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July 7, 2017

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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

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    4/8/2018 - Most likely I will add more notes on Satanism here.  Without pictures probably, incase anyone wants to copy  and paste - it most likely will be easier that way.  They can do research on top of these notes, for instance.  Fine with me.  And thank you!

    Satanic Underground is real, friends

    Notes on the following films:

    Bohemian Grove  w/ Alex Jones – I need to finish this
     4/8/2018 - I don't follow Alex Jones anymore. I think he is a psy op for CIA. I have numerous reasons for this, to include his posing his news as riddles - saying something will happen or could happen, etc.  QAnon is also an obvious psy op!  Q = Quantum - see my blogpost  

    Jonestown Lost

    The Occult

    American Commune

    Secret Societies

    The End Of The World Cult


    Scientology – The X Files (testimonies are best to watch, notes not available here)

    America’s Surveillance State

    Source:       Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones.  Shared by Kevin Gallagher on YouTube.  This video is 1 ½ hrs

                       4 Videos of Politicians Confronted About Bohemian Grove That Make You say WTF

                       The Occult – Truth Behind The Word

                       Secret History – The Making Of America

                       Secret Societies by Philip Gardiner.  Free Masonry and the links to Serpent Cults, The Illuminati, the core of the Secret Societies belief systems

    Others         Prophet’s Prey. Documentary revealing the shocking life of notorious cult leader Warren Jeffs, and the FLDS Church

                       Inside a Cult:  Messiah on Trial . Current and former cult members struggle to come to terms with the 2008 trial of self Proclaimed Messiah Michael Travesser.

                       Jonestown Lost. This feature length film, a hybrid of documentary and drama, tracks the final 5-day build up to a horrific doomsday – the infamous mass murder/suicides of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple on November 18, 1978. By the end of the day, 918 men, women and children will die. 


                       Scientology. To some, Scientology is a bona fide religion based upon rigorous research and its doctrines are akin to universal scientific….

    These cults need to be dismantled!  They promote crimes including pedophilia.They

    promote deception!  They created the Manhattan Project.  We know Hillary Clinton,

    John McCain, and Kristine Marcy were the master planners of 9/11 – leading to the

    Instant murder of 3,000+ people, and more died from the injuries.  Sandy Hook

    Elementary School Shooting was another plotted and planned false flag event

    Which is only justified by SATANIC SOCIETIES! 

    I will update these notes tomorrow.  I have much to write!  Date: 7/3/2017


    Industrial Revolution (railroad industry boom)

    July 15, 2000 – Alex Jones goes inside the Bohemian Grove in CA


    Bohemian Club – founded in San Francisco in 1873.

              Local artists, writers, media wanted a Judao-Christian ethic. Seeking druid rituals.  Location:  outside Monteria, CA.  Hidden in the woods. Roots are in Babylon itself.  Railroad commerce increased membership because the population increased.  Then it became a club for the elite.  These bizar activities stem back to 1873. By 1900, there was a waiting list of people who wanted to join.  Howard Taft and Herbert Hoover were on the membership roster. Dwight D. Eisenhower also became a member. Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon participated.  GHW Bush participated.  GW Bush participated.  (Bushes also were part of the Skull & Bones society at Yale University, deep into the occult! ….note, Annie Le was obviously murdered by cultists!  Her body was chopped up, yet WTNH TV lied about her death.  I wrote to Yale and emphasized their motto:  For God, For Country, For Yale – and yet they turned their back on Annie Le’s friend Raymond Clark even though he pleaded not guilty and mourned over the death of his friend Annie Le!...when I wrote to the Yale President, I got no reply AND the prison took all my letters I wrote to Raymond Clark and sent them back to me! Maybe they punished him and put him in isolation after that as well! Or drugged him up! All it takes is common sense to realize this guy did not murder Annie Le!......Bill Clinton was a FREQUENT attendee of the Skull & Bones Society, Bohemian Club. The head of the Fed Reserve (Alan Greenspan) was an active member of the Bohemian Club. 

              The Manhattan Project was planned and run from the Bohemian Club. Spy Magazine went undercover with Henry Kissenger, Merv Grivvin, William F. Buckley, Jr. 1980’s –  article by Phillip Weiss:  “They are just masters of the universe…big frat boys blowing off steam. 2Aug1999.  Sure, they are elitists and have bizar rituals, but what’s the big deal? David Gergen, Presidential Advisor to President Clinton was in the Bohemian Club (after being on waiting list for years), Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group. Parade Magazin reveals (1981) mock human sacrifice.  Book, “Men And Powers”.  He describes Bohemian as an astounding place, and feeling intensifies with subsequent visits.  Spy Magazine Spinpiece shows drunk and naked leaders with rituals in the background.  Bohemian Grove is highly protected by security. 

                  Professor Texe Marrs wrote dozens of books on the Occult.  “Behind all of these groups is a small group, an elite, a core.  Bohemian Grove is exposed as the whole New World Order…” Back to ancient Egypt, Babylon (Babylon is in Iraq) , Greece, Rome --- the roots of the Bohemian Grove, particularly in the Illuminati era, which originated during the French Revolutionary days.  The original order of Illuminati has Bavaria at the bottom, and eye in the middle and Illuminati at the top.  

