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3/30/2018:  Quinn Michaels explains the background of Satanic Cults...beginning with "Who is Lucifer"    4/8/2018  His behaviour has been unusual and uncomfortable lately. Maybe he is going through a phase.  Decide for yourself.

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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

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    I'm not ready to paste all notes. It's very long, and I recommend when I do in the next few days, you copy and paste, watch the videos and modify it to your liking. Let's hope and pray now that we have a real FBI Director (Pedophile Comey and bribe taking McCabe are out) that Jeff Sessions will be able to administer justice. Hon. Sessions took part in taking down AlphaBay on the Dark Web. 3500 pedophiles have been arrested in Trump's first 100 days in office.
                                                                                                            - Done, pasted.  I will get back to this and hopefully modify if I have time.

    Meantime, watch the following. The law was broken in Charlottesville. 108th Congress, Public Act 29, I think.

    Truth Factory Cat says....both sides were wrong
     - pray for President Trump #OpposeCensureOfTrump
    Should be a list of the laws they broke:

    This will be removed when I post my actual notes. God bless. - I DECIDED TO LEAVE IT IN. :)


    Citizens For Honest Government

    Presents:       Clinton Chronicles

    Truith Revelations, YouTube

    1/20/93 – Bill Clinton became 43d POTUS Hijacking of America

    Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas

    Hot Springs – where Bill Clinton was raised.  “If it felt good, you did it” He met JFK

    -Judge Jim Johnson , Arkansas Supreme Court (former State Senator, State AG

    Arkansas is hijacked :  Political, Legal, Administration

    Nora Waye, Former Business partner of Bill Clinton’s stepfather

    He will lie about being a Rhodes Scholar. Went to Moscow for dirty dealings

    He raised taxes 126 times as Gov of Ark

    Al Nichols – did projects with Bill (Arkansas Financial Authority)

    Wooten Epes

                -Epicenter of “The Machine”

                Bill Clinton’s Political Machine

    James Brandon, Board of Directors

    Bobby Stevens, affiliate

                James yelled out to Bobby if he got the campaign congtributions (a pay to play scheme

    Right in public at a restaurant.


    Agency Bill Clinton created and laundered money to, money from Iran Contras drug trafficking. It channeled to Clinton’s election campaigns, friends for bribes, etc.

    Rose Law Firm – covered up laundering. Also laundered drug money.  $100 million a month, from Iran Contra shipments.

    Florida – BCCI – Atlanta, GA – Seacorp, NY – Bank in Chicago (owned by Dan Rosekenkowski)

    Doc DeLaughter

    Former Arkansas (Ark) police Investigator in charge of Dan Lasater Case

    Dan Lasater

    The Big Drug Dealer/govt employee of Bill Clinton.  Went to jail with Roger Clinton.

    They drugged young girls.  ie, A virgin became a hooker in Lake Taho

    Cocaine Parties were even in the state office.  “Whitewater probe” – leads to coke dealer

    Ark State Police got flack for failing to enforce the law.  But Lasater was indicted.  They got Dan Lasater convicted, but sentenced to only 6-8 months.  When he got out, Bill Clinton gave him a full pardon. 

    Sharline Wilson testified against Lasater

    POM, Inc. Seth Ward was the owner.  Web Hubbel – Secretary-Treasurer and Ward’s  son-in-law. Hubbel was also Sr. Partner at Rose Law firm.  (I bet the Martindale-Hubbel website on ratings and info on attorneys was started by him)  He wrote (choke, choke) Ethics in Government Act.  Exempted all employees of Gov Clinton, including family. 

    Article:  Justice official Quits post Amid Billing Dispute – by Steve McGonigle

    $2.58 billion – first loan by POM

    They built retrofit nose cones w/ compartments to put cocaine in them.

    Web Hubbel conspired to solicit drugs for Bill Clinton


    Barry Seal set up a drug trafficking (his homestate was Louisiana).  He went to Ark because Bill Clinton was sleezy and would go along with it.

    Dr. Samuel Houston, Clinton physic ian. Bill Clinton went to the hospital when he had drug overdoses. They kept it quiet.

    Toga Parties at the Governor’s Mansion.  They had cocaine, free in bowls, and lots of sex perversion.

    Sex Trafficking – drug trafficking

    John Brown, Former Saline County Criminal Investigator

    Russell Welch – Ark police investigator.  In charge of Mena Airport Investigation.  1983 – smuggling operation (Iran-Contra)

    Winston Bryant – Ark Attorney General.  He had enough evidence to prosecute a number of people but Bill Clinton had him hide it (obvious collusion with States Attorney/District Attorney, not sure which they are called)

    The dope was freely unloaded at the airport

    Small clearings were used for cargo drop

    Helicopter was custom made with sliding door – to make drops fast

    No indictments from investigations

    Linda Ives,mother   ( – this used to be her blog, may still be active)

    Two boys saw a drug drop and were murdered.  Their names were Don Henry and Kevin Ives.  The hitman (probably men) stabbed Don Henry in the back and Kevin Ives’ skull was crushed.  (I know from other stories these boys were tortured before they died)

    State medical examiner:  Malak.  His report was baseless.  And his second report contradicted his first report. 

