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Sandy Hook Shooting Notes To Add to Blog:  Is It Justice or Just Us?

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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

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    Date:  April 29, 2017

    Note, I am just going to copy and paste this. It is nothing fancy. I am not trying to win a celebrity contest.  These are for your to review and decide for yourself.  Hopefully it will save you time to have this all together.  There was a delay sharing this because I have corruption at my door in everything I try to get my rights on, as a disabled person who was almost murdered by a sander truck driver - a truck weighing 20 tons -  which the attorneys would not investigate and obviously altered the photos of the scene, including reporting that the passenger’s side of my car was hit, when the diagram shows the driver’s side was impacted and of course the plain fact that I was hit head on was no big deal.  Additionally, the photos showed bare highway yet the driver was SANDING and working overtime – WITH A SPOTTER.  But no investigation was necessary.  My siblings only treated me like I won the lottery, here I almost lost my legs, had facial and jaw fractures so bad my jaw was supposed to be wired shut but that would not look good for the Town at fault.  They even subjected me to moving me out of ICU early so they could report to the paper I was doing fine – even though I was still in a coma.  And it caused blood clots to move to my head and I almost died.  None of that mattered, because I won the Lottery.  It didn’t matter that they changed the At-Fault case to No-Fault, either.  EVEN though No Fault was for minor accidents IF your insurance coverage included property. I only had the bare minimum insurance on my 1972 Maverick, 6 years old.  But they lied more, making me believe No Fault meant At Fault and as a 19-year-old, without any internet to catch liars with, it was fairly easy to cover up.  My dad had respect for attorneys and believed that one should be that way.  Dad did not know the difference between At Fault and No Fault, nor would any insurance person explain anything to us – not even my sister’s minister, who was an insurance salesman prior to becoming a minister. And not even my own siblings, who obviously had different insurance agents they could ask. 

    Social Engineering was a tactic they could get my own relatives and whoever I saw during the day, including work, to tell me “move on”  and “get passed it”  like I was made of rubber and did not need any medical care.  Social engineering encompassed my whole life.  And that is just one of the several corrupted problems I have. 

    Satanism is rampant in the United States.  The Satanic Underground is attacking every place of worship – and pitting places of worship against each other.  Those who don’t care to fix anything only want everyone to believe this is the end of the world.  That the so-called magical powers of the internet is Satanically-empowered and there is nothing we can do. 

    We can write and enforce laws!  That is just for starters!  Our country has been relying on the revenue – feeding the Washington greed – to include the use of the Deep Web to sell drugs and contract criminals for murders, and other conspiracy crimes. Yet those who don’t want to do anything sit back and say they have made their peace with God and there is nothing we can do because they have more faith in the evil ones than God, who represents Good – not evil.  They don’t even have any logic.

    Nonprofits that are created to use as PACs (to fulfill political agendas in #PayToPlay schemes), to launder money, to even embezzle money through their accounts – all need to be shut down! And that includes the infamous Clinton Foundation!

    The Senior Executive Service Office

    The Clintons were the major players in causing 9/11 to happen.  The schemers got former President Jimmy Carter to create (one of many new offices, greatly oversizing government to bring on socialism – The Senior Executive Service) which Kristine Marcy was in charge of for 30+ years.  I wonder if Kristine Marcy engaged in the pedophilia, perverted sex, Toga Parties, and use of Psychotropic drugs also.  Apparently Marcy committed suicide in 2016. I need to create a whole section on the information shared by Field McConnell. Here is a video I recommend you watch asap:

    He explains where the real root of all evil began, pertaining to the 9/11 “Attack” and collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings.

    People Who Have Investigated to share this truth

    That Sandy Hook Shooting is massive coverup to bilk the USA of billions of dollars – First thing that needs to be done is exhume the gravesites!

    Sophia Smallstorm             

    Links For Resources

    Check out “Sandy Hook Film PBS” on the tablet

    March 12 (email) Pasted Notes Reflecting Sandy Hook Massacre

    March 6                 FYI

                            Links and Notes beginning 17Feb2017…

    Goals of the Illuminati – satanic cult 1-28 (email Jan 16)

    Resources I found – links associated  with Podesta emails… Jan 8

    FYI   I did some an onymous searching and found #REAPER76….



    My Notes

    Video:     Hear From Parents Of Sandy hook School/66USPatriot on Youtube

    Dawn Hoschsprung’s kids were approached by News Channel 8 – that day their mother was supposedly murdered by autistic 19-yr-old Adam Lanza (photo they all show of him was when he was much younger, about 14)

    Maria Massemento:  “They heard strange noises coming from the roof”

    [note, WTNH News Channel 8 actually reported first that the shooter entered from the rooftop and Jamie Murrow was on top of the school informing the public of that, with the cameraman, yet they altererd the story and did absolutely nothing to claim they errored, explain why they said what they said – nothing!  Obviously the glass door had not been shot in by then!]

