Antiterrorism Viewpoints From A Patriot 6/11/2017

Antiterrorism Viewpoint From a Patriot
Is USA Oversaturated with Intelligence?
June 11, 2017

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Today I happen to listen to a large portion of a Senate Hearing regarding Antiterrorism and FISA Sec 702 law, which is due to either expire or renew. I was perplexed about the conduct of the hearing and presume that the four committee members (who include the FBI Acting Director, Mr. McCabe) were not substantive, nor were they held accountable.  In fact, Senator Susan Collins R-Maine, gave thanks and praise to the DNI Dan Coats, for fully explained what Sec 702 was.  Additionally, she repeated the same question asked by Senator Rubio as if it was her idea, asking committee members if they had any communication with the White House regarding their investigation of President Trump and Russia during the Presidential Election.  Not once did President Trump leave United States as Obama had several times - during campaigning for President.  Not once did Trump seek donations from Foreigners for campaigning and he passed a bill requiring all campaign moneyto be within the United States - contrary to what Obama did, which was blatantly unpatriotic and unconstitutional.

The United States has several intelligence offices and in addition compromises itself more by contracting out top secret information processing.  "There are 17 separate United States government agencies that work separately and together to conduct intelligence activities considered necessary for the conduct of foreign erlations and national security of the United States." (Wikipedia)  China doesn't even have five - they have four,which covers their approximately 2 billion people as well as relations throughout the world. Some countries only use military intelligence for foreign relations.  Isn't that better? After all, they are the ones who are hired to defend their country.  They should be the ones who are most engaged in relations because if war breaks out, their lives are on the line.  Certainly they will do their best to prevent war, to include death and destruction. Check out Wikipedia's list on Intelligence Agencies in the world, as they pertain to each country. You will be perplexed also, I believe. Notice how Pakistan is alligned with US in the intelligence agencies.  Yet Pakistan cannot really afford this oversaturation and additionally the oversaturation design is only to use to crush the country from within or use it to crush other countries.  Pakistan is an Obama favorite because he was a CIA operative there for a year, before he became "elected" (via election fraud probably) as a Senator.  The following are United States Intelligence Offices, as redesigned by Obama Administration:

Office of the Director of National Intelligence - top advisor

CIA (described as an "independent agency")

United States Department of Defense

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

National Security Agency (NSA)

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

Twenty-Fifth Air Force (25 AF)

Military Intelligence Corps (MI)

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA)

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

United States Department of Energy

Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (OICI)

United States Department of Homeland Security

Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A)

Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI)

United States Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Office of National Security Intelligence (ONSI)

United States Department of State

Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)

United States Department of Treasury

Office of Terrrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI)

