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<INSERT 11/10/2018>
Update 11/9/2018  
  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

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    Pit Stop added  8/19/2017
    Comment about President Trump firing Mr. Bannon
    Roger Stone defining "The Trump Justice System"
    (Carson News Daily explained why Mr. Bannon was fired)

    My concern:

    Was Steve Bannon telling Alex Jones behind closed doors that there was a coup against President Trump forming?  Was CIA psy-op Steve Pieceznik also involved with this scandal - after all, they successfully got rid of Trump-appointed Genereal Michael Flynn and were going after Jeff Sessions, yet AG Sessions recused himself.  I only suggest you take this into consideration. Yet my opinion is very strong.  The Trump Administration is doing tremendous things. They deserve our support!  Trevor Loudon has exposed the Deep State's existence and the Enemy Within - particularly since 9/11 was caused by American politicians!  These people are going to play whatever games they can to get away with murdering over 3,000 people!

    6/10/2018 <insert>  Now Judge Janine Pirro is trying to steal Jeff Session's job - no way, no how!  She cares about one thing - money!  She made her millions from running against Hillary and letting Hillary win.  Did she run again against Hillary or whoever else?  She cared nothing about becoming Senator, face it.  She made millions over the years. Her seeking to steal Jeff Sessions' job is a lame attempt to vindicate herself - does she really care about the child trafficking, the increased in murders, in mass shootings, etc. - all of which are hijacking this country? Of course not!  Want to see the difference?  Just watch Dr. Seb Gorka - she is no comparison to Dr. Seb Gorka!  Obama screwed over his career yet with an upstanding President we can see him put back to Quantico where he belongs and is needed - my opinion.  I have lost confidence in President Trump. I have been saying this since Easter.  His erroneous firing of Rex Tillerson caused me to look at his behaviour more, take time to learn more.  Frankly, I think he is a double-agent for the dirty democrats who have committed so many crimes. He didn't become a Democrat until 2008 - probably George Soros threw him a bone.  George Soros wrote off the $315 million in financing the Trump Tower.  That bone was probably because Trump got nominated by Republican Party.   That is my opinion.  Decide for yourself.

    Alex Jones show is reporting scandal in the Trump Administration and the firing of Bannon was a very bad thing caused by McMaster and worse things are going to happen now.  Roger Stone referred to Joe Arpaio as accusing the "Trump Justice System" creating his dilemma with the wrongful charge of contempt of court.  The charge itself has no basis, considering the circumstances. Yet did his attorneys motion to throw the charge out - or is Sheriff Joe now a slave of the court and the attorneys have him where they want him and want to bleed him dry!  Having a trial by jury on a misdemeaner charge is preposterous!  Even where I live, it is illegal.  I was illicitly charged a misdemeanor. The judge (her name was Sequino) ordered trial by jury to scare me.  Her order was illegal!  I addressed that and several other things, including the illicit arrest and forced commitment to Yale Psyche Hospital where I was drugged up and raped - to then Attorney General Blumenthal, who ACTED like he cared and ASKED me for permission to speak to the State's Attorney which is BS because as an AG, who was REQUESTED for his attention, he would not need permission - what he wanted to do was sooth himself (a Satanic practice of deception) because what they did was add more charges to my case during Voire Dire - the trial was one year past the Statute of Limitations, but they excuse it by saying they were disrupted with their poor little supervisory prosecutor who got CAUGHT for embezzling - because an attorney traced a check he wrote to the prosecutor union, which Lawrence Mark Hurley was Treasurer of. His buddies in the court systems AND no doubt Blumethal, got the court to limit state police to just a three year investigation, when most likely he had been stealing for all 20....which resulted in 180 counts of embezzlement which should have put him away for life - but the court changed the charges to ONE count larceny and ONE count forgery!  All of this caused the poor court so much disruption, they were probably trying to blame that on me also!  I was arrested for mailing a harmless paperweight to the University of New Haven President - not finding out until trial that the women I spoke to at church worked for the University and had been lying to me for a year, humoring themselves.  In fact, the mother was the President's secretary.  They got the mail TWO days prior to that yet prosecutor Russo used the excuse they kept it in the mailroom for two days and mail is not delivered when it is received - not even Priority mail.  They lied about it being contaminated.  There was no proof!  In fact this church lady - secretary testified she opened it first and when I asked her how she reacted, she testified with an evil snare, "It was ugly!"  Yet they charged me Breach of Peace because she said it was ugly?  And Prosecutor Russo put spin on it by putting words in her mouth, an illegal way of prosecuting, but who gives a crap, because Alan Dershowitz of Harvard, who wrote the book on the court model of Prosecutorial Conduct and also enjoyed having an affair with his slutty secretary,  would no doubt bail him out even though I had been drugged and raped at the hospital but could not say anything about that because they would just throw me back in there and may try now just because I am posting it in this blog.  I post it because this corruption harms innocent people!  Raymond Clark did not kill Annie Le, his friend at work - yet Yale turned their back on him even though she was obviously killed by Satanic scumbags - who chopped her up and probably drank her blood!  Her mother could not speak English,so the court limited who could be in the pretrials to just her mother!  William Dong is another one who was attacked by this system!  and Prosecutor Russo got promoted to judge in Dabury, CT - where they lied about the Sandy Hook Elementary School case and made it an official document!  So you see, President Trump has a whole lot of garbage to deal with and NOBODY should back away from supporting his administration!

