people to get my rights and some of whom who sabataged me and made it even more difficult.  The sabatogers came back for revenge and had me erroneously arrested, another tactic to get rid of me, not apply the law.    I just went to the ER last night, with anxiety because of past bad experiences nearly killing me.  They were no better!  There was no exam, the triage nurse could have cared less because she was already told how to treat me.  That is not medicine!  That is socialism!  I left after four hours waiting, watching people who came in after me, one by one - see a doctor!  If anyone can relate, thank you.  If this dynamic is rampant through the country and we have Washington feeding into it by wanting to keep Obamacare, we need to get these officials impeached - removed from their offices.  Many may have enjoyed voter fraud tricks which have obviously been going on for decades. Now that President Trump has exposed it through Project Veritas, it really has cramped alot of their styles, using that square box we view as a TV - and lying media - to define them. Walking pseudonyms need to be removed.  Good people have left office because of the corruption.  Whether they actually return or not, we need to have those types of leaders in office.  Pedophilia should be big on their list to get removed.  This is not about me, so please understand I could care less about attention.  I resent Hollywood.  I resent the ones who got rich off our backs and are such scumbag phonies. They are criminals.  I am disabled. It has been extremely difficult as it is to finding friends, so please, go about your own business.
    Here are some recent links regarding pedophiles:
    Note, I actually searched on "names of 283 arrested for pedophilia Hollywood".  Apparently it is more important to allude Obama did a good job - when he is a pedophile himself, he and his man-wife.  Those girls they tote around as their alleged daughters are the daughters of the Nizbits, who claim to be best friends of the Obamas (of course Oprah and Bill  Ayers and so many others are also supposed to be, which is all a follow-the-money-plan anyway) Google gave me this:
    - it really is strange how Google comes up with its algorythms to give search results.





    The Democrat Underground throws credit to NBC, a real wtf moment:


    Notice, Pizzagate is HUGE.  This is just one file from it and if you remove the last portion of the link, it will open to much!   https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1450635



    The person pretty much summarizes the history of PizzaGate in a manner which leads me to believe that he was a victim himself.  One VERY important element he leaves out is the imagination.  Note who formed the Church of Scientology - a psy-fi writer.  There are those who, I am sure, observed how cults have been created and how they affect the public, how mind control methods can be successfully used. Former President Bill Clinton was literally captivated on the Branch Dividians as he had HIS Chinese affiliates in the White House also watching. It was obvious that psychotic Clinton who used drugs (especially cocaine) was in a delusional world in which his make-a-wish was to be the ruler of the world.  In fact, I heard a prior staff member testify to that when he was interviewed on a PBS show, with his identity covered.  Of course, PBS is not and will not ever be like it used to be.  And I am glad President Trump has defunded it.  Don't reward the corruption.
    Back to my Google Search:  actually, I think it is gone. It is getting late anyway.  I will share my YouTube searches, though:

    Podesta Emails   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W4iZ0wkZimM

    With Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta & Friends
    Proper Gander Channel   Abby Martin's Channel is Elanour Roosevelt
    Main Players: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama
    Homeland Security
    "Joint Statement from the Department of Homeland Security And Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence On Election Security"
    - They blame Russia for hacking w/ no proof
    HRC email: Politics is like sausage being made.  It is unsavory, and it is always been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody's watching, you know, all of the backroom discussions and the deals you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So you need both a public and a private server.

    Podesta deregulated Dept of Agriculture!
    He became Bill Clinton's Chief Of Staff - everything they did was to help themselves
    Businesses affiliated with Podesta Group
    Lockheed Martin
    Bank of America
    Sallie Mae
    General Dynamics
    Synthetic Energy
    Duke Energy
    CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS  - PAC = Corp Lobbying Firm (from 20 employees to 217 after Obama won election)
    Board of Directors
    Dir of Golden West Financal Corp
    Tom Sayer, billionaire banker
    Madeline Albright, notorious war criminal
    George Soros
    Herb & Maryann Sandler
    Citi Group
    Wells Fargo
    Northrup Gremmen - war profiteer
    American Health Insurance Plans
    The secret donors behind the Center For American Progress and other think tanks (5/24/2013)
    PG & E
    Lockheed Martin
    Government of Turkey
    Spencer Boyer, former ambassador to Turkey.Moved to another position.  (most likely they moved people around to cover up their illegal activity)
    Solar Energy Business got billions
    First Solar - got $4 billion handout from Obama
    Joule Equilibrium Capital - got "Green Stimulus Funds"
    Exxon Mobile  - donated to Podesta
    Russian State owned Bank
    Uranium One Project - Clintons made billions  Pay To Play scheme while HRC was SCOTUS
    Brutal Foreign Regimes - a favored List of Obama
    Qatari - fracking
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - massacre of Yemeni citizens, etc
    They alone gave $100,000 a month to Podesta Group