    Article:  Clinton Ties to controversial medical examiner questioned ~ by James Risen and Edwin Chen.  Little Rock, Ark

    Clinton defended Malak and even gave him a $14,000 raise

    Don Harmon- approached Ives and Henry to help = act of deception. (I wonder if he founded Harmony Engineering in Minnesota)

    Harmon claimed John Brown was not credible.  6 people/investigators were MURDERED

    (Keith McCaskle; Jeff Rhodes, Gregory---, three others)

    Article:  “The Boys  On The Tracks”

    Jean Duffey – in charge of Drug Task Force. She was threatened, forced to leave Ark and go into hiding.

    Framing by use of media – common tactic of corrupted officials

    Article:  Prosecutor faces charges drug task force audit reveals legion of ills ~ by Doug Thompson

    Article:  Drug Task Force – workers investigated.  Undercover licenses targeted ~ by Chris Day

    Article:  Harmon demands firing of drug director ~ by Chris Day 8-9-90

    Rober Govar – Assistant United States Attorney

    Article:  Govar Testimony To Implicate Harmon ~ Little Rock

    This article is about Dan Harmon and Roger Clinton

    Hold up – US Dist Atty Chuck Banks – delib fails!

    Article:  Drug Task Force Fires ‘too controversial’ Chief ~ by Doug Thompson


    Dan Harmon became a JD prosecutor

    Article:  Ex Task Force head in hiding. Arrest Warrant is waiting for her ~ by Chris Day, Gazette Danton Bureau

    They masked that they were continuing investigation yet actually destroyed records

    Report Feb 1991 – no credible witnesses or evidence exists. Witness List – turned into Hit List

    Dan Harmon served Sharline Wilson with  arrest warrant w/ fake charges.  She was facing a sentencing of 30 years

    Article:  Son’s death thrusts Ives into politics ~ by Doug Thompson

    Welch & Duncan’s Investigation derails

    They had massive amounts of evidence against Barry Seal

    Charles Black, Polk County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney – claims evidence was suppressed

    Winston claimed that Barry Seal investigation was a federal problem

    A trail of persistent rumors – Leads to Mena [it’s strange it is close to the name Meca, holy city of Muslims in Saudi Arabia– and this is the Iran-Contra dirty dealing] Airport

    Scandal could dwarf Whitewater ~ Washington Times Article

    Clinton:  State Did all It could in Mena Case ~ News Article by Scott Morris

    Clinton revoked drug testing of Whitehouse Staff – eliminated 126 positions of National Drug Control [and at Sandy Hook they claim 26 died…]

    Clinton appointed Jocelyn Elders as US Attorney General (this film probably meant State AG or US State’s Attorney – although I believe the President appoints the latter)

    “Elders’ still firm that legalizing drugs is an option”

    Mrs. Clinton turned $1,000 stake into $99,000 profit ~ news article by John Broder

    First Lady’s Quick profits have the experts puzzled ~ news article by Bill Montague and Adam Nagourney USA Today

    Governor has demonstrated he will abuse power of office by Letter ~ news article by Jack Mayberry 2/10/92

    Tyson foods – turned into $10 million business from Ark ADFA loan – didn’t have to pay back anything.  Involved with the drug trafficking ~ News Article (I think)  Scott Wheeler, Investigative Journalist

    Most believed Tyson should have been indicted.  Doug Fogley furnished Tyson with photographs of those working on the Tyson and drug trafficking case.

    News Article: Independent councel to probe ties to Tyson ~ Espy says

    Drug Abuse, Money laundering, murder for hire, drug trafficking, etc.

    Janet Reno turned down the investigation

    Article:  Tyson Foods Joins Efforts in…..

    Tyson-Clinton-Lasater. Drug Money paid people off through help of Rose Law Firm.

    Larry Nichols disclosed Clinton Crimes. Media lied to attack Nichols.  Bill Clinton got his drug posy – created scandals against Larry Nichols.

