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I watch his headlines but never have the time to type them out for here. His service for typed out lists should be offered to companies for a modest fee. Maybe YouTube would resent the side business, but they don't pay most of the good channels their just deserve.

His data service could be a great asset for organizations. Especially if he provided the links for you. Even individuals - a great resource for news all over the country and world. Maybe he could create a blog and get donations, but with tough budgets, I think he's better off selling it and only giving it to those who pay. - News Headlines for Sep 18

It's 4am and I still haven't gone to bed yet. I'm having alot of personal issues. I will post this link in my blog, but wish I could type the headlines. people can make one document and accumulate info which cannot be obtained through Google due to algarhythms.  You can search words & phrases and find info that at may lead to significant research. I will post also on my Facebook and Twitter.

DATE:  9/16/2017

Breaking News September 15, 2017

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World News Headlines is what I think he is using now on YouTube now.  He's very resourceful and these videos take him a great deal of time to construct.    

Local orthodontist to give Free Braces to Students Helping Their Community (Hampton Roads, Va)

US Navy Investigating If Destroyer Crash Was Caused by Cuberattack – Elias Groll, FP

Russia Kicks off “Biggest Display of Military Power Since the Cold War”  (Zapad-2017 wargames)

Global Hunger Rises For First time in decade: UN Agencies – Alex Whiting, Reuters

Poll: nearly 4 in 10 Americans Can”t Name Any First Amendment Rights – @CBSPhilly

97 Million American Workers Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck

California Poised to become ‘Sanctuary State’ – WSJ

(Democratic lawmakers haggled over scope of protections for illegal immigrants)

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan; US Demands China, Russia “Take Direct Actions”

UN Security Council to meet after North Korea fires another missile over Japan – Jack Kim, Kaori Kaneko, Reuters

Hurricane Irma Released “250 Million Gallons Of Untreated Sewage” into the Streets of Florida

Florida Farmers Say Irma’s Damage Is The Worst They’ve Ever Seen

For first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the Island of Barbuda – USA Today

Harvey, Irma damages predicted to cost $290 billion; Atlantic hurricane season only at midpoint

“Life-Threatening” Tropical Storm Jose could regain hurricane strength before slamming US east coast from North Carolina to New England as Hurricane Max dumps heavy rain over Mexico  - mailonline

Another Tropical depression forms far from Florida; second system lurking – SunSentinel

Former Citi CEO Vikram Pandit: “Al Could Kill 30% of Back-Office Banking Jobs by 2023” – That could lead to job losses numbering 770,000 in the US, and as much as 1 million in Europe

ACLU Demands Sheriff Stop Sharing Bible Verses – His Response Won’t Make Them Happy

Palestinians Seek More Assertive Trump for Talks With Isreal – Jonathan Ferziger and Fadwa Hodali – Bloomberg Politics

Trump Administration backs bill to halt aid to Palestinians  “Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded” – President Trump

Turkey warns Iraqi Kurdish referendum will ‘have a cost’

Saudi royal court adviser: Qatar has hammered final nail in the coffin

Iran:  The IAEA will not have access to classified information – Arutz Sheva, Elad Benan

US and Iran set for First meeting on nuclear deal at UN – by AFP – Times of Israel

Trump says Iran breaking “spirit” of nuclear deal – Reuters

US Treasury announces new Iran sanctions – The Times of Israel

Tropical Storm Jose’s forecast path shifts west toward US – CNN

Do 40,000 Lightning Strikes Over SCal Point To a Mega Quake On The Horizon?

Housing Bubble: 2.0:  Here Are The Zip Codes Where 1 in 4 Home Sales Are Flips

Unprecedented Saudii Crackdown Targets Regime Loyalists As King Prepares To Abdicate

Right “Explodes In Anger” Over Trump’s New Immigration Push

Milo to Bring “16-Man Navy SEAL Security Detail” to Berkley

Are “Social Justice Warrior Trustees” Accelerating America’s pension Collapse?  (Hint: Yes)

CaIPERS Slashes Pension Payments To Retirees In Two More California Towns by up to 90%

Trump “Insists On Wall” As Part Of Immigration Deal, Will “Veto Singer Payer” Healthcare

Leaked White House Memo Reveals McMaster’s Plan To Crackdown on White House Leaks

Berkley Police Plan “Unprecedented Security” For Ben Shapiro Even

Bitcoin Crashes 35% in China; Beijing To Shut All Local Exchanges By End Of September

Equifax Bonds Crash As FTC Confirms Investigation Into Massive Attack

Trump Lashes Out At Politicized ESPN, Here’s Why

Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens  (Cuba) – The Guardian

Pentagon Moves Ahead With Obama-Era Ciimate Preparation Plan Despite Trump’s Orders

“The Department of Defense (DoD) has warned for years that climate  change is a national security

Threat and, despite President Trump’s orders, the agency continues to take steps to help the military navigate and prepare for the impacts of a warming planet.

