April 2023

 Happy Spring! I have to start this blogpost early because the March Blogpost has been hacked and compromised.  I can't do anything with it.   Reminder, if you have car questions, check with Scotty Mechanic Channel and for any time of day: See my "What's Next" blogpost regarding my current struggles because it may be useful in your life.  (And yes, I know everyone who reads this are not good people, including those who have harmed me in my life - frankly, I would rather not be in this corrupted state.  I would rather have a life OFF INTERNET, SINCE IT IS SO DAMNED CORRUPTED. I have no choice. I am constantly harassed and abused on internet.  It is not a pleasant experience oftentimes yet they have damaged and even destroyed many other forms of communication.) I will be uploading more on that blogpost shortly.  The Tale of The Two Wolves, Cherokee Tribe


 I am doubtful I will explain my screenshots.  I just have a lot of them and thought, gee, I will share them and maybe it will spark some research interest - whatever.   CRAP!  THE SCREENSHOT I WANTED TO POST HERE WAS HIS 4-DAY SCHEDULE OF LECTURES AT THE AUDITORIUM.  MARCH 26-29 OR 27-30; NOT SURE.  I WILL GET BACK TO THIS.  MEANTIME, I AM GOING FOR THE GUSTO AND POST ALL MY 400+ SCREENSHOTS.   WOW, NOW I NEED TO SORT THROUGH THEM....I WILL ENLARGE THE ONES I THINK MAY BE OF PUBLIC INTEREST...BUT NOT NOW.  I WILL BE BACK. I'll be back....