              Hitler was a Bohemian.

              Even the owl was a symbol of cults.

              Symbol of the diety – the great gods of Babylon

              This was purposely designed for mind control

    Alex Jones lands in San Francisco….Goes to the Gateway of the Bohemian Club.

    Santa Rosa begins the investigation on this New World Order agenda.


    •  To be resumed 7/3/2017
      Could not Resume – video disappeared 7/4/2017

    Jonestown Lost

    -an evangelical preacher takes his parish to Africa.  Two worlds collided and Paradise Is Lost.


    Tim Wolochatiuk, Director.  Released 2006

    This feature length film, a hybrid of documentary and drama, tracks the final, five-day build up to a horrific doomsday the infamous mass murder/suicides of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple on November 18th, 1078.  By the end of that day, 918 men, women and children will die. 

    Mass Suicide of over 900 people

    Jim Jones, Pastor

    Late 1960’s and 1970’s – many riots occurred because of Viet Nam.  Jim Jones founded a Temple, called the People’s Temple.

    He had staged healings, claiming he had special powers.  His son survived – and is in this documentary.  “Once you are hooked to that, it is hard to get unhooked”

                                 Again, this dialogue seems to be a basis of Sandy Hook Massacre Hoax.

    Article:  “Inside the People’s Temple” .  “Ten Who Quit The Temple Speak Out”  “Why Jim Jones Should be Investigated”…people reported physical and sexual abuse, mind control, and forced drugs. 

    1977 – Jim Jones and his people moved from San Francisco to Guiana, Africa, to build Jonestown.  “So we can live the way we like to live with our own lifestyle”

              (this was the time Sasha Shulgrin was very busy making psychotropic drugs – protected by the CIA)

    Jones’ son says, “Every hour of every day, my father knew he was a fraud.”

    Vernon Gosney, prior cult member:  The term White Knight was used for extreme emergency.  TheWhite Knights practiced for mass suicide, which Jim Jones said was a practice of faith and loyalty.

              People with guns and rifles, pointed inward.  Vern Gosney’s wife died.  Vern went to Jonestown.  He wanted to leave the first day, but it was under armed guards.  People who tried to escape were punished severely.

    Nov 14, 1978

    US Congressman Leo J. Ryan went to Guiana with his aid, Jackie Spear.  He saw them free to go as they pleased.  Media covered the trip, including Dawn Harris.  Tim Rieterman, San Francisco Examiner:  Jim Jones displayed the People’s Temple as an extraordinary institution. Viewed as eccentric – reason for body guards.  Ex members reported to Rep Ryan the abuse. 

    Sherwin Harris went with Rep Ryan to see his daughter and x-wife, who changed her name for the cult.  They knew they had guns, were Marxists and revolutionaries. 

    Guiana was described as Land Of Milk And Honey – they ate rice every day. No communication with the outside world.

    (I wonder if this was an MK Ultra project)

    Jim Jones’ 19-yr old son Stephan.  Jim Jones feared his family was out to get him. Stephan left Jonestown. 

    Sherwin Harris’ ex-wife was one of the leaders and could use a gun. She would not let Sherwin to see his daughter.

    Vernon Gosney wanted to escape when they had a White Knight incident.  He began a plan.

    Jim Jones hated USA and told the temple members not to trust USA – be against Rep Ryan from entering their “Village”

    Nov 15, 1978

    Rep Ryan confronted the people in Georgetown – he went to the Temple alone.  The members considered Ryan a threat, being filled with the mind control of Jones.  They told Rep Ryan to leave.  Ryan did not meet with Jim Jones.  They said Jim Jones was gone. 

    Jim Jones had a temper tantrum, wanted his son to return to their compound.  He was a drug user and a psycho.  Yet Stephan Jones refused. 

    Nov 17, 1978

    Jim Jones denied entry to Charles Garry, etc. Tim Reiterman:  Finally we got word that Jim Jones would allow us to visit Jonestown.  Jim Jones had the cult members rehearse over and over what to say.

    There was always an atmosphere of us vs. them.  And they were made to believe that Rep Ryan came to destroy them.

    Sherwin was lied to, being told he could meet with his daughter.  But that didn’t take place.  So he went to the compound. 

    Vernon Gosney planned to slip Rep Ryan a note, telling him to help them get out of Jonestown.   He wasn’t sure whether to take his son or not. 

    The Jonestown people intercepted Rep Ryan’s trip to Jonestown.  They said only Mr. Garry could go.  And Mr. Garry went.  In a few hours, the truck returned to the air strip and said they could board the truck.  Everyone recognized there was a potential for danger, said Reitman. They were under the control of Jim Jones. 

    Reitman was impressed with the work of the people to build everything.  They were escorted to Jim Jones. Jim Jones spoke strangely, said Reitman.  He was asked about threats of suicide.  Jones said, “I only said it would be better to commit suicide than to kill.”  It was disturbing he had all those lives under his control when he was so unstable. 

    Gosney:  If I passed my note to the wrong person, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be killed. (he gave a note to a man, dropping it on the ground and telling him he dropped something)  It wasn’t until later that I found out that individual was NOT the Congressman.