As Military Times reports, the Pentagon is plowing ahead with its 2014 “Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap” even though Trump issued an executive order in March seeking to revers Obam-era federal climate and clean energy initiatives.

Under Obama’s Orders, the Defense Department issued directive 4715.21 in January 2016

Yonhap: Moon says dialogue with N Korea ‘impossible’….President Moon Jae-in strongly condemned North Korea’s latest missile launch on Friday…

Chinese fishing boats with ‘thousands of sharks’ caught in Timor-Leste Waters – Felicity James, NN News

‘Colossal Opportunity’ As China Signs $300 Million Deal To Buy Israel Lab Meat – Mara Chiorando, Food Tech

Tunisia lifts ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims – Aljazeera

How 90 Big Companies Helped Fuel Climate Change:  Study Breaks it Down – Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News

Google stops challenging most US warrants for data on overseas servers. Microsoft keeps up the challenges wile Supreme Court remains silent – David Kravets, ars Technica

Brazilian President Temer charged with Obstruction Of Justice and Racketeering – The Guardian

Cassini, one of Nasa’s most important spacecraft, slams into Saturn and gets destroyed. – Andrew Griffin @andrew_griffin, Independent

South Korea mulling over US $i min in aid to N.K. via int’l vital organs.  South Korea said Thursday that it is considering providing US $8 million in aid to North Korea via UN agencies on the belief that humanitarian help should be handled separately from political considerations. The government plans to hold a meeting on inter-Korean cooperation next Thursday to finalize whether to offer assistance to infants and pregnant women in North Korea, according to Seoul’s …. – Yonhap News Agency

Hubble observes pitch plack planet. Astronomers have discovered that well-studied exoplanet WASP-12b reflects almost no light, making it appear essentially pitch black.  This study sheds new light on the atmospheric composition of the planet…… - Hubble Space Telescope, 14 Sep 2017

Myanmar uses scorched earth tactics in Rakhine:  report. Amnesty accuses Myanmar army of carrying out ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, as nearly 400,000 flee to Bangladesh. More than 80 sites have been set ablaze since August 25 by Myanmar security forces and vigilante mobs, Amnesty International says. 

Saudi crown prince tries to consolidate power with string of arrests. Up to 10 popular clerics,some with large social media followings. Are detained as Prince Mohammed cracks down on dissent – The Guardian

Treasury releases details how North Korea smuggles coal through China and Russia – Joel Gehrke, Examiner

Famous Viking Warrior Was a Woman, DNA Reveals. New evidence forces reconsideration of a well-known gravesite and may shed light on Viking gender roles. – National Geographic

‘Let Them Eat Rabbit’ Is Venezuelen President’s Response to Food Shortages – Philip Reeves

EU report on weedkiller safety copied text from Monsanto Study – The Guardian

Half of Canada’s wildlife specias are in decline, WWF finds = CBS News

Hyperloop One picks 10 possible hyperloop routes around the world – The Verge

North Korea fires missile over Japan in longest-ever flight – CT News

Snow leopard no longer endangered – BBC News/Asia

A Fantastic Woman could lead to trans history at Oscars – Jake Coyle, AP

August Industrial Production Crashes Most Since may 2009 – Harvey Scapegoated

Spain Passes New Laws to Restrict Catalan Finances Ahead Of Independence Vote. These measures are to ensure that not one euro will go to financing terrorism.