    Video:     Sandy Hook Mother Nicole Hockley Is A Liar 6:25 min

    The emphasis to change guns was relayed (Michelle with CBS)

    Nichole Hockley:           Dillon was killed

    Sandy Hook Promise created a gun control agenda!  Of course, all this took place as Obama greatly faced the heat for his and Eric Holder’s alleged “Fast & Furious” operation, which was really a campaign to aid terrorists with weapons!

    As more coverup, she says she resented “people jumping on agendas”

    She referred to the Lanza home as a “black house in the neighborhood”

    Video actually discloses Nicole Hockley’s home address and phone number (39 Yogananda Street, Sandy Hook. Ph 203-304-9223)

    [note:          All 26 families got free, brand new homes, new everything! Rewarded for being liars! And the ones involved include the very rich celebrities! Most likely they know who actually caused 911 also.  But it sure was a fun ride for them for a while, brought great excitement and false bonding to our broken nation – broken because the corrupted scumbags were being uncovered due to the emergence of internet!]

    NJ Dee is  trying to emphasize it’s a hoax and even states it on this video

    gypsytoo (comment)      emphasized most neighbors in CT do not talk to eachother.  (2 yrs ago) and Ray Kinsella agreed one year ago.

    Harold Callahan   Stated: she lived across the street from the Lanzas. She was so upset she had to leave that neighborhood so she moved to a house down the street – you can’t make this shit up.

    S Labouisse          Said:  Scott Pelley (CBS) must sleep at night but you almost wonder how.  Same goes for Lester Holt (NBC), etc. etc.

    Sandy Hook covenant; Threats by Unenslaver (Youtube) Exposed and His Shutted-in Theory Destroyed  891 views

    Aryan Empires – must be the new Enslaver Exposing Unenslaver’s threats to researchers, his face matching clones, lunacy, and completely DESTROYING his ridiculous theory that parents and students were “shuttled in” to the Sandy Hook location…rambles about JFK…Unenslaver claims Jim Fetzer and Dallas Ledbug are friends of his

    Unenslaver says: I’m only a threat to liars

    Tragedy At The Elementary School video (Youtube)

    20 Children

    7 adults

    Gunman killed himself

    [Yes, they did say 7 adults!  It’s so hard when lies are not made consistent, isn’t it? Poor fools!]

    We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook (documentary, Youtube)

    One confirmed shooter is dead at 10:30 reported

    Can’t confirm Second shooter

    Table, 2 sweaters, 2 weapons

    Two TAC guys (says Fawning and Poacher..Barolotta as well…names of troopers)

    Ch 2 011     Just Listen  9:45

    They’re there, Ma’am

    Stay in your room

    …goes quiet…

    The portable, they might be able to get…(nothing more said)


    12 Dickerson Drive…The guy is still in the bulding (time:  9:50)

    SWAT Team is in route

    Channel 1   911    First 15 Minutes


    Woman calling 911 – running, breathing hard

    Shooter is outside

    Samuelson…She..she’s outside of the building

    “My daughter is in that building”

    Audio goes dead silent

    9:37 – 9:45

    Nothing heard

    Yet Adam Lanza was supposed to have shot for 9 minutes!

    9:45   Trooper calls

    Is it secure yet?

    You stay on the line with me, people are responding

    “Take a left at the light”

    Sgt on site..unknown if shooter is located

    The building’s not secure

    2 sgts, 4 officers

    Perameter? Yes.

    [what are Newtown police doing?]

    A police officer whining in background, “Find out where the shooter is!” (repeatedly, with no background noise and no one talking to him)

    [this is another wtf moment, and there are many of them!]

    Time:  9:48

    Shots were fired about 3 minutes ago

    [three minutes? Yet they said Adam Lanza was not dead until 10:30  - and the shots were supposedly fired from 9:37 to 9:45, at least that lie is consistent here]

    “negative description on shooter”

              [more botched lying!  I was on a blog when watching the news because I knew the news would be liars. They always are. The ones I was blogging with said they were listening to their police scanners and police stated that Adam Lanza was in an all green outfit and his skin and face were all painted green.  aka – THE GRINCH costume, a character which the Leader of the Los Angeles Satanic group played – Jim Carey – who had an autistic son! – but they changed it all!  Still, they said he could not be identified but for some reason the retards discovered their “GRINCH plan” would not work, so shot in the glass door on the side and reported by the way, he entered from the side – even though if he had entered from the side like that, the alarm would have gone off, but didn’t because they shot in the door AFTER THE FACT! And a forensic expert would be able to determine that based on the positioning of the glass and where Adam Lanza allegedly walked!