    FACT:  Trump fired Bannon. Read Carson News on why. He was too big for his britches.  Does Trump hate him for it?  NO!

    What is brewing in this video is SCANDAL.  We do not need SCANDAL.  That  is BS.  Apparently it is more important to build a pseudonym of  President Trump and if he doesn't fit that model, he is out, too . Well,    you are wrong.  Delusions is not what President Trump depended on or ran his campaign on.  He ran on SOLUTIONS. He is creating real solutions.  So don't fit him in a box and say, okay, this is what he looks like and if he doesn't look like that anymore, he's going down.  Our country is experiencing a good pain, but it is a struggle to get past the volatile mechanisms that  Clintons and Obamas put in place.  Some are very deeply rooted.  The fact our dollar has been based on oil - not gold or silver - since Nixon, is also an example of problems which need ironing out.  Those were caused by Republicans.  Jared Kushner is very likely placng himself in a hotspot purposely to emphasize that whether we are democrat or republican, we need solutions for economy, for our society.  i was democrat when I voted for Obama.  I live where there is a cesspool of corruption - where the probable man-made Hurricane Sandy occurred, followed up with the false flag event of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Just watch Sofia Smallstorm's "Unraveliing Sandy Hook" or read "33 Unanswered Questions" for starters.  I get gangstalked.  Others are gangstalked, too, I expect. That is how this broken economy runs - on lies and crimes.  I also posted this comment but don't see it so I will post it here :  Apparently there was little preparation for this video because if you had just read Carson Daily News,  all the reasos were right there. You really lost me when  Roger Stone said Sheriff Joe called in and BLAMED THE TRUMP JUSTICE SYSTEM. That was a BS byte!   He was railroaded in the courts, but I am very sure he would not blame President Trump.  This is the way many attorneys AND court officials behave to bleed people for money! There was no case to begin with. I am doubtful his attoneys even motioned for retrial, motioned for mistrial, motioned for aquittal as they aught before the jury issued its decision, etc. If they are appealing, they are most likely doing a sloppy job and have enslaved Sheriff Joe in order to bleed the public for money!


    Hon. Jeff Sessions  has obviously suspected Mueller as a traitor.  Trump did NOT advise Sessions NOT to recuse himself; nor did he state opposition to it when he did!  So WAKE UP.  Just consider how this is all playing out and the deceivers are full force. Do not be deceived, please!  I have been deceived all my life and I know the signs. A 20-ton truck ran into me head-on, going the wrong way in a two lane highway when I was 18. And I almost died.  I REALLY almost died!  I was in a coma for 2 1/2 weeks and in the hospital 3 1/2  months.  Yet my attorney had it processed as a minor accident, NO FAULT, to cover for the Town, which was capped at $25,000!  My bills far exceeded that!  And my insurance company got reimbursed - that was illegal  for No Fault Insurance!  I was raised to respect those who had positions of authority. This is the hell I went through! Not one older sibling would check with THEIR insurance agent to find out what my attorney and insurance should be doing.  That was before internet - before laws could be checked anywhere. I settled out of court because of PTSD and manipulations by the attorneys. I asked if I could see a counselor.  My attorney refused, just like he refused my father of modifying the house so I would not have to use the stairs because my legs were crushed and I was far from done healing.  I also had major facial fractures, TBI, several broken ribs, and more.    I went with my instincts. And my attorney would not even order them to cover me for insurance for the rest of my life, despite the fact I settled for 5% of the lawsuit! My father stepped in and got them to amend the lawsuit!  Yet  two years ago, they "liquidated" the lawsuit - in CHICAGO - even though the mva was in upstate NY and had to do with NY State Insurance laws!   Crooked Obama's answer was ***SUICIDE BY OBAMACARE***

    Meantime, "Alpha Bay of The Dark Web is Dead" - here it is only six months into the Administration!  Praise God! Give Mr. Sessions a big thank you!  His collaboraton with other countries like Netherlands and Italy achieved this great accomplishment!