    “Scandal could dwarf Whitewater” – Ark is a one party state

    Pay to Play Schemes

    Larry Nichols sued Clinton.  Judges quashed lawsuit.  Five women listed in the lawsuit, reported in press conference – but the press conference was not broadcasted

    [Obama did that to Larry Sinclair who later had his own radio show in Orlando, FL – where the Pulse Bar was…Larry was murdered…he reported in the press conference shortly before the election of 2012, that Obama was a criminal, a cheat, a liar.  That Obama smooth talked him and had a homosexual relationship with him – that Obama was really gay – that Obama murdered people]

    ADFA – adulterous affairs – Jennifer Flowers – Betsy Wright, hired to campaign against about 20 women – etc.

    Gary Johnson, Attorney – offered to help Larry Nichols in defense

    Don Hewitt, Exec Producer of 60 Minutes – claimed right on video that “Clinton needed strong medicine and we gave it to him” – so he could win the second election

    Berny Nausbaum

     ______ Gerghen

    Lloyd Cutter

    Clinton had Attorney Gary Johnson beaten nearly to death

    Gary gave the attackers the tapes he made when Clinton was committing crimes.  They beat the crap out of him anyway. He nearly died.  They ruptured his spleen, tore up other organs.

    Sally Perdue  Aug – Sep ‘83

    Bill Clinton had affair with her using state money

    Article:  The Threats That Followed – my fling with Bill Clinton

    British Newspaper publishes Clinton Affair – the story is ignored by American Press

    Dec 1993

    Troopers tell of arranging Clinton trysts

    Lindsey says President denies report about days as governor ~ News Article by Noel Oman

    Larry Patterson, Roger Perry, Danny Ferguson, Ronny Anderson – Troopers

    Troopers say Clinton sought silence on Personal Affairs ~ News Article by L.D. Brown

    Total women he had affairs with:  100   while Bill Clinton was Governor

    Bill Clinton was obsessed with sex and talked about it all the time

    Clinton used certain troopers for certain women he had sex with

    1989 – Christmas Parade.  He picked a woman out of the crowd, saying she had big breasts, etc. He ordered his security officer to go to her and see if she would meet him at the hotel.  That woman was interested in a state job.  Shortly thereafter, she was working for Bill Clinton.  Most women he had sex with were “well taken care of”

    President:  Troopers charge Clinton. Sought their silence

    Ark Democrat Paper: Wright urged 3d Trooper to alter story. 2 troopers entangled in traffic crash suits [tactic to occupy them]

    President:  White House calls Troopers Charges Ridiculous

    Paula Jones  - worked at Excelsior Hotel

    She got  a note that the Governor wanted her to meet with him. There were no beds in the rented room. There were couches.  Clinton began telling her sexual things.  He put his hand up her leg.  He tried to kiss her.  He dropped his pants and told her he wanted her to have oral sex with him.  Paula Jones declined and rushed out.  Steve Jones, her husband, knew it all. They became public with Washington Post Newspaper.

    Clinton sought sex, women say

    Beth Coleson

    Regina Blakely

    Debra Math

    Susan Whitaker

    Eliz Ward

    Jo Jenkins

    Paula Jones filed lawsuit against Bill Clinton

    Death of Security Guard Chief – Jerry Parks.  He was brutally murdered!  He had a large file of Bill Clinton’s infidelity and affairs

    Roland man’s death, ties to Clinton, spark interest ~ may be a news article

    The Whitehouse was the same as far as Bill Clinton’s behavior goes

    Rose Firm aids shredded Foster Papers ~ News Article by Sarah Fritz

    (CPA firm had convenient fire to destroy the Whitewater documents)

    “Rose aide tight-lipped on contents of Foster files he shredded”

    “Shredder busy taking care of US secrets”

    “Fiske Acts to block Release of Reports on Death of Foster”

    Vincent Foster handled Clintons personal matters

    Large gaping exit wound – reported being in the back of his head

    [yet I know in pictures  blood was only coming out of his mouth, as if he was poisoned]

    Fort Marcy Park was location of Foster’s body – no fingerprints on gun, yet it was found in Foster’s hand [yet I know from other sources that it was not in the hand that he writes with]

    “One latent fingerprint was visible on the undersides of the right pistol grip, approx. 2” from the base of the grip – and it was NOT Foster’s. No attempt to identify it were made

    Gun powder on Foster’s clothing did not match what was on his hand.  Attorneys claim it was from sloppy labwork.  Fisk could not support it.  There was no fatal bullet.

    They did not interview residents living nearby.  It is highly unlikely that Foster pulled the trigger.