    Time: 9:50


    Channel 4   911 First 15 min 9:42:45

    Woman says she is in a classroom

              [sounds fake!]

    She actually hangs up on them – [obviously not real!]

    Dispatcher Brennan

    Corporate, CT – woman calling

    Goes silent, then she says, “I’ll have someone call you back”          [wtf???]

    9:45 Silent


    Make a left at the light, says a trooper, while phone rings in the background


    Man’s calm voice: “Sandy Hook”…”I didn’t see any shooter. We just heard the gun shots”…”Oh my God (calmly said) I need an ambulance”…”I’m with a group of teachers”…

    There’s help in route

    Ok – bye

    “Hey – how are ya – this is ‘Rackensack’. A bunch of boys came flying past my house.”

    Active shooting at Elementary School in Newtown

    [Sgt is supposed to be on site yet they fail to inform he’s there [wtf???]]

    “There’s a big tanker truck over here – tires smoked up”

    Man seeking info – hung up


    I’m a teacher having heart problems outside of Subway in Sandy Hook, Newtown

    She’s starting to have heart problems…117 (says dispatch)

    Suspect Down

    Chapman & Smith…I count in as those who made first entry

    The lobby, Bahamonde made the statement someone told him, the lights in the main office suddenly turned on, right before he left the building and came back in via a different door (which was opened for him. EITHER by someone from the group who entered via the east hall (Group McGowan, Seabrook, Kallgren..)  AND Kehoe at a certain moment according to McGowan.  That group after making entry directly went to the South Hall and then went to the West Hallway, one of these 4 or someone who joined them at a later certain moment, opened the door for Bahamonde…

    “Not yet worked out yet which door and on what exact moment on the timeline that was.”

    The lights in the main office suddenly are turned on and Bahamande chooses to go outside.  There are more of these officers who for some strange/odd/unnecessary reason suddenly decide to go outside for a short moment. Reminds me of all these statements which talk about skipping Rm 12 for no good reason.

    “I vaguely remember some of it from back then. Back then...and Keith Johnson made a…was a telling story. Johnson changed his video after I pointed some things out to make his version of the report work. The time and travel conversations.”

    Channel 6   911    First 15 min


    Man asking for ambulance – “There’s no ambulance here!” 9:57

    Trooper Stankowski

    “I guess they got a shooting at the Elementary School..Well, there’s four of us out here if they need us (Kent location)”

    Fast Speed dial at 10:03

    Hey Gomez. Suit up. They need you at the mess in Newtown.

    The Happy Sandy Hook Actors

    We Will Win

    ABI-E1212 Proves Sandy Hook David Wheeler is FBI Bill Aldenburg (smoking gun) scratching the surface, Utube

              That was NOT Agent Aldenburg, he was not in the video. Lies.

    Able1212 Destroys Boston FBI about Boston

    Adam Lanza was eliminated as the source/shooter due to DNA

    -911TruthNow . Eric j. Carita, Forensics Examiner. Kristin M. Sasinowski

    Susan Ludwig, mother, said she rushed to the school and parked her car there…

    [yet police said perameters were set! No one should have parked anywhere near it!]

    “She was about one mile from the school on Riverside Road when she saw five young children running up the road. She stopped the car and asked them what they were doing. Said Gualiattino’s brother, Ridgefield state Rep. John Fry. They told her, “Someone is trying to kill us. We were told to run,” said Frey.

    Re: the episode

    Girl who attended the school said she heard gun noises and  “Put your hands up”

    Gogliettino got the children in her car and tried to –

    When it came time to be interviewed by police, Bryce was very calm about it, she says.  He said [of gunman Adam Lanza] “He looked at all of us, then he turned around toward our teacher and all five of us ran, she recounts.”  He said, “We just kept on running. We didn’t know when to stop.”

    Susan Ludwig refers to Ms. Gogliettino as the other parent but does not see Barbara Sibley standing at the front door. Both see the children running. Barbara does not notice the police.

    What happened to Tricia Gogliettino story of picking up the kids? Gogliettino got the children in her car and tried to [blank]

    How did ms. Gogliettino miss the police who were already at the school?

    Couple police cars at the school, says Ms. Ludwig, when she rushed to the school.

    Susan Ludwig refers to Ms Gogliettino as the other person, but does not see Barbara Sibley standing at the front door.

              [the door that was supposedly shot in!]

              Both see the children running

              Barbara does not notice the police

    8-10 kids running to the firehouse

              (Katie Curic interviewing) [I’m not impressed, to say the least!]

    Sandy Hook Line & Sinker New 2017 Documentary

    Nick T, Youtube

    Robert Parker, father of “Emily Parker”. Obviously acted.

    Gene Rosen, neighbor – actor by profession! 