    Congressman Ryan approached Gosney and assured him he could join them on the plane and he would be protected. 

    Nov 18, 1978

    Jim Jones wife (Marcelin) took them through the encampment. They had a school, clinic , nursery – what inspired her were the children.

    Within hours, more than just two people wanted to leave.  Entire families wanted to leave.  The tension radiated – perceived as defectors. 

    Gosney signed a document that he was leaving his son there on his own free will.  Gosney’s son was black and he worried the US would treat his son badly.  Congressman Ryan was concerned about needing another plan. 

    Gosney was petrified leaving.  He was afraid they would jump him and kill him.  Potential defectors were gathering up their things and they were being interviewed by NBC.  Jones grew more and more intense with the TV interviewing.  Jones knew this visit was not going to play well with the US when these defectors return.

    Gosney hugged his son and said good bye.  He said he would return.  Only 15 people were successful in leaving, but others wanted to.

    Rep Ryan was attacked but someone else stopped the attacker.  He would not process any more defectors.  He knew he was in danger. Their truck left.

    Mr. Sherwin went to see his daughter at Temple HQ.  It was wonderful to see his daughter. 

    Jim Jones was telling his people the defectors were the worst enemies.  Called a White Knight.

    Stephan said Leanne was told she would have to die and her father needed to leave.  Jim Jones would not commit suicide alone.  He wanted to take everyone with him.  (power and control)

    He ordered potassium cyanide. 

    The truck got to the air strip and people were boarding.  Men in trucks were watching them, which they considered to be strange.  Reitman was worried that all defectors were not really defectors.  The guy who attacked Ryan was also allowed to leave. 

    Mr. Sherwin was planning on picking up his daughter the next morning.  Mr. Sherwin’s ex-wife kissed him good bye on the cheek.  He thought they were making progress. 

    The men in the trucks began shooting the people as they tried to board the plane.  A few people escaped.  Gosney was one of them. They shot everyone who were on the ground again to make sure they were dead. 

    Jim Jones reported to his people, “It’s all over. The Congressman has been murdered.”

    Some were stabbed by Jim Jones’ wife – I think her children were killed by her.

    Malnourishment was experienced by all the people.  They just had rice everyday.  The children were poisoned first. 

    Jim Jones:  If we can’t live in peace, then let’s die in peace….an act of revolutionary suicide…protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.  Mr. Reitman went back to the airstrip.  Mourned over the bodies.  He observed they were all shot in the head as the last round of shots.  Including several NBC news people. 5 people were murdered but even still, 11 people survived the shots. 

    Stephan Jones recounted seeing his mother and the children dead.  He said they slit eachother’s throats. 

    People were looking for survivors.

    Nov 19, 2017

    A handful of people survived the mass suicide.  Hiacinth Thrash hid under the bed and no one knew she was there.  Stephan Jones said his mother resisted and took poison at the end.  So I guess that was not his mother who was in the main building who had the throat-slitting – probably the mother of the 22 yr old girl.

    This was a mass murder, not suicide.  Using mind control.  Consider what would someone have to do to you to get you to do something that you would never expect would happen to you. 

    Gunman Larry Layton was jailed for only 18 years. He was the one who first attacked Congressman Ryan.  Tim Reiterman is a journalist for the Los Angeles Times and co-author of “Raven”, a book on the People’s Temple. 

    To find some level of peace and some level of forgiveness has been the most challenging for me.  – Gosney

    Sherwin holds his daughter forever in memory and managed to let the grief go.

    Almost 300 of the 908 who committed suicide or were forced to commit suicide were children. 

    Larry Layton was released from prison in 2002. Vernon Gosney is a police officer in Hawaii.  Mr. Sherwin is married with two kids.  Stephan Jones is married with three kids.

    The Occult:  The Truth Behind the World

    Religion, shamanism, ritual magick, sacred practices and more are brought forth and put into our modern day perspective.

    Released:  2010

     James Enrushaw – a Reality Entertainment Film

    Written by Bryan Allen

    Dark powers – evil 

    By O.H. Krill

    Shows “666”

    Malicious oppression, suppression – brings societies to submissive states…

    Cause: The answer lies in the natural world

    Mythical and esoteric paths are separate from the magicians in entertainment who use smoke and mirrors

    The cult is hidden from social view

    Philip Gardiner – author and filmmaker

    Manipulation is the key to convince people they knew more.  Politicians and business leaders use it at times.

    Disposable income – vs – people feeling that they HAVE to purchase this and that….

    Use of voodoo…stabbing a doll…mentally and spiritually they connect to it and be manipulated through those items.  PCs can manipulate people.

    Are whales still being taken out of the sea?

    The cultists are manipulating us

    The Animists

              Lightning, solar bodies, earthquakes, etc – ancient man was terrified by the world outside.  Yet man became more intelligent and made sense of what he saw and sought to live in harmony with all living things – animal, vegetable, or mineral.

    Ancient man lived in Here and Now – yet as evolutionary changes progressed, they reasoned and developed fetish objects that represented atmospheric powers.  Animists claim that each and every object have a spirit – construed as the energy coming from each thing.  Emergence of the Shamans. 