     - supposed to be separate from CAP, but it wasn't. Editorial Control was HRC, Podesta
    Glen Thrush email: (he aided HRC campaign) "Because I have become a hack, I will send u the whole section that pertains to u. Please don't share  or tell anyone I did this. Tell me if I f*d up anything." Glenn Thrush

    Comment on video:  His clients are also going to get trafficked organs and children

    July 24, 2017

    JUSTACHIPN on Youtube said

    Trump is a builder...he follows plans in great detal and very meticulously!!! He is now following the founders plans in detail...The Constitution and everything that it implied by our founders that he greatly admires.  He is not floundering about whatsoever lol. His goal is set and he is sighted in very clearly with goals!!! In time he will bring justice to the last administration!!!

    FEDERICO - InspoNews on Youtube comment regarding Hon. Jeff Sessions

    Yes!!! Jeff Sessions  has suspected Mueller as a traitor.  Trump did NOT advise Sessions NOT to recuse himself. So WAKE UP.  Just consider how this is all playing out and the deceivers are full force. Do not be deceived, please!  I have been deceived all my life and I know the signs. A 20-ton truck ran into me head-on, going the wrong way in a two lane highway when I was 18. And I almost died.  I REALLY almost died!  I was in a coma for 2 1/2 weeks and in the hospital 3 1/2  months.  Yet my attorney had it processed as a minor accident, NO FAULT, to cover for the Town, which was capped at $25,000!  My bills far exceeded that!  And my insurance company got reimbursed - that was illegal  for No Fault Insurance!  I was raised to respect those who had positions of authority. This is the hell I went through! Not one older sibling would check with THEIR insurance agent to find out what my attorney and insurance should be doing.  That was before internet - before laws could be checked anywhere. I settled out of court because of PTSD and manipulations by the attorneys.  I went with my instincts. And my attorney would not even order them to cover me for insurance for the rest of my life, despite the fact I settled for 5% of the lawsuit! My father stepped in and got them to amend the lawsuit!  Yet  two years ago, they "liquidated" the lawsuit - in CHICAGO - even though the mva was in upstate NY and had to do with NY State Insurance laws!   Meantime, "Alpha Bay of The Dark Web is Dead" - here it is only six months into the Administration!  Praise God! Give Mr. Sessions a big thank you!  His collaboraton with other countries like Netherlands and Italy achieved this great accomplishment!  Mr. Sessions only recused himself because the democrats were forming a coup against him, like they did with Mike Flynn!  They want to pull everyone into the courts Obama crafted - which Trump is going to fix!  We are going to experience a major cauterization to our economy because no longer will crime money be running the economy!  Human energy will!  Our blood, sweat, and tears will!

     - Trump has cut budget by $1 TRILLION so far!

    Love Lifted Me, by Ray Stevens....and many more if you let it play like I did https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm13QuOomHc

