Someone has deleted my May 2021 notes!  I also had to recreate a password, so the corrupted dirtbags have compromised my security!  I'll share what I can but my phone has been compromised as well - which is affirmation why my blog is compromised.  The company that makes this phone revamped a number of features some months ago, but was alot of time consumed - and time I don't have this month.  Wuauquikuna 5min music video from the Andes         Indio-Irlandes 5min video   MIND UNVEILED  The White Aryans.. Fascism vs Socialism? Sittin' in a tree?  Korean High School "adopted" mom cat and kittens but she was left outside at night. One kitten missing at end of video.   Marmite Peanutbutter 🍪 Cookies by  Glen And Friends   CORBETT REPORT    New World 🌎 Next Week  With James E

Fraudulent Collections

Defendant's  Motion  For Trial By Telephone Pursuant toSec 8-1 and Sec 24-1, and any other rule which applies, defendant  motions  this court for trial by telephone as apposed to trial by video.  HISTORY Plaintiff submitted a fake bill dated in 2015 to the court regarding outstanding balance allegedly owed to LVNV Funding, which is owned by Sherman Companies. Though Pamela Johnson is an attorney, she fails to sign documents as an attorney and without a Juris Number. She also signs documents as Pamela Sherman, which defendant has presented to the court upon research of this company's activity. The  motions  which plaintiff submitted into court with no response, except "denied", even though evidence was produced forthwith.  Aforesaid SMALL CLAIM was assigned a civil case number, not being a civil case, and the court has told the defendant, Pro Se, that all SMALL CLAIMS are given only civil case numbers since 'the qQuarantine".  Defendant, Pro Se, has claimed th

BIble, Religion

I tried to keep the title simple because I think it is easier to search. i suggest you just copy and paste                 These are my notes . Where I say "resume at so many minutes" is because I hadn't finished watching. Once you paste my notes, you can use search and find mechanisms, etc -           to develop your own notes, put in a blog that may be easier for people to navigate, etc.          That was then...... All my pictures were removed, my formatting sucks - no doubt dirty politicians rigged it. And this was just hacked and I have to reformat all over again.        This is now...    5/7/2021 - Looks like all problems are remedied. Now I need catch up the Table of Contents, etc I was posting a reference link to the TOC on each blogpost so you can toggle back and forth. I haven't been able to do that in a while, but NOW, I can catch up because things seem to be fixed. I wish I could add pictures but that computer was destroyed by a cyber attack - and I report