    A tree – every scrap was used.  Same thing with fish parts etc.  They thought if they did not use every part, it meant the dead rath of the animal spirit.

    Harvests were more successful if they performed rituals.

    The Dawn of the Magician – in Shaman Tribes

    Healer – an aura of general fear

              They  had considerable power and no one would offend them.

              They used herbs and other plants

    It is thought that they opened doors to other worlds – by using these psychotropic plants:  piote, mescalin, blue lotus, cannibas, magic mushrooms, ergi, and a number of other natural narcotics and hallucinogens

    Some were used as medicines

    Salicin – active ingredient for aspirin. Found in redwood trees

    DNT – the elf hallucinogen.  Inhibitors had to be injested first  to keep stomach enzymes from breaking down the hallucinogen DNT

    They produced hallucinations of elves and serpents – common reaction

    They wondered if it was an alternate reality

    Could these Shaman be talking to their own DNA?

    Are our own senses infinitely superior to anything man-made?

    Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks utilized Shamanism

    It was the inspiration behind the alchemists, which developed into medical and science fields.

    Heaven and Hell concept from Shamanism?

    Meditations, prayer, fasting, drugs….brought back knowledge of God…our religious roots are built into Shamanism

              If we all took many drugs…that it is part of us? 

              These questions are not easy to prove.

    Syberia – still practiced

    Southern America – still practiced

    Could have been the result of trial and error….theory that these drugs quiet the mind down….(I don’t agree with this because side effects are not even brought up)…pantheism was a direct progression from animism

    Challenged the authority of the church…which was “believe what we tell you or you will die”….the occult was hidden from view…belief system that the old ways were a way to damnation.

    Shamanism began to be used as a tool to influence the word around them.

    The Inquisition

              The institution survived as part of the Roman Curia, but in 1908 was given the new name of "Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office". In 1965 it became the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

              Is the above law pancaking what we already have just because police are not doing their jobs?  

    This is what I stated as a comment:

    Personally, I consider hate speech very ineffective and degrading to society. I consider what US society does in degrading Islam, rather than terrorism, wrong.A priest tried to kill my father. He broke into my father's apartment. Yet management did not call police because he was a priest - and even though that priest would not answer the door when they knocked. He even turned my father's lights out. My father was in a nursing home. Nobody was home when that priest broke into his home - where are the checks and balances? What is the intent of this bill? I just saw this article and frankly it is typical of media to appease Senator Feinstein. Another thing to consider. you or I choose to disagree with this bill because we want to hate Muslims, Jews, or other Arabs - does that make sense?If we choose to disagree with the bill because we have enough laws - we just need assurance that law enforcement is doing their job - then what will happen next? The good law enforcement are are working in circles around the bad ones. How can we be assured that a true - that a real - system of checks and balances is in place to make sure law enforcement are doing their jobs? Shouldn't we focus more on term limits? Draining the Washington Swamp? Yet they present these things to use as seemingly a deviation. So it all goes back to intent. The writers of the bills need to publish their intent if they have not already done so. If they have, let's find out and not jump to conclusions. Because I believe that the majority of Washington Senators and Congressmen have ill-wills, we really need to meet this problem head on and find a cure.

              The Inquisition was used to justify the witch hunts

              Yet treatment to reduce labor pains was contrived as witches – the Catholic Church believed that women were meant to have much pain when having children

    Ritual Sects – magick

    Lucifer and Asteroth – in the Judao-Christian religion

    Wars developed because of these social conflicts


    Book on

    Mallays Maleficorum – curing witches/demonology

    In Tres Divisvs Partes

              Jacob Springer

    Heimlich Kramer


    Book on Demonology – Demonologie, In Forme Of A dia-Logve

    Written by King James I

              Scotland, France, Ireland

    King James decided witches were nothing of the kind, as commonly believed

    Magicians were a breed apart – to bring about certain ends

    Exorcism is still  a practice today and considered a form of magick

    Predicting the weather was considered magick

    Monestaries were places of education and were replacing magick

    “John D was a spy for Queen Elizabeth”

    Battle of the great magician and Moses  - the staff that falls to the floor and turns to a snake

    Alister Crowley, Dr. John D., Rasputten, Christian Rosencruth, Cagliostro

              All with ability to manipulate – use of mentalism

    The politicians are today’s magicians

              Power of persuasion, manipulation, deceit

    Changes to the “Word of God” – tribal revolutions – fighting over who God is – concepts of spirit

              The planet is self-righting. No matter what happens, it will correct itself

    Power of advertisement is discussed – Western Commercialism

    Dr. John Dee

    He was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth Ist

    He was executed/murdered

    Edward Kelly, his assistant

    Concept of angels

    Capernicus and Galleleo

    Unthinking faith concept

    Learning from opposites

    Yin and Yang – creation of a whole.  Battle of the opposite – they meet and elements are the same…everything is related

    Alchemy – study of improving who we are

              Its roots are in “nosis” concept – the knowledge of all. Experience involving an openness – “letting the waves inside the head free”  ….  Vs  - Using drugs releases all kinds of terrible behavior in people. The dark side of the occult of alchemy

    Alister Crowley – the single most influential magician. Denied to be a Satanist.  Delighted to horrify people.  He was flamboyant (use of will or intent) Love is the law – love under will – his magick worked.  He was not a Charlotan and believed in what he was doing.  He was resistant to change.  He was outrageous and addicted to sex and took drugs. 