              Says he sheltered some kids who randomly ran from the school

    Senator William Blumenthal and Troop A

    More strange behavior

    Medical Examiner, Dr. James Carver

              “It wasn’t a tent, it was a magnificent thing”

              “I hope I don’t have a head crash later”

    Alex Jones

    Emphasizes it was a hoax and directs people to

    They claim shootings happened in 8 minutes

              [Eight has special Satanic value!]

    Wolfgang Halbig – says it’s unbelievable that Adam Lanza could do this

    James Fetzer, MD

    McKnights Professor Emeritus, UMD

              FEMA conducted this to deceive Americans…

              Does that sound familiar? (alludes to September 11, 2001)


    Classic example of fake terrorist attack

    “See my book. It’s a pdf”

    Title of book: ________________

    Sofia Smallstorm

              Interviewed on Red Ice Radio. “Integrated drill” with teams – all knowing ones are at the top

    Documentary, PBS Independent Lense. BloodBrother Full Film. – strange how this was worked in the search. “rocky didn’t feel like he fit in – worked at an orphanage in India…

    We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

    Think Outside The TV

    Pub manager

    “Playing itself out in our State”…he describes Malloyu



    Fairfield Hills Hospital – they have many mentally ill, criminally insain. Use electroshock therapy, mysterious suicides, experiments took place underground

    They have a haunting history of electroshock, frontal labotamies, hydrotherapy

    FEAR – this film used Fairfield Hills in one of its episodes

    SLEEPERS – starring Robert Dinero and Kevin Bacon. Staged in Newtown.

    Dec 14, 2012

              20-yr  old so-called autistic male allegedly opened fire

              Natalie Hamond, survivor

              2d woman, survivor (not disclosed)

    Adam Lanza said to have murdered his own mother Nancy Lanza – in her bed – so the story goes

    Sandy Hook = HOAX

    Coroner is a liar (James Carver, Med Examiner). Carver was outright psychotic acting!

    Public Reaction died down                FALSE FLAGS = DELIBERATE

    Independent Journalists Investigate and this is what happens:

              Identities protected

              Attempts to derail their investigations

              Direct threats

    MrTosh34 Reporting.  “Collecting hundreds of thousands from grants” (he refers to the families bilking the USGov with grant money alone.

    Wheeler (Francine, mother)

    (print:  Look up Sandy Hook – Find Evidence – case)

    Ward & Wheeler Comedy Duo. He starred in Dark Film titled Faithful also.  Closed – Time to Prosecute AOPAC

    Mr. Wheeler, 40, is an actor and musician based in NY. He performed recently with the Lexington Group, an acting troupe, at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston and at the NY International Fringe Festival.  He is also a freelance illustrator.  He graduated from San Diego State University. The bridegroom’s previous marriage ended in divorce.

    Council on Foreign Relations – involved with SANDY HOOK SHOOTING

    Francine is an actor and singer (shown dressed as a clown) She starred in animated porn: Mutant Aliens, Voice of Josey

    Mark Barton

              Entertainer, Musician

              Shown in the website

    “Everyday solutions help Gun Violence” (pic shown)

    4/8/2014:    creation of “Sandy Hook Promise”

              [I know it is a fake organization!]

    Nicole Hockley, mother of Dillon

    “Victim Privacy & The Public’s Right  To Know Task Force”

    Testimony of Sandy Hook Families – omg!

    Grad from Trinity  College. Majored in English, Theater. Publically said she regretted not continuing her acting and directing career [oh yes she did, using this fake shooting!]

    Jimmy Green, father of “Anna Market Green” [if she even exists, of course]

    Entertainer, musician

    Melda Marquez-Green, wife

              They became strong advocates for Gun Control

    Scarlet Lewis – mother of “Jesse Lewis” [if she exists, of course!]

    Pushing for school curriculums with new type of cognitive training

    Chris Kukk, a professor at Western CSU

    Former CIA agent. Picture with Obama as well as BO’s sister, Mia Soetoro

    Says he connected with Lewis earlhy this year.  West Conn’s Senate voted in October to name the school a University of Compassion. One of the first schools in the country to do so. [makes no sense, of course]

    “When Kukk joined forces with Lewis, two singular visions fused”

    “what scarlet was trying to do was exactly what I was trying to do,” Kukk told the Darien Times “it just happened – it all came together really well. She came into my office and right then and there we knew after an hour conversation we both said that this is lifelong-I’m in really for the longhaul”

    I did searches…

    Practicing this technique

    Communications degree makes her do well at speaking events – including preposterous unbelievable stories of [supposed son] Jesse signaling her at the grave.