    Mr. Sessions only recused himself because the democrats were forming a coup against him, like they did with Mike Flynn!  They want to pull everyone into the courts Obama crafted - which Trump is going to fix!  We are going to experience a major cauterization to our economy because no longer will crime money be running the economy!  Human energy will!  Our blood, sweat, and tears will!

    July 25,  2017
    Trump Administration will remove Obama's ISIS from the face of the earth! Obama stole billions of dollars from the US Government. Trump sent Obamas a bill for some of it, in the billions of dollars. Obama will never have a library, pension, and hopefully expense account. Trump Administration is moving in on the 9/11 planners. The main ones were Hillary Clinton and John McCain and Kristine Marcy did all the ordering from the secret/exclusive office with a blank check account. The billions they spent to murder thousands, physically disable thousands, and ruin so many lives was all to take down our government and create a New World Order. It backfired some, but the Senate and Congress kept backing Crooked Hillary and Crooked McCain because half of them are probably pedophiles, crooks, and follow the Satanic Underground. Nancy Pelosi is on a$10 million bail. Her daughters were arrested for drug trafficking on the Mexican border. Her son was arrested for murder and thereafter being investigated for serial killing. Yet this country blames Muslims and CIA keeps using mass mind control on various vulnerable variations of the Muslim faith. Just like Christians, they have various religious sects. CIA formed a coup against the beloved Iranian leader whose government was a Constitutional Government! The USA CIA removed him and replaced him with a tyrant, for a lawless government! That is when Iran strategized by using Sharia Law to rule their country because CIA could not get away with forming a coup again. Nevertheless, CIA just had to keep suppressing because they were considered an economic threat to USA power! Just consider all the accomplishments Trump has made these past six months - and Jeff Sessions joined world officials and took down the largest crime ring ever!!! The Dark Web! Ten times the size of Silk Road! Yet not one bit of thanks from the media! That's because they follow the money! Crime money has been the pivoting force! Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting was just an Obama way to cheat billions out of the world! The FBI special agent in charge reported nobody died that day! That must be a very difficult circumstance, since even state police comfortably lied! Newtown, CT has a Church Of Satan, which promotes deceit, crimes, corruption! The DOJ back then was Ocraphead-appointed and the last thing he cared about was following the law! I hope the new FBI Director Wray is truly going to administer justice - not like the scumbags since Mueller and maybe Ashcroft or whoever he was before Mueller. The US Gov has just been a money bag for many politicians to dip into. Crooks have been running the country and many states for decades yet those who have steadfastly and patriotically held powerful positions, have sustained us through the worst of times, particularly Obama Administration. It is time for this country to hold the murderers and crooks accountable! Especially mass murderers and their entourage from 9/11!

    Witch Hunt Against Gov Jerry Brown Obviously!
    This isn't application of the law! This is freaking Nancy Pelosi getting rid of anyone who stands in her criminal way! She probably blames Gov Jerry Brown for getting caught! Pelosi has built a huge criminal empire! She's out on $10million bail. Her daughters were arrested for drug trafficking on the Mexican border. Her son was arrested for murder and thereafter being investigated for serial killing! See my point? They aren't doing their jobs, they s pend all their time creating scandal when they are exposed as criminals! Most likely John McCain doesn't have a deadly tumor - which by the way, WOULD obviously been taken out when the doctor removed a blood clot! WTF That was unbelievable when people reported the doctor only took a sample and need to decide how to treat the tumor! They remove it! If it was a threat to his life, the doctor would still pusue permission to remove it! I hope McCain is being watched. Seems like he just wants to return to the scene of the crime - MayonClinic - where a Clinton Whistleblower was obviously just murdered!