              (This film claims he had an extraordinary amount of confidence – yet it is commonly known that drug addiction creates plastic egos. He obviously had a plastic ego. Which may attract people but it is never genuine – thus the concept of deceitful practice is enjoyed – and I conclude that Crowley was a Satanic magician.)

    On the shores of LochNess – Crowley performed an historic ritual to remove demons – OTO involvement, an esoteric group Crowley belonged to. 

              Conjectured that Crowley used occult connections to help world powers, leaders of countries.  He was asked to assist in the debriefing of Rudolf Hess.

              Jack Parsons (John Whiteside) – Pasadena, CA

              Ron Hubbard – founder of Scientology

    Fabric of realities – concept of the moon child – alleged spacecraft in New Mexico – 1947 was a pivotal year on many counts (year of death of Crowley)

    Ron Hubbard spied on Parsons and Crowley – more of a militaristic approach (?)

    Manipulation of one’s will

    Rituals are very Masonic

    Alister Crowley was a Free Mason. He was also a member of the Golden Dawn.

              “666” – Chaos Magick. Based on the premise that if the magician can drive himself in a sufficiently ecstatic state of concentration – then he may be able to release it into the Cosmos….if a butterfly beats his wings on one side of the world, then an earthquake may happen on the other side.

              Moses used magick to part the Red Sea (?)

              Jimmy Page is the Led Zeplin Rock God – used magic and was an associate of Kenneth Anger

              Anton Lavey – founded his religion – wrote the Satanic Bible.  He never reached the highs or lows attained by Crowley

    People weren’t burned but hung – accused of witchcraft

    Animals were killed because people thought they had evil spirits

    Crowley applied the Human Will

    Quantum Physics – is born

    Doctor and Musician – discussed.  I am perplexed why they did not discuss art/painting/sketching.
    Alex Callaghan
    Levi Bromfield
    Gemma Simpson
    Sheena McDonagh
    Von Callaghan
    Paul Heeley                       

    Film:           American Commune

    Summertown, NY

    Directed by Nadine and Rena Mundo, employed by MTV

    Copyright: 2014

    Stephen Gaskin, Spiritual Leader of Commune in NY

              Former USMC, claimed to have revelations from an LSD trip

    Raised in America’s largest utopian socialist experiment in the 1970’s, siblings and filmmakers, Rena and Nadine return to the commune where they were raised for the first time since leaving in 1985. They confront a past they’ve spent years hiding, while exploring the rise and fall of the most successful American commune.

    This hippy caravan of 25 buses preached the virtues of Jesus Christ – yet they had free love and immoral habits.

    They paid for the farm in cash – pitching in all their savings.

    They did not eat milk or eggs – nothing from animals

    Tennessee Woods is mentioned, so this must be another commune

    Communes are “intentional community”

              There were 1400 people in the 80’s but there are about 20 today


              No meat, no dairy, no alcohol. No jewelry. No violence, no birth control. You could not even be angry.  “If you are balling, you’re engaged. If you’re pregnant, you are married.”

    They got stoned on mushrooms, so probably used other drugs in Tennessee

              They had Open marriages – children had different parents

              These marriages were dysfunctional

    “We are tragically heart broken by the vision of the world we see”….

              (what do they see?  They use drugs, lol)

    The Farm, Summerville, NY

    Plenty Relief Team – created by the Farm…within a few years they had outlets in Valise, Guatamala, Bangladesh, Washington, DC, and the South Bronx

    The children were fed soybeans and it cured hunger problems

    By 1980, The Farm became the largest commune.  They had 1500 members and over 10,000 visitors.

    FBI Raid

              THP helicopter – they looked for marijuana in the field – ragweed was misconstrued as marijuana….yet the man on the video said it was a melon field.

    Their outlets/clinics were also massively investigated. FBI considered them a risk. They had higher and higher interest rates despite having perfect payment records.

    The communes were revisited when the children grew up and they reconnected with some who they grew up with.  Though this was a way for them to resolve their past as a healing experience – three months later Nadine was diagnosed with colon cancer – she received $10,000 in checks from old commune members.  (So my curiousity is, did she really have cancer or was she just used as a medical toy? A toy for filmmakers?) This film has the logo Mundo films – so maybe the colon cancer was a deception to get people to connect with her more and make money from the prior commune members, some of which they may have discovered had a lot of money.  I am just guessing.  They lived like gypsies in some ways. 