    YouTube:  Right AfterStabbing Trump's back, Paul Ryan Just Got ULTIMATE Karma - Next News Report
    Rand Paul claims he goes rogue to disapprove repealing Obamacare - yet really there were about 7 republicans who voted against repeal, which frame themselves of the need to be replaced in Senate. People are dying because of Obamacare - businesses are being ruined!  Rand Paul is not after the interest of the majority. Before Andrew Brietbart was murdered, it was reported that he gave Rand Paul $500,000.  If true, wtf.  My opinion.   https://youtu.be/6AuIwR00T5g
    Gotcha News reports Debbie Wasserman Schultz is suspected of being conspirator to a murder of one of her staffers.  Schultz covered up for the Awan Brothers.  When the Awan Brothers were helped by her to flee the country, they smashed all their computers and left them in the house they were leasing.  They were in the house when the USMC vet moved in.   https://youtu.be/shfLgGuvONo

    https://youtu.be/xARSIIRshOo - Seth Rich case. Crisis actor like Sandy Hook, etc

    Please check out this VERY resourceful website:  www.net4truthUSA.com

    Comment I made on YouTube 7/30/2017
    NO, you couldn't be more wrong and your stupidity is a fashioned social expectation. You have no valid reasons.  Jeff Sessions is being railroaded.  He took down the DARK WEB with collaboration of other officials in the world.  This is what Edward Snowden caused from leaking the most files in history and yet not even being stopped at the airport, or making his visa invalid. Yes, that is just one of the MANY harms Snowden caused, which resulted in even deaths.  But that doesn't matter to you because this info is not FASHIONED into society!  If FBI had real power again, this activity would be stopped!  They would be able to get the real criminals prosecuted.  When is Christopher Wray going to begin serving as FBI Director, to have a clean team for Jeff Sessions to successfully prosecute? Comey is a pedophile!  McCabe takes bribes - probably another pedoGate scumbag also.
    This moron who replaced Sean Spicer is a security risk!  Yesterday he claims he can't speak about employees, preserving their right to privacy, despite the day before running Reince Preibus to the ground with ACCUSATIONS and boy oh boy, this Italian guy is a smoking gun for the Whitehouse.  Here Gotcha News claims HE fired two so-called "leakers".  The Word for the day is LEAK.  Which alludes to Wikileaks, which freaks me out because Peekers are worried and seem to want to create a new modeled agenda for Communications.  Leak means to allow th passage or escape of something through BREACH or FLAW. BREACH OF SECRECY.  Whose secrecy?  The Mooch is already creating a National Inquirer environment.  He is plastered everywhere by his media friends, unlike competent  conservative Sean Spicer.  So now, we can enjoy drama coming from the Whitehouse.  Will there be real news?

    Comment on blog (www.freedomsfinalstand.com)

    =================================Begin post 7/31/2017


    Louis Alexander
    Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration

    The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means." This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.

    The laws prohibits entry of "Aliens who the consular officer or the Attorney General knows or has reason to believe seek to enter the United States solely, principally, or incidentally to engage in activities which would be prejudicial to the public interest, or endanger the welfare, safety, or security of the United States." It also prohibits the entry of Aliens who are members of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches, the overthrow by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means of the US or of all forms of law, and Aliens who publish, circulate and distribute materials teaching or advocating the overthrow by force, violence or other unconstitutional means of the US Government or of all forms of law.

    Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life's guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any "organization" that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. It also prohibits those who distribute literature that advocates the overthrow of our country, which would include the Koran. So I ask our duly sworn political representatives; Why do you stand idly by and allow this “to continuously happen within OUR” homeland? Eventually we Americans are not going to take it anymore and the threat of open revolution is over the horizon. So it would behoove you as our political voice to enforce our established laws to the fullest extent of the law without regard to the minority liberals or Islamic lobbyists. God Bless American and her people!

    Re:  Kim Jun Un
    matt molloy
    I'm guessing no one clicked the link to the source they used to base this "news" report on. It didn't mention Kim Kyong-hui, Kim Jong Un's aunt. Not once did it say anything that had to do with her. In fact, the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle was just a tiny blurb in the story, which was about an entirely different person altogether. This is why YouTube is dangerous, idiots like this guy can jump in front of a camera and say whatever they want, and the almost 800k subscribers this doofus have will eat it out without question. We have substantiated reports on Kim Jong Un's uncle being executed, but we don't have any on his aunt. Please InformOverload, please do your homework before you post nonsense. You have a responsibility to the people that eat this shit up, please give them accurate information. Making money at the expense of exploiting the herd mentality of your lowest common denominator viewers is deplorable.