    “I feel him all around me all the time”

    Picture of square of four couples – founders of Safe & Sound Security

    Michelle & Bob Gay

    Elissa & Robby Parker

    Cindy & Mark Matiolli

    Krista & Rick “Dreegos”

    Pictures of NaviGate company

    They partnered with Safe & Sound

    Also secures Government buildings and libraries and schools including Michelle Gay’s hometown in Massachusetts. Their company even donated a system ;in honor of their alleged deceased daughter.

    Pozners (Lenny & Veronique) alleged parents of “Noah”

    Lenny was concerned with people who believe Sandy Hook was a hoax [LOL]

    Participated in




    Commentary on Hartford blog published

    Title:  Our Grief Denied: The Twisted Cruelty of Sandy Hook Hoaxters

    More than a year and a half after Adam Lanza brutally murdered 26 women and children [omg] at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown….

    Lenny is Chairman & CEO of Tracswear, an internet marketing company

    Comes in handy for any Sandy Hook hoaxter who has prior convictions – ultimately remove any negative associations from internet – could be protecting felonious Sandy Hook parents

              His wife is described by Tyrany News Network:  CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Pozners. 

    Veronique –Haller is Legal Counsel for Government of Switzerland

    She was involved with the embassy in Washington – nurse by profession, so she claims [I don’t believe it]

              She reported

              7th Annual conference of the Third Review Conference of the State’s Parties to the Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the use of certain conventional weapons which may be deemed to be excessively injurious or to have indiscriminate effects.

              She’s listed as a diplomatic collaborator, Dept of Foreign Affairs, representing Switzerland [where Kim Jong Un went to school]

    “Grieving Mother Scam” – pretends to have lost a 6 yr old child

    Patricia Ordonez Holler

    Her facebook page put the wrong name – oh, she must have forgotten? 

    “10 years ago – Happy Birthday Kevin! We love you”

    [Their alleged son who died was supposed to be Noah]

    Noah’s exit day is Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 – Noah is really Kevin ?

    Legislation was passed as a result of lobbying of the parents

    Bill 1160

    Senator Williams, 29th District

    Rep Sharkley, 88th District [The Satanists must love his district because of two 8’s]

    Jan Session 2013

    An Act Concerning Gun Violence

    Prevention And Children’s Safety

    Dudley Brown, President

              National Association For Gun Rights

              PO Box 7002, Fredericksburg, VA 22404

    $27 million issued out to victim’s family members

    [Note, Southern Connecticut United Way scooped up $29 million for themselves]

    Kowalskis are still comfortable with annual goals for as much as $500,000 – soliciting for these goals at public events.

    Media Pundits were actors or entertainers!

    Robbie Parker FAKED his sorrow in front of national TV!

    20:06, film. Sherrie Questioning Call Reporting

    Lies – Truth

    FBI crime report shows no one was killed

    Veteran’s Today

              Jim Fetzer  Sandy Hook Redux

              Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

    Sofia Smallstorm produced:  Unravelling Sandy Hook, video


    INTERVIEW w/ Paul Preston by Sofia Smallstorm

    Pure Momentum Network

    Paul Preston is a school principal. He is a school safety consultant, a teacher, a coach, superintendent


      1. No Emergency Equipment
      2. No sign of students
      3. Too slow motion for a real event
      4. Looked too staged
      5. No evidence of Student Evacuation
      6. People’s demeanors were abnormal
      7. False Flag Event?  Staged?
      8. There’s no Sarah Parker – nonexistent person!
      9. No coroner declares them dead!

    Gene Rosen lived close to the school

    His recounts were not stable – different every time

    Protocols were not followed

    Conclusion: Gene Rosen was just a diversion

    Katelyn Boyd and some of these teachers bundling up all their kids into the bathroom and having a few sit on the toilet. I even heard the toilet roll holder, my God, that’s pretty tough to do even for a six year old.  But what do you think of that? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    Does Adam Lanza even exist?

    [#OperationHarvey – like when New Haven police claimed their was a shooter at Yale University and called in Homeland Security, JTTF, etc. etc. even though they had no evidence anyone existed and there is a satellite over New Haven which sees everything]

    Selinod Mayer

    20:16, time on video, resumed

    Sherry Shares – Timeline


    9:58   Assist Evacuation to Fire House. Trooper is parked on one side of lot

    9:57.40       content Redacted

                       No video of children coming out

    10:00          Reported. Teachers & Students evacuate. No video of it.

    10:03          Police report children were taken to firehouse

                       Video does not match story


    10:07          Children escorted out of the building

    10:12          Bring another group out to firehouse (reported)

                       Does not match video!

                       No consistencies!

    (conclusion)          Swansong Reporting

    Reported:    Masked man

    Death certificates and autopysy reports are sealed

    4 hours of timeline

    Reported: Sandy Hook Principal, Down Hochsprung told “The Bee” that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows  - more than she can count

    Yet Dawn Hochsprung allegedly died

    Newtown Bee       retracted the article by Dec 13, 2012

    Author of this artcle:     Shannon Hicks-Curtis

    John Voquette, radio producer

    Voquette claimed it was commotion of the day.  Yet he admitted everybody knew her and he claimed he interviewed her. 12/13/2013. Which reflected foreknowledge.