Of course, this includes domestic intelligence, yet I believe USA is topheavy, which can create serious problems. Most of us know that 9/11 was caused by domestic enemies within this country, most notably Hillary Clinton and John McCain (see video by Field McConnel, AV7 and his interview with Sean Stone on Buzzsaw. He wrote a book titled Gadget Bent and his website is In most circles it is considered a false flag event due to serving the political wants of those who planned it.  Like Hitler did when he had the Nazi building burned down so NATO would give him power over Germany, blaming the fire on the other party, which was running Germany.  In fact, false flag events seem to be a troublesome repeat-offender approach by the USA.  Vietnam involvement was reasoned by the fake event in the sea, in which President Lyndon B. Johnson accused Vietnamese in row boats (yet his fish story described them as attack boats) a great security risk, which caused them to "need" the Air Force fighter bombers - which in fact attacked our own ship to "prove" that the Vietnamese were at fault.  That lead to the death of 58,000 military in Vietnam and many more who committed suicide thereafter.  This also contributed to a serious chaotic state in the United States, at which time the illegal drug trafficking was a growing business feeding Wall Street and many corrupted citizens who became filfthy rich from it. It is reported that the Clintons made $500 million a month on their cocaine trafficking while he was Governor of Arkansas.
Now, back to this FISA hearing in the Senate, which occurred on June 7, 2017.  FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was created in 1978.  Section 702 is the emphasis in this day's hearing, to consider whether to renew it or not.  Wouldn't you think discussion of the purpose of FISA, its history before it was enacted - would be taken into consideration? Of course not, because the validity of this hearing was for show, drama, speaking in tongues almost - they make no sense! Attendees included the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) Dan Coats, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers. Committee Members are acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and three senators. There was no structure and certainly no discipline with answering questions. When Mr.Rogers said, "I don't know off the top of my head" and the DNI frequently said things like "I'm not going to go down that road", "I'm not agreeable to share confidential information in an open hearing", etc. caused many cracks in the hearing. Lack of discipline provided an extremely liberal approach, which was not even challenged by anyone there.  My impression was they were filling up space and there was little to be gained.  No one challenged the real importance of FISA and the purposes of affililiated agencies which enforce FISA.  In fact, I found it very bizarre that what appears to be the top intelligence man, DNI, describes his job as SEPARATE from enforcement or administering of FISA. He claims the "it's not my job" song and dance, saying, "We are an intelligence force - NOT a law enforcement".  I beg to differ, considering the fact that every day they have to decide what laws are broken with their intelligence and provide their reports to, I guess, the Attorney General - who SHOULD be the leading position.  Obama almost knocked FBI out of the block after Eric Holder was exposed, and other scumbags who never got prosecuted.  The DNI failed to define the structure of what he alludes to which only leaves you scratching your head at how many times he inferred "It's not my job". Additionally, Mr. Coats stated, "In ten years there have been NO incidences of potential risks or violations of Sec 702".  A real wtf moment! Any mention of Ahmad Abousamra, Tarek Mehanna, Hafiz Muhammad Massod - all beloved guests of Senator Nasty in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.  Ahmad's father was the President of the Islamic Center of New England. That should cover several states, then, yet Connecticut has Islamic Centers and I am sure the other states do as well. So was this Massachusetts one a TERRORIST Islamic Center? But they probably fed the pockets of Elizabeth Warren. No doubt it was never dismantled - just because one of her nasties was caught.
Not one person challenged the DNI statement, asking, for instance, "What about the Orlando shooting? Why was it okay for the Pulse Bar side building to be blown up in a criminal way by law enforcement - so heavily geared up that they could have easily entered the building from all sides and confronted the lone gunman who they knew did not have any explosives nor any history of violence. What about the so-called terrorists who have supposedly killed people at companies and other public places, and there is no evidence to support it? And what about the publically-known false flag events including Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which had 168 agent vehicles at the scene but no real bodies - and they reported police declared 26 people as dead? And each of those "surviving families" became multimillionaires instantly? Police have no authority to declare people dead! FBI report claims no one was proven dead! What about Obama pulling out our military so his terrorists could massacre over 10,000 Iraqis and run tens of thousands of Iraqis from their homes - to help the spineless Obama-Clinton mafia-army to create a bloodbath of beheadings just because they can?  Those are the minds of sociopaths who are also extreme narcissists! I truly fail to see the logic this man has and it is scary since Obama created this DNI position to oversee all intelligence.  Does he even know how to spell his name? He only mentioned ONE incident to cover 10 years, in which apparently Masdulla Zazi planned to create explosives in Pakistan and after TWO YEARS - "intelligence took him down". Oh, but they don't enforce, the DNI said.  Maybe he should be DNR instead! For some reason, the Americans were fired upon by the Masdulla terrorist group, at which time he was killed in return fire.  My impression is they created a provocation to use as an excuse to fire back, which gives me the impression it was more like a wild card rather than a meeting of the minds. But I presume his leaving out details did not provide a fair version of the one and only one example he provided in what should be an investigative hearing. So yes, I am perplexed AND sickened.
If this hearing was outlined for preparation, it was haphazardly carried out despite the fact  many Senators are attorneys.  It isn't just FISA that is "subject to rigorous oversight of all three branches of government" - another perplexing statement made by Mr. Coats.  Additionally, he claimed that Clapper and Holder's establishment of the 2012 record has had no change. Admiral Rogers, who leads the cyber command apparently, claims that FISA being abolished would interfere with his ability to monitor foreign intelligence. Yet no one asked him why, nor did he offer why in the investigative hearing. Rod Rosenstein claimed that court orders have NEGATIVE consequence, causing delay for response teams apparently.  I perceive this as like driving on a road that falls off and the only thing they can do is go forward, with nothing to look back on. Records are not just important, they are necessary and legally required!  Could this be an excuse for planning false flag events? Many of us believe the Ariana Grande Concert explosion was a false flag event. Building agendas by literally committing crimes is NOT consistent with the framers of our Constitution who designed our government. That includes entrapment of other entities.
Because this was an investigative hearing, comments like "I stand by the comments I have made" should not have been considered acceptable.  It displays a type of ignorane and uncooperation, which impairs the hearing, in determining the relevance of FISA Sec 702. Here Mr. Coats claimed that he traveled all over the world visiting major capitals of the world - and they expressed extreme gratitude to him -- for what?  After all, he claimed he was not the enforcer. He failed to actually describe his professional dynamic on any level.  I am sure it was fun to go traveling all over, with top security at the cost of the government.  I am sure he doesn't want to lose his job and has done a great job of justifying something which remains a mystery to me, particularly since he played the Hillary routine of "what difference does it make" such as when Mr. Rogers said, "I don't know off the top of my head" rather than, "Can I get back with the committee on this matter" or "I will look into this and submit a report".  Also the DNI claimed that "Even a statistical sample would be jeopardizing National Security".  In other words, he apparently does not care about not keeping track of what he is doing or giving assurance in the hearing that accountability matters. PARTICULARLY with intelligence. Mentioning Edward Snowden as a REASON for the need of FISA Sec 702 was another off-the-seat-of-his-pants statement, particularly since they failed to make sure he remained in the USA, place him under house arrest, etc.  The FBI should raid the DNI and shut down the DNI and several other offices which are nothing but criminal outlets which Obama used.
What we have here is significant disconnect with our Constitution. Instead, there is a Washington DC culture which takes precedence and these hearings for the most part are reflective of a desire to play a drama game an each one understands their role.  There is little accomplished and when little is done, a stagnant government leaves a gaping hole - for an Enemy Within to take advantage of, in particular. It is like a car with serious engine trouble because nothing is aligned. This nation surely needs fixing.  Because higher education provides a disciplinary approach to doing tasks, etc. I find it very troubling when it is not applied.  It took Senator Wyden to wake up one of the purposes they were having the hearing, frustrated that former FBI Director Comey answered a question three different ways. Yet Comey was not held in contempt.  Instead, they seemingly wash it out as a need to get him to decide which one is really true - a sort of multiple choice. Senator Rubio was forward with his questions, seeking an answer to his request on whether or not they engaged in any conversation with the White House staff about any Russian involvement in the election.  A simple yes or no should have been his answer, yet he rambled.  How else can I describe it.
This concludes my take as a patriot who only seeks our Nation to be fixed.  Make America Great Again.  Thank you for taking your time to read my viewpoint.


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