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Shirley A. Smith-Rhodes

Mexican Immigration Laws are Tougher

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New immigration Laws: Read to the bottom or you will miss the message…

1.         There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.

2.         All ballots will be in this nation’s language.

3.         All government business will be conducted in our language.

4.         Non-residents will NEVER be able to hold political office.

5.         Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs. Any burden will be deported.

6.         Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

8.         If foreigners come here and buy land-options will be restricted.

9.         Foreigners may have no protests; no demonstrations, no waiving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our president or his policies.  These will lead to deportation.

10.       If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.

Too Strict? The above laws are current immigration laws of MEXICO!



Jerry D. Kidd

Voting Machine Expert


I was the first person to put micro computers in election offices in Tennessee.  When I started warning people to watch electronic voting closely and how to prevent fraud, liberal Republicans (Yager and Powers) got a law passed and got their appointees to the state elections to bar me from doing business in my own great state.  The state elections board is criminally corrupt and they all should be thrown out. You can change the outcome of elections with nothing but a Windows utility and no one would ever know you were there. Electronic voting and state control has completely jeopardized modern elections.  There may never be an honest election ever again.  I also computerized Ohio.  W. Bush did not steal the 2000 election but I was in the seven counties when he stole Ohio in 2004.  The electronic results were sent to Chattanooga for massaging and then sent back to the seven counties in Ohio. In the 2000 election the Democrats destroyed the only sure honest method of voting in America – punch cards. There is no such thing as “hanging chads”. I am surprised my door has not been kicked in at 4 a.m.

Michele Hriscko Cook, facebook friend


BY:   Dean Allen

Once again we hear our Republican majority Congress has caved in to the Democrats under the threat of a government shutdown.  They passed another trillion dollar spending bill that fully funds Planned Parenthood, but does not fully fund the wall President Trump promised us.

The President himself said September might be a good time for a government shutdown. What would an intentional government shutdown look like with Republicans in control?

For starters, the President can make the “shutdown” less burdensome on average Americans, not more. For example, in the last shutdown Obama vindictively instructed the Capitol Police to put barricades around the World War Two Memorial, keeping out a bunch of veterans in their 90’s, most in wheel chairs.

If you have not seen the WW II Memorials, it is basically a giant concrete wading pool with fifty columns surrounding it, each bearing the name of a state.  There are flagpoles and bronze historical markers abounding, but absolutely noting that requires any human supervision.

There are no public restrooms, gift shops, or restaurants associated with the Memorial. There is no reason in the world every last WWII veteran and their families could not visit the Memorial any time they want. That would remain true even if the government “shutdown” lasted for years.

What exactly is a “government shutdown” during a budget pissing contest?  That means the functions deemed non-essential are suspended during the shutdown, and those that are essential, such as air traffic control, law enforcement, and our armed forces will work with no pay till the “shutdown” is settled. There has never been any government shutdown in history where the first act of Congress after it was over anything other than a quick bill to pay those people retroactively.  Never. Not once.

I know, I was working for Homeland Security during the last government shutdown.  Salaried supervisors went home.  They basically got an unpaid vacation.  The rest of us worked just like normal and got every penny of our pay when the “shutdown” was settled.

The President of the United States even has broad discretion to determine which government employees will be deemed essential – thus working through the shutdown, and which ones will be sent home. Barack Obama wanted to make it as harsh and cruel as possible [WWII Monument example above] so a fawning media could promote his narrative the evil Republicans were hurting ordinary Americans.

Want national parks to stay open this time? Want the State Department to continue to issue, and renew, passports?  All it will take to make the “government shutdown” relatively painless is for President Trump to issue a few executive orders making several more groups “essential” meaning they work without pay for a few months or a year.

Remember, even under Obama, the government shutdowns never affected the Post Office [an independent corporation for many years now] and Social Security and military retirement and pension checks were delivered on time. 

When planning now for a long shutdown in September to be as painless as possible, we need to keep two things in mind.  First, we still do not control the media, and we never will. They will beat the drum 24/7 and say the sky is falling.  When they say “the sky is falling” our only response needs to be “Wanna buy a crash helmet cheap?”