    July 28, 2017
    Kathy Griffin - KAT meet CAT!  Griffin is probably anoher pedophile pervert also in the PizzaGate PedoGate Crime rings.  Awwwww. The Dark Web is down because of the history made by Jeff Sessions and they are all pissed because child trafficking is not so easy - besides drug  trafficking, murders, extortion, bribes, and "Don't tell my mother" https://youtu.begUU1hgkDQtM

    Reince Priebus Out - maybe he will be better off anyway.  Maybe leaving the Whitehouse will give him opportunity to stand up to the morons rather than try to be politically correct, since that is an expectation of  the whitehouse.  Meantime, I hope his replacement is not tied to organized crime and he knows what he is doing.  His name is John Kelly.  The Whitehouse accomplished a great many things with Reince Priebus.  I am grateful to his service.  John Francis Kelly is the current US Secretary of Homeland Security.  I am sure he is doing a great job there, but do we really need a Homeland Security? it was formed after Americans planned 9/11.  Now how much sense does that make?  They haven't even arrested the criminals who planned 9/11 and keep blaming those mean, awful Muslims which was the Hillary-McCain plan.  over 3,000 people were murdered that day. Field McConnell shares everything in AV7 video.  How can we expect Hon. Kelly to prosecute this?  Their defense would be the activities occurred pre-Homeland Security.  Hon. Kelly's son, died November 9, 2010 in Sangin, Afghanistan - maybe near the base where General Green was gunned down.  No doubt a conspiracy there since the soldiers should have protected General Green who had two masters degrees and a bachelo degree in something else.  Makes me think of Hon. Colin Powell, who frankly has nine lives.  His wife also.  God bless them and I am so glad they survived the Enemy Within.

    Here are some posts off Facebook that I happen to save and retype, just because I am lucky:

    Chris Iverson asks:  Now What'sThe Plan To Defund Planned Parenthood?
    If they go bi-partisan with their approach to healthcare, then defunding will need to occur in a different bill. Democrats will not sign on to defunding Planned Parenthood.  I think the Senate Republicans need to firmly decide which direction to go next. They will either  go bi-partisan, in which case they should pass a defunding bill separately RIGHT NOW because the waiting pattern months and the defunding provision is only for a year.  They can include another defunding povision at that time in their next attempt to repeal and replace.

    Reed Chambers - shared by Diane Zauderer Miller
    Some Southern States in the USA have defined, and the US Supreme Court has upheld, rape as a death penalty ciminal offense. Obviously now that they have Radicalized Marxist Muslims.

    Obamunists have recklessly endangered the public safety and national security of We The People of the USA, by flooding the America Homeland with Islamic refugee men who feel culturally and religiously entitled to forcibly rape "infidel" men, women, women, and children every US Commonwealth and State Legislature should adopt criminal code legislation that presecribes the death penalty for the Aggravated Hate Crime of forcible rape of a victim of dffering tribal, race, religion, or place of national origin, ethnicity, that differs from the culture, tribe, race, religion, or place of national origin of any Aggravated Hate Crime convicted rapist.

    Let it be known that the JURY POOL is outraged at the commission of so many Islamo-culture or religouslly motivated criminal acts being perpetrated by the felonious refugees in our midst, and a reckoning is now looming on the horizon, as an idea whose time has come.


    Reed Chambers II "By Hillary Clinton"

    It's not that complicated, Crooked Hillary. You are a serial womanizing sexual deviant - including lesbian adulterous conduct with your married partners; you are quite th pathological liar, Co-Kingpin of the Clinton Crime Cartel; you sold your official business public office for Clinton Foundation contributions, violated national security and espionage laws by delivery of state secrets to many unauthorized persons who lacked security clearances; have habitually ignored many subpoenas, destroyed evidence, obstructed Congressional investigations; conspired to create the Obama Presidential Interregnum Oval Office vacancy,where the real US President was Vice President Joseph Biden, due to the governing Constitutional mandate that "if the Presiden-Elect shall die, become disabled, or not qualify, the Vice Presiden-Elect take the term of the President-Elect; it was the 2008 Hillary Presidential Campaign that first accused Barack Obama of not qualifying to exercise the powers and duties of the President of the United States bcause he was not a natural born citizen.  Hillary, you then turned-coat and participated in the biggest fraud of the 21st Century in knowingly conspiring to make an illegal alien and citizen of Indonesia the userper President of The United States, and as a faux Secretary Of State, (an appointee of a non-president usurper, in te foreign policy Unsonstitutional US military attack on Libya, witout a Declaration Of War or Congressional Joint Resolution authorizing the lawful use of military force.  Hillary, you also made Chelsea Vice Chairman of the Clinton Foundation at a starting salary of $900,000 a year, in violation of the IRS Sec. 501 (c) (3) "personal inurement" prohibition clause forbidding unreasonable compensation paid to a kid just out of college, thereby stealing from a public charity.