    7 months of correspondence

    date setting is accurate on Bing

    Cache dates are correct

              Was Dawn Hochsprung meant not to die, yet accidentally died?  Many questions!

    Peter, independent journalist

    Tyranny News Network

              To help others discover history and provide understanding in the world”

              “Sandy Hook is an issue!” 32:42 min into the video

    Ryan Lanza was arrested in New Jersey. Photo of Lanza home and Trentacosta

    Neighbor had fresh tire tracks, not the Lanza home (ariel view picture)

              At least two vehicles at Trentacosta neighbor showed puzzling view of the police NOT at Lanzas’ but neighbor’s (note, each home amply surrounded with trees and brush for individual privacy) and a third green house also more of an interest to police than the Lanza Home.

    (People claim Lanza home burned down, which is disputed. I may have found this on internet)

    Hears news – parents were calm, victims, families ecstatic. Blatant coverup and concealment of evidence.

    1 year before:  An Act To Disclose Pediatric Autopsy Reports

    Was introduced to CT Legislature apparently by Len Fasano and Len Suzio.  Initially apposed by Wayne Carver as redundant [I bet he was acting, using reverse psychology!] Carver later did a complete about-face. It was passed October 2011.

    Newtown Documentary – names of those who spoke

           John Rosen     Testimony. Says there were 154 shots

                                    [originally reported:  250, I heard it on NPR radio news. Disputed by experts since no way could Adam Lanza fire 250 shots using the pistol or Bushmaster by himself in the SATANIC magical 8 – minutes]

            Sgt Bill Cario   CT State Police

                    “They don’t need to know graphically what went on in there” [wtf?] Referred to as an “occupation”…”Guys, I’m sorry to say our sweet little angel didn’t make it out”

            Mark Barden, Father of alleged Daniel Barden. Mr. Wheeler would be starting at the end of the block here.(bus driver is Mr. Wheeler). Lots of blinking – significant proof he is lying

            Melissa Malin  Barden’s neighbor. “Every Friday night we’d get together and we’d have pizza” [I smell a pedophile!]

    Funeral Masses for 6&7 year olds

    Msgr Robert Weiss, St. Rose of Lima Church.  “He shoots open a window, and reaches in and destroys lives.” (referring to Adam Lanza)

    “There’s no making up for this”


    Sarah Clements, daughter of Surviving Teacher

              States:  “That day a voice on the loudspeaker said everybody’s in lockdown. This is not a drill.” 

              Her friend’s mom was a teacher at the Sandy Hook School also

    Abbey Clements, School teacher

              Her comments were inconsistent with a person who was traumatized at Sandy Hook…

    “Newtown police!  Banging on the door…I opened the door and the kids just scattered!  I spoke to my husband and I remember saying something like, “It’s bad, right? Don’t tell me, but it’s bad”…and he said, “We don’t know yet They just don’t really know yet..and then the next time I talked to him he was crying on the phone. They said it’s really bad. There are a lot of kids dead.”

    Rick Thorne, Sandy Hook Custodian. “The next two days, I was not there; I was working, but I was not there.”

    Q: How did you get through your days?

    RT:   The kids. The kids at the school. Laughing. Smiling. [wtf?]

    Note:          Alan & Elizabeth Page of Sandy Hook to Jac and Melissa Malin of Newtown, 43 Paugussett Rd $478,000…4/30/2004

    Reference Info

    @Variety  tweets, promos


    Newtown Film Team

    Transform Films, Inc. Producers thank only:  Barden, Hockley, Wheeler

    Kim A. Snyder, Dir

    Maria Cumo Cole, Producer (DNC member, Dir of Brady Campaign)

    Films:        The Hunting Ground, 2015

                                 (epidemic of sex assaults on college campuses)

                       Invisible War

                                 (epidemic of rape & assault in military)

                       Advocate of Victims of Domestic Violence

    The Community of Newtown And the Following individuals For their Trust and Participation:

    Sayeda Surlya Ahmed

    Jennifer Barahona

    William Begg

    Eman Beshtawil

    Muadh Bhavnagarwala

    Sgt William Caro

    Abbey Clements

    Sarah Clements

    Matthew Cole

    Sally Cox

    Rev Matthew Crebbin

    Herman L. Davenport, Jr.