Second, once the “shutdown” starts, the clock is ticking. The idea is, one side, or the other, will blink and cave in to the demands of the other party.  We have to be ready to take the heat, for as long as it takes, even if that is a year or more. {the longest government shutdown in history is 18 days if you do not count the War Between the States as a partial shutdown]

The first side to blink in this will become the other side’s bitch to slap around from now on.  We only get one chance to do this. We must do it right, and stay the course just as long as it takes!

Give them a long list of non-negotiable demands, then sit back and wait as long as it takes for them to stop crying, hang their head, and say yes.  At a minimum, we want four things on top of the list.  Four things that will not be compromised.

1)    Fully fund building the entire wall, all 1,956 miles of it, and doing it expeditiously

2)    Defund Planned Parenthood – every single penny for all programs. Tell women needing family counseling to go to Church

3)     Return to the orderly budget process, and stop these stupid continuing resolutions and threatened shutdown games of political chicken

4)     Amend the rules of the US Sentate to make everything associated with spending and taxes pass with a simple 51 vote majority

If you like this idea, please print out a hardcopy and mail it to your congresscritters. You might also share my plan with President Trump.  I do not talk to the President regularly. My 3,654 friends have other friends too. I am told everyone on earth is connected to everyone else through six degrees.

Government shutdown? Let’s do it right!  We can even have shutdown parties and invite our congresscritters…..

My additional comment would be –


  • Clinton Cash Machine
  • Obamacare
  • Satanic Underground
  • Funding Illegal aliens

Yet if the four above professionally mentioned were achieved, the Dismantling would come naturally. 

Letter From Massachusetts Patriot


(This website was conveniently partially disabled by Obama planners – after they erroneously got the courts to suspend Attorney Berg’s license.  He resigned because of this.)

Please email and let him know you appreciate his bravery in filing a lawsuit against Obama and that his work was not in vain. 

Letter from Hubert Poetschke

December 10, 2011

 Of shared his writing with us.  Mr. Poetschke did a wonderful job with his writing.  Please honor his wishes and pass his message along to others.  Thank you Mr. Poetschke for taking the time to write this terrific article and allowing us to post it on our website for others to read and share! - PJB

Hi Friends!

Please read this essay and pass to all people on your mailing list, as well as politicians.

The election in 2012 is not far away and each of us have to get informed and share our information’s with others because We the People can NOT allow Obama Hussein Barack to win the election in 2012 – this will be the end of our country as we know and cherish and Socialism/Communism will triumph and we all will be endlessly and equally poor.

This will be the most important election of this Century – We the People MUST WIN.

In God We Trust

The importance of the 2012 election, the most consequential election of the 21st Century for the President, the Senate and the House – to the survival of our Constitutional Republic.

It has to be stressed that our form of government is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy because in fact a Democracy is a rule of mob or simple majority and the rest of the society must obey the rules of the majority.  It is also true that Democracy is a transitional form of government, which usually leads to Anarchy, which is only a short transition to the Totalitarian Dictatorship, to be either Socialist, Communist, Fascist or Nazism.

They are all, similar Totalitarian political, economic and social systems with absolute tyranny governing everybody and everything with a very limited or no individual liberty and rights.   All rights are vested in the ruling Party to be either Socialist, Communist, Fascist or Nazis. Moreover, in this respect the Islamic despotic theocracy is also similar totalitarian, ideological, political and social system whose goal is the world dominance of Islam as was former Communist Soviet Union.

The foundation of our Republic was and is our Constitution for over 235 years as the Law of the Land and it is our Constitution which was the base of our phenomenal successes as a Nation in all areas of human achievements.   The Founding Fathers of our Republic left US the greatest document – the Constitution which established three independent branches of government:  1. Executive branch, 2.Congress, and 3. Supreme Court as a condition to check and balance the power of the Federal Government, to prevent any of the branches to become dominant and dictatorial.

Moreover, to make sure that Government will not ever become a new Tyrant as in many other countries was and is and treat the people as their subjects.