Don’t look now but Bitcoin Just Ripped 15% Off The Lows

Retail Sales Tumble in August – Worst Since Jan 2016 As Online Sales Slump

Stunning new ‘gravity map’ of Mars suggests the red planet’s crust is far more porous than previously thought – mailonline

Tennessee town tries to ban drag shows, rally planned in response  - Tennessean

Bald Men Perceived As More Attractive, Dominant, Study Says – CBSPhilly

How big tech became the new titan of television – The Guardian

The Silicon Valley Backlash is Heating Up – Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Technology

Amazon Web Services can now host the Defense Dept’s Most Sensitive Data

Japan on Missile Mission To Get 127 million people to hide – FAST – WSJ

NASA Space Psychology Subjects ending 8 months of isolation – Caleb Jones AP

Stargazers eye the nation’s first dark sky reserve in Idaho – Keith Ridler

Six Small Earthquakes Shake East San Jose – Ian Cull and Rhea Mahbubani – NBC

Poor diet is factor in one of five deaths, global disease study reveals – The Guardian

Video: Animated genitals spread chlamydia awareness in Sweden

Duterte may declare marital law: Philippine defence chief

UC Berkely free speech in spotlight over super-tight security plans – Nanette Asimov, San Fran Chronicle

Rising: 30, 567 Aliens apprehended or Deemed Inadmissible on SW Border Last Month – Susan Jones,

Mexican Independence Day is now one of Vegas’ Big Weekends

That’s 22 straight! Cleveland Indians extend winning streak in amazing way – Fox 8

All eyes on Trump as world leaders gather at UN – Watch Live

Former Facebook executive says Google, Facebook are ‘surveillance states’ and risk more regulation (Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya) @MsABalakrishnan

Iconic Wall Street bull state vandalized by Trump protesters – CNBC

Dow Closes at record Hiigh, Rest of Market Weighed down by inflation tears – CNBC

Crypto-Carnage: Bitcoin Crashed Below $3000 After China Demands Local Exchanges Halt Trading

Meet the Billionaire Immigrant (Kieu Hoang, Viet Nam) who just made one of the largest donations to Hurricane Harvey Relief – Bob Wile

And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever. Isaiah 32:17

DATE:  9/10/2017
FYI, I have 9/8 and 9/2 ....I will post them hopefully tomorrow
Telsa remotely extends range of vehicles for free in Florida to help owners escape Hurricane Irma
End is nigh for Nasa's Cassini as it heads for crash landing on Saturn - The Guardian
British arm sales to repressive regimes soar to L 5 bn (5 billion pounds) since election- The Guardian
Cruise lines are sending their ships on rescue missions in the Carribean following Irma - by Charles J Herrara
Hurricane I is uterally sucking the water away from shorelines - Angela Fritz, WP
N Korea illegally expported $270 M in goods so far this year, UN says - AP
Theresa May secretly hatched plan to 'rig' parliament straight after losing majority in election - Independent @Rob_Merrick
There's nohing left, British Virgin Islands devestated by Hurricane Irma - The Guardian
Chinese Bank ban theatens to tighten chokehold on trade with N Korea
Turnbull, Shorten back same sex marriage -Sky News
Unearthed near Hadrin's Wall lost secrets o first Roman Soldiers to fight the barbarians - The Observer (Northumberland)
World's largest data center to be built in Artic Circle-David Reid - CNBC, developed by Norwegians
Israeli jet shake building, break windows in Lebanon wth sonic booms- Daily Sabah
Whiff of Discontent as China bans imports of soft European cheese - The Guardian
Myanmar's Rohingya insurgency has links to Saudi, Pakistan -- report
Trust Issues? China targets a $3 trillion shadow banking industry - Engen Tham
North Sea warming twice as fast as world's oceans
Exclusive: North Korea 'secretly helped by Iran to gain nuclear weapons' British officials fear - The Telegraph
Merkel suggests Iran-Style nuclear talks to end North Korea crisis - Reuters
Iran's Misslile boat warns off US warship in Sea OfOman - Press TV
Russia's Finance Ministry Drafts Law to legalize cryptocurrencies -
French Minister calls out Trump on climate change as Irma wreaks havoc - Reuters
Trump will urge UN to impose North Korean navalblocade an oil embargo - The Guardian
Autoworkers in Detroit support campaign against Google Internet censorship - World Socialist Website
France, Germany, Italy, Spain seek tax on digital giants' revenues - Reuters
Germany not revisiting WWII reparations, despite Polish please - CBC News/World
Spanish polic raids aim to halt Tatalan Independence Vote- ABC News Joseph Wilson
Trudeau says tax changes aimed at ensuring walthy Canadians pay fair share - CBC News
Russian Journalist Latynina flees Russia After attacks - Moscow Times
Bigger Appetite For Kagaroo meat needed to rein in booming roo numbers, ecologists say - Tom F---
Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 years of Two-Party Rule - NYT, Peter Baker
Nordstrom Tries on a New Look; Stores Without Merchandise - WSJ
Cuba Sees Devestation as Hurricane Irma Veers Toward Florida - A/P, Andrea Rodriguez
Tim Duncan, Spurs Legend, Donates $250Go Hurricane relief efforts in US Virgin Islands - Nicholas Paro/Daily News
Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself, sufficient for the day is its own trouble.  Matthew 6:34