    Gloria Milas

    Kristy Davenport

    Lee & Alan Embree

    Monte Frank

    Marc Gold

    Leslie Gunn

    Mary Ann Jacob

    Chris Kelsey

    Lynn Kousack

    Karen LaPride

    Scarlett Lewis

    Caroline Malin

    Melissa Malin

    Newtown Interfaith Clergy Association

    Miranda Pacchiana

    Veronique Pozner

    Rabbi Shaul Prayer

    Carolyn Roberts

    Sherie Roberts

    Hugo Rojas

    Gene Rosen

    William Sherlach

    Connie Sullivan

    Rick Thorne

    Laurie Veillette

    Msgr Robert Weiss

    Carol Wexler

    Karen Wilk


    Jamera Burley

    Kenneth Cole

    Rev Matt Crebbin

    Chris Cuomo

    Geralyn Dreyfous

    Dr. Joseph V. Erardi, Jr

    Kristin Feeley

    Melissa Glaser

    Good Pitch

    Tabitha Jackson

    Rev Michael McBride

    Caroline Libresco

    Pat Liodra

    Jason Rzepka

    \Janet Rice

    Vikki Rompala

    Pastor Sam Saylor

    Arline Snyder

    Rahdi Taylor

    Jim Allyn

    Bill Angarola

    Amy & Barry Baker

    Carl Barden

    Mark Becker

    Henry Brown

    Jon Burlingame

    Beth Caldwell

    Susan Cashen

    Jennifer Chaiken

    Stephanie Cinque

    Mary Beth Claus

    Sheri Clemente & all at 2Pop Music [there was no music in the video]

    Amanda Cole

    Catie Cole

    Emily Cole

    Tim Davies & Crew

    Dana Holcombe House

    De Cooper

    Sandi DuBowski

    Lisa Eisler

    Maria Finitzo

    Judi Fishman

    Miriam Frost Jungwirth

    Matt Frost

    Paula Fynboh

    Ryan Harrington

    Theo Hein

    Mitchell Heller

    Anne Hubbell

    All at JKMS

    Bill Keegan

    Michael Kehoe

    Simon Kilmurry

    Karen LaBanca

    Sheila Leddy

    Mike Levine

    Lyman Orchards

    Basil O’Sullivan

    Time Makrio

    Kristin Mangler

    Benetta Mansfield

    Jennifer Miller

    Sarah Mohr

    Jim Morrison

    Justine Nagan

    Sarah Newman

    Newtown Congregational Church

    Jamie Olvera & Eastwood Scoring

    Stage, Warner Bros, CA

    Miroslava Palavicine

    Doug Patinkin

    Tony Peyrot & all at Freemark Financial

    Rachel Pi Kelny

    Peggy Rajski

    Chad Rispulje

    Peter Rotter & Crew

    Christine Russel

    Seth Kaplan – Evolution Music Partners

    Lisa Scola

    Skydive DeLand, Inc.

    Gary Snyder

    St. Rose of Lima Church

    Tangerine Entertainment

    Camilla Toniolo

    Jane Vouros

    John Vouros

    Laural Ward

    Laura Wilson

    Home Videos

              Barden Family

              Clements Family

              Hockley Family

              Malin Family

              Wheeler Family

    Mary Ann Jacob, Sandy Hook Elementary Librarian

    Dawn & Mary & collegues in Conference Room Meeting w/ a Parent

    Dawn’s immediate reaction running out in the hallway to charge like a bull – “all five feet of her” [BS!  And no one was reported killed in the hallway!]

    It was evident – they could tell right away that the way her body had taken the bullets that killed her that she was lunging at him and that just says exactly the kind of woman she was, you know, to go after a guy like she was gonna take him down. Who was, hyou know, shooting his AR-15 at her.

    Emphasis over and over:      “It really happened”

    “Things either happened before December 14 or after December 14”

    Wheeler Home video

              Within hours my surviving son expressed fear

              I said, Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be okay…and his immediate response was, “That’s what you said about Ben”

              [Mrs. Wheeler’s speaking was so phoney]

              [No music throughout most of this documentary, yet many musicians were thanked]

              I have hair and teeth

              Did he even exist?

              Boxes and boxes of gifts from the public

                       “I just can’t open them”

     [normally that is the first thing they would do!]

              Her son plays happily, yet she speaks of him as being terrified, etc.

              Gun Violence Prevention & Children’s Safety Task Force

              Newtown High School

              Global Politics Now  [bad news site]

    Sandy Hook Line & Sinker

    Abstract Camera Presentation

    18 pronounced dead at scene

    2 died at hospital

    6 adults died at scene

    Lt. Paul Vance, CT State Police Public Info Office. says, “We’ll go back as far as we can on this investigation.”

    “SNAP behavior”

    Jargon by Eric Holder – important to brainwash people about gun

    Robby Parker – faked at press conference – used actor’s technique

    Gene Rosen, neighbor – behavior is just plain cruel, so fake

    Children between 6-8

              Rosen said children were on his front lawn yet he said he didn’t know they fled from the school. [wtf?]