Our Constitution guaranty the individual liberty, economic liberty, individual responsibility, property rights, freedom of travels and communications, commerce, right to keep and bear arms as the ultimate guaranty of all our rights and the free speech among other rights in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Rights of the States are clearly defined by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they never should be infringed or violated by the Federal Government.

The Capitalistic free market economy is inherent to our Constitution and becomes the integral part in the formation of our nation as the most industrious, dynamic and solution oriented people including entrepreneurs.

It was our free market economy – the driving engine who propelled our country’s phenomenal economic growth, which increased the standard of living of the American people more than any other country in the World, during the first 150 years of our Republic.

Notwithstanding, the horrible losses in human resources during the Civil War, the economic growth slowed only temporarily, than resumed huge progress.

It is important to note, that for the most of these 150 years, our country did not have the Federal Reserve, which was created in 1913 and for the first 15 years did not have any impact on our economy or the American people.

However, the actions taken by the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 till 1941, for 12 long years because of the policies and actions taken by FDR, elected in 1932, who took Office in March 1933, namely his Communistic New Deal which was a rotten deal for the American people.

The Communistic New Deal was a war against the economic recovery which started in the summer of 1933 but the New Deal killed the recovery and the American people had to endure the unprecedented misery for another eight years, thanks to FDR’s obsession with the Communistic ideas to manage the economy and the lives of the American people.

Indeed, FDR’s closest advisers were already professing the death of Capitalism and the dawn of the Collectivism/Communism in America nevertheless, they were ahead of time by about eight decades.

FDR was the worst President ever in the history of our country, who committed multiple treason’s against our country and the American people.

I wrote about this period of time and much more in my book: “Memoirs from the Turbulent Years and Beyond” – it is a factual story of the years from the end of WWI till year 2008 including predictions about Obama, the Radical Marxist/Communist ideologue and eloquent demagogue,which helped Obama to win the election in 2008.

Over the last decades the power of the Federal Reserve grew constantly to the detriment of our economy because of the interventionist policies of the Fed’s into the economy.    Hence, the Fed’s adhere to the Keynesian theory of government fiscal programs and deficit spending to increase employment and stimulate the business activity, which is contrary to the free market economy and will not work, it is a fallacy for which many countries are paying heavy price, notably Europe and now our country.

Nevertheless, this theory never works, maybe for a very short period of time, nonetheless it is not any solution to the underlying economic problems.

Any interventions to the free market economy have adverse economic effects and will create recession or depression depending on the magnitude of the interventions and this is the phase, where we are now in our country.

The idea of government spending in any form of stimulus’s is an absolute insanity, a derange notion of ideological Leftist maniacs.   However, if you are a fanatical, Radical Marxist/Communist as Obama is, you will use as many as possible stimulus’s to create more debt, more regulations and constrictions to overwhelm the free market, to create endless crisis to achieve instability and finally, the economic collapse, or economic implosion of the Capitalistic free market economy.

Moreover, the implosion of our economic system will be the dawn of the Socialistic/Communistic totalitarian tyranny, the dream of Obama, Soros and all these Radical Leftists, all these Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Progressive lunatics with barbaric and murderous mentality.

The Democratic/Socialist Party for decades was tinkering and “improving” the free market economy by establishing new government sponsored entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac doing the mortgage business, during the L. B. Johnson Great Society’s boondoggle experiment which cost Billions of dollars and devastated the black families.   Moreover, what an insane and devastating idea to get government in the mortgage business. However, very clever way to entangle government in another humongous program for which ultimately the taxpayers are responsible and must pay the bill in Billions of dollars and here lays most of the problems of the sub-prime loans, including the very destructive Community Reinvestment Act – the product of the Democratic/Socialist Party Congress inspired by President J. Carter a very mediocre man with Socialistic baggage – a very bad combination and results, which culminated in 2008 disaster, what an unnecessary tragedy.   Please remember, whenever the Socialists, Communists, Progressives, Liberals or similar lunatics or intellectually retarded people get to even limited power, they will work hard to destroy our Republic because all these kind of people hate America, hate our Capitalistic economic system and destruction of this system is their ultimate goal, as is now Obama’s goal.