    Whitewater, other papers taken from Foster’s office.  Involving Bernard Nausbomb, Patsy Thomasson, Dan Lasater, Margaret Williams, Bill Clinton, Chief of Staff

    BCCI Accord May Spur More Legal Actions ~ News Article by Peter Truell

    Worst Banking activity in industry.  Former DoD Secretary, Clark Gifford.  Charged, but charges were dismissed by Bill Clinton.  Robert Fiske was the BCCI attorney previously

    “White House to Give Fiske All Files On Foster”

    Man Ties Shredding, name of counsel ~ News Article by Stephen Engleberg

    “We have the highest ethical standards in the White House.  You can be sure of that.” ~ Vice President Al Gore

    Congress plotted with Robert Fiske to help cover up Clinton

    Aug 3, 1994 – Larry Nichols was set up and charged giving bad checks

    Fed Agent Bill Duncan – falsely arrested and chained to a pole in basement to Police Department. Forced to resign later.

    Russel Welch was poisoned with military grade anthrax

    Dr. Laughter – investigated Dan Lasater [names are similar-sounding. Most likely deliberate] Forced to resign after reopening investigation on Tyson

    John Brown – removed from the case after submitting culpable information to Congress

    Brown was forbidden by superiors to discuss connection with Ives-Henry Case.  After his refusal to do so, he was forced to resign.


    LJ Davis, journalist beaten profusely in Little Rock Hotel Room.  Pages in his notebook were ripped out regarding inner workings of Rose Law Firm & ADFA

    1989 – Wayne Dumont was castrated and subsequently charged for raping Bill Clinton’s 17 year old cousin.  He framed Dumont.  Dumont proved he was completely innocent. Clinton blocked his release from prison.

    Every case against Bill Clinton resulted in shut down of offices

    William Dannemeyer – US Congress. 1979-1992.  Different stories came out.  Draft dodging, womanizing, pathological liar, recommended resolution of impeachment

    Let Chips Fall Where They May

    Trial took place in Senate

    Since August 1991, an alarming number of Clinton associates died of unnatural causes

    Partial List

    Dan Casolaro – Journalist Investigating ADFA, Mena. Official CoD:  Suicide 8/10/91

    Victor Raiser and Son – Chairman, Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Finance Committee.  Official CoD: Plane Crash 7/30/92

    C. LeBleu/T.McKeahan/R.Williams/S.Willis – Clinton’s Body Guards. Official CoD: Gunfire during raid at Waco, TX  2/28/93  [note, Whitney Houston starred in the movie “The Body Guard” . Released Nov 25, 1992-could this be some kind of copycat thing to sooth himself as far as guilty conscience goes? – and Whitney was murdered much later in her hotel room. Drowned in bathtub, just like the son of Scientology member/actor – John Travolta]

    W. Barkley/B. Hassey/S.Reynolds/T.Sabel – Clinton Body Guards. Helicopter Crash 5/19/93 [two police crashed in a helicopter in Charlettseville, VA recently…I’m just sniffing for Satanic practices, since Scientology parallels with Satanism]

    John A. Wilson - Washington, DC Councilman. Preparing to Expose Clinton. Official CoD: Suicide 5/19/93

    Paul Wilcher - Washington, DC Attorney. Investigating Mena. Official CoD:  Suicide 6/22/93

    Vincent Foster, Jr. - Deputy White House Counsel. Clinton’s childhood friend. Official CoD: Suicide 7/20/93

    John Walker -  Senior RTC Specialist.  Investigation. Whitewater. Official CoD: Suicide 8/15/93

    S.Heard/S. Dickson – Members of Clinton’s Healthcare Advisory Committee. Offical CoD:  Plane Crash 9/10/93

    Luther Jerry Parks – Chief of Security, Clinton’s Campaign HQ. Official CoD: Murder 9/26/93

    Herschel Friday – Member, Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Finance Committee. Official CoD: Plane Crash 3/1/94

    Ronald Rogers – Killed while enroute to interview for this film.  Official CoD: Plane Crash 3/3/94

    Kathy Ferguson – Former wife of Clinton Body Guard, Donny Ferguson. Official CoD: Suicide 5/11/94  [Satanic episode in Ferguson, MO?]

    Bill Shelton – Ark State Police Officer.  Fiance of Kathy Ferguson.  Official CoD: Suicide 6/12/94

    Calvin Walraven – Police informant in Jacelyn Elders son’s cocaine distribution trial.  Official CoD: Suicide 7/28/94

    Alan G. Whicher – Clinton’s Chief of Security. Former Clinton Body Guard.  Offical CoD:  Oklahoma City Blast 4/19/95

    Americans must contact their representatives daily and insist that unrestricted public hearings begin immediately

    If any additional harm comes to anyone connected with this film, the people of America will hold Bill Clinton personally responsible. 

    The Clinton Chronicles Book 1-800-828-2290

    Citizens For Honest Government

    PO Box 220

    Winchester, CA 92596

    Larry Nichols warns:  This nation is in greater peril than ever before!

    Next:  The Clinton Chronicles II  (I don't have it typed yet, will do asap)


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