    He starts saying clich├ęs

    Med Examiner is bipolar in behavior – psychotic!

              “it wasn’t a tent. It was this magnificent thing…I hope they don’t have a crash in their head later”

    Alex Jones:           It’s all a drill like the Boston bombing…

    Wolfgang Halbig: It just could not have happened

    You don’t get 99.9% kill rates

    Truth vs News, Inc


              blatant act of censorship

    Concocted event. Eric Holder met with Gov Malloy just 2 weeks and a couple of days before the event [I was forced off SCSU Campus, which is the school the admin staff attended, on 11/8]

    It’s perceived as a drill

    Yet fake mourning is rubbish

    James Henry Fetzer (has a facebook page)

              Works at McKight – Professor Emeritus

                       “This article is rubbish.”          School was closed by 2008.

    Sofia Smallstorm – perceives it as a Homeland Security drill – integrated high capsule event

              Teams Formed

              Anyone involved are faking


              Breach of Protocol – only a doctor can pronounce people dead. ER professionals made strong comments

              MCI – Mass Casualty Incident.   Triage is needed immediately. People are tagged.  There was nothing like that.

              5,000 would have responded and helped if they asked

              No videos of Adam LanzaThey had a state of the art security system

    Robert David Steele

              “Sandy Hook was closed for four years”

              Perfect shots – puts rifle in trunk of his car…children are left there – Shannon X

              Discovery demonized Halbig

              Newtown School Board Shoots Down Conspiracy Theorists

              Media emphasize disturbing details

              They show a Taliban massacre at a School

              One Newtown boy was pictured as dead in Pakistan from this Taliban shooting (Obama-rigged)

    Sandy Hook Documentary Another Perspective. Misinformation on Social Media – by Killuminati

    Threatened/warned to take place on lies about Sandy Hook

    Reports ot TWO shooters

    Types of weapons at the scene

    Home invasions – all crimes, documents as on the rise now

    Jesse Ventura on Gun Control. Accuses Obama of being a dictator like the Phillipines

    Professor Speaks Out

              Children were 6-7 years old

              Media Reported false stories

              No official story

    Confusion was deliberate

    Truth was sealed

    “Liars will be prosecuted” – yet media are the liars

    Nancy Lanza was shot 4 times

    Adam Lanza took his mother’s car to the school

    Shot through the front door to enter

    Mary Sherlach, school psychiatrist, and the principle encountered the gunman and were shot and killed

    Intercom remained on

    Lanza was supposed to have killed Lauren Russo, teacher and several students first

    “How One Girl Played Dead To Survive”

    Victoria Soto, teacher, many of her students were killed yet they report she jumped in front of the kids and was killed instantly several died” yet some got away somehow – wtf?

    Lanza killed 2 more teachers

    50-100 rounds

    After spotting one of the police, he killed himself

    “That is the official story” - this is all I have documented/typed at this point.

    DESCREPANCIES - they exist certainly.  Researchers - Professionals - can sort this all out once they get that power - since they have been suppressed oftentimes - particularly in the DOJ.  We need a qualified FBI Director!  Either hire from within or get Trey Gowdy or someone else like him to lead.  Then we can remove the swamp of unnecessary "intelligence" - including the DNI.  - my opinion.



    ############################# previous submission#################
    Reference Links on Sandy Hook FRAUD Shooting of December 14, 2012
    Date: 4/23/2017

    The City and all officials involved in this should truly be ashamed of themselves!
    Due to internet problems and documents I saved, which now no longer exist, I am limited with what I can share.

    First, I direct you to Sophia Smallstorm

    Wolfgang Halbig's family is threatened to be murdered
    Persuasion is ALL this following article is about! Note, I had an  orthopedic doctor try to persuade me to believe I had cancer and had to start treatment right away. He shouldn't answer my questions, except with Satanic persuasion! I finally told him he was full of $hit and walked out, angry a doctor would be such a liar. That was 8 years ago!  Many of them are liars in Connecticut!

    They shut down the real report and replace it with this hogwash!

        .   Pictures from real Pakistani school massacre were used to describe fake Sandy Hook Massacre

    The crooked ones still try to keep the conspiracy going that the shooting is real!
    The absence of evidence is evidence of absence! FBI report claims no one died!


    Note, I had much more extensive notes, links but they were deleted from my flashdrive. I may resume this later but it is very difficult, as I struggle with internet service, etc. Public wifi is always risky and invasive. Watch these films, read. Also see what else is available in your searches. And you should see much more pop up. Sandy Hook was a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme, and the leader of the pact was Obama. Probably Clintons as well. Since the 9/11 massacre pulled off so well!


    AnneMarie said…

    These notes are rough and I have tried to find time getting back with this to add more, but time is not my friend.

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