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Pedophilia and Political Crimes

Please copy, share whatever you want from this blog – it is ad-free, unmonitored.  Thank you for paying that forward.  I SPELLED THE WORD PAEDOPHILIA!  NOT PEDOPHILIA!  THEY CHANGED SPELLINGS! Feel free to access almost all of my other posts through The links here:   James Comey Pedophile Caught on Camera 8/19/2019 update:  I notice this blog post is quite weak and don't know why. I will revisit at some point to fix it.   - James Comey caught on camera as a pedophile Pedophilia and Political Crimes -  19 I invite expert researchers to use this as a basis for submitting a public document on a very urgent issue. Thank you. 11/28/2016 How is it that the United States has allowed a huge Pedophile Operation To Take Place? (6/1/2018) I have provided sources and my opinions.  Decide for yourself what to believe. ## Sex trafficking is ri