You might ask why? Because destruction of our economy which parallels the pauperization of the middle class is absolutely necessary to “fundamentally transform” America into the Socialistic/Communistic totalitarian tyranny – a modern slavery and a dream come true for Obama and his Radical Leftists advisers, czars, Union leaders, sycophants in Main Stream Media and delusional elitists.

As you can see, our economic problems created continuously by the members of the Democratic/Socialist Party started long ago, practically since FDR’s Presidency with some short setbacks, notably during President Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of the 20th Century because Reagan stopped the former Communist Soviet Union march to Conquest the World and Communist domination everywhere.

All these so called “leaders” in Congress like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other leaders of the Democratic/Socialist Party were already proclaiming that free market do not work anymore and government have to play major role in solving economic problems like different Stimulus’s to reinvigorate the economy.   However, have to be stated unequivocally that the real jobs, the productive jobs create only the private sector and not the Government.

Government create only bureaucratic, nonproductive jobs which have to be paid by taxpayers, therefore taxes must go up, because the taxpayers must pay the bureaucrats wages and benefits, than the economy slows down – Socialism on full display.

All these claims, were and are just pure fabricated lies to cover up the truth, that all leaders of the Democratic/Socialist Party were for years passing laws, regulations and different constrictions against the free market economy, which eventually start jamming the free market system and the results was a very serious economic and financial contraction and recession.

This should never happened, but happened because Congress actions over the years, often with Presidents acceptances were very frequently totally illogical, absurd, corrupt, showing very little understanding of the basic economics and the Fundamental doctrine of the Capitalistic free market economy which says: the wages should be allow to fall and rise as the market dictates and the adjustment of prices, supply and demand to their natural level as the market desire.  If we, as a Nation and our Representatives in Congress as well as our President will adhere to this fundamental doctrine of the free market economy, our country will enter again the era of unprecedented progress, re-industrialization and growth in all areas of different industries, education, science, agriculture, energy, etc. because there will be no limits to our achievements.

Moreover, if We the People demand that our Congress and President implement the Fair Tax and the National Right to Work, than our unemployment will fall to about 3% in first two years and our GDP will surge to about 6-8% in first two years.

The American people can do this, if we release the full force of the free market, abolish at least 75% -85% of all regulations, curtail dramatically the government bureaucratic machine by about 75% and fight corruption without mercy, because we must start rapidly our economic recovery with energy industry leading the way.

Considering that our national debt is over 15 TRILLION dollars already and Obama in less than three years accumulated about 4.5 (four and half) TRILLION dollars in debt or 42% of all the debt accumulated since the beginning of our country – about 231 Years, than it is obvious that Obama MUST go – Obama is a mortal danger to the American people and our Republic.

Moreover, our country MUST make bold changes, we cannot continue on present course leading US to economic, financial, social, moral and military collapse.

The present rate of deficit spending is unsustainable, suicidal, intellectually bankrupt and MUST stop now and Congress MUST do their job – balance the budget now – hopefully Congress know simple mathematics – any Congressperson who will vote against balance budget MUST be fired by the voters.

I know it is not easy, but remember we have to big government, to many Departments, Agencies and to many government employees, to much corruption and thievery and we MUST cut all areas.

The Federal government budget can NOT EXCCED 16% of the GDP than our country will become the economic engine of the world and will flourish and be example to the other countries how to resolve the economic problems – especially Europe.

The election in 2012 will decide, if our Republic will survive or will perish – If American people will vote for the Republican candidate, whoever it is, our Constitutional Republic will survive and become again economically vibrant with steady growth of our GDP at the rate of about 6-8% per year and fast decreasing unemployment.

However, if American people will vote for Obama Hussein Barack, the Radical Marxist/Communist demagogue who is determined to finish Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America into Socialist/Communist totalitarian tyranny, than our Constitutional Republic will perish and American people will become slaves of the Socialist/Communist Oligarchy and stripped from individual liberty and all rights, because Constitution and Bill of Rights will be nullified by Obama and his minions and criminals.


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