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Here is 9/2/2017

Meet the Hearing impaired 10-yr old who raised $15,000 to buy ear aids for other kids. He's so proud!
Putin: Leader in artificial intelligence will rule the world
 Alien search detects radio signals from dwarf galaxy 3 bn light years from earth
Stephen Hawkings Breakthrough Listen Project picks up radio signals that could be from black holes, neutron stars, or some speculate - UFO beacons
Ford touts positive impacts of Hurricane Harvey as August Sales Slump
Amzon has twice as many fulfillment centers as the rest of the entire US  Retail Industry
McCain Returns to DC with a bang - blasts inexperienced, poorly informed Trump
Hurricane Harvey looters targeting fuel tanks as Google searches for How To Siphon Gas Soar
Ryan Asks Trump to Hold off on scrapping DACA
Public School teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group - Peter Hasson
Want to Have a Good day? Try making the bed first - Katherine Rosman
Burning Man's activity list: Free spankings, slutty mini golf,unicorn workouts - Amy Graff
Don't Mess With Yellowstone Super Volcano - Nasa slammed by park geologists over risky plan - Rachel O'Donoghu
Dozens of Displaced pets from  Harvey arrive in Seattle - Kelsey Caufield
For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.   Romans 8:18

News Headlines (most current first)

(You can get this streaming off YouTube if you have time, they will send them to you daily.  They last about 20 minutes)  Current Date First - reverse chronological order