    Response to Matt Molloy
    Well said!  I just typed a replay and wanted to paste it for my blog and it disappeared.  I cannot take time to retype everything now.  But I will say Kim Jun Un loves his country and has done everything he can to remove corruption in their fragmented government.  They were starving the citizens.  His father went along with his uncle and other decision makers.  Kim Jun Un cleaned house.  I know how evil relatives can be.  I know how loving relatives can be.  What is happening now is a manipulative plan probably devised by Hillary - Obama - McCain - Soros - because they want another World War and nobody is biting. Nobody fought when they blew up the Malaysian plane over Russia using a UAP (uninterrupted auto pilot; see www.abeldanger.net/)  and other methods.  Hillary and McCain caused 9/11.  Copy and paste whatever info you want and there are more references to come: www.appleofmyeyes.org
    and www.hrcwikileaks.appleofmyeyes.org

    Microchipping the population?
    It won't happen if Jeff Sessions remains DOJ!


    Full video about the real Muslim World

    Real info on The Awan Brothers


    The Dark Web article.

    ±+++++++++++++++++++++end 7/31/2017 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Operation Comeback??  WTF

          Operation Hypocrite John McCain     https://youtu.be/6WSxEztXYg4


    2015 story - Obama's top chef murdered. https://youtu.be/WzC9I36z010

    Dana Belente is just appointed prosecuter by Jeff Sessions on Lynch, Comey, Clinton - hopefully Rice and Jarrett too.   https://youtu.be/zhLyOHxWySE

    Most likely the Bible page was created by Clinton-McCain planners:. https://youtu.be/AAjtOwk5hko

    Mike Lakefloor: It's such a joy to see a President cleaning up the Whitehouse

    Wanda Gibson, Facebook shares

    Accomplishments of Trump Administration - First 6 months

    First Six Months SLAM DUNK

    by Trump Administration #MAGA

     - copy and paste this post or anything else from this blog - www.appleofmyeyes.org

    One for each missile!  LOL!
    1. Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch
    2. 59 missiles dropped in Syria
    3. He took us out of TPP
    4. Illegal Immigration is now down 70% (the lowest in 17 years)
    5. Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index 125.6
    6. Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7 year high
    7. Arranged 20% Tariff on soft lumber from Canada
    8. Bids for border wall are well underway
    9. Pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord
    10. Keystone pipeline approved
    11. NATO allies boost spending by 4.3%
    12. Allowing VA to terminate bad employees
    13. Allowing private healthcare choices for veterans
    14. More than 600,000 jobs creatd
    15. Median household income at a 7-year high
    16. The Stock Market is at the highest point ever in its history
    17. China agreed to American import of beef
    18. $89 billion saved in regulation rollbacks
    19. Rollback of a Regulation to boost coal mining
    20. MOAB for ISIS
    21. Travel ban reinstated
    22. Executive order for religious freedom
    23. Jump started NASA
    24. $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budget
    25. Targeting of MS13 gangs
    26. Deporting violent illegal immigrants
    27. Signed 41 bills to date
    28. Created a commission on child trafficking
    29. Created a commission for opioids addiction
    30. Created a commission on voter fraud
    31. Giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients
    32. Unemployment lowest since May 2007
    33. Historic Black College University Initiative
    34. Women in Entrepreneurship Act
    35. Created an offce for illegal immigrant crime victims
    36. Reversed Dodd-Frank Act
    37. Repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning
    38. Order to stop crime against law enforcement
    39. End of DAPA program
    40. Stopped companies from moving out of America
    41. Promoted businesses to create American jobs
    42. Encouraged country to MAGA
    43. Buy American and hire American
    44. Cutting 2 regulations for every one created
    45. Review of all trade agreements for accuracy
    46. Apprentice Program
    47. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years
    48. $78 billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota...
    49. Denied FBI a new building
    50. $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation
    51. Saves $22 million by reducing while house payroll
    52. Dept of Treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2d largest in history)
    53. Negotiated the release of 6 US humanitarian workers held in captive in Egypt
    54. Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years
    55. Signed an Executive Order to Promote Energy Independence and Economic Growth
    56. Has already accomplished more to stop government interference into people's lives than any President in the history of America
    57. President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman
    58. Has given head executive of each branch 6 months timeframe dated March 15, 2017, to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficacy of their branch
    59.   From "Moi"  - it takes a Division in the military a year of work to activate. President Trump activated from Day One!  Full speed ahead!  #MAGA!  President Trump/Pence 2020-share!