    Want more?  OK.  Hillary, you were personally named in an Egyptian criminal complaint that was filed at the international Criminal Court at the Hague, where charges are pending against YOU for conspiracy to commit murder, terrorism, and crimes against humanity, which criminal acts you paid for in cash paid directly to the Muslim Brotherhood through your State Department. Egyptian Consulates during the Muslim Brotherhood Alalhu Akbar" uprising against the Egyptian Coptic Christians.


    AnneMarie said…
    7/11/2018 - Note, over the past year I have come to realize that Trump is obviously part of the Illuminati, is deceiving us all, and it was his decision to go deceptively after the ones he picked for his administration (to get votes) and should not be re-elected. He should be tapped to step down. He is a threat to national security. He erroneously fired Rex Tillerson. Why did he bomb Syria the same number of times as the number on Rex Tillerson's office address at Exxon HQ? Rex Tillerson spent in excess of $5 million to relocate to Washington and did nothing wrong! This was an obvious pay-to-play scheme for Mike Pompeo, who was CEO of a probable CIA front, Thayer Aerospace. I hope researchers have gotten right on this and will agressively discover whether or not Mike Pompeo built the explosive-filled drones that hit the WTC bldgs 1 & 2! John Bolton was Undersecretary of firearms and weapons, so what does Trump do? Makes him NSA to cover HIS a$$ also! I bet Rosenstein told them they were on the sealed indictments list! I do not trust them! Just watch what they are doing now, they frame themselves!
    AnneMarie said…
    7/11/2018 - Note, regarding Field McConnell, I created a blogpost titled Gadget Bent yet have not had time to finish the Transcript of the video, which has been altered. I am not impressed when people alter things I share after I have seen it and there is no notation that it has been altered.
    Field McConnel specifically said it was his opinion that the WTC buildings 1 and 2 were hit with explosive-filled drones. Yet even though he knew the players, he withholds that info. Yet he speaks of the Jon Benet Ramsey case over and over saying Mrs. Ramsey killed her and she was a pedophile, etc. which is a bold face lie. Even though I told them it was a school teacher hiding in the basement, gaining access through an open latch to it, and he escaped to Thailand before he could be found - they disregard it all! His last name is Karr. His first name may be John, I am not sure. Pedophile-lover Obama (who is pervert and fake, we all know that) used USD to pay for Karr's return, promised the President of Thailand that Karr would face justice for torturing, molesting, and murdering Jon Benet, and the President of Thailand dismissed the many, many charges against Karr for the same crimes in Thailand! He had many victims for 14 years!

    So my confidence in Field McConnell has greatly weakened. I tried to take him off Patreon yet Patreon prematurely tried to charge me this month and it did not work. I had to change my card recently due to fraud on my account. Yet I was just checking this and discovered they tried capturing my money before my social security hit my account. It has always been taken out after. I will not put up this technocratic hocus-pocus. They have messed with the account before to keep me from being able to change things - Or, as I wondered, the browser is accessing it - let the technocrats deal with the crimes. I am not putting up with it and most likely will just close that account. As much as I would like to support others, I am not putting up with this crap of having fraud on my account, having to change my card, etc. It has happened again to me because of another issue! So my patience wears very thin!
    AnneMarie said…
    To clarify, I meant that the audio of AV7 was altered. Additionally, the District Attorney of CO actually dismissed the case on Karr claiming his freaking butt print did not match! The print they had was a fingerprint, which they deliberately never entered as evidence, to use Operation Mockingbirdbrains like ABC to frame Mrs. Ramsey as a pedophile - it sure would take the heat off suspecting men of being pedophiles in Washington if they could make THAT stick, one of the Satanic tactics, I am sure. ABC enjoys ruining a marriage and probably murder-by-doctor claiming she had breast cancer when she probably didn't and the treatment alone can kill someone if they do not have cancer. I had a doctor in Connecticut try to pull that stunt on me in 2008. I told him he was full of s#it after trying to give him the benefit of doubt. You know someone is lying to you as they answer your questions and fail to give you real facts, only making a pitch to kill you off to satisfy the dirty politicians....It is a very shameful thing what happened to the Ramseys and all those involved with this cover-up should be in prison also. Karr should have been executed and right now should be wanted dead or alive, in my opinion.

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