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More Facebook Messages beginning with John Chris Cloud_22June2017

John Chris Cloud:  The Russian Concussion!  Kelly Anne Conway!

Question: What do you think about Donald Trump running for President?

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You probably won't like what I say and I take great pains to share it because I don't have a manual keyboard to use.

The biggest problem is the Satanic Underground. They are the deceptive ones who manipulate and use mind control. Terrorism has ecisted in all countries to small countries. Yet the Satanic Underground found the right spark to sart a wildfire socially. They take words and actions of people they want to torment and create acts of violence. They use mind control to recruit terrorists. This is not about Islam barbarism any more than it is about Christian gladiators. It is about mind ontrol, to create chaos with individuals and masses. Until THAT bleeding is stopped, this will end vrry ugly. We will destroy our civilization.
Some of those may be false flag events. See YouTube channel Sage Of Quay - Interview with Ole Dammegard

Maria, I get overwhelmed with all this.  Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was killed a few days before the obviously planned mind control event in Orlando. A very botched planning. They didn't have to explode the side wall. There were at least 100 law enforcement officials. FBI, SWAT, JTTF, local police. Bomb squad, which maybe should bevrenamed anti bomb squad. The knew it was just Mateen, who had no hostory of violence.No explosives. Place was cleared for entry from all sides, yet they didn't! They wanted to get more "wastable" LGBTs killed, in what was Larry Sinclair's living area. He had a radio show, probably went to that bar, and told many sbout the truth about Obama. His press conference is on YouTube. Larry was murdered. Another person in Obama deadpool!

Youtube Ron Johnson
J Rogers   Anton Lavey and Atty Sam Brody began The Church Of Satan - a very carnal, criminal organization. Brody was obviously killed by Lavey, who was a former crime scene photographer for LAPD, which could be considered as LAPDogs oftentimes. Lavey was the devil husband in Rosemary's baby. Polanski, the creator of the film lost his wife from a brutal Manson murder. Lavey died in 1997, on YouTube (yuck) - I think he committed suicide. Jayne Mansfield was Rosemary in the film. Brody was her attorney. Peter H. Gilmore is High Priest in NYC at Hell's Kitchen. He took Lavey's place. ret. career Military intelligence officer Mike Aquino founded the Temple of Set in San Francisco. Hillary Clinton is Grand Dame there.

My goodnight video,ha!

USMCs recently killed
Justin Allen, 23
Brett Linley, 29
Matthew Weikert, 29
Justus Bartlett, 7
Dave Santas, 21
Jesse Reed, 26
Matthew Johnson, 21
Zachary Fisher, 24
Brandon King, 23
Christopher Goeke, 23
Sheldon Tate, 27
 <3  RIP. <3

Marvin Cosby I appreciate your faith, but for God to be before us, we need to be doing all we can to preserve pur country. This greatly perplexes me. The Satanic Underground is indeed our biggest enemy. After co- founder  1, Anton Lavey  (co--founder 2, Atty Brody,  was obviously killed by co-founder 1, so hecould get all the attention for himself)  died - he made a creepy video of it - the High Priest became Gilmore, located at Hell's Kitchen, NYC. This is a very strange dynamic.I  don't know what to make of it, since it appears a new Swamp may be in the works.

Amen. I just watched a film on Amazon regarding the vaccinations of children - have triple since the 80's. For instance Gardasil for girls, to prevent the already-unlikely chance of getting cervical cancer. TX Gov Rick Perry actually had police and dogs at schools, to force these low-tested vaccines which claimed to  prevent untransmittable diseases on children. Alotof the reason was because his former chief of staff worked for Mercke or another pharmaceutical industry that made big money on the vaccines.

Comment made on Jason Chaffetz Facebook
You liars need to face your own accountability. You don't justify any accusations, yet consider that having murderers Obama and Clintons in the White House, stealing from the government any chance they get, is okay. Those of you who lack citizenship, responsibility, are sickening. Free online courses on our government are offered by so put your big pants on. Stop using drugs, taking psychotropic drugs only produces delusions. Be citizens iv you care. Clintons made $100million a month on cocaine trafficking in Arkansas. Bill Clinton is either cousin or half brother to GW Bush. You bitch about establishment? You ate supporting the establishment that caused 9/11! Hillary Clinton and John McCain planned it with their entourage. So wake up! These people you support will kill you I
 for political gain. You know Obamas are FAKE. Their daughters are really the daughters of their so-called best friends, the "Nizbits" - they publically call themselves. Obama's fake Kenyan sister is a CIA opeative who cares nothing about the job other than using itas a weapon to gain control of the USA. Obama was a CIA operative in Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden. It greatly helped him use mass mind control to form the terrorist group al Qaeda. We have an administration that only cares about making America Great Again and your opposing that is more than foolish! President Trump had over 3,500 pedophiles arrested before his first 100 days were up. His staff has worked very hard! I know ehst it's like to be cheated by officials, believe me. I was almost killed by a 20 ton sander truck who slammed into me in a very similar way as when Vladimir Putin's favorite driver was killed during an assassination attempt as he was fixing to go to the G2 conference in China. Even the Chinese officials suspected Obama. No wonder that China would not let traitor Snowden in their country. And I'm sure Vladimir Putin is watching him likeca hawk in Russia. Most likely the crooks for Clintons in Russia sponsored Snowden. When Iran sentenced billionaire buddy of Obamas anf Clintons and Soros to death in March 2016, Obama stole $1.4  billion in cash to obviously help his Iranian partner in crime.When Congress discovered he stole the money, he said it was oh, by the way, I had to pay ransom to Iran for the Americans released from their prison in January. He's a bullshit artist that only qualifies him for a circus! Yet he has ruined circuses, clowns, etc for our society because it was more important to plant them in real life! Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting was a deceptive event to cheat the world of billions of dollars. Each lying family became instant millionaires, and he kept milking it for all its worth to snatch money for his terrorism account! Wake up, people! I am disabled from being greatly injured and constantly was badgered about LETTING the sander truck hit me. The photos were botched to torment me more. Claiming it was a sunny day, so why didn't I get out of his way, when he drove in my lane, smashing into me. The attorney who took my case had so much political power (and his partner was President Of The Bar Association) that it didn't matter what my rights were. Everything about the case was handled in a corrupted manner. THEY are the Obama and Clinton planners! I can't share more. I don't have a manual keyboard to use. See my resource blogs. I update them when I can.  and
-----------------------------Read this whole section for consideration--------------------------
Ramadan a Time of Peace and Love
My comment on this YouTube
Ryan Mauro is a poor expert on counterterrorism and he is impeading justice! Look it up if you don't know what it means! He is fashioning Obama bs propaganda! Ramadan is a time of PEACE! I remind you that 9/11 was caused by Hillary Clinton and John McCain entourage! Face the facts! Lying gets you nowhere!  BTW, Bill Clinton caught on tape (that was leaked)  with Loretta Lynch committing extortion,etc -
The conversation Bill Clinton had with Loretta Lynch
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------thank you-------------------------------------
Oh, really, Brzezinski?
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former NSA, Jimmy Carter Admin says:  It is infinitely easier to kill one million than to control one million people...17Nov2008  at Chatham House,London - yes, a Brit leaked it!


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