August 18, 2017

Detroit teen goes from homeless to college student with mentors helping
Krieger warns "Nazi" fears and Hate Speech hysteria are being amplified to Attack Civil Liberties
Black Lives Matter activists float criminalization of confederate imagery
Vandals strike statue of confederate General Robert E Lee at Duke University
Abraham Lincoln monument torched in Chicago: "An absolute disgraceful act"
Pelosi Demands Reprehensible confederate sttues be removed from Capitol
Democratic Missouri Senator:  "I hope Trump is Assassinated"
Republican Senator Corker calls for "Radical Change" in White House
Let's blow up Mount Rushmore, says Vice
Democrat introduces article of impeachment against Trump for Charlottesville comments
CNN's Chris Cuomo: Extreme Right is the Number One Domestic Terror Threat in the U.S.
Dow posts biggest one-day fall in 3 months; concerns over Trump Agenda grow - says CNBC
Stocks slammed Amid Cohn of Uncertainity As Hindeburg Omen Cluster Nears Record
The S&P 500 is Now overvalued on 18 of 20 valuation metrics
Sticker Shock:  Iowa's only Obamacare Insurer seeks 57 percent rate increase
Carmageddon: Deep subprime auto delinquencies spike to 10-year highs
Tech Rally Internals Tank:  Nasdaq Ratio Crashes To Record Low
A Pillar of Chinese Growth Starts to Show Cracks
The Stock Market Bubble is so big even the Feds Talking about it - ZeroHedge
Millenials are financing everything from bedsheets to concert tickets
Memories of fear could be permanently erased, study shows
Rise of the Machines Scientists create Terminator-style robot with self-healing flesh
Group files another Calexit intiative in push for California Independence
Canada Sees "unprecedented" surge in asylum seekers
Deportations Decline as fewer seek illegal entry on US Border
Moscow calls nonsense allegations that it meddled in US 2016 elections
Assange vows to Prove that Russia was not his source in 3-hour meeting with congressman
Authorities warn of more mudslides in Sierra Leone as Toll hits 350 dead with hundreds more missing
NASA Monitoring 3-mile wide asteroid - Largest potentially hazardous NEO ever tracked this cose to earth.
Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 Forms near Caribbean as 2 other systems brew in Atlantic
Terrorism Returns to Spain; Three attacks in three days
Theresa May rejects appeal from 9/11 survivors to release suppressed Saudi Arabia Terror Report (The survivors described the UK response as shameful)
ISIS claim responsibility for Barcelona terror attack that has left 13 dead and 80 injured
Australia sends troops to Italian border
Russian invasion? Moscow's Rival say war games are cover and troops won't leave
Paris police evacuate 2,000 migrants
Merkel, called 'traitor', defends refugee stance in rowdy East Germany
Barcelona Terrorism suspect named as Morocco-born Priss Oukabir
Urban warfare: NATO issues RFP for Training to fight in Big cities wt Dense, Interconnected populations
Breathtaking: Democrats Accused of Hiring Actors Prior to Charlottesville Rally a compay put an ad out hiring actors - Alex Jones. Actors and Photographers wanted in Charlotte. "Crowds On Demand", a Los Angeles-based PR firm
Donald Trump is just six senate votes from impeachment (12 Republican Senators have no fear of the President) - [apparently they enjoyed people being in fear of Obama!]
Gore:  Trump Should Resign [so he and others will get away with their 30+ years of crimes! ]
Trump's attacks could leave him friendless if impeachment comes --- so says Richard Cowan
Mother of Woman killed in Charlottesville says she will not speak to Trump
Leftist Meltdown Continue:  Therapists Report Huge Spike in Patients suffering from President Trump Stress Disorder --- [so says the scumbags!]
Walmart Customers blast CEO's Criticism of Trump: You want to be a Political Pundit, Go on CNN - Gateway Pundit  [Wamart was created in Arkansas so I expect they owe alot to Clintons for illegal help along the way, maybe. They don't need Clintons!  They don't need Podesta!]
The Economist Goes There (again) Americans don't realize the extent of media brainwashing to which they are subjected - Ron Paul [I saw him argue against repeal Obamacare, claiming it will cost upwards of $10  billion, so I am not comfortable with his flip flopping]
Zoo animals stolen to be eaten amid Venezuela shortages
Families await remains of 37 dead in Venezuela prison clash. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said Federal Authorities were forced to take action after the Amasonas State Governor failed to resolve a crisis at the prison in Puerto Ayacucha. He said Gov Liborio Guarulla, a member of the opposition, had let the jail descend into a "chaos in the hands of the gangs"
How Norway is selling out-of-date food to help tackle waste
The world's largest floating solar farm is producing energy atop a former coal mine
Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel
China cracks down on VPN Vendors
Alibaba to transform China's e-conomy with $500 billion marketplace
Russia rolls ou the Night Hunter chopper to slay ISIS
Mag 6.6 - North of Ascension Island is the 5th major quake in August: only 3 mag 7 quakes or higher so far in 2017. Could be the lowest mag 7+ count in modern history
Russian Scientists discover secret to producing 6 times more oil
Centrist Dems push back on Warren
China opens its first "cyber cout"
Sex ROBOT symbol. Sex doll fans keep asking for bots that look just like th one iconic celebrity
Weather Channel founder denies climate change,  "so put me to death"
Vitamin C could help to fight cancer, a study claims
Sheriff Arpaio:  Trump has guts and courage
Market concerned Trump will scaer away best advisors with Gary Cohn at the top of the list - says CNBC
Venezuela's Maduro Regime Steps up crackdown on Dissidents - Bloomberg reports
Drone near - miss at SFO points to emerging danger for airports - San Franisco Chronicle
The Hamptons' most expensive home is asking $175 million
Gold spikes Above $1300. Overtakes Dow Year-to-date
USA is now twice as likely to Default than Germany - unk source
European Stocks have never, ever been this cheap relative to American markets
Wasserman Schultz IT staffer indicted by Grand Jury on 4 counts
Baltimore's Homeless Erect Modern Day Hooverville Tent City on Front Lawn of City Hall
CNN's Wolf Blitzer Speculates that Barcelona Attack May be copy cat of Charlottesville
US Manufacturing Drops in July As Auto Production Slumps
US Hiding Key Details of Mystery Attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba ....(article mentions "illness")
Stamford Officials Eye Legislation That would outlaw "Distracted Walking" - CBS News
A Gary Cohn resignation would crash the markets, management guro Jeffrey Sonnenefeld says - CNBC
CIA torture psychologists avoid trial with secret settlement
UAE, other countries pledge $15 million per month to Gaza . Deal announced as Hamas delegated returns from Cairo, fund to be under Egypt's supervision
US Air Force upgrades Middle East Command Center (new software, for faster delivery of technology to front lines)
Pentagon eyes Bitcoin blockchain technology as cybersecurity shield
Women honored for knitting caps for little oneswho need it most
Love is patient and kind, love does not envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude, it does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful
but rejoices with the truth.   ~  1Cor 13: 4-6