    Film:       Secret Societies

    Philip Gardiner’s Forbidden Knowledge

    Reality Films

    Secret handshakes, words, ultimate enlightment experience saved for initiation

    Build of comradery – familial with eachother – make deep promises to eachother

    New recruits are expected to leave the world behind

    Knights Templar are expected to spit upon the cross

    Underground Christianity had secret rituals, etc – yet became dominant

    Sept 11th was carried out by Secret Organizations

    Revolutions were caused by secret organizations in Russia and France

    The Illumination was a threat – the shining societies

    The Sons of God Society

    The Watchers

              Writing, Geography, Meteorology, Geo-dessy – the energy and power of the earth and the electromagnetism – including astronomy


    Much of these societies are found in the Middle East

    Books of Enoch and Jubalese were stricken from the Bible


              Free Masons – 14th Century they were active and growing

                       Knights Templar

                       Their influence is huge – a global phenomenon

              Phillipines – very active history

              Rebellion in Italy – spurred by Freed Masons

              France, Germany – have secret societies and they do not want institutions or government

              On the outside, Free Masons make the public think they are rivals with the Catholic Church – yet their origin goes back to the Catholic Church – even the the Levant (ancient Egypt)

              (no wonder Obama wanted to change ISIS to ISIL – claiming the L meant Levant)

                       Knights of Molton

                                 Rooted in the Vatican

              Catholic Church  

    1789 – begins the pursuit of ruling over the human mind

    Illuminati are the men in black, working unnoticed but getting the public to believe what they want them to believe

    Gene Adam Wisout of Bavaria, founded the Illuminati

              Jesuits were the most powerful secret service and confessions could be used for blackmail

                       System of theology in which every law could be broken.  It is Satanic in nature.

              Assassination of President Lincoln is Jesuit-based

              They take approach with anyone who is not Catholic


    Wiseout developed superstition and lies. He hated the Jesuits, though he was trained by the Jesuits.  Illuminati set up their own confessions in line with the Jesuits.  This was a standard double ploy by being close to the enemy, the Jesuits

    Underlying belief in the stars, sky

    True Enlightenment is Wisdom

              Yet now, we only now need TV – and we are told what to do.  Greed motivates our lives
    This film is a pleasure to watch but note taking is a bit complex.

    Film:               The End of the World Cult

    Southern New Mexico    (Strong City)

    Copyright:  2007

    Young people spoke of longing for the end of the world.

    Michael, their church leader, claims he is the Messiah

    Death to Self – date given:  31Oct2007

              People were worried there would be a mass suicide

    Two witnesses – these two – left their homes….

              Michael insisted to them that God claimed they needed to have sex with him

              Both women were married

              Now all marriages were dissolved. Children grew up there and stayed there

    Parents left. A daughter was left there.  She was only 14. They had a ceremony with virgins.  Her parents returned with a Sheriff and got their daughter.  Unfolding drama – the daughter did not want to leave, even though this leader is a pig.  He had broken from the Seventh Day Adventists – married previously twice.  Ex-members try to expose him.  (Michael Travessor ) – he was accused of lying nude with the virgins.  He was completely removed from the immoral behavior.

    This man is a pedophile!

    He refers himself of performing a medical act!

    Children do not attend school.

    God came down on Michael and came down hard on Kristiana (Jeff’s wife) and they had to have sex, so says Jeff and Michael explains it. 

    A mother sends her kids back to the pedophile – yet cries and says it was the hardest thing she had to do…her daughter “was starving herself”  - yet she did not take her daughter to the hospital…yet she gave her kids to a pedophile!

    Michael is a man who has lost control of his ego. 

    They went to this cult a few minutes before the clock stuck midnight on the night the world was supposed to end.

    Strange horns were being played – similar to what was used in the Middle East

    They all shouted Liberty repeatedly

    Michael has refused interviews

    Michael claims he will be getting a new body

    Michael set a new End Of The World Date – December 15, 2007

    (The date the Sandy Hook Massacre shooting HOAX took place on December 14 – the “Wizard of Oz” plotters screwed up dates, I bet.)

    Film:               Scientology

    Dianetics – The Evolution of a Science

    Motive:  To Turn People into Automobiles for a New Civilization (2:05 on video)

    Wilfred Handl, ex – Scientologist

              Scientology has no compassion

              People who are ill, are considered deserving of the illness

              There are celebrity figures, if you like, who are popular with scientologists who come up repeatedly in scientologist incarnations – crusaders, pirates, Jesus Christ – there are lots of them. Almost 50%


    Paul Gerhardt, Scientologist

              I have family who are all scientologists.  They are more successful and make more money

    Ursula Caberta, Head of Working Group on Scientology

              Scientology is an anti-democratic organization; a totalitarian system that has created a parallel universe in Germany and other parts of the world.

    Scientology was Founded in the 1950’s by Science Fiction Writer, L. Ron Hubbard

              Further expanded as world-wide network

              Has many faces – for superstars, sporting celebrities, etc.

              500,000 members

              Those who don’t function properly are punished harshly

    Judith Reuvini, Scientologist

              “We are fortunate we had L. Ron Hubbard”….he took all of his time to develop this religion

              B 1911- D 1986

              He dropped out of George Washington University and became a Sci Fi Writer

              “I thank God every day for Scientology” – lol!  They don’t believe in God! They believe they are God!

    Robert B. Adams

    Church of Scientology International

              “L. Ron Hubbard was a great man”…

              He studied life

    Michael Pattison, former Scientologist

    Artist – who was bilked of $250,000 before he left!