      -  Dr. Savage talks support of firing Scaramucci

    The Deplorables Radio show.  11-noon, 6-7 pm - your choice https://www.periscope.tv/TheDeplorables/1ynJOjdyjvkGR


     - TACTICS and Lies causes war most of the time.

    Video about pedophiles in the Catholic Church:  https://youtu.be/lVQ_VofDOxc

    Note, I do not know this man making the video and it is surely safe to say that he could be a pedophile using deceptive tactics to put the blame on those who fight pedophilia .  I do not believe Queen Elizabeth is a child trafficker and she in fact, fights pedophilia. She is a devout Christian and yet has been attacked from within, which may even involve USA's CIA.  I bet her father's untimely heart attack (Kim Jun Un's father also had an untimely heart attack ) was caused by CIA.  General Pompeo has a huge, huge task in purging and reorganizing CIA to make them useful to promote real safety and security and work legitamately with other country's intelligence to promote nationalism!  To support governments that need to change structures, such as North Korea's, to include a leader who truly seeks the transition yet seeks to remain its leader as the transition occurs.  This dynamic could seem like a prison to him.  Yet if intelligence forces reach out, such as when our assigned NSA (Colin Powell) reached out to Russia to help their country be restored to its people - there is no telling what great things are up the road.  I wonder if Colin Powell agreed with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, he may have agreed to the instituted new government - yet his opinions were sometimes set aside and he went forward with the mission because he loves his country.  Intelligence is not meant for the general public, which is not trained to handle or do anything about issues which are concerns, etc.  Yet Obama completley gutted our country as a treasonist - turning our government inside out!  Most of us believe that information is none of our business and therfefore support holding the treasonists accountable and restoring our fragmented country.
    My comment:  I just cannot wrap my head around the accusations against Queen Elizabeth - I do not believe it!  Princess Diana was not living a moral life and she was a psuedonym to the public ad probably to her own children, since how would they know.  Queen Elizabeth distance herself from Diana because of the immoraity.  This witch hunt against Queen Elizabeth needs to be uncovered - resolved and removed!  Look at how many attacks have been against the monarchy - no doubt by the NWOs . The government of England has greatly weakened because of bad leadership, taking many powers of Queen Elizabeth away - and they now have a Muslim mayor in London!  Who do they have to thank that for? Certainly Queen Elizabeth has served England with great talent and love for her country!  She has had the best advisors at her disposal!
    .......It is NOT Joseph Ratzinger - it is Pope Francis!  You now switch your stories attacking Pope Benedict - who was a victim of the Obama coup to help MANIPULATE and probably mass murder the world!  These NWO people are barbaric - disgustiing scumbags!  They were so eager to fulfill their agenda, it is obvious to help George Soros !  Soros should be put to death!  Never was a Pope a Jesuit!  No Jesuit could even be considered!  Yet shortly after Pope Benedict was removed, Pope Francis was appointed!  An obvious pre-meditated plan!  So until you use critical thinking and COMMON SENSE - this reporting will only pollute society with chaos!  Is that all you want to do?
    Don't tell me, you , the reporter here, are a former priest, probably friend of pedophile Fr. David Bentley or one of the many other repulsive pedophiles out there who have ruined lives!  My father had me give Bentley a note and my father was killed after this!  My father understood that Bentley was a pedphile - and told him no to have anything to do with him again. Yet the  Lockheed Martin couple who had their Catholic claws deep in my father, made my father scared of telling them he wanted to give Power Of Attorney to me - and my father was murdered!  All of this needs thorough investigation!  I would tell that dirty husband and wife to go to hell! The wife worked for a veterinarian - and my cat was poisoned later, no doubt because of their dirty rotten, Satanic Underground agenda!  Lockheed Martin is under new leadership and I hope they purge their own company - uncover even the ones who are enjoying non-deserved pensions when they are infiltrating society with their Satanic agendas!


    ----emailed 8/11/2017------


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