Date: 8/13/2017

Bitcoin vaults to new record, above $4K boosted by Japan and multiplying its value fairfold
Americans spend more on lottery tickets than movies,videos, games, music, sports
Maduro's son threatens to take Whitehouse with guns in the caase of US interventio (Venezuela)
Latin America slams Trump's military option threat
Three dead, doezens hurt after Virginia 'white nationalist rally' is dispersed; Trump blames many sides/suspect name Nuagshot emerges in Charlottesvill car attack tat killed 1, injured 26
India deploys more troops along China border, raises caution level
Beijing is using underwater drones in the China Sea to show off its might
China would join forces with North Korea if US launches pre-emptive strike
North Korea on standby to launch, state-run paper sas in response to Trump's latest warnings
Risks of North Korea-US conflict. Turning into war are high - Lavrov
Satellite photos suggest North Korea preparing submarines missile test: report
Top US general reddies military plan for North Korea, but pushes for diplomacy
Trump's appoval rating, new poll shows
North Korea says 3.5 m volunteers ready to retaliate against US
Xi calls Trump to urge restraint over Noth Korea: Chines leader pleads with President to avoid exacerbating nuclear tensions after warning that US forces are locked and loaded
Canadian pastor returns home after release from North Korea prison
Global temperatures are cooler now than when Gore won Nobel Prize in 2007
Tired of Mother Earth? Scientists discover two potentially habital nearby planets
The Lucifer heatwave in EU is reportedly fuelling terrifying wasp attacks
Floods, landslides triggered by heavy rain kill 47 in Nepal
Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic Ice Sheet
State TV: Flash floods kill 12 in Northwest Iran
Sweden tells Iranian Christian woman fearing deportation It's her problem she decided to be Christian
More than 180 migrants rejoice and run through the streets as they reach EU soil after storming security check - Morocco
Christian persecution in India hits record high in first half of 2017
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines pro-LGBT message backfires
Air Dropping penis pics is the latest horrifying subway trend
Is Alexa spying on us? We're too busy to care - and we might regret that
The world's best Dota 2 players just got destroyed by a killer from EIon Musk's startup
YouTube's extremist tackling tech misses mark by removing wrong content
Teenage girl has 30-printed lens and app that can detect eye disease
NASA to wake up New Horizons spacecraft or voyage into mysterious Third Zone
Chimpanzees learn rock, paper,scissors
Video games could soon replace pills in treating some cognitive diseases
EIon Musk issues a stark warning about AI, calls it bigger threat than North Korea
People Back editing games to treat disease, re very wary of Inheritable changes (
Phillipines declares first ever MS bird flu outbreak
Jews flee Venezuela amid graving political violence
Kuwait arrests 12 over ties to Iran, Hezbollah
Turkey arrests 3 suspected IS executioners
Trump says hatred in nation must stop in wake of violent protests
Tips lead to arrest of MS-13 gang member on FBI Most Wanted
Immigration arrests climb under Trump, deportations lagging
The latest:  hundreds March in TX protest of Border Wall
Police & Protestors mobilize for Trump's return to his own home
Mexico drug cartel violence hits tourist hotspots of Cancun & Loscabos
Poll finds 60% Israelis support same sex adoptions
Hamas:  Underground barrier is a declaration of war
600,000 Syrians returned home in 2017; mostly to Aleppo
Motorcycle suicide bomber kills 15 people in Pakistan
Enough evidence to convict Syria's Assad of War Crimes (Prosecutor looks like transgender in pic)
24 killed in post election violence in Kenya
Rescue ship suspends work after threats by Libyan Coast Guard
Women accused of planning first - all-female terror attack on UK appear in court
H.R. McMaster former firm funded by Sharia-ruled Bahrain - up to 25% of total income
Bomb blasts kills 15 in southwestern Pakistan
Iran lawmakers raise missle, guard spending to challenge US
Pakistan to criminalize discrimination against trannies
Trump to ramp up trade pressure on China with call for probe on Monday
3,000 swell protest over Netanyahu graft probes
Baltimore mayor offers solution to out of control homicides - free community college for all
When the grid goes down...
Al Qaeda's "Inspire" magazine Targets US Commuter Trains with homemade derailment devices
South Korean Credit risk spikes above China's as Kim Chooses Path of No Return
Martin Armstrong warns Australia is crossing the Line into a Totalitarian State
Home prices in Hong Kong climb to Record Highs Even as Chinese buyers pull back
Ponzi pays - why armed robbery is for suckers in Today's Judicial System
Is the Yellen Fed Planning to Sabatoge Trump's Presidency?
Crash landing of US F-18 fighter jet closes Bahrain's International Airport
American Tourist gives NAZI salute in Germany, beaten up
Usain Bolt's final Race Ends in a Cry of Pain & Whimper
Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim At Moderates & Generates Chants of Warren 2020
Asia's Harry Potter obsession poses threat to owls
North Korea factories humming with 'Made in China' clothes
Iran to Omit Divorce from women's identity
Nobel Laureate urge Saudi King to hault executions of 14 Shia's for joining anti-gov protests
Elephant shot dead after trampling 25 people in India
Saudi Crown Prince asks Iraq to mediate Tehran/Riyadh
The king is not God, He is sometimes wrong: Six Years Later the Arab Spring Rattles Morocco
Jordan 9th safest country world wide, 2d among Arab States
Canada's record on racial discriminationunder scrutiny in UN
Trump, Macron agree to work together in North Korea, Whitehouse
North Korea have no ounce of freedom, says undercover journalist
Kenyan government warns social media users
Hackers are threatening the way that Hollywood does Br...
Basques march in solidarity with Catalonia Independence
Mueller is said to seek Interviews with West Wing in Russia
Volcanoes today 13 Aug 2017: Karymsky, Dukono,....
Trump advisor compares Holocaust to North Korea threats
Trump Praises Xi for New UN Sanctions on North Korea
Homeless mother wins battle to get her kids in school
-----------Next will be 8/12/2017____ but the list is not as long...