              He was a very clever man. He knew what he wanted.  He used the Occult Black Magick to get what he wanted

              Scientologists are the victims

              Hubbard says that 75 million years ago, in a civilization near here, there were 76 planets – all of which had too many people.  And so, Zinew, who was the evil leader decided to solve the population by killing most of the population. And he invited them in for a tax audit but then kill them to put them into paralysis and he would transport all of these people – billions and billions to earth. And he put them around the base of volcanos (about 12 different volcanos) and put an atom bomb to blow them all up – and then when the spirits are all coming out of the bodies – then he puts them into electronic traps into boxes at the base of volcanos – like a big cinema – and he shows them really bad movies for 36 days – LOL – it sounds so stupid doesn’t it?

    Each human being has thousands of thetans inside the body who have this implant …he can’t speak more because he laughs and shakes his head.

    Doctrine:     In every person is a thetan -  immortal spirit beings that were exiled to earth millions of years ago.  Here they try to attack their former abilities from one reincarnation to the next.  The most effective tool is Scientology.

    Tony Christman, Ex-Scientologist

              So imagine you are covered with dead thetans, as they call them, 24/7 for months and months

              If they don’t kill you… They suck the blood and life out of you

              The only thing you are there for is because of Tom Cruize and John Travolta – these stupid celebrities ….

                       (note, John Travolta’s son was drowned in the bathtub! – Travolta managed to get away with claiming his son was left alone in the hotel room – who does that remind you of?  Whitney Houston…also, read the book, “Are You There Alone”…I bet the mother did not even drown her children, but the abusive husband was tied to crooked court officials who in fact ruined the life of a successful RN who married a dirt bag who thereafter attained a NASA job by being a social parasite to her!...And Oprah contracted a woman to CLAIM she investigated yet crafted the book to Oprah’s desires!  And why?  To Promote the Mental Illness Business!  What the hell has it done for this country or the world?  Just look around you!  The Trump Administration is promoting the Human Energy Business!  That means the fruits of our works will be what runs our country! NOT psychotropic drugs – crimes – immorality – deception!)

    Seven young people that she knew took their lives!

    Jan Eastagte, President, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (Germany)

    “Ron Hubbard is a tremendous humanitarian.  I think anybody who sees an abuse and doesn’t walk away from it is an important person.”

    Hubbard was one of the first to see the dangers of psychiatry and the influence of drugs

    Motive:       To become Thetan Super Beings

    Auditing is a one-on-one to discover the new members. Effective technique for self-therapy

    Astrid von Ronn, Ex-Scientologist

              You withdraw into yourself, your eyes are shut. You have to imagine, it’s a bit like hypnosis.  I’d say it is something like false memory. Many believe they were Jesus or Napoleon.  I haven’t met a Hitler yet. And under these circumstances, stories like that come out.

    The E-meter is the auditing “lie detector” which they consider the key to happiness

    201 Broadway, Glendale, CA – Headquarters for Scientology

    “Perhaps in the distant future, only the civil rights of the non-aberrant (Clears) will be legally recognized.” …” These are desirable goals”…only Clears are allowed to have children….the purpose of ethics training is to remove foreign ideas from the government, leaving Scientology as the only true government.”

    People cannot leave the organization easily and are subjected to reprisals.


              It is the highest achievement in Scientology

              Not what they promise

              There is no unabridged and total freedom

              No one has ever achieve homo-novice level!

    Larry Brennan, ex-Scientologist

              I was labled as Clear

                       But I have ear problems

                       I need glasses

                       He shares other issues

    Celebrity Center In CA – “the Jewels”

    Exclusive location for the rich celebrities

              They use it to recruit other celebrities

    Leonard B. Jackson, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, Los Angeles

              “When I first came in contact with Scientology, I had the opportunity to speak at the Church of Scientology.  One of the first things I did was to break down the word ‘Scientology’ which is the Scientific study of … vs Christianity…and again, I say it is a very legitimate religion…”  (wtf?)

    Reverend Charles Kennedy

    Church of God in Christ

              “We use the applied scholastic technology along with another technology which comes from Mr. Hubbard”…

    Film:       Scientology:  The X Files

    In This powerful documentary on the church of Scientology, a band of former elite members emerge from the secretive religion to allege extreme cruelty, slave labour and financial greed.

    Directed by:  Quentin McDermott

            Notes are Not completed – will be posted later minimally. These testimonies by former members are worth watching and I recommend it.


    America’s Surveillance State (Full, Part 1-6)

    Rabbit Hole Investigations


            Herbert Hoover…creation of CIA, apparently…speaking on TV

    Former FBI Agent Alec German – is against all this data collection – an invasion of privacy

              I was burned out on this film.  Yes, I want to finish it but like with everything, one needs to be diligent as a viewer, to decide what can be validated or not.  They like to do a lot of persuading, which is not like Sofia Smallstorm or other researchers.  Alex Jones tends to persuade, but anyone who calls him on misinterpreting facts – gets undivided attention, I believe.  The big problem is we are trying to pick up the pieces – which media have created. 

    Song is played:   “The Eyes of Texas”

    Part 1 – the Surveillance Machine

    THIS video claims it is all NSA, which is so far from being true…consider the democrats forming a coup against NSA Mike Flynn, who would gain enough to take the crooked democrats down!

    Comment on the channel:  Damn, I really don’t like Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. They took the Snowden leaks and used it to further their careers.  ‘We have all these documents that everyone should see but we’re going to make sure that we write our books and make our movies before we let any other press or public have them’. Greenwald got a f’ing Pulitzer and Poitras got an Oscar. And the people of Earth get screwed.  It sucks that Snowden didn’t entrust the documents with people who shared his exact same vision. 

        My response/opinion:  Snowden is a traitor.  Snowden gave more information to the Enemy than anyone else in history – no doubt it helped the Enemies Within as they worked with Bowden Burgdahl– notice how the names rhyme, folks??? And Obma got a dog and named it the same as Bowe – Burgdahl. 

       Guess what?  Snowden either leaked or helped out leaking the Deep Web!  What happened after that was a huge influx of drug peddling, contracts for murders and extortionists, racketeering, etc.!

              Defense attorneys have the audacity to claim the crimes would happen anyway so why not use internet. 

              REMOVE THE DECEPTION and see what the real reason for Snowden’s treasonous, planned actions were really all about!  He should be hung!

    Alfredo Lopez – says there is a structure and apparatus for a police state.  We have the potential with the flip of a switch. 

    Sam Antar, convicted Felon

              Executives surveilling rival executives

    White Collar Whistleblower

    Roy Singham

    CEO, ThoughtWorks

              We’ve created a situation where all commerce and communications are unsafe

              Secrets Are Us  vs Toys Are Us – think about it….

              Surveillance Industrial State

    Mike German, former undercover FBI Agent

              We want agencies who are going after people who are doing harm. But this is a situation where too much collection occurs.

              After 9/11 they unleashed the rules – the rules and laws didn’t matter anymore.  They now claim they can (26:52) . They harm security by impacting the civil liberties of people

              “They are so used to getting their own way and having everybody roll over..” (wtf?) ….dangerous threats are not scaring them into public submission

              (Wizner is full of deceit!  He is a socialist yet claims he is fighting socialism!)


    Brad Sumrall, computer programmer

              You want to do the job right…the govt has some outstanding people who work for it…and others who become upset with what they see.  (Reference to Edward Snowden…perfect timing, because Snowden was one who committed treason on a very large scale – the largest in history. He is probably a drug user, and that creates a very unhealthy dynamic when dealing with top secret information!  Yet that is just what the USA has become – turning its own country inside-out!

                       Snowden was on the Supernet – exclusive to those who were cleared to access top secret info

    Ben Wizner, Edward Snowden’s Attorney

    Attorney for ACLU

    (frankly, I consider it his defending Snowden a sham. For instance, SNOWDEN exposed the Deep Web – guess what happened?  Drug dealers and murders for contract, etc were using it!!!  Snowden is a traitor deceiving the public that he is good – he is a scumbag!)

              “Snowden had no intention of harming anyone… he believes he is on the side of his former colleagues but they just don’t see that….he believed they went too far on the collection of information of innocent people”

              (does anyone realize that Obama wanted this so he could steal all this intellectual property and become a multimillionaire – probably billionaire – from that alone? This was a set up by the Secret Societies controlling USA!)

    Andy Greenberg of Wired Magazine

              Book:  This Machine….

              Transparency over Secrecy

              Says:  “Snowden’s revelations are leading to reform”

              (I beg to differ!!!! What the Silicon Valley Satanists did was use Snowden as a Deceptive tool to take the heat off their own dishonest, criminal practices!)….his leaks are leading to reforms…the President himself (Obama) is reacting….

              (BS!  Obama steals all this information!)

    Woman:      “Information is the oxygen of society”

              (Give me a break, she is an Oprah Fan obviously)

    60 Minutes did a report on “Inside The NSA” – John Miller with CBS

    NSA has 30,000+ employees.  They have their own fire dept and SWAT team

    NSA Rick Legdgitt – says what Snowden did was wrong, yet puts a twist on it by saying, “He should not have done ‘it’ that way”

              James Manford.  Book:  The Shadow Factory

              (yet they fail to admit how much Intelligence Obmama CREATED and pancaked on them!)

    Article – National Security Through Responsible Information Sharing

    Six pages of acronyms of organizations attached to NSA – Intelligence Sharing

    Ralph Engleman, Journalism Professor

              “There is an important fight going on here.”

    9/11 event helped NSA grow into a $60 billion enterprise

    Snowden worked for Boos, Alexander Hamilton (company)

    Illusion that NSA gives ultimatum of civil liberties vs. protecting the public

    Nov 6, 1998 – declassification of NSA’s Operations Directorate

              The Speaker is being quite sarcastic on this diagram, in my opinion

    After 9/11 – a lot of the intelligence power was laxed on the FBI

              Yet this

    Ray McGovern claimed he joined the NSA because of what the CIA building had on it, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

    McGovern left his career early – claiming what they did was wrong.

              Dick Cheney and GW Bush – requested for them to collect everything after 9/11

                        To be resumed.  Stopped at approximately 26 minutes….


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