August 12, 2017
Trump warns Xi:  Trade war with China begins Monday
China & India on Brink of Armed conflict
Trump is Locked and Loaded in a Nuclear Game of Chicken
RFA: North Korea Makes Emergency Standby Orders
North Korea says nearly 3.5 million volunteer for People's Army
Trump on North Korea Military Solutions: What I said is what I mean
Satellite Photos Suggest North Korea Preparing Submarine Missile Test
Whitehouse Rejects Venezuelan President Phone Call -  AP/Facebook report (wtf, this is false!)
Trump says military option possible in Venezuela - (NBC) by Phil Causland, Halie Jackson, Courtney Kube
Venezuela calls Trump's warning of possible military action "crazy" - CNN
Fired Google Engineer James Damore says compay is like a Cult
Migrant crisis:  Spain arrivals compared with 2016 (BBC)
Migrant crisis: Spain arrivals triple compared with 2016
Mosque invasion Decimating Churches Across France
Atheist Group Demands End to Prayer Walks at Mississippi Public Schools - The Christian Post
Board of Supervisors Votes To Temporarily Keep God's Commandments Lettering following complaint - Heather Clark
Charter School forced to Teach Transgender Agenda to Students
Judge Just Ruled Teachers should be allowed to sleep with students - by Ron Blitzer 8/11/2017 - Law Newz
Social Justice YouTubers:  "Creators For Change"  - YouTube will hide, but not remove...Pepe The Frog is a hate symbol...Secretive Sun Valley Conference...Susan Logiski - YouTube meets with Young Turks @cenkuyaga

August 11 - this one is long .....ewww...give me an hour

News Headlines
Aug 11 News
Countdown with War with India & China?
China argues Sea is Not Japan's
China wants US out of  China Sea and warns US - No Regime Change For North Korea
North Korea warns millions of casualties
Ron Paul Institute:  Only morons believe what the US Govt says about North Korea
North Korea:  Vows to Merclessly wipe outprovacateurs "US Will Suffer Final Doom"
Trump:  US Military is Locked and Loaded
Malcolm Turnbull:  Austrialia supports USA
Bitcoin spikes - record high $3500
Dow drops 200 points - worst drop since May; Wall Street's fear guage skyrockets because of North Korea
1 in 10 churches experience embezzlement
Stanford University new course:  Abolishing Whiteness
Opioid Crisis is declared National Emergency
Gigantic coronal hole opens up on the sun; Geomagnetic storms during peak Perseid Meteor Shower
Mother Jones:  A Huge Forest in Greenland isfire and That's a Big Deal
Iraq is in the grip of a ferocious heat wave -forecasted to be worse than 122 degrees F
Asteroid to shave past Earth inside Moon orbit:  ESA
New graphine Internet Tatoo for tracking - Internet Of Things
Wild New Microchip could grow brain cells on your skin
Biological Teleporter Could Transmit Life To Other planets
Genetically Engineering pigs to grow organs for people
Ultra fast wifi on horizonas scientist send data at 100 x current speeds
Mutants are created in a world first:  Scientists use controversial CRISPR gene -editing tech to change the insects social behavior
SK: World's Fist Robot Tax when Machines Replace people
"Black Sky Hazards" Feds to wargame "Widespread Power Outages" and "Cascading Infrastructure failures"
Vegetarians are twice as likely to be depressed   than omnivores
Loneliness is more dangerous than obesity
Greece Among Countries with the most slave Labor in EU (Italy is first, Cyprus is second, Romania is third, and Bulgaria is fourth)
All slaughterhouses in England to have compulsory CCTV
Emmanuel (consider the name of Obama planner Chicago mayor 'Rohm Emanuel' - wtf...his he part of a cult?) Macron's sudden collapse: French radical centrist now as unpopular as Trump - so says Salon Magazine/Conor Lynch
Dollar nose dives after inflation disappoints for 5th month in a row
Central Banks are hiding te True Price of Risk
Geomagnetic storms during peak Perseid Meteor Shower Aug 12
Bezos falls to No. 3 after selloff erases $2B of his fortune (Zuckerberg is first, though Bill Gates is worth more than either of these two, but his revenue was 3d highest in 2016)
The Market will fall 50% - 70% as the Petro Dollar comes to End - Steve St. Angelo/SGT Report
US Ran Nearly $43 B Budget Deficite in July. Congress faces early fall deadline for raising ceiling
The Fed has 6,200 tons of gold in a Manhattan basement - or does it?(Central Bank won't let outsiders verify)
40% Americans Caught Underpaying Taxes
(probably because of Obamacare crap, I presume!) sitting
Snap's Loss Nearly Quadruples as Revenue User Growth Slow (snapchat/Snap, Inc) - due to Facebook
Jim Rogers says the biggest crisis in his life is less than a year away - Reuters
Nuclear nerves wipe $1 Trillion of world sticks

Workers:  Building Teslas for EIon Musk is Hell
Venezuela's Maduro wants personal conversation with Trump
Airlines flee as Venezuela Crumbles
UK Criticized over sale of military equip to Venezuela
Special Report: Vladimius Venezuela - leveraging loans to Caracas, Moscow snaps up oil assets
Cyber attack leaves millions without mobile phone service in Venezuela
Venezuelan currency madness
Valued Local Bank More than Apple
Argentina's Fernandez leads Buenos Aires Senate Race : poll
Statue of Chinese God Guan Yu Stokestension in Indonesia
CAQ calls for tighter borders, hardline approach to asylum seeker
Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader Francois Legault
A surge of Migrants Crossing Into Quebec Tests Canada's Welcome
Canada Sends Soldiers to Popular Border Crossing (400 asylum seekers)
Israel tried to derail Syria ceasefile At Secret meetings with US and Russia over Iran
Kushner to visit Israel
Archeologists find 2,000 yr old rarestone vessel used in Jewish rituals (Lower Galilee, Reina) Chalkstone cores
Japan deploys patriot missiles to shoot down North Korea Rockets (interceptors)
Lavrov:  There is a Russian-Chinese Plan to Defuse Korea Crisis. Foreign Minister expects to freeze large-scale drills while North Korea freezes nuclear tests
Undaunted by tensions, Chinese tourists flock to North Korea
Russia's air defenses on high alert over North Korea,says Senator
Russia does not accept a nuclear North Korea - Lavrov
Former Obama NSA Susan Rice: Let North Korea have nukes...
Putin says he knows that Russia phobia in the US is....
CA bunker business says business is spiking
Pyongyang may hit US targets in South Korea if provoked by Americans - Russian General to RT
US Japanese troops begin joint military exercise amid North Korea threat
Thousands of North Korea's military officials march in support of Kim Jong Un as Pyongyang warns it could reduce the US mainland to ashes at any moment - by Julian Robinson
McCain to force Senate Debate on Afghanistan War strategy, callsfor more troops
Saudis were funding radicals in Australia, Perth, Imam claims
UK could face Islamist Threat for decades, former M15 Chief Warns
The latest: Turkey takes precautions along Syrian Border
Kuwait to continue employing North Korea workers despite US sanctions (since 2008)
Trump: Iran is not in compliance with Nuclear Deal
Google is the engine of censorship/21st Centurywire
Vaccine Extremists want Child Protective Services to Remove children from Parents Who Object To Vaccines
School Teachers and other school officials being trained on How to Report Your Children To